Snag a much-needed vacation on Wednesdays!

It has to be a Wednesday.
It can’t be any other day cos… it’s for a promotion on Agoda called Visa Wednesdays ;)

Back by popular demand for the second time this year, Malaysia Visa cardholders will enjoy awesome deals every Wednesday on thousands of accommodation choices around the world,

As long as you’ve got a Malaysian-issued Visa card, you’ll enjoy additional 12% savings on bookings for Australia, New Zealand, North America, Europe and the Middle East, while bookings for all other destinations will get you 10% off. These savings go on top of the existing promotional rates you get on

Here are a few places i stayed via Agoda when i took my parents to Bali in August!


We stayed at the breathtakingly beautiful Kamandalu Resort & Spa in Ubud.


In Seminyak, we stayed in a sky pool villa in TS Suites!


And in North Bali, we stayed at the charming Aneka Lovina Villas & Spa.

Ah just looking at the pictures makes me miss Bali… Baliiiiii i miss you!!! I may go everywhere around the world but you’ll always have a special place in my fairy heart.


If you’re planning your year-end holiday or a weekend getaway, don’t forget to set a reminder on Wednesday mornings so you reap more discounts on Agoda! All you need is a Visa card and an internet connection ;)

I don’t think there’s any other deal like this going on right now so take full advantage of it!
It’s only going on till 26th November 2014!

Visa Wednesdays is made possible exclusively for Visa cardholders and customers, with more to come in the future.
Make your bookings via


Triumph Forever Young Launch

* Photos by Jane Lee *

Having barely recovered from the madness of the previous weekend (re: Seek & Keep), i hauled my tired butt over to Black Box @ Publika on a wet Monday afternoon for the launch of Triumph‘s new Forever Young collection. Despite the miserable weather, the turnout was great.

I used to always buy all sorts of different lingerie brands depending on its style and design alone; but as i got older, i learnt that the quality of the underwear and the way it’s cut is imperative for some REAL support. There’s no point wearing a nice bra if it doesn’t achieve its main function!

Triumph has always been synonymous with quality, and is a brand we’ve all known about since we were kids at a time we didn’t even need to wear bras. I must admit that for a few years, the brand didn’t have much allure for me cos it seemed dated. However, i have returned to wearing Triumph a lot more in the past two years… they’ve turned a notch up in their designs, and the knowledge that so much research goes into the construction and design of their bras give me assurance that they are the best out there.

I’ve already been swearing on their Shape Sensation series to friends, and was looking forward to seeing what this new Forever Young collection had in store.


Oversized artificial roses decorated the entrance of the event. They looked so pretty AND real, i was tempted to run off with a few cos they made me feel even more like a fairy!


As a fun interactive activity, Triumph held a contest where guests could upload pix on Instagram with the hashtag #TriumphForeverYoungMY and stand a chance to win a prize at the end of the event. As part of my entry, my immediate instinct was to grab one of the roses and pose with it as it matches my tattoo! Okay fine… i just really wanted to hold the rose. -_-


Loved how they had healthy mocktails that were filled with antioxidants and Vitamin A all in accordance with the health of one’s boobies!


Daphne Iking looking as glamourous as ever effortlessly emceed the event.


There was a panel of discussion about breast health with Daphne, Carey, Maria Tunku Sabri, Dr Harjit Kaur, and Kate Ang, VP of brand from Triumph.

They discussed the facts on how breasts change with age, no thanks to decreased levels of collagen, tissue and fat. These cause it to lose its fullness, not to mention other external factors that surprised me!

There are 4 main factors that make boobs sag:
- hormonal changes
- UV rays (no more sunbathing, girls…)
- genome structure
- gravity

I thought this bit of the event was highly insightful and informative, to the point where there was even a bra demonstration!



Styling my Smize

Not sure if a lot of people know this, but i’m half blind. Well that’s just my dramatic way of saying it, but really, if i wasn’t wearing my contact lenses or glasses, i wouldn’t even be able to recognise someone standing right in front of me.

My power is 525..!

So many people have asked why i haven’t got eye laser surgery yet,
and the truth is… i LIKE wearing coloured contact lenses :p

Dahlah i have a legit reason to,
and they make my eyes look so much bigger and nicer in pictures :D

I’ve tried lots of different brands, even random unknown ones bought off the streets of Bangkok and Hong Kong (but i was told they made me look like a baby alien and that convinced me to chuck them). I don’t want lenses that make me look SCARY, i want them to make me look NICER.

