I haven’t eaten shark’s fin for 6 years now and never will again

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Even when i’m served the soup at a wedding or family dinner, i’ve just left it aside and not eaten it. It’s to a point i don’t care if it seems rude, i WANT people to know that i refuse to consume it and for good reason. If more and more people refuse shark’s fin soup at events/dinners, then eventually the organizing family may realize that it’s OFFENSIVE TO SERVE IT. I find it extremely offensive and i’m sorry to say this, but my opinion of someone who orders this DOES drop a few notches.

This is a vid from 2011 but don’t know how i managed to miss it… it’s horrifying and eye-opening. If you’re still someone who eats shark’s fin soup, please watch the whole vid below and THEN tell me if you still can bring yourself to eat it.

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