Universe Taxes

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After the Blackberry event @ The Curve yesterday,
i dragged myself to the ATM cos i had less than RM1 in my purse.
On the way home, i payed the toll using one of the notes i’d just withdrawn.

Crashed into deep sleep cos i woke up at 7:30am that day,
and went to buy dinner to find that i didn’t have my purse with me.

I must’ve dropped it in the carpark when i got out of the car earlier,
and didn’t notice cos i was so tired!

Couldn’t help thinking what RM500 could’ve bought me.
Not to mention having to file a police report for loss of IC and driver’s license.

Then i was thinking about how i could have lost something worse.
Like my Blackberry. Or my other phone.
Or i could have withdrawn RM1,000 instead of RM500.

Then i felt okay.
There’s no use crying over spilt milk.
It’s lost, it’s gone, and every second i spend getting upset about it is just wasting my time.

Plus, i haven’t lost anything for years, and i guess it was about time the Universe collected some taxes seeing all the good things i have in my life.


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  1. melvin ho says:

    Haha, love ur positivity..
    Anyway, love reading ur blog, been having it in my RSS reader for months n I haven’t thought of deleting u yet! :p (I spring-clean my rss once a month)– so good job! ;). I think perhaps it’s e randomness of ur thoughts tt I can connect with.


  2. TianChad says:

    Yay look at the brightside ;p
    I had my 3rd new IC already because the universe want me to renew my photo lol

  3. Dylan says:

    i wanted to just type ‘wow!’ but the system said that my comment is too short. i guess if i type ‘wow!’ now, it’ll get thru.


  4. murnie says:

    i admire ur positiveness!

  5. diana says:

    yes, positivity! Yeah!!! “)

  6. charlene says:

    i recently lost my hp and purse during my first time being at auto pilot stage and i never thought it in the way universe will need to tax me … except just being thankful that i was not robbed .. thanks for sharing your thoughts that the universe needs to tax us some time, but however this year, “it” had over tax me … a lot..

  7. MsLye says:

    So sorry for your loss, Joyce… Hate it when “shit happens”. But love your positive attitude! Catch up with you this weekend, hun!

  8. Hannef says:

    I love ur positivity =)

    It’s me Hannef and I should really say hi next time i see u again at any events.

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