Bausch+Lomb, one of the trusted brands in the world (with 160 years of heritage) has released the first cosmetic lens in Malaysia, called LACELLE. The lenses have lace-like details that enhance one’s eyes, and i can attest to it cos i’ve been wearing them for a few weeks now and am still wearing them every day!

The eyes don’t lie…


“Jubilee Violet: give your eyes a romantic tint. An enchanting blink that will mesmerize everyone.”

Don’t my eyes look mesmerizing?! I mean, i don’t want to blow my own horn or anything, but these lenses are SO MAJOR i can’t stop staring at my OWN eyes. The LACELLE lenses are monthly disposable contact lenses, which is what i always buy.

I had a go at wearing 5 different colours the brand picked out for me,
and challenged myself to dress in different OOTDs to try to suit each colour.

Here are some close-ups of the colours are tested (besides the pic above too).


“Sparkling Brown: Give your eyes a playful sparkle. You will be the most attractive princess.”

Ok i’m not the one coming up with those taglines okay, but what i WILL say is that i loved these sparkling brown ones cos they were just like their namesake! It matched my hair wonderfully and i feel it’s a colour i’d buy often.


“Modest Black: instantly enlarge and brighten your eyes. Sparkle with confidence.”

This was a really fierce kick-ass colour. I can imagine it going great with lots of black and monotone outfits.


“Tender brown: softly enhance your eyes for that delicate warmth and allure.”

I figure if the Sparkling Brown is slightly too light for some people who want to be less obtrusive, then the Tender Brown is something more casual and toned down yet warm.


“Frozen Grey: give your eyes a touch of glamour and cool elegance for a magnetic attraction.”

Ooh, one of my favourites. First of all, i love Frozen the movie heehee. And i LOVE having silver eyes. And i think these were the perfect shade of silverish grey without being too freaky! (There’s a very thin line for me before crossing into freakish territory.)


I’d totally recommend this to anyone cos they’re comfortable. I get up early in the morning, and get home late most nights; and i managed to wear them with no discomfort. The lenses are of FDA-authenticated pigment standard.

The BIGGEST reason why i’d continue wearing them is cos the colours are GORGEOUS.

It can be hard to find coloured contact lenses that have that perfect shade to complement skin and hair tones, and these are so fun… it’s an extension of dressing up cos it changes your entire look!

I’m gonna PROVE it to you with all the looks i came up with haha!

+ + + + + + +

Wearing lenses in Jubilee Violet:


Top: Azorias
Skirt: Seoul
Scarf: Bali
Sandals: Vincci
Necklace: Oxoloco
Eyeshadows: Urban Decay
Bracelets: thirtyfour, Korea, Bali, Sri Lanka


2-kinkybluefairy-contact-lens  4-kinkybluefairy-contact-lens  6-kinkybluefairy-contact-lens

+ + + + + + +

Wearing lenses in Sparkling Brown:


Top: Azorias
Pants: London
Purse: Aigner
Necklace: Oxoloco
Lipstick: Shu Uemura
Wooden flatforms: Charles & Keith





+ + + + + + +

Wearing lenses in Modest Black: 


Dress: New York
Wooden shoes: Benson Chen
Bracelet: Philippe Audibert @ Aseana
Vintage earrings & leather skull clutch: KinkyBlueFairy
Lipstick: MAC


28-kinkybluefairy-contact-lens 29-kinkybluefairy-contact-lens


+ + + + + + +

Wearing lenses in Tender Brown:


Top: Zara
Leggings: Topshop
Flip flops: Ipanema
Laptop bag cum clutch: Snupped
Sunnies: Rayban
Necklace: Bangkok
Lipstick: Topshop


8-kinkybluefairy-contact-lens 9-kinkybluefairy-contact-lens

+ + + + + + +

Wearing lenses in Frozen Grey:


Silk shirt: Sacoor Brothers
Skirt: Dude & Duchess x Jonathan Liang
Flats: Tory Burch
Bag: Givenchy
Skull necklace: Thomas Sabo
Ankle tattoos: Lynda @ Pink Tattoos



14-kinkybluefairy-contact-lens 15-kinkybluefairy-contact-lens  17-kinkybluefairy-contact-lens




Live In Levi’s Malaysia @ KLCC till this Sunday!

For this entire week, there’s a massive set up for the Live In Levi’s® Premiere at the Main Concourse in KLCC!

Celebrating over 140 years of sharing denim with the world, Levi’s® has created a showcase to share with everyone how the denim label has marked history and shaped style and culture in Malaysia!

