Future Music Festival Asia 2013

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So done is this year’s Future Music Festival Asia.
After weeks of anticipation, skirting plans around March 16th, and curbing my fever so i’d be able to go, it’s finally over.
I can’t think of another music event i can look forward to this year now..!

I didn’t go for ASOT on Friday, and decided to just go for Sat instead.
Didn’t think i’d be able to survive two days in a row.
Which is strange cos when i’m in Europe, i can do an insane four days of festival in a row.
I think it’s just the psychology that i’m away from home and should spend every single day and minute werqing it.

Anyhows. I planned to be at FMFA at 5pm so i could catch Kyoto Protocol and run to watch Arabyrd.
But… stupid Taximonger… (i’m sorry, i know you’re the official taxi but you really suck. I made 6 bookings on the app, and 1 via phone call, got a few sms and email booking confirmations, and NOT A SINGLE TAXI TURNED UP. I deleted the app already. Can’t be bothered. Just gonna stick to MyTeksi.)

So Matt and Jacie came to pick Clem and i up in their taxi, and we arrived just in time for us to catch Kyoto Protocol’s last song!

Better than nothing 😀

Fuad, Sarch, and Shak

Sueann, Sarch, me! Hmm… everything i have on is from Topshop, except my gold shorts which are from Beautiful Disaster. My gorgeous make up that day with rainbow-coloured eyeshadow is from Shu Uemura. Lippie from Topshop.

The backpack gang

me, Sarch, Mira holding my bag of sparkle i intended to throw on everyone.

With Kiki who flew in from Jakarta!! I haven’t seen her since Clouds, Ming and i went to JK to watch The Misshapes, and Kiki welcomed us into her group <3

Ara, Ruud, me

A sunset moment with the first few notes of Temper Trap’s Sweet Disposition

Rahul and Imran. Rahul was like, “I haven’t slept in xx hours.” Poor guy. A day after FMFA he tweeted, “I want to sleep for a month.” I hope you people out there recognise the crazy stress and sleepless days/nights the team had to go through to pull this off for you! 😀

Colin and Backstage Glamour.

With Eevon and Brenda

A picture with Tai Yong! This almost never happens…

Tai Yong’s cousin, Han, who said he wouldn’t be around if it wasn’t for my aunt, cos she introduced his parents to each other… small world!

Nick and Matt. What… are you looking at Matt?

Josh and his boss Chelsia.

I thought Sarch was so well-prepped to have her phone in a ziplock bag, but even after the bomohs (rainmen) were obviously doing their work at keeping the rain at bay, she still kept it in there. XD

I ran around with Sarch and we caught Naughty by Nature! THAT was more fun that i expected!!!

Sarch, Aps, Jade, moi


Fai and Clem

Top: with Kenny and Sea from Johor! and Takey
Bottom: with Ronnie, and Andrew! – old friends i don’t see enough of.

Went to Kubz’ stall and hung around and made friends with these guys Joseph and Jonny. After awhile, they kept excusing themselves to take pictures with people coming up to them, and i was like, “Erm. WHY?!” So i asked them straight and they were like, “Oh we’re in a band…” And i was like WHAT BAND. And they said, “Temper Trap.” And i was like, “OH MY GOD I LOVE TEMPER TRAP I’M SORRY I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE.”

The next day i told myself off, “Oh JOYCE. How you wished to meet them and when you do… you didn’t even know it was them. Shame!” I wish i was sober enough to articulate how much their music means to me but… oh well. The moment is over and i’m sure them having millions of fans is proof enough to them.

At least i got to sparklerize them!

Maurice wanted to come to FMFA too so i brought him. I’m glad i didn’t lose him…

Sparklerizing Clem and Misha

I remember i made the effort to run around to catch FUN, then Kill the Noise, then Bloc Party

With Nick & Sonia

More sparkles

This bromantic moment between Matt and Clem is disconcerting.

Oh yes! I was quite good this year and ran around with Clem, i was so scared to run off and play without him cos i didn’t think i could find him again like last year. So once i found him in the evening, i just stuck to him.

Found the rest of the Frenchies having a rest on very nice slope

Slope was fun! I ran up and down it with my arms spread out and was careful not to bang into anyone!

Had nonsensical pictures as such

Lynda’s birthday was yesterday! Happy Birthday!!!

Spike bras like what Mayb wears keep the men off, but the girls wanting to touch ’em.

Najwa, Matt, Aurelien, Clem, me


Aurelien wants in

Fabrice, Matt, Aurelien, Clem

If i was sober enough to see how dirty and wet Matt was, i wouldn’t be leaning on him like that!!


These two are so freaking loving ALL the time!

A nice loving shot of Clem and i! For once! And i’m ASTONISHED that Aurelien, in his state, managed to capture this picture! With fireworks in the background! Yay for you Aurelien!

Ok i was playing with some Japanese app while recovering the day after 😀

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  1. Bas says:

    Great post! Awesome as always!
    Any idea where I can get the’finger pointers/mini finger torch light thing’? (Najwa was wearing them in the second last pic )
    :) thankyou!

  2. Fab says:

    Awesome night ! what a night! Love it so much. Thanks to everyone!

  3. anak_liar says:

    chilled!!! u guys really make up that day..hehe..just want to inform , i took some of ur memorable photo and upload to my blog..feel free to visit my blog n if u find the photo is not suitable for public..let me know..i ‘ ll remove it a.s.a.p…Tq

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