PETRONAS Meet The Fans session with F1 drivers Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton @ KLCC

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There was a big hullaballoo at KLCC’s concourse area on Wednesday as PETRONAS brought in Mercedes F1 drivers Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton for a meet-the-fans session. I wasn’t quite sure how big a crowd would turn up and it was beyond my expectations! There was already a long queue when i walked past the concourse area at 3:50pm, and the superdrivers were only scheduled to arrive at 5pm!

Patient fans spreading from the left of the concourse…

… to the right.

Thanks to a special invitation from PETRONAS, i didn’t have to queue up… and went to sit in the PETRONAS car for a picture instead 😀 Can you imagine me as an F1 driver? Okay, maybe it would be for something called the Fairy1 race.

It’s actually a tricky vehicle to get into! Very tiny space… and i’m a tiny person! Thanks to Michelle who held my arm when i got out, so i wouldn’t fall on my face in front of watchful strangers in queue.

It’s been awhile since i looked up to admire the top of the Petronas Twin Towers.

Lots of Mercedes paraphernalia for sale like keychains, watches, bags and shirts.

Everyone still waiting…

With Ean, he’s one half of the Morning Crew, and was hosting the event that evening

Ean on top of the stage, with more people waiting and watching from the upper floors

When Rosberg and Hamilton finally appeared, people were cheering and hundreds of flashes were going off.

The duo have just come from Melbourne, where Hamilton and Rosberg came in 5th and 9th respectively at the Australian Grand Prix. This must have been an especially satisfactory placing for Hamilton, considering its his debut race with Mercedes :)

People just couldn’t get enough of them… and kept on taking pictures. It was quite amazing to watch. So i took pictures of the people haha.

Crowd getting crayyyzyyy!

If you’re wondering what the drivers saw from where they were standing, i found a picture that Lewis Hamilton tweeted that evening:

They must have felt so much love! Look at that! Someone tweeted Hamilton back that it’s like a Bieber gig.

They both went down to the lower stage after that, to sign autographs for their fans who had been queuing for HOURS.

I managed to get a nice pic of them with my phone :) (save for this guy’s head blocking hrmm)

There was some really tight security going on, of course.

I saw that some people brought photos or magazines, but this fan took off this shirt for them to sign. I guess he’s never ever going to wash it.

They were supposed to have a Q&A session… but that was canceled due to the overwhelming number of fans waiting for autographs and the drivers’ tight schedules. Better to make all the fans happy than have a mob!

After so many pix of the drivers, here’s a couple of sneaky pix of me taken by KY, thanks!

This is my typical suppressed smile face -_-

Thanks to PETRONAS for inviting us bloggers to the event!
(thanks to Tian Chad for group pic! Look i’m wearing PETRONAS colours!)

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