I’m so chuffed to announce that i’m one of the personalities Levi’s® has picked to be a part of this campaign.
Check out my profile they’ve set up on their website *here*! YAYNESS


There’s even a little KinkyBlueFairy corner they set up there *beams*


You won’t miss a huge customization area where you can get any Levi’s® apparel you purchase there done up for free. Get embroidery designs done, or iron-on patches exclusively created by two prominent artists in KL.


The above are designed by quirky tattoo artist Lynda Chean (who inked my Peter Rabbit on me!)


Above is illustrator / motion graphic designer / artist Art:tech with his iron-on designs.


The place was packed and people had their shopping mode ON!



Levi’s® also collaborated with renowned fashion designer Hatta Dolmat to create three specially-customised ladies’ Trucker Jackets. They’re all being featured at the showcase, and proceeds of their sales will go towards the National Autism Society of Malaysia.



On two giant screens looming above the space, rotate visuals showing off the #LIVEinLEVIS project photographer Vincent Paul Yong and i have been working on the past month. We tracked down 20 Malaysians who inspire us, spoke to them about how Levi’s® have been present in their lives, and shot them in their various work or living environments.

I must say that i was completely touched by so many of their stories, some of them even made me shed a tear or two! I will be sharing some of the full interviews i did, on my blog in the coming weeks :)


On the right is rapper Kayda Aziz, also one of Levi’s® personalities.
Her mum is none other than Sheila Majid, which would explain her stunning features.


Rock band Oh Chentaku. I wish i met them all properly! There was so much going on..!


My girls – Didi, me, Sarah, Sueann, Myra.



Veteran model and actress Bernie Chan emceed the event.
Check out her outfit. Her ensemble and all that of the models for the show were styled by Sheryl Oon!

Seriously, that girl has major skill.
Sheryl will be giving styling tips at the Live In Levi’s®Premiere at these times!
» 9-12 September > 6:00 – 8:00pm
» 13-14 September > 1:00 – 3:00pm; 4:00 – 6:00pm





The stage is impressive… i just discovered it was constructed by The Biji Biji Initiative, and is fully eco-sustainable and made from repurposed materials.


And then guess who performed live!? Sheila Majid!!!



Sheila told us that the skirt she was wearing was specially customized for her from a few pairs of Levi’s® jeans by Raja Malek AKA Chelek (standing next to her) years and years ago! Fascinating!


The legendary singer entertained us with Warna, Fly Me To The Moon, Lagenda,
Antara Anyer dan Jakarta, Aku Cinta Padamu, and ended with Sinaran!


Check out the crowd

a-live-in-levi's-klcc-21 a-live-in-levi's-klcc-22

All the Levi’s® Personalities on stage together, check out all the pictures and profiles under the Personalities tab *here*!


Make sure you check out everything at the concourse area cos it’s only up till this Sunday 14th September!

There’s also a MAJOR CONTEST Levi’s® is having where the Grand Prize is…
a trip to San Francisco for 2!


Read more details about the Grand Prize and all the experiences you could win *HERE*!


Even if you don’t get the Grand Prize, you can still aim for the Monthly or Weekly Prizes which include:
- a trip for 4 to Japan with RM10,000 spending allowance
- customized Levi’s® jeans from the Levi’s® Tailor Shop in San Fran
- 7x RM200 Levi’s® vouchers
- 3x Bonus Prizes EVERY week till 30th September 2014! i.e. Dr Dre headphones



All this is on at the Main Concourse area of Suria KLCC until 14th September 2014 so you better get yourself there ASAP.

Check out for a LOT more info.

More pictures of people at the launch after the jump!


Malaysia’s 1st Multiple Award-Winning Green Township – KEN Rimba Condominium 1

My first visit to KEN Rimba was sometime in 2012 when i went to have a look at the residences there and was smitten by the corner housing lots with private swimming pools. Back then they were going for around RM800K and now they’re around RM1.2 mil? (correct me if i’m wrong) I did tell a couple of friends about it, hoping they’d buy it as an investment, and now i’m all “I told you so!”

Last week i went back to check out the show units for KEN Rimba Condominium 1 as they’ve just released units in Block B and C for sale.

The new freehold condo is part of KEN Rimba’s eco-green residential project based on sustainable building technology, that takes up a whopping 60 acres in Shah Alam.

I know many developers out there are trying to ride on the green wave, but KEN Holdings is a pioneer of green property and was the first developer to receive the BCA Green Mark Gold Plus cert in 2009. Even so, they have been constructing properties in accordance to green ratings since the 90s, long before the rating cert even existed.

