Yeo’s 80 Days Drink to Cash Contest

Last Thursday, i went for an event held by Yeo’s - the household brand name known in Malaysia for its drinks. I myself have a weakness for their chrysanthemum tea… and Clem always asks whether i want some every time he pops by 7-Eleven >.<


Saw long-time blogger buddy Jezmine Blossom looking as cute as always!


There were quite a number of bloggers and media cos there was a big contest launch to happen that day… in short, Yeo’s and WeChat announced a collaborative contest where they’ll be giving away RM500,000 in CASH and 72 iPads across 80 days.

That’s a lot of money… and alotta iPads!

As it is, Yeo’s already uses WeChat to announce their latest news, updates and offers;
and now they’re using the mobile app to host this contest too.

Called the “Yeo’s 80 Days Drink to Cash Contest”, it will run for 80 days from 13th March to the 31st May 2014.

During the entire contest duration, there are all these crazy hooks that will make you wanna enter:
- Daily Draw of RM 3,000
- Special Bonus Draw of RM 10,000 once every 10 days
- Final Grand Prize for RM100,000 draw on the 80th day
- No SMS charges (participate via WeChat)
- No long waiting, results are announced daily via Wechat to all participants


How to enter:

1) Buy any Yeo’s, Justea or SoyRich range of beverage in Tetra Pak 250ml (pictured above), Tetra Pak 1L, PET Bottle 350ml/500ml/1.5L, with codes on pack or using the outlet Official Receipt.

2) Join Yeo’s Malaysia WeChat Official Account by scanning QR code on pack or add WeChat ID: YeosMalaysia


3) Submit contest code and snap picture for proof of purchase.

For contest code:
i) The printed code on Yeo’s, Justea or Soyrich beverages
ii) Using the Official Receipt number as Contest Code for the purchase of any Yeo’s, Justea or Soyrich beverages that does not carry any printed code

For picture for proof of purchase:
i) Yeo’s, Justea or Soyrich beverage with printed Contest Code – photo must clearly show the code and the Yeo’s, Justea or Soyrich Product must be opened/consumed
ii) Picture of receipt for your Yeo’s, Justea or Soyrich beverage.

4) Send the code + pic to YeosMalaysia via WeChat. You will receive an official notification from Yeo’s Malaysia WeChat with a hyperlink to view Yeo’s Commercial via Youtube.

5) Answer a simple question based on the Youtube vid and retain winning photo for verification purposes.
That’s it!
Then you just wait for the Daily or Special Draws to see what you’ve won.
You can enter as many contest entries as you want, as long you have separate contest codes.

For further details on the contest, please visit or for the WeChat app, please visit

Simply add WeChat ID: YeosMalaysia and join the contest to win now!


With May Sze and Mei Sze <3 <3


Review: Dove Intense Repair Shampoo & Conditioner

Today i’m posting up a review on the new Dove Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner i received when i attended their bloggers event which *i wrote about here* (< words will link to 1st Dove ADV)

First things first though, i’m gonna describe to you my hair type :D

My natural hair is very thick, wavy, dry and quite VERY difficult to manage. I hated my hair in school! Before i had money to straighten or relax it, it was so long and crazy that my classmates called me Lion King. -_- I still cringe when i look at pictures of my mane circa 2000. Shampoos and conditioners back then were just not what they are today!

My hair is ever-so-slightly less thick now cos i dye it, but my stylist is always astonished by how fast it grows — which is a good thing cos it hints at healthiness.

Some of the main reasons why i have it short is cos:
1) it’s more manageable for me cos it’s so thick,
2) it makes me look taller and older (somewhat).

Styling-wise i’m very simple. I don’t like taking a long time to get ready.
Most days i take 30 seconds to apply serum and wash my hands of the serum.
When i have to attend events or parties i apply a bit of dry wax that is effortless to wash out after.
Easy! Which is why a great haircut is imperative.

OK so down to the shampoo and conditioner i use.
I like products that rinse off easily and don’t make my dry hair seem even MORE DRY after i’m done – it just makes me feel like i could have been a carpet in my past life.

SO, back to the review.

