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Today is the first day in 3 weeks i can just sit at home and do NOTHING.
I didn’t want to go out.
I didn’t want to put on make up.
I didn’t want to put on my contact lenses.
I didn’t even want to comb my hair.

I just wanted to stay in my bed and watch Popcorn Time
cos i haven’t watched a single movie for a month.

Really felt like curry laksa cos i’m not gonna get any while going away in 2 days time
and decided to use Be Malas
Baby has been using them to deliver our balloon orders for KinkyBlueFairy
and i thought hmmm why not.
Just get them to buy curry laksa and deliver it to me.

Never actually contacted them myself before
so i SMSed the number from my bed
and gave specifics on what noodles and that i wanted extra cockles.
Bill was RM33 and i wondered for awhile whether i was being too much for paying that to get it sent when the coffeeshop was a 2-minute drive from me.
But the thought of getting ready and driving in the hot sun…
I’m thinking of it like a freelance butler service.
Like, if i used them 10 days out of a month, that’s about RM300.
Which is cheap for butler service right. XD

I love it!
Thanks for having such a service exist in KL.

The only thing i had to DO was put on a bra and open my front door to take the laksa from the guy.
He asked whether he could have a pic with me but i was all, “No… i’m sorry i look like crap today… Next time!”

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