Impress in 15 seconds

When you first meet someone, it’s human nature that they’d be forming an opinion of you, and you of them.
Some say it takes the first 15 seconds, others say 7 seconds… i even heard 0.5 seconds before. Tough!

There’s the possibility of getting nervous when you meet people for the first time,
and it’s the worst when it’s for your first job interview. In your life. Ever.
First of all, you’ve never had a job before, so how would you know how a real job interview would be like?!

I remember i would get all these tips from my parents and older friends when i had to get a job after college.
“You need to buy office clothes!”
“Ask questions about the company!”
“Make sure you don’t go out the night before!”

Five years after that i ended up having to interview people myself,
and i would notice all these little things that you’d think aren’t important,
yet are so noticeable to the person interviewing you.

The most important thing is your HANDSHAKE.
It creates so much rapport cos you’re physically touching the person.
Remove the notion that it’s acceptable to give a limp-fish-shake, that’s the worst!
On the other hand, don’t squeeze so hard either!
It’s rare but when someone does squeeze my hand too hard,
inside, i’m all, “Ow…. #youhurtme #sad”

One thing that moves me when i first meet someone is when they look me straight in the eye and i look back. This is made even more powerful when done during the handshake.
And best when done with two smiles.

Posture is also of importance. Someone standing upright oozes confidence and capability to me, whereas a person who slouches makes me think you’re timid and needs space to grow.

These are just a mere sprinkle of what one needs to know before acing that job interview.

I was having a look thru a new section on Shine On and there were all these tips on what to do and vice versa. Called Hello Confidence, it’s an online platform that works out challenges and exercises for people who are about to go thru their first interview.

There are lots of suggestions on how to boost your confidence, improve those grooming skills, and what best to say. Each activity is crafted to prepare someone completely clueless.

That’s how in-depth i think the site is!

I read a page called Icebreakers (under Own The Conversation) which listed 10 questions you could ask your interviewer, to show interest in the company you might potentially be working for.

There were some really good ones like:
“What are some challenges the person filing this position face?” or
“What are the most valued talents in your company?”

I thought, “Huh, i better read this in case there’s a question i least expect to be asked!”
(After going through them, i was reassured that i already have all the answers in my heart and head XD)

Besides all this information that’s readily available, girls can comment on each others’ posts to get a conversation going. Essentially, Hello Confidence is an interactive platform that allows a community of girls to come together to share their methods and tips, while inspiring others at the same time.

What makes it so special is that it’s real girls sharing their real stories in real time with each other.

One of the more interesting pages on the site i found is called Pitch Yourself, where you’re asked to think about your best attributes and how you can keep your pitch to just under 15 seconds. (You just have to read the page yourself to know the rest.) Then there’s even an accompanying page for you to upload your “practice” pitch in video or written format, so that you can get feedback on it from people who are not gonna end up being your real boss.


I was like, “Man. They didn’t have sites like this ten years ago! You guys are so lucky!”
All i did was skim the surface of what i should have thought about before barging in. :p

There’s another one i like called the Idea Cube (under Pitch Your Idea). Everyone contributes random words to the Idea Cube, and it jumbles them all together to distribute to you a bunch of words. I didn’t know i was gonna get words from other people and was totally unprepared for it. You’re supposed to use all the random words to MAKE UP a pitch even if it the product is imaginary. I wrote some rubbish cos i just wanted to go on to the next page which is called the Idea Bank, and when i saw what other girls my junior wrote, i was kinda impressed (then embarrassed by my half-assed attempt and wondered whether it would show up in public).


Enough chatter from me, if you’re about to go through a job interview, check out Hello Confidence for yourself and go pick up a thing or ten ;)

Kudos to Libresse for thinking of putting together a platform like this for young women to support and inspire each other!

To visit Hello Confidence, click *HERE*


Bits and bobs

Instead of opting for a short futuristic cut, i felt like keeping it a bit more feminine (haha i guess this is considered as feminine as i can go for now).


New friends i make still ask me where i get my hair done and it’s been the same answer for years - The Met @ Parkroyal! Alex is my superstylist cos he pretty much judges you based on your character and style, and whips something up. Sometimes i don’t even know what he’s gonna do to my hair – i leave it all up to him.

The Met KL Salon is having an InstaChange competition, where 3 winners will be selected each month from July-Sep 2014. Winners will each receive a free cut, colour & hair treatment + haircare products from Redken 5th NYC and exclusive skincare products from Sothys Malaysia, all valued at up to RM1,500!