This new Dove Intense Repair range promises to:
- make hair 10x stronger against damage by strengthening hair fibre from the core
- prevent split ends



The Keratin Repair Actives is mentioned a lot, as it’s a patented breakthrough formula that repairs hair at a deeper level by stabilising the protein deep inside the hair fibre.

By performing at cellular level, the core of the hair is repaired and strengthened up to 10 times.

As for Dove Intense Repair Conditioner, it contains new Microsheets Technology that evenly coats hair so you can comb it easily when wet to prevent breakage.

Dove Intense Repair shampoo:


My comments:
The amount above is actually too much to use, as the shampoo lathers up a lot so i only have to do with very little. Do you notice how the shampoo has a bit of shine to it? It’s thanks to their new formulation with pearlized finish. As i rinse my hair, it feels like i could get away with not applying conditioner cos it feels 50% soft already. I like the smell, and so does Clem cos he’s a fastidious user of Dove soap, and the shampoo has the same signature scent.

Dove Intense Repair conditioner -

Comments on using the conditioner:
As with the shampoo, i don’t have to use a lot and it’s easy to apply through my hair. When i rinse it off, my hair feels a lot slicker than most conditioners i use, so i like that feeling of slippery clean hair.


I just had to take a pic of my hair before i towel-dried it cos it had that slippery-slick look.


End result after one day, with zero product on it. This is pretty great in my definition, cos my hair was super soft and manageable and i keep on… touching it cos i’m not used to having hair that soft :p

I don’t feel the necessity to put serum or wax on it as often as i usually do, cos it looks a lot more acceptable and less dry. Which is great, cos i like giving my hair off days from applying too much product on it! I can only imagine what sort of effect these products would have on someone who’s got normal long hair (cos mine is short thick wavy dry hair remember :p)

dove-intense-repair-10 had very good results for the Dove Intense Repair Conditioner. There were 100 reviews, of which an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 was derived; with 85% saying they would repurchase. Read it yourself *here* 

As for the Dove Intense Repair Shampoo, 75% saying they’d repurchase. Read it yourself *here* 


Dove Intense Repair Conditioner, RM14.90;
Dove Intense Repair Shampoo, RM14.90;
Dove Intense Repair All Day Repair Cream (with UV protection), RM10.90/120ml and RM4.90/40ml.

For more info, visit Dove’s FB page and LIKE it:


Being a lady boss.

In 2013, i registered KinkyBlueFairy as a company and started my own business – to deal with my blog earnings and jobs in a more organised manner, get on interns and contributors, start an online store, and conglomerate all my other projects under one roof i.e. PR, social media strategy, emceeing, event styling, etc.

Of course i was a bit terrified of doing it all at the beginning. Before i registered my company, i made a list of all the things i had to do to get to where i envisioned myself to be – and the list was so long it put a real damper on my spirits. There was so much to do! Where was i gonna start?! I don’t even know how to do task numbers 3, 5, 24 and 348!! Plus there’s only one of me! SCARY!! AHHH!!!

Yup. That’s how i felt for a while.

In the end i learnt how to take baby steps. I don’t know when i started overthinking things i wanted to do, i used to just dive right in. Now i felt fear… maybe it was fear of losing money. Fear of failure. Fear that i wasn’t good enough. Fear that i was overestimating my abilities.

Starting a business sucks up a lot of time… but i still wanted time to spend with Clem, my family, friends, and myself. In the beginning, i had very little time for either.

I stopped trying out new recipes and started cooking out of necessity to eat,
i stopped taking my mum out for random weekday lunches,
i stopped having time to have lunch by myself which i love,
i stopped working out regularly,
i stopped having time to eat my evening snacks and got hungry and grouchy,
i stopped having the house cleaned and laundry done as often as it needed.

It was chaotic. I felt like crap. So now, i make up my own rules. My company, my rules right? Why not! Isn’t that the whole point of running one’s own business? I didn’t quit working for other people just so i could work for myself under the same regulations. I told myself: This isn’t going to work. I’m gonna make some changes and CREATE the life i WANT.

As it is, i already implement a work day that starts at 10:30am. Because i don’t see the point of everyone sitting through morning traffic and wasting time.

Just recently i started a practice where one day a week, everyone works from home (on the same day). People get to save a bit on petrol and toll, and i personally think it’s great for the soul to work in solitude once in a while.

