The Misshapes @ Jakarta

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So we really did go all the way to Jakarta to party with The Misshapes (and eat lotsa nasi padang and shop  :xlaughing: )
They played at Budha Bar last night,
and i thought we’d party, then sleep at 4 before being at the airport at 7am to catch our 8:30am flight.


We partied all night and ended up rushing like zombies, smudged make up and all, to catch our flight.

A few pix from last night before i go pass out.

misshapes @ jakarta

misshapes @ jakarta

misshapes @ jakarta

I wantd to give Leigh something from Malaysia, so i gave her a necklace from Blok On.

After partying, us three found ourselves tumbling into the back of their van (feeling a bit like groupies -_-)
and wondering what we were doing there when we really had a flight to catch… >.<

misshapes @ jakarta

Outside Burger King waiting for our order. That be MaintainMing’s feet on ClaudiaOnCrack.
You can see my scraped knees, god knows how i got that.
But after effects of a good night, i say!

Poor Geordon really wanted to swim, but nobody was very willing to go in the pool at 6am,
and we had to leave to catch our flight.

misshapes @ jakarta

It gets bright really early in JK…

OK i cannot tahan, need to rest my aching body some more.