All you have to do is:
1) Follow @TheMetKLSALON on Instagram
2) Post a front profile snap shot of yourself on Instagram
3) Hashtag #themetklsalon, and write (in English, Chinese or BM) what inspires and motivates you to change your hairstyle and colour

More details on their Facebook update *here*

I just noticed that Serena is still on The Met’s Facebook page cover photo with blond curls. She does her hair there too and i think… she introduced me to the salon a few years back!

Clem and i went to visit her yesterday cos she’s pretty much still house-bound with 7-week-old Chloe.


Serena looks positively RADIANT. Motherhood suits her.


Chloe is one of the most good-looking newborns i ever saw!
I swear all these half-kwailo-half-Asian babies always turn out looking so good.

+ + + + + + + + + + + +

I’ve been regularly eating at BMS Organics as a healthier option to some of my meals.
They’ve got an extensive menu filled with Chinese dishes, and they’re all REALLY YUMMY and reasonably-priced.


The first dish i ordered there was the curry laksa.
It satiates my curry laksa cravings albeit with less guilt.

Everything in the restaurant is vegetarian, and i’ve been telling everyone that it’s the best vegetarian meat i’ve ever tasted. A year ago i wouldn’t have believed i would be trying to push fake meat to anyone, myself included.

Don’t be lazy, read the below to be a little bit smarter today >


I’ve been trying to slow down my meat intake since watching Earthlings and it’s not easy AT ALL, cos of the amount of meat that surrounds my social life + meals + where i dine.

Some people think i’m riding a “trend”. It’s not a trend when it’s the TRUTH of the situation our planet has plummeted into. Not wanting to KNOW nor CARE is a sign of being in denial or ignorant. It’s not like i’m a full-fledged vegetarian trying to sell the idea. I’m so not. I still appreciate a steak once in awhile, and my mince meat in my occasional hawker lunches… i’m just hoping for a bit more awareness on how eating meat daily isn’t necessary nor normal (based on the human lifestyle mere decades ago).

Ok i’ll stop there. Back to happy pictures!

I’m not a big fan of milk, so i try to compensate my calcium intake by eating lots of cut fruits in Farmer’s Union yoghurt (thanks Didi for recommending)


I need to do a toy purge in my apartment soon… lots of them are gonna go into donation before Christmas!

+ + + + + + + +


My crazy Cheshire-cat-on-crack phone case from @PGadget atop my Furla Candy bag.

+ + + + + + + + + + +

I started horse-riding!

Chelsia has been asking me to join her and i really wanted to cos i’m looking for new hobbies that include more movement and activity (and less drinking :p). We woke up at 6am one morning and it was actually really nice to chat with each other, feed and talk to all the horses, take a class, feed the horses some more, then get home to shower and off to first meeting of the day.


Look what a happy fairy i am!
I must admit you can’t help favouring certain horses more than others. I’d pass one an extra carrot or two and go, “Shhh don’t show the others!”

If you think i’m being all super healthy not eating meat and going horse-riding, let me make you feel better.

Behold the fate of the cupcake that was left in a certain drunk person’s handbag:


Don’t worry, it didn’t go to waste and was still devoured.


I went to visit Louis on Friday night and met all his pets including the sweetest hedgehog!

+ + + + + + + +


The BIG Group is having a Turkish Food Bazaar at The Square @ Publika till 26th July!

After having their team of chefs and buyers visit Istanbul twice this year, their inspirations have resulted in offering Turkish fare like Shish Kebab, Lamb Kofta, Tomato Dolmas, oven-baked Turkish Shortrib, Mercimek Çorbası (lentil soup), Güveç stew, Fattoush salad, Turkish ice-cream and many more for the month of Ramadhan.

To further accentuate the festive spirit, all Ben’s and Plan B outlets will be serving uniquely crafted Turkish-inspired dishes till 27th July 2014.

The BIG Bazaar will be taking place at Ben’s Independent Grocer till 3rd August, where unique Turkish discoveries of spices, nuts, teas, dried fruits, baklava and lokum have been air-flown just in time for the festive season.

+ + + + + + + + + + +


FEELING your best contributes to BEING your best all day, so it’s imperative you ensure you have everything you need to have your day run smoothly :)

If you haven’t already tried Libresse, now’s your chance as they’re giving away FREE samples (6-piece sample pack, while stocks last).

*Click on this link* to try Libresse for free! 