There is a point where i figure i’ve made enough money for the week, why push it? How much more do i need? What i need, what we ALL need, is time with our friends and family and ourselves to make us happy! And when we’re happy, we’re definitely gonna be much more productive at work.

There are times when i hit a wall when it comes to a particular problem and i have learnt to be outspoken and unabashed to ASK questions and for help. I never used to be like that. I find that i receive the most solace for my problems from women. Women who are like me, and women whom i’m trying to be like.

I think it’s because us women understand how more difficult it is to run a business while running a home at the same time! You don’t see men having to sort out the cleanliness of the house or make notes to top up household products and food stuff while juggling cooking and socialising in the same week! Speaking of girl power, i just remembered Beyonce’s documentary Life Is But A Dream. Watch it!

There’s also a local website called Shine On that features Malaysian women who are doing their own thing, and it’s so inspiring to discover so many women out there reaching for their dreams.

I read an interview with actress/singer Adibah Noor on how she was a school teacher who opted for a school in a less desirable area, how she was a big sister to the students, and that she admired them for their stories that they shared. She later went on to compete in singing competitions, try her hand at copywriting, and translating for a corporate company, before performing on stage and on screen today! What an amazing story… i didn’t know there was so much behind her journey and you can really feel how much she went through discovering herself when you read it. You can read it *here*.

There are also interviews with Nur Moana Ishak, one of Malaysia’s first female commercial pilots; and Yeo Yi Lin, a musician and swimmer who lost her leg to cancer at 10 years old. They have wonderful stories that make me feel like i can do anything too :D

I even discovered new women in business on Shine On (under Street Savvy) - like Juwita who runs a carpentry and antique business, Tee Reei who started gourmet popsicle brand The Potong, and many more. On each of their pages, you can interact with them and ask them questions on how they started their business or anything you want to know to get your own off the ground. Think of it as a forum or chatroom, cos you just need to connect via your FB account to chat or even give words of encouragement.

If you’re a woman in business yourself, you can join in their ranks to inspire other women by applying to be featured. They’re always looking for inspiring business stories, awesome ideas or great business models to share with the community. All these stories in turn will inspire young or new women interested in pursuing their passion! :D So even if you just started out and feel shy that you haven’t accomplished enough yet, don’t be! The main thing is that you ALREADY STARTED which is the first major difficult step. Tell people about it and challenge your own confidence. Your contribution could change another woman’s life without you even knowing it :) Click on the *Be Featured page here* to fill in a simple form to get started.

All these activities are spearheaded by Shine On, who is basically creating a community of Malaysian women who run businesses, and those who are interested to start their own (Shine On posts articles *here* on the nitty gritty on starting your own business).

If this is all getting you pretty excited about starting your own business in 2014, have a look at their Let’s Get Down To Business page - it’s filled with in-depth articles and PDF files you can dl on all these topics like how to get your own web domain, how to set up a website to display products, postage queries, how to keep track of stock, how to monitor your expenses, and even on taxes! There’s a lot to read there that’s really helpful which i WISH i had before i started mine!

Shine On is a platform created by Libresse, which i think is a really cool idea (and i wish i thought of it first haha) cos it’s so awesome to bring women in business together where we can inspire and be inspired! There are a lot more pages and info to Shine On than i mentioned, just go explore it for yourself *HERE*.


NEW Dove Intense Repair

I was invited to attend a bloggers’ event with Dove to introduce to us their newest range called Dove Intense Repair!


The event was held at Botanical in Bangsar Village II, a restaurant i frequent weekly, so i was quite happy to be hanging out in one of my fave eateries.


Audrey was there too and i commented how she must be one of the skinniest new mothers i know. Especially with her dressing, she looks like a teenage mom XD


Camwhoring with Dove props at their photo wall while waiting for the event to kick off.


All the pictures we shot were immediately printed out, so we could do some arts and crafts to create a 2014 calendar!


Yes i stuck stars on my boobs. Why not.

After playtime, about 15 bloggers sat down to listen to Heng Hui Ling, the Brand Manager for Dove Hair.


She made a lot of sense when she mentioned that we girls do a lot to our hair.