KEN Rimba is Malaysia’s first multiple award-winning green township consisting of two residences (Legian Residences and Jimbaran Residences), two condominiums, a commercial centre, and an upcoming boutique hotel and serviced suites.

The whole area is connected to major highways (NKVE, KESAS, LKSA, Federal Highway) and other transportation routes. However, measures have been taken in the planning of the township to reduce the carbon footprint of residents, such as:
- bus stops within the township for easy access to public transportation
- covered walkways to the adjacent Padang Jawa KTM station is linked from every component of the township. (Padang Jawa station links directly to KL Sentral.)
- parks, bicycle tracks, and footpaths been given priority in the township planning with free access to dozens of bicycles for residents which they can use to cycle around the KEN Rimba Township.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

But then again, let’s return to why i’m writing this post.
To blog about the show unit i visited!


Taken from entrance of the show unit of KEN Rimba Condominium 1, which consists of three blocks of freehold units, penthouses, and pool villas. A plus point is that the property was given the BCA Green Mark GOLD PLUS Award (Provisional) last year.


The condominiums are designed to a north-south orientation according to wind direction for better ventilation while also being able to receive natural light without being submitted to the sun’s direct heat and glare.

The 1119 sq. ft. units face the North where the pool and facility floor are located; whilst the 1183 sq. ft. units face the South.


I love how a large mirror always increases the appearance of a room, i’m definitely implementing this in my new home!



The thought of a white kitchen never appealed to me before but i felt allured to its concept  once i was standing in the sexy space. I definitely downloaded some interior inspiration from visiting the show unit itself!


All the walls in the condo are painted using low VOC (volatile organic component) paint as they do not emit unhealthy fumes and last longer than most types of paint.


Living room on the left and kitchen to the right.
The corridor shows doors that lead to two bedrooms on the left, the master bedroom at the end, and a bathroom on the right.

Bedroom #1:



Bedroom #2:



You can see the shared bathroom across Bedroom #2


All bathrooms have special fittings that save up to 40% usage of water, compared to normal fittings.

If you’re as concerned about water wastage as i am, you’d be glad to know that the condo utilises a rainwater harvesting system, specially built into the Facilities Floor, to channel water for use at the car wash area and for landscape irrigation.



Master Bedroom:





Wow the place looks so nice when made so minimalist. Unfortunately (or not), i’m a maximalist.




There are 637 units like this one i’m looking at, with each unit measuring 1,076 – 1,183 sq. ft.
The slight difference in the size is only present at the entrance of the unit which is like having a bit more space for your shoes.
Each of these units have 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and costs from RM399K onwards.
It comes with at least one car park bay with the option to purchase more.

All resident car park bays are in covered areas, and there is a sky bridge that leads from the car park to the condo block.

In the whole of KEN Rimba Condominium 1, there are three major options for layouts – condo (whose show unit i visited), penthouse (out of the question for me for now), and pool villas. The whole condo is freehold property.

A pool villa seems within reasonable reach at RM306 per sq. ft. (From RM800K onwards) for 2 1/2 storeys.
That’s 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms within approximately 2,615 sq. ft.


They’re not ready yet so all i can do is imagine how they’d look like using the scale model.
Can you say SWEEEEET with me!?

The lit portion on the left is where the pool villas will actually be.
Can you imagine living in a house where you can just step out into an open garden and massive pool?
Even the carpark bays are placed right at the bottom of each villa.


Aerial view of the pool villas. The grey areas at bottom of pic are the pool villa roofs.
So right in front of one’s villa would be the garden, cabanas, and pool. I still can’t get over it.


To the left of the pool villas is the play area which has a natural shade of plants so doesn’t get too hot.


There are only 26 units of pool villas.
As for the penthouses, there are four penthouses in Block A & C, and eight penthouses in Block B.


Other tidbits about the condo include the fact that it’s made from environmentally-friendly construction materials, whilst its walls are covered with paint that does not contain lead.

Cavity blocks (bricks with air gaps) will be implemented on certain walls of the building to reduce thermal heat transfer, as it will cool faster than conventional solid bricks.

Compost bins will be available to create horticulture waste as plant fertilizer in the premises, and common areas will be installed with lighting with sensors to reduce wastage of electricity.

No wonder it got the BCA Green Mark GOLD PLUS Award (Provisional).



There are 109 units of commercial lots nearby, at the Ken Rimba Commercial Centre.

Amenities nearby include everything a neighbourhood needs; like secondary and primary schools, banks, KTM, bus station, Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM), sports complex, and malls and supermarkets (AEON, Jaya Jusco, TESCO).

