One of *those* days

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I had one of those quite-terrible days where lots of things were going wrong… but i’m okay now!
I knew i’d be okay by dinner time, and just had to LET OUT all the ANGER and FRUSTRATION i had in me earlier.
At one point i felt like throwing a glass at the wall JUST to see it shatter and feel its reverberations as if that might somehow make me feel better.
Oh, and scream. I wanted to scream for a bit too.

I don’t think it’s a bad thing that i wanted to feel that… violent, for awhile there.
I NEEDED to FEEL it so i can expunge those emotions and get on with my life and deal with it.

The thing that got me MOST today was finding out from my family mechanic that my gearbox decided to conk and he quoted me RM5-6K to fix it. I was like,  “WHATTTTT”

I knew there was something wrong with the acceleration since early May, and even kept on pointing it out to Clem who insisted he couldn’t hear it. Only i know you best baby… *strokes car lovingly* So i thought well, if something was gonna happen to the gearbox, let’s just anticipate it to cost around RM3K… 2K if i’m lucky. RM1.5K if i’m luckier.

But it’s fine. I can’t be lucky all the time.

At first i couldn’t help thinking of all the things 5-6K is equivalent to.
It’s almost 2 months mortgage!
It’s a plane ticket to South America!
And mostly, cos i’ve just pumped half my savings into a small business and this just made me feel extra poor.
For something i can’t even see!
Serve me right for buying this car -_-
It’s okay it’s okay! I’m FINE! Just venting.

I’m putting it down to Universe Taxes again. You know, how the Universe gives you so much sometimes but then taxes you when you least expect it. I’m counting my blessings that at least i can pay for it and that… i’m not gonna die.

So after the mechanic took my baby away to heal, i took a taxi.

The thing about driving myself around all the time is that i rarely communicate with other people to travel, and it’s always interesting when i have to. My conversation with taxi driver today (all in Malay but i’ll just write it in English) >

“Are you studying?” he asked
“No, i’m working!”
“You look like you’re in college.”
“I’m 30.”
“Wah! Look so young!”
“Are you married?”
“No, but i have a boyfriend.”
“How many? Three?”
“Huh? One…”
“Are you sure not three?”
“No!… JUST ONE.”
“With a young face like yours, you should have three. If not, two.”
“…Er no…”
“Yes. Boyfriends are like cars. If one tyre pancit or the car spoils, at least you have another car to drive.”

Oh man, i laughed so hard.
Where did this uncle learn things like this?!
He kept on insisting everyone has 2 or 3 partners, and pointed at a BMW driving by and said, “I bet this fellow has 3 girlfriends. For sure! For sure!”
And i was like, “Nooo laaaaa, nooooo”

I asked him whether he was married and he said no, it’s hard to find someone especially if you’re a taxi driver.
I felt kinda sorry for him when i heard that.
I hope Mr Taxi Driver finds love! (Tho his views on partnerships are a bit dodge hrmm)

Ah i digressed. I wanted to talk about all the bad things that happened to me today, but i ended up hoping the taxi driver finds love -_-  See, i AM feeling better!

After all the other crap that happened today (water got cut, blog server went down, allergic reaction popped up on my leg), things can ONLY GET BETTER after this. At least the Universe chucked it all into one day so i don’t waste time! Too much to do!

Have a great week everyoneeeee. I’ll leave you with Yuna’s latest music vid called “I Wanna Go”, shot by Didi and Julian.


6 Responses to One of *those* days

  1. Amelyn says:

    BIG HUG for you babe!

    Hope you feel better and things are getting better around you. Thanks for sharing the Mr.Taxi Driver story. It cheered me up too!

    Have a beautiful week Joyce!

  2. Jocy says:

    Everything will get better soon!
    Cheer up Joyce ^_^!

  3. claudiaoncrack says:

    whutttt … your brain so scatterbrain one! i love it!

  4. Meitzeu says:

    Cheer up!!!

    Taxi driver quite funny tho.


  5. JoyceTheFairy says:

    Thanks guys! GUESS WHAT! The mechanic confirmed it’ll cost RM3K to repair! SO MUCH BETTER than 5K! WOOHOO!!! <3

  6. ipohgal says:

    hope ur week is turning out better!!!
    thanks for the video to brighten up our day!

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