I mean, look at me… i dye my hair on a regular basis to the point my friends can barely keep up with what colour i currently have! That must be my worst vice for my hair, cos i don’t brush or blow dry (both of which cause damage to hair) since it’s so short. Even UV rays from walking in the sun and air con damages your hair, so it’s UNAVOIDABLE cos we obviously are in both environments constantly.

After Hui Ling spoke, John Goh who’s the Research & Development Deploy Manager gave us a short presentation.


He was really cute to throw in some fun facts so we don’t get bored; like how we each have 100,000 strands on our head. Audrey guessed it correctly tho, and won a Dove product. I was impressed.

I learnt that keratin is type of protein that basically gives our hair its strength and takes up 60%-90% of each hair strand. Every time we inflict damage unto our hair (which is all the time :p), the keratin gets broken and causes damage at cellular level.

Dove recognised the necessity of repairing hair at a deeper level, and went about to patent the breakthrough Keratin Repair Actives – a formula that helps to reconstruct hair by stabilising the protein deep inside the hair fibre. By performing at cellular level, the core of the hair is repaired and strengthened up to 10 times.


Additionally, the Dove Intense Repair Conditioner contains new Microsheets Technology that evenly coats hair so you can comb it easily when wet to prevent breakage.


To prove this, the Dove team had a live demonstration for us using two samples of real hair – one washed with Dove Intense Repair, and another with a random brand. (i found a similar vid on YouTube that you can watch *here*)


After being rinsed, both hair samples were placed on a suspended hair brush with weights pulling down on each sample.


I don’t think i’m bad at taking pictures, but the Dove sample combed through so quickly i completely missed the shot! In the picture above it’s already on the table -_- Pretty amazing.

After the demo, we were asked to divide ourselves into teams of 3 or 4; so AudreyDaphne and i teamed up.

We had to rebuild this Jenga set with all the great points of Dove Intense Repair written on it, and i guess it also represents the cellular build up of a hair strand.


We weren’t even playing to win… but we won! Yay teamwork!


We each received a pink water bottle which i immediately said i could keep duck fat in (hi, i’m aunty Joyce didn’t you know) and a Dove Treatment Mask which i secretly wanted cos of my dyed hair!


If you figure you’ve got some awesome hair flick action going on, you should just enter their “I’m a Dove Girl” Contest.

Just show off your best hair flicks for a chance to be the next Dove Girl and win RM10,000 CASH.

I don’t think i’ll even be in the running cos of my short locks! Bye bye, chance for RM10,000.

For more details, click on this link >


Dove goodies i got from the event! >


L-R: Dove Intense Repair Conditioner, RM9.90; Dove Intense Repair Shampoo, RM14.90; Dove Intense Repair All Day Repair Cream (with UV protection), RM10.90/120ml and RM4.90/40ml.


Challenge for Change

Ever had a good idea and told all your friends about it, but because of lack of funds, you brush it off as one of the many genius moments you have, and nothing comes to fruition? We all do that. Heck, i do that all the time (but now i try to tell someone else about those ideas in case they’d like to use them).

An idea is worthless unless acted upon.

What i’m liking about this decade is how everyone seems to EMBRACE IDEAS more than before.

Ideas have been spurring our evolution for eons, but i feel that ever since the internet existed, everyone is a lot more confident and accepting of new ideas. Cool ones, crazy ones, even ones that don’t bring forth any gain except happiness.

Everyone has ideas, everyone is creative. It’s just a matter of discovering what type of creativity you fall into, and expanding that ability you have. The problem with part of our schooling system is that it doesn’t teach us to be creative with our lives. I had to learn that after i left, and am still getting the hang of it as i move into my 30s.

If i could shake each of you and look you in the eye and say, “YOU have a brilliant idea! Tell me it!”, i would and you would think i’m crazy. But i’m not. I truly believe that every person has at least one great idea at any moment. This is a question i love to ask people when i’m out socialising. Once you break down that wall and get them talking about their dreams, KAPOW! There’s a SPARK in their eye, they start talking really fast, and you’re grinning ear-to-ear from feeling their excitement.

Of course, you can’t just expect every idea you have to be awesome.
It takes practice, research, and having faith in yourself.

