The Merchant Live Launch @ Armada Hotel

* Photos by Jeremy Choy aka rice | photo *

Just before Christmas, i made my way to Armada Hotel for the launch of The Merchant Live – a new fancy club and lounge that boasts over 1000 LED lights with inter-changing backlit colours, acoustic panelled walls and a state-of-the-art TW Audio sound system.

The Merchant Live shouldn’t be confused with Merchant Pub, which some of us might be more familiar with seeing the latter has been one of PJ’s longest-standing neighbourhood drinking spots for 17 years. Merchant Pub closes its doors for a refurbishment this month and will reopen with the promise of sultry jazz twice weekly. Meanwhile, The Merchant Live will prove itself worthy of a drinking playground for those in the area…

The entrance to the club had me at hello.

Consisting of a striking tunnel with neon rings that constantly changed colour, the whole vibe while walking in was reminiscent of Studio 54. Don’t worry. There are lots of pictures of me in the tunnel after, we couldn’t help going back to camwhore.


Once i walked in through the tunnel; to the right is the club, bar, lounge and stage…


And to the left is a long corridor flanked by various karaoke rooms.


Went to have a tour of the rooms before anyone else thanks to Sharon :D


Can you believe this is the smallest of the three private suites available for karaoke??

Each room fits up to at least 30 pax, has a darts machine,
comes equipped with touch screen karaoke entertainment system,
and are themed red, gold and silver respectively.

Obviously i’m in the red one.


I popped my head into one of the other rooms to spot a pool table in it.
Couldn’t help grilling Sharon about how one goes about booking the rooms after that, you just have to choose from the various packages available.

Next karaoke session is here guys. No contest.


Went back to the club area after that as there were cocktails and canapes floating around



Yes, my eating face. Thanks for that Jeremy.


Clem carpooled with me


Live band Applebees took to the stage for a few sets



armada-hotel-merchant-live-launch-21   armada-hotel-merchant-live-launch-24

Me, Kanch and Mary

It was such a rare night for us to hang out together cos Kanch is based in Melbourne now and was back for hols. I used to hang out with Kanch almost every day… temaning her to Kenanga to buy stock back when nobody was selling clothes, and me buying myself clothes till her mum wondered if i was opening a shop too! And Mary and i used to party together every other day, literally, for years. All my earliest blogposts was about drinking here or there with Mary and what we wore and pictures of us making out dancing.


I met Angeline and Frankie for the first time.
Frankie has her own line of handmade ethnic chic clutches, check them out *here*




Mary, Kanch and i wandered outside to get pix taken at the pop up photobooth The Merchant Live placed outside for the event so we could get our pix printed.

Then we couldn’t help taking LOTS of pictures in the tunnel.




In case you’re wondering, my backless jumpsuit is from Love Bonito ;)



Behold the bathroom sign.

Ok no more pix after this cos we all went into the red karaoke room and met lots of Mary and Chek’s friends, drank whiskey, sang and took pictures that aren’t appropriate to be posted up here  :roll:


Daily live performances at The Merchant Live start from 9.30pm onwards and there is no cover charge.
Closed on Sundays.

To find out more about the packages on offer -

Tel: 603-7954 6888


It’s not cheating if it’s a test drive

I never thought of myself as a car person, till i started enjoying the act of driving.
I love driving. I love road trips, especially the highway to Kuantan.
I love the time it gives me to stare out into expanding shapes that move past and around you.
It’s like gliding through space filled with greenery and blue.
I enjoy driving in the city. Heck, i’m even okay with traffic jams, believe it or not.
But i enjoy driving fast too. I drive fast even when i don’t need to because i just enjoy it. (I promise i’m not the kind who dangerously weaves through people like a maniac.)

It used to be that when i thought about other cars while driving in my own,
i’d feel like i’m cheating on her.
Nowadays when i find myself imagining the feel of another car,
i’d immediately say loudly in my head, “You’re still the best. Ever.”
So i feel we’ve come to an agreement that it’s okay for me to imagine getting another car, fully knowing i am in no financial state to do so.

