Shu Uemura’s New Concept Retail Boutique @ Mid Valley

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* written by SweetEe *

Shu Uemura has always been focusing on Mr Uemura’s vision of an ‘open atelier’ – a space where women can freely explore different ranges of professional make up in an open tester environment – which encourages them to find their perfect look.

This year, the brand has decided to bring this experience to a whole new level.

Not only do they want you to dive into the colourful and spectacular choices of professional make up, but they also wish for every customer to experience the wonderful Japanese art of service.


Besides exceptional service, Shu Uemura marks its 30th anniversary this year by launching an entirely new store design in more than 100 Shu Uemura boutiques worldwide. Malaysia is proudly the first ASEAN country to incorporate this concept into their Mid Valley Megamall branch, which is what brought me there :)

lisa yap shu uemura

We were introduced to the first Elite make up artist in Malaysia, Lisa Yap, whom has won several international awards and also gained worldwide recognition from Shu Uemura’s international team for her make up creativity and skills.

lisa yap

During the launch event she demonstrated the latest runway looks.


The end result was bold and contrasting colours that were immaculately blended onto the eyes teamed with gorgeous eye lashes. Many ladies were amazed by the eyelashes and the eyeshadow, as I kept overhearing compliments on how natural and not overtly dramatic the entire look was.

Click link below to see more pics and read bout my experience in the new store!

shu uemura

Whenever I walk into a Shu Uemura store, what strikes me most is the range of colours they have for their lipsticks, eye shadows, and the unsurpassable collection of eyelashes!

shu uemura

I know some girls will be intimidated in choosing a product what with so many in front of them, but this new concept retail store will be a make up heaven for women!

Every single store detail has been specially catered for girls – from the lights, to the way they arrange the products, the warm and friendly service, and not to forget, their inviting open atelier where all women can sit and enjoy the transformation the make up artist applies!

shu uemura mid valley

From the moment you walk into the store, you’ll see a whole range of products carefully displayed, starting from make up basics such as make up base, then moving on to different foundations, concealers, eyebrow pencils, eye shadows, lip colours, and lastly, eyelashes. On separate shelves are ranges of skincare products like anti-ageing serums, toners, moisturizers, and lots more.

Every step you take is a new look you add to yourself, especially with the make up artist there to help pick out the perfect product for you after understanding your concerns and analyzing your skin tone and condition.

Once you’ve chosen the products you are interested in, you can sit at the atelier and enjoy being a princess.  😀


Honestly, I was truly amazed by the service provided. The staff patiently listen to all your concerns and what look you hope to achieve, then give you honest suggestions on what type of products to try and so on. I like that they don’t push you into certain products which you have no confidence or desire to try!


The open ateliar is pretty amazing as well. It comes with wash basins, make up tools, and displays Shu Uemura’s full range of their super famous oil cleansers (where 1 bottle sells every second in the world)!


Something that also really interested me about the atelier is the lighting… I don’t know if others have experienced this; but i used to test make up at their counters, buy it, and found out it looks completely different in other places!

I later discovered that it’s caused by the lightning used at the make up counter, which causes the color of the make up to appear more vibrant and bright. However, when you’re under sunlight or indoors, the effect changes.


Shu Uemura’s atelier comes with these three choices of lighting conditions – sunny, interior white light, and interior yellow light – to ensure that the make up you apply there will have the same effect in the conditions you plan to wear it at! How ingenious.

shu uemura lash bar

THE LASH BAR! Here you can also request brow-shaping services.

shu uemura qee bear

Above the lashes are rows of Qee Bears donning Shu lashes! Intriguing and cute at the same time.


Lastly, Shu Uemura has added neon lights to the ceiling of its Mid Valley outlet, the first store to do so :)

If you’re ready to experience the wonderful Japanese art of services,
and the rainbow of colors available in the store,
visit the new Shu Uemura retail boutique now at Mid Valley Megamall!

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