Don’t forget to LIKE the facebook page so you can receive updates too!


What’s in your bag at klia2!?

I just know i’m gonna be spending a lot of time in the new klia2.
I just know it.
Well, of course i will, cos i fly via low cost travel as much as i do vice versa!

If you’re a bit blur, klia2 is the newest RM4 billion international airport hub that is designed to cater 45 million passengers a year.
It will have 60 gates, 80 aerobridges, 8 remote stands, and get this… a retail space of 32,000 sqm for 225 retail outlets!

I now proclaim this as a danger zone. Dangerous for me, that is.
One of my biggest weaknesses is shopping impulsively and god knows how many times i’ve bought sunglasses, clothes, shoes and chocolates in airports the world over.

To introduce the amazing shopping haven that is to be in klia2, there is a VERY INTERESTING contest going on called What’s In Your Bag?

The Prizes: RM5K worth of shopping will be given away TO 1x PERSON, EVERY DAY FOR 15 DAYS.
So that means i have 15 shots at winning RM5,000 worth of shopping for MYSELF. Mwahahaha…
On top of that, there is ONE lucky winner that will win him/herself RM25k worth of shopping at klia2!

All i had to do was pick all the products on the klia2 website to my heart’s desire, and cross my fingers.

There is SO much to choose from!
Imagine, klia2′s retail selections include food, beverage, lifestyle, fashion, electronics, duty-free, non-duty-free, etc.

Here are SOME of the products I picked…

klia2-whats-in-your-bag-1 klia2-whats-in-your-bag-2 klia2-whats-in-your-bag-3 klia2-whats-in-your-bag-4 klia2-whats-in-your-bag-5

You’d be surprised at how quickly you can reach your RM5K budget… I wanted to pick some Royal Selangor stuff but if i did, i’d have run out of all my credit in one shot. Now i understand why it would make sense to give away RM25K worth of shopping…!

How You Can Enter:
1. Visit
2. A pop-up will appear “giving you” a budget of RM5000 to shop with
3. Browse the main website and “add to cart” everything you’d like, up to RM5000!
4. Once you’re done, proceed to checkout, where upon successful completion, you’ll automatically be entered into a lucky draw with everything you’ve purchased.


You get to fantasize all the things you’re gonna get (it’s great therapy by the way) and hope you win!
Contest runs ONLY from 9th June to 23rd June, so you and I basically only have 15 days to try our luck winning the RM5k worth of shopping OR be that one lucky winner!

For more info, do LIKE and FOLLOW >
Facebook Page:
Instagram: @indulgemyairports
Twitter: @indulge_my

Just click on the website and get started already! >


Participants must be aged 18 years and above.
It doesn’t matter what nationality you are.
Prize redemption will only be available at klia2.


LOVE your teeth! And combat bad breath while at it.

I’ve written a fair bit about my teeth before, cos i’m so conscientious about the care of my teeth!

The thousands of ringgit i’ve spent on my teeth definitely moves into the 5-figure range.

I’ve blogged how i recently patched it (cos i used to brush too hard), which resulted in me looking for a soft electric toothbrush (i think Sonicare might be the best right now, please tell me if you know of one better).
I’ve had braces done, TWICE; and had laser whitening done too.
I don’t use my teeth to open bottles or eat crab like some people do, cos i’m too scared i’ll ruin it.
I get regular check-ups and scaling done, and wear my Invisalign retainers every night so they continue being straight FOREVER.

It’s obvious how imperative i think teeth are… come on, they ARE important!

You only have ONE set of teeth in your adulthood, and if you screw one tooth up,
it’ll cost RM6-8K for an implant.
So if you take good care of your teeth NOW,
the probability of having to fork out hefty bills for your teeth in the future are lower.

You don’t only use them to eat,
but having healthy white straight teeth makes you look SO much younger and better-looking.

Yes, i’m very vain about my teeth, SO THERE.

However, there’s no point having straight white teeth if your breath sucks.

I’m such a social person that i talk to dozens of people on a daily basis, sometimes even up to a hundred if i go for a few events. I always carry mints with me JUST IN CASE but i also carry an extra toothbrush and toothpaste (i use Darlie Expert Fresh) in my massive bag if i’m gonna be out all day and want to brush after eating or in between events.

I try my best to keep my breath and teeth fresh… having bad breath could be a career-killer, i swear. I find that if anyone with bad breath talks to me, i tend to avoid them in the future cos i just cannot BREATH when i have to face them. I’m sorry but it’s true. And vice versa, i would like to ensure that i don’t inflict the same unto others.


