Bye little nub

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I finally did something which i really should have done years ago… i’ve had this little ‘nub’ (as Yishyene calls it) on the top of my ear as a result of the industrial piercing i did in 2007. I love how i can link my words to the actual event written years ago! After i got with Clem and all these piercings got in the way of our cuddling, i finally took them off, but this little keloid was left thanks to the industrial piecing that moved.


Thing is i don’t actually see it, cos it’s on the side of my head, and the only people who are forced to look at it are my friends.

Most of them are too polite to comment on how ugly it looks.

Except Yishyene.

One day when i was hanging out with her in Europe, we were playing a random drawing game and used crayons to draw objects that were in our line of sight. She drew this tiny splotch (it was bigger than a dot) in light beige and asked me to guess what it was. I couldn’t. And she said (you guessed it), it was the little piece of flesh sticking out of my ear. I think i must have looked quite upset at the time and said, “I hate that thing!”

So she really made me feel like i should get rid of it. But i still didn’t.

Sometimes i felt a bit guilty when i go for photoshoots and that little awful thing is in the picture. The photographer usually says it’s no problem and that they can photoshop it. But still… it’s cheating?

Since i was at the doctor’s this week for being sick, i decided to kill two birds with one stone and asked him how difficult it would be to remove. He said it was a simple procedure and would take less than 20 minutes, and to return a few days later cos he’s usually very free on Thursday afternoons.

So i went back this afternoon after finishing some work, and such is my luck… there were a ton of people in queue, plus an emergency (someone fainted and was carried in) so i ended up waiting for an hour. I was stubborn not to budge tho. I am already here! If i leave i know i’ll take months before returning… i’m just gonna sit tight and wait for my turn and get this over with!

Okay plus, i will see Yishyene when i go to London next month so it’d be nice for it NOT TO BE THERE so she can’t make fun of it anymore.

When i was finally lying down on the operating table, the doctor said he was going to inject some anesthetic into my ear so i won’t feel anything when he cuts it out and stitches it up.

Man. The injection itself was MORE PAINFUL than the piercing i did that CAUSED me to get this injection in the first place!

The irony.

True, i couldn’t feel anything after that but i could HEAR him stitching and cutting the thread. Had deja vu of the time i got stitches on my head as a child. I would like to say i’m completely brave and felt nothing, but emotionally, i was slightly nervous. And also thought how this was considered nothing compared to…

Dr asked, “How are you feeling?”
Me: “Fine. I’m just thinking how horrible giving birth is going to be…”

He laughed at me. Sure, he can laugh cos he never has to.

Anyway, it’s done! My little nub is finally off!

I proudly sent this picture to Yishyene when i got home so she could guess what i did. She asked whether i kept it and i was like, “OH DAMN! I actually thought about it while the doctor was removing it cos i thought i’d GIVE IT TO YOU haha! But then i forgot…”

I didn’t even say bye to it…


4 Responses to Bye little nub

  1. yishyeeeene says:

    You can say bye to it in your heart! I bet it can hear you.. after all, it was attached to your EAR


  2. Em says:

    I had mine remove by a GP a few years ago and yes, the anesthesia part hurt! But what’s worse was it kept wearing off and I could feel him cutting the keloid several times, and he had to inject the anesthesia again & again. omg, makes me think twice when I want another piercing or tattoo -_-‘

  3. Sharon says:

    joyce ! i have the same problem ! was wondering where you did it and how much it cost .. and is the procedure painful ? it never bothered me but i am planning to remove it .. just putting it off hehe

  4. JoyceTheFairy says:

    Y: LOLLLLL you are so stoopid….

    Em: i’m over all my piercings already but def not tattoos!

    sharon: you can do it at any clinic! i did mine in Klinik Koo in TTDI, cost RM150

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