I love love love this campaign that DiGi is having for the next few months, cos it’s based on ideation.


The DiGi Challenge for Change (DiGiCFC) is getting anyone from the ages of 12 and above to submit their ideas for a great mobile app. 4 ideas from 4 categories will be chosen as winners, and each winner will receive RM5,000 cash!

You don’t even have to worry about building the app, cos that’s another competition on its own where 4 app developers will win RM25,000 each!

The main goal of the mobile app you dream up,
is that it has to be innovative and bring positive change to Malaysians :)

There are 4 categories you can submit your ideas under, which are:

1. Discovering Culture
2. Learning & Edutainment


3. Health & Wellness
4. Connected Citizens 


Well, *i* had a little idea so i thought i’d just submit it for fun XD



Watchu think? Ok right!? I like the name mostly – ONS! Haha…


The Ideation Challenge is until 18th January 2014, so everyone in Malaysia has until then to submit their ideas.
Check out some crazy entries some people have submitted so far *here*

During the Ideation Challenge phase, DiGi will hold ideation workshops at universities across the country and #IDEAJAM – a 2-day ‘idea hackathon’ where 20 shortlisted ideators will be chosen to discuss with industry experts to further refine their ideas.

After the 4 winning ideas are chosen,
the App Development Challenge kicks off from 26th January – 24th April 2014.

During this phase, Malaysian developers are invited to partake to build mobile apps based on the 4 winning ideas and participate in HACK!@DiGiCFC, a 36-hour non-stop mobile app hackathon weekend.

It’s a great opportunity for  developers, cos each app will be made available for download and review by the public, and if your app wins, you win RM25,000 and DiGi will promote it to their customer base which includes 6.8 million mobile internet subscribers! Imagine almost 7 million people being exposed to an app YOU created!

Some of the winning apps from last season’s challenge have progressed to becoming a fully established mobile app start-up, and attended the Digital Winners Conference in Oslo as part of their Telenor Group Award for developing the best mobile app.

+ + + +

Prizes for the DiGi Challenge for Change are more than RM200,000 in cash and experiential prizes including:

  • RM5,000 and a smartphone for each of the top 4 idea finalists
  • RM25,000 for each winning app in the respective categories
  • RM25,000 for the best overall idea winner of the DiGi Innovation Award
  • Telenor Group Award for the best developer / team
  • A host of promotions and go-to-market support from DiGi.

For more information on DiGi Challenge for Change and how to participate, visit:





Make your own clothes via Mewze

I always thought how Threadless’ consumer-driven concept could be converted into something that would benefit wannabe fashion designers in Malaysia, and now someone has done it!

Check out Mewze: an online brand that enables designers to submit their ideas, let the public vote for their favourites, and then see the production of selected designs into reality. The pieces will be sold to the public, with the designers responsible getting credit and royalty for every sales performed.

A simple but effective way to push and support fashion creativity in our community :) Mewze aims to empower indie designers by being the link between them and the public. By doing so they’re also hoping to increase the confidence, creativity and numbers of indie designers.

That means if you always wanted to design something to sell, but got put off by the operational and marketing side of things, then you no longer have an excuse.

The 5 easy steps you have to take if you’re a designer:


1. Sketch and Submit as many designs as you wish cos it’s FREE.
2. Promote your designs and get your friends to vote.
3. Once your design is selected, a sample will be made to ensure the end product is according to satisfaction.

4. Once everyone is happy with the sample, the design is produced.
5. The finished pieces are sold online and designers get royalties from sales!

+ + + + + +

If you’re not a designer but interested in supporting new talent, here are the 4 steps you take:


1. Vote for your favourite designs. You can vote for as many as you please and 5 lucky voters stand to win USD500 worth of prizes.
2. Promote and push your favourite designs on your social media to see it come to life!


3. If you see your favourite design come to life, buy it!
4. Alternatively, you can surf for previous designs and shop for them as well.


Mewze’s first challenge for aspiring designers is to design a Little Coloured Dress.

They’ve got a pinterest board that shows some of the submissions for the category so far:


The winning designer will win USD500 (not including voters who win prizes up to that amount too!)
View *submission details here*



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