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When i think back to how life was without social media, things were moving at a completely different pace. Now i know what events are going on, what everyone’s eating, what weekend activities friends are up to, etc. Subsequently, what ALL of us post about our everyday activities influence another person’s actions too.

I am very easily influenced :p If i see someone tweet about KFC, my stomach will rumble an hour later and my subconscious will whisper “KFC… KFCCCC…” And i’d be thinking, “Ooh! I REALLY want to eat some KFC!” And i would DRIVE OUT and buy a two-piece set and scoff it by myself regardless that it’s not a proper meal time. I placate myself by thinking there’s a reason it’s called a snack plate.

On another occasion, i read someone posting about getting a massage… Later on in the day, my back muscles started twitching, demanding that i treat them to some TLC.

It was only MUCH later on that i realized how all these actions of mine are results of my brain scanning online facts really quickly and probing me to experience them later on. I thought it was a bit scary but quite interesting too! Imagine how much we’re all influenced by things we don’t remember reading on Twitter/FB/Instagram!

The GOOD thing is, this rings true for healthy habits as well. My stalking of people’s instagrams of healthy eating (lots of colourful pictures of fruits and organic produce) has also brought me to buy more organic food, and i buy lots of types of fruits for Clem and i to snack on now instead of just chocolate and ice cream all the time. *Can i have a big pat on the back please*

Great Eastern Malaysia has realized this infectious behaviour and how it can be a catalyst for change in so much of what we do. Thus the launch of Life-O-Meter — a platform that will help us live great, and live healthier and better lives!

Did you get how seriously serious i seriously am? Seriously. 😀

Life-O-Meter is a Facebook app that is powered by our LPS habits. LPS basically stands for Like, Post, and Share >

Life-O-Meter features a new thought-provoking question every week, along with a meter to view what everyone has chosen so far. The topics range from life philosophies and love, to food and holidays. This week, the question is >

LIKE which answer which relates to you the best! The Life-O-Meter‟s needle will show you which side has the majority of votes. As you can see, most people picked Happy-Post-Lucky (which is what i selected too).

I then POST a creative comment on why i chose that answer.

Which i then SHARE with all my Facebook friends.

I can view what others have been sharing as well.

There are prizes to be won for your LPS efforts! RM100 cash prize will be given out every week, and trips to Bali, Kota Kinabalu Park and Island Snorkeling will be given out for this month. The grand prizes are chosen by YOU.

Ultimately, Life-O-Meter celebrates loving your life, living it to the fullest and having the freedom to choose!

I went to the launch of Life-O-Meter at Paradox Art Cafe last week >


It’s a really nice place i never knew existed, in a complex in Bandar Utama.

Hansen Lee emceed the event.

Dato Koh Yaw Hui, Director & Chief Executive Officer of Great Eastern Malaysia: “We hope through these series of everyday life’s topics, such sharing will inspire people to adopt healthier and better choices. The Life-O-Meter will create a connected community of like-minded people; sharing their experiences, their thoughts, and what drives them to succeed and what inspires their choices. Through the LoM, we hope to build stronger bonds with our current friends, and pick up new friends along the way.”

Launching the Life-O-Meter

An Honest Mistake performed after the official launch of the app. They even got guests to vote for the songs we wanted to hear by sticking up red or blue LIKE hands we were provided with in our door gift bags.

Me grinning cos it’s feeding time.

Huge buffet spread of fried rice, bolognese, salads, fried squid and other tasties. Great Eastern knows how to feed us well.

The whole time we were eating and chatting, An Honest Mistake continued performing for us.

After dinner, us bloggers (KY, KimberlyCun and myself) were invited on stage to answer some Life-O-Meter questions.

They were mostly fun questions, like whether we’re the kind of person who gets the latest technology the moment it’s out, and whether we live to eat OR eat to live (what do you think i said? Haha).

Thanks to KY for giving me some pictures from that night!

I would have worn high heels if i’d known i had to go on stage. Just sayin’.

TRY the Life-O-Meter app for yourself! I think it’s a beautifully-done app, you get to play around AND win CASH AND HOLIDAYS. There’s a lot of right stuff going on in that sentence.

Also, go LIKE

Contest Details

To join contest, user has to have provided: 
• Name
• Contact number
• I.C. number

To be eligible for a prize, user has to have:

• LIKE-d a side on the meter
• POST-ed a relevant comment about the choice made
• SHARE-d the meter on their personal Facebook profile

To determine a winner:

• Great Eastern‟s panel of judges will determine (NO PUBLIC VOTING)
• The users who chose the losing side of the spectrum are ELIMINATED. 
• The users who did not POST a relevant comment are ELIMINATED.
• The users who did not SHARE the meter on their page are ELIMINATED 
• The user with the most unique post (as decided by panel) WINS.



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