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I was invited for a fitting with Triumph Malaysia to try their Shape Sensation while i was still in France. Intrigued, and open to the idea since i had just binged all of Christmas, i popped by their KLCC counter in Parkson to have a chat with Elaine from Triumph.


Shape Sensation are Triumph’s separate collection of girdles, corsages, shaping bras and bodydresses designed to give a woman sexy and strong curves.

There are SO MANY different lengths and types and styles, there are lots of options to choose what goes with the outfit you have in mind.


All the lingerie is designed to smooth and shape those awful bits that peek out the sides of your bra sometimes, boost cleavage, flatten tummy, make your thighs taut and your bum firm.

I never used to think i’d want to wear things like this. But i’m learning that i truly can live to the statement “Never say never”. Gravity is not on my side these days, and even with working out and going on detoxes, firming up my kangaroo pouch for a tight dress or two ain’t a sin.


Elaine explained to me what Shape Sensation was and all its benefits:
– Build curves and fix all concerned areas for a better shape
– Enhances your silhouette
– Combined shaping functions and soft sensual design
– Makes your skin firmer in 28 days
It even has cosmetic ingredients to benefit your skin, so it’s considered shape and skincare all in one.


Triumph measured 2800 women in Malaysia to discover the percentage spilt in their bodyshapes: namely Y, S, I, O, and A shape.


The most common body shape is I (46%) followed by A (34%), whereas S, the ideal body shape, has only 10%.

After getting measured, i discovered i’m an I.



Check out my cleavage after wearing the Shape Sensation bra woohoo >



Tried on their latest bodydress


If you go by their counters, you get a free personal body perfection fitting session to discover your body shape and the most suitable shapewear for you.


My measurements before and after wearing Shape Sensation!
I lost 1 cm on my waist and 1 cm on my hips.


Before & After

You can see a slight difference in my tummy, and my boobies have got better lift!

Check out more on the Shape Sensation FB app *here*


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  1. TY says:

    CHEH… False advertising to men!!! :p

  2. JoyceTheFairy says:

    TY: haha suck it!

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