The new Darlie Expert Fresh is THE clinically proven toothpaste that protects against bad breath for 12 hours.

Now, bad breath is caused by oral bacteria in our mouths, so to diminish it, we have to target the source of the problem. When we brush using Darlie Expert Fresh, a Zinc Citrate Advanced Formula is released which attacks oral bacteria effectively. This special formula also forms a protective shield to prevent plaque build-up.

I have some really funny pictures of everyone brushing their teeth over the weekend i spent in One Eleven Bali.

On both days friends were over at our villa, i’d sneak away at least once per night to brush my teeth.
Friends would come in to use the bathroom and go, “… What are you doing??”
Me: “Brushing my teeth! It’s fun! Come brush your teeth with me.”
Them: “Okay….” (probably thinking i’m weird but that’s nothing new)

At one point there were FIVE of us brushing teeth together… i swear i didn’t plan this!
But i’m quite proud it happened haha.


So cute, Claudia brushing Rahul’s teeth for him <3


And then the selfies start…


bb-one-eleven-bali-bathroom-2014-8 bb-one-eleven-bali-bathroom-2014-9

Clem and i went to cuddle in the bathtub while waiting for the others


Then someone suggested to turn on the tap while we were in there


And i quickly tried to jump out cos i just dried myself from the pool!


(Basket Clem, i SEE you holding on to me!!)


I guess five people in a bathroom is bound to create some fuss in the end.


For long-lasting fresh breath, check out the Darlie Expert Fresh app on FB *HERE*
Get educated on how the Zinc Citrate formulation works and clinical charts on reduction of oral bacteria in your mouth.

LIKE the Darlie Malaysia FB page >>

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Phone review: Samsung GALAXY Note 3

After playing with the Note 3, i well realise that i may have been trapped in a tech bubble of my own making cos i’ve been ignorant to other new phones out there…

I’m so taken by some of the Note 3 features that there was even once i shouted, “WOW THAT’S SO COOL!!!!” in the office and poor SweetEe lamented, “Oh my god… you gave me a shock!”

The Samsung GALAXY Note 3 comes in four colours of Pink, Red, Rose Gold Black and Rose Gold White so you can match your style and personality to it.


I’ve been keen on white lately, and been buying lots of white tops, bottoms and dresses.
I think one can’t have enough white! It’s great to offset all the prints i have in my wardrobe!
So a white phone goes perfect with everything in my wardrobe.
The Note 3 i’m holding is actually Rose Gold White (the edges are a sleek rose gold) which goes with all my rose gold accs anyhoo.


The Note 3 comes with an S Pen which i can use to hover over five S Pen features. Because the phone has advanced handwriting recognition technology, i can choose to use either my finger or pen to write on the phone; whether it’s for messages, planner, alarm or phone functions.

The S Pen is hidden so discreetly in the bottom corner that someone had to show me where it was cos i thought i lost it in the box *duh*boxes self* There is also a button ON the S Pen itself that is lagi discreet… that i only found it after reading the manual (which i stupidly refused to do earlier).


One of the most useful features i find are S Notes. As you can see above… i consider myself pretty old school and still like jotting down things in my moleskine notebook. But playing around with the S Notes made me realise WHY some people write down EVERYTHING in their phones!


S Notes has all these different templates i can use like Schedule, Picture Diary, Recipe, Travel Note, Check List, and even obscure lists like Baby Diary, Movie Review, and Wine Review. I can then browse through them easily, and sync it with my Evernote, tablet and PC. There’s even an Easy Chart function that converts my scribbled charts into professional graphs 0_o

There’s a really cool Scrapbook feature which i can use to organise ALL the pictures and info i collect on a daily basis for inspiration on travel, movies, food, contacts, party stuff, fashion, everything! Kinda like Pinterest built into your phone.


Action Memo is pretty awesome too! It lets me turn my handwritten memos into actionable To-Dos, emails, calls, new contacts, web or location searches, and tasks.


I like the SketchBook for Galaxy too, there are so many variations of brushes, colours and tones that it’s remarkably easy to use. A great replacement if i have a sudden urge to draw something in the city and didn’t have my actual sketchbook with me!


Ahhh i love how Walking Mate comes automatically in the phone! I really appreciate this!
I’m halfway through the book “Eat Move Sleep” and there’s a chapter on how imperative it is that we walk 10,000 steps a day for optimum health. Even if we eat healthy and exercise three times a week, it’s not enough.