Time to start thinking about the future, eh?

Sales gallery:
Jalan Sungai Rasau
Seksyen 16
40200 Shah Alam
Open daily from 9.00am – 6.00pm including weekends and public holidays
GPS coordinates:  3.057961,101.484768
Drive with Waze:

Sales enquiries: 1300-22-9933

+ + + + +

For more updates on the properties, you can
Follow Sam on
Click on to

For my previous blogpost on KEN Bangsar, click *HERE*

Awards & Recognition:

KEN Rimba Condominium 1 – BCA Green Mark GOLD Award (Provisional)
KEN Rimba Condominium 2 - BCA Green Mark Platinum Award (Provisional)


Impress in 15 seconds

When you first meet someone, it’s human nature that they’d be forming an opinion of you, and you of them.
Some say it takes the first 15 seconds, others say 7 seconds… i even heard 0.5 seconds before. Tough!

There’s the possibility of getting nervous when you meet people for the first time,
and it’s the worst when it’s for your first job interview. In your life. Ever.
First of all, you’ve never had a job before, so how would you know how a real job interview would be like?!

I remember i would get all these tips from my parents and older friends when i had to get a job after college.
“You need to buy office clothes!”
“Ask questions about the company!”
“Make sure you don’t go out the night before!”

Five years after that i ended up having to interview people myself,
and i would notice all these little things that you’d think aren’t important,
yet are so noticeable to the person interviewing you.

The most important thing is your HANDSHAKE.
It creates so much rapport cos you’re physically touching the person.
Remove the notion that it’s acceptable to give a limp-fish-shake, that’s the worst!
On the other hand, don’t squeeze so hard either!
It’s rare but when someone does squeeze my hand too hard,
inside, i’m all, “Ow…. #youhurtme #sad”

One thing that moves me when i first meet someone is when they look me straight in the eye and i look back. This is made even more powerful when done during the handshake.
And best when done with two smiles.

Posture is also of importance. Someone standing upright oozes confidence and capability to me, whereas a person who slouches makes me think you’re timid and needs space to grow.

These are just a mere sprinkle of what one needs to know before acing that job interview.

I was having a look thru a new section on Shine On and there were all these tips on what to do and vice versa. Called Hello Confidence, it’s an online platform that works out challenges and exercises for people who are about to go thru their first interview.

There are lots of suggestions on how to boost your confidence, improve those grooming skills, and what best to say. Each activity is crafted to prepare someone completely clueless.

That’s how in-depth i think the site is!

I read a page called Icebreakers (under Own The Conversation) which listed 10 questions you could ask your interviewer, to show interest in the company you might potentially be working for.

There were some really good ones like:
“What are some challenges the person filing this position face?” or
“What are the most valued talents in your company?”

I thought, “Huh, i better read this in case there’s a question i least expect to be asked!”
(After going through them, i was reassured that i already have all the answers in my heart and head XD)

Besides all this information that’s readily available, girls can comment on each others’ posts to get a conversation going. Essentially, Hello Confidence is an interactive platform that allows a community of girls to come together to share their methods and tips, while inspiring others at the same time.

What makes it so special is that it’s real girls sharing their real stories in real time with each other.

One of the more interesting pages on the site i found is called Pitch Yourself, where you’re asked to think about your best attributes and how you can keep your pitch to just under 15 seconds. (You just have to read the page yourself to know the rest.) Then there’s even an accompanying page for you to upload your “practice” pitch in video or written format, so that you can get feedback on it from people who are not gonna end up being your real boss.


I was like, “Man. They didn’t have sites like this ten years ago! You guys are so lucky!”
All i did was skim the surface of what i should have thought about before barging in. :p

There’s another one i like called the Idea Cube (under Pitch Your Idea). Everyone contributes random words to the Idea Cube, and it jumbles them all together to distribute to you a bunch of words. I didn’t know i was gonna get words from other people and was totally unprepared for it. You’re supposed to use all the random words to MAKE UP a pitch even if it the product is imaginary. I wrote some rubbish cos i just wanted to go on to the next page which is called the Idea Bank, and when i saw what other girls my junior wrote, i was kinda impressed (then embarrassed by my half-assed attempt and wondered whether it would show up in public).


Enough chatter from me, if you’re about to go through a job interview, check out Hello Confidence for yourself and go pick up a thing or ten ;)

Kudos to Libresse for thinking of putting together a platform like this for young women to support and inspire each other!

To visit Hello Confidence, click *HERE*



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