Move For a Reason

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I was out with Clouds and Kubz one night as we left The Bee to walk to our cars.
Despite it being quite late at night, I suddenly remembered that there was SOMETHING fun i could do that would make the walk to my car a little extra ordinary.

I switched on this app on my phone and started skipping.
Kubs even managed to get a shot of me.


Because i already started the timer on the app, i didn’t wanna stop skipping so i’d bounce and bop up and down while exchanging our last few pleasantries before heading off to our respective cars. Luckily there weren’t many people around Publika, cos i was skipping quite properly all the way to the carpark.

I even skipped down the steps of the motionless escalator, causing an unexpectedly loud “thump! thump! thump!” which scared a few girls who were camwhoring at the bottom of it.

They ran away squealing thinking it was someone chasing them… and i heard one of them say, “I thought it was a guy!”

I called out chirpily, “No it’s not! It’s just a girl!” while skipping around to the next escalator to go down.



I bounced down the steps thinking, “This must be what Tigger feels like.”

When i got into my car and locked the doors, i checked the app on my phone to see how well i did.


I skipped for 2 and a half minutes! Which was not bad… i thought.

As for the distance, i skipped for 0.06 km? Darn, it sounds much less when put that way… skipping is like half-flying, it’s active work!

Still, skipping 0.06 km was better than nothing, cos every tiny measurement counts!
Sikit-sikit, lama-lama jadi bukit!


The app i am using is called Rexona MOVE, designed to measure every little activity women do so that all the kilometres we complete are converted into donations for underprivileged children!



Our collective efforts have to measure up to a total of 10,695 km in order for Rexona to keep to their promise to fund the social cause!


It’s a cool way to be more conscious about how active we are,
while contributing to the community in a different yet healthy way!


Just look for Rexona MOVE on your Appstore/GooglePlay,
and register with your FB account, so no forms to fill in.


The app also uses my phone’s built-in GPS to track my distance as i move from one point to another.
Even if you’re not a sporty type (like uhhhh me) you can select activities like shopping and dancing to pitch in!


If i used this app while i was traveling, i’m sure i could pitch in around 50 km from walking and shopping alone :p


To spur us on further,
we can unlock badges,
achieve milestones
and win prizes i.e. 30 iPad minis!

So many reasons to move!
You get active, while pushing a brand to help underprivileged children in every state in Malaysia,
and at the same time you could win a prize including one of 30 iPad minis?!


Check out their website to find out more about the campaign.
Malaysians have really come together to make this happen,
by moving to reach Sarawak in just 3 weeks after the launch!
That doesn’t mean you stop moving! The more you move, the more children you will help.

Even Sazzy Falak and Nash Idrus is in on the campaign! >>

To get started yourself, search for ‘Rexona MOVE’ on your Appstore/GooglePlay!
If you don’t have a smartphone, you can still get in on the fun by playing the online game at


Uni students can also watch out for some activities and prizes to be won on these dates! >



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