Lots of people like Samsung cos of their cameras, and there are all the necessary options for getting a good picture.

I can adjust ISO (up to 800), metering (centre-weighted, matrix, spot), exposure, white balance, timer, location tag, and video-capturing options.

There’s even a Voice Control option if i wanna take pictures via voice commands like “Capture” “Shoot” “Smile” and “Cheese”!

Speaking of Voice Control, i can use it for stopping and snoozing the alarm clock, adjusting my music player (“Next”, “Previous”, “Play” and “Pause”), and answering or rejecting phone calls. Almost like a butler in my phone. Except it can’t take my calls for me XD


I had so much fun playing with Google maps for NO REASON. Just to explore what islands there are i had no clue about, and possible places to travel next! I got easily enamoured by how quickly it zooms in and out showing me THE WORLD. The world in the palm of my hand…

Ok snapping out of it.

On the right above, is how i can search in Maps by typing name of restaurant instead of address. Besides searching faster, i can find new restaurants i have no idea about since it’s searching nearby options for me, save my favourite places for easier future access, and share locations i love. By syncing it with my Google contacts, i can easily pick friends up on the way if need be too.


There are so many other things you can do with the Note 3, like Screen Write (above), Multi Window (to multitask effortlessly), surf Flipboard, edit handwritten notes, cut out pictures you surf to throw into the Scrapbook… it’s like having a touch-screen PC that makes calls and obeys your voice commands!



Another reason to love the Note 3 is that Samsung is having a promo: Every purchased Pink GALAXY Note 3 will come with a Sereni & Shentel RM100 voucher while stocks last. More details *here*



For full specs, VISIT *this link*


Yeo’s 80 Days Drink to Cash Contest

Last Thursday, i went for an event held by Yeo’s - the household brand name known in Malaysia for its drinks. I myself have a weakness for their chrysanthemum tea… and Clem always asks whether i want some every time he pops by 7-Eleven >.<


Saw long-time blogger buddy Jezmine Blossom looking as cute as always!


There were quite a number of bloggers and media cos there was a big contest launch to happen that day… in short, Yeo’s and WeChat announced a collaborative contest where they’ll be giving away RM500,000 in CASH and 72 iPads across 80 days.

That’s a lot of money… and alotta iPads!

As it is, Yeo’s already uses WeChat to announce their latest news, updates and offers;
and now they’re using the mobile app to host this contest too.

Called the “Yeo’s 80 Days Drink to Cash Contest”, it will run for 80 days from 13th March to the 31st May 2014.

During the entire contest duration, there are all these crazy hooks that will make you wanna enter:
- Daily Draw of RM 3,000
- Special Bonus Draw of RM 10,000 once every 10 days
- Final Grand Prize for RM100,000 draw on the 80th day
- No SMS charges (participate via WeChat)
- No long waiting, results are announced daily via Wechat to all participants


How to enter:

1) Buy any Yeo’s, Justea or SoyRich range of beverage in Tetra Pak 250ml (pictured above), Tetra Pak 1L, PET Bottle 350ml/500ml/1.5L, with codes on pack or using the outlet Official Receipt.

2) Join Yeo’s Malaysia WeChat Official Account by scanning QR code on pack or add WeChat ID: YeosMalaysia


3) Submit contest code and snap picture for proof of purchase.

For contest code:
i) The printed code on Yeo’s, Justea or Soyrich beverages
ii) Using the Official Receipt number as Contest Code for the purchase of any Yeo’s, Justea or Soyrich beverages that does not carry any printed code

For picture for proof of purchase:
i) Yeo’s, Justea or Soyrich beverage with printed Contest Code – photo must clearly show the code and the Yeo’s, Justea or Soyrich Product must be opened/consumed
ii) Picture of receipt for your Yeo’s, Justea or Soyrich beverage.

4) Send the code + pic to YeosMalaysia via WeChat. You will receive an official notification from Yeo’s Malaysia WeChat with a hyperlink to view Yeo’s Commercial via Youtube.

5) Answer a simple question based on the Youtube vid and retain winning photo for verification purposes.
That’s it!
Then you just wait for the Daily or Special Draws to see what you’ve won.
You can enter as many contest entries as you want, as long you have separate contest codes.

For further details on the contest, please visit or for the WeChat app, please visit

Simply add WeChat ID: YeosMalaysia and join the contest to win now!


With May Sze and Mei Sze <3 <3



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