Fly in little Cessna plane over KL with JFK!

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I met JFK when we went to Malacca for Relay For Life,
he sat in front of me in the bus.
‘Twas like school y’know,
trying to fit in and make friends on bus all   :xlaughing:

JFK has been a private pilot for almost 10 years
and has just got his professional pilots license from Australia in 2009 i.e. big planes and big money!
On the side, you may have heard him talking on Hitz.FM.

Radio announcer and pilot mashed into one person?
Some people are too talented wei   :xwhatevah:
I would accidentally curse on radio so i fail there.
And i would get distracted by a pretty cloud and kill everyone in the plane i’m flying.

Just the other day i took the wrong turning cos a BIG PRETTY LEAF floated in front of my car and i was fawning over it thinking
oh so pretty! leaf!
what a big beautiful leaf!
nice and gold and so huge how did it get here!?
what if i was a leaf… i could float here and there
or… oh shit. where AM i GOING.
i took the wrong turnoff -_-
damn leaf… distracted me….

So i can just see how i’ll be flying a plane:

ooh! cloud! looks like a… a chinese warrior walking a bunny rabbit!
(yes i’ve seen that before i swear)
wow! i should take a picture of it before it changes in the NEXT TEN SECONDS
*fumble for camera*lets go of steering*

And catastrophe would happen next.
I think i’m lucky as it is i’ve never had an accident while driving and taking pictures of clouds
*touch wood*
Or just something interesting i drive past…
The other day i saw a car with the number plate KBF 1 and almost crashed into the side tyring to snap a picture :p


Besides flying big commercial planes,
JFK also takes people up in a small 4-seater Cessna
for 30/40-minute flights around KL.
He offered to take me up in it,
so i can blog about my experience.
And being the adventure slut i am,
readily jumped at the chance!


I invited Jess along for the ride and we met JFK at Subang airport
on a beautiful clear morning at 9AM.
He took Harith Iskandar up just before us,
so we got to see them land while we were munching on our breakfast in McDs.




Jess all excited and ready to go! As always.
She’s always excited and ready at any given moment.


I brought Maurice along for the ride too!

JFK let me steer the plane for 5-10 minutes!
He let go of his wheel and got me to steer it so KLCC would be on our right.
It was a bit scary at first (again, my thoughts of WHAT IF I KILL US ALL)
but i got the hang of it.
Even managed to follow his instructions and change altitude   :xpleased:


Going past KLCC!


I pestered JFK to do a loop,
and he looked at me while flying the plane going, “You want me to do a loop? Are you sure? Are you sure?”
Then without ANY warning, he PUSHED THE STEERING to DIP THE PLANE down
and Jess and i were like AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
My butt practically lifted off the seat and i felt like i was in a cardboard box in the air!
So fun tho, BETTER than a rollercoaster!


View was breathtaking.
It was such a beautiful experience to observe KL from a peaceful angle, in the sky!
No traffic jams mwahahah


me, Jess, JFK
hey, all our names begin with ‘J’!


Batu Caves. I didn’t know Batu Caves jutted out like that, did you?


The Curve / IKEA

The flight seemed to end way too soon…
and we were up in the air for 40 minutes too!


This is how you park a Cessna, with brute strength.


Jess and i

i’m wearing basic top from Leftblock,
patterned harem pants from Sevendays,
shoes from Kurt Geiger,
holiday fish tote from Jim Thompson

Check out this cool vid Jess made of our flight that day!


Thanks for the flight JFK!


I think taking a short flight up is a perfect way to show some visitors in KL around!
It costs about RM500-600 for a 30-40 minute ride with JFK,
and getting him to take you up is a bonus cos he talks so much (hence his radio announcer gig)
So a crazy tourguide and a plane ride for 3 pax will cost
RM200 per person!

For enquiries, email [email protected]
You can also check out his website

5 Responses to Fly in little Cessna plane over KL with JFK!

  1. JFK says:

    Awesome article Joyce! Just to note, its Cessna with a C 😉 Other than that…… awesome pics!!! And Jess’s video was HOT!!!!! hahaha……. see you again soon……. Tkcare!

  2. kamkuey says:

    Hahaha.. dun you just love the dip? syok-kornus maximus!!

  3. pundekman says:

    apa tu sesna? Can you at least google the word first?

  4. JoyceTheFairy says:

    pman: chill la. people are busy. 😉

  5. Good day my name Emad iam from sudan i will vist kul in 29oct 2011 i want rent airplan from kul to jahor for tow times pls book for me B. R Emad

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