I’ve been driving around different cars lately due to work purposes, and it’s been an eye opener.
Admittedly, i’d initially look down in disdain a tad slightly due to their inferior looks.
But in the end something about their other functions won me over in the end.
Every time i’ve had to drive them, i do so with fondness for their subtle qualities.

I recently stumbled upon an opportunity to drive yet another car.
This time it’s by a brand that i’ve not had the chance of experiencing before – Ford.
Specifically, the New Ford Fiesta 1.0L EcoBoost.

The New Ford Fiesta 1.0L is powered by the triple award-winning International Engine of the Year (2012, 2013 and 2014) which comprises of a 3-cylinder turbo charged engine paired with the Powershift ® six speed automatic transmissions. It is one of the smallest yet most powerful engines in its class, with the ability to ride with the power and acceleration at 125ps and 170 Nm. And most importantly, this fuel efficient 1.0L engine only uses 5.3l/100km. Side note, the New Ford Fiesta 1.0L EcoBoost has 7 airbags fitted all around to ensure your safety.

I’m a sucker for new technology as it never ceases to blow my mind, especially with cars as it is all pretty foreign to me. The New Ford Fiesta 1.0L EcoBoost boasts smart technologies including the hands-free in-car connectivity system Ford SYNC™, SYNC voice-activation technology, Hill Launch Assist, Electronic Stability Control, Keyless Entry with Push Button start, and Kinetic Design.

ford1 ford2

Doesn’t she look like a ladybug!?! Looking stylish in a sporty looking body kit, the new Ford Fiesta is also fitted with Daytime Running Lights, Auto Headlamps and Auto Rain Sensor.

The people at Ford and i have collaborated to invite 6 lucky blog readers to test drive it at their event this Saturday! I’ll be doing it that day too! Just click the link for the form here and 6 people will be chosen randomly to attend the test drive this Saturday 20th December.

Visit for more information on the New Ford Fiesta 1.0L!


The Hunt

Growing up, I’m sure everyone had that one dream job that they hoped to be in the future. For some it would be something quite noble like a doctor, or it would be an everyday job like being a postman.

As for me?
I grew up hoping to be a spy.

Of course looking back now it sounds silly (or does it?) but it was inspired by my favourite TV series and computer game: “Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?” Carmen Sandiego was the villain who always managed to outsmart the agents by stealing the wonders of the world such as the Egyptian Pyramids or the Taj Mahal. I dreamed of being the one spy who would be able to outsmart the greatest villain and give the world back its treasures. Who wouldn’t love jet-setting around and playing with all the latest cool gadgets?

Here’s the intro vid for a little throwback.

Now that I’m slightly more grown up, I realise that while the wonders of the world are important, there are more essential things to worry about for the average woman. Like not waking up to stains on your 500 thread count bedsheets cos your monthly visitor decided to come in the night.

Hands up if you’ve woken up with unwanted colour on your sheets and had to rush everything to the wash before someone thought you’d killed a small animal on the bed. One in five women experience leakage so you can imagine how many people will benefit from a product that provides better security for those ‘heavy’ nights.

That’s where the New Libresse®  comes in, with two special agents.

Meet Agents Adibah Noor and Fahrin Ahmad.


But alas! Agent Adibah Noor who was tasked with the safekeeping of a top secret briefcase that was crucial to the New Libresse® Launch, had lost it! To find it, Agent Adibah was assisted by Agent Fahrin Ahmad, and members of the public who could sign up to be agents through

Beginning on 7th October 2014, a series of teasers and clues were released to guide consumers and curious participants to find a missing briefcase. The activity ran for three consecutive weeks where each week provided different clues to unlocking different answers that would eventually lead to finding the content of the briefcase. The participants who exercised their sleuth skills successfully were invited to an afternoon of fun and games with Libresse®.



48-hour Flash Sale on Agoda!!

There’s nothing i love more than holiday deals! Because i love holidays so much. They are my life.
I mean, holidays ARE the reason why i work so hard!

Agoda is having a 48-hour flash sale till end of tomorrow with discounts up to 60% off!

The Malaysian Mobile Mania sale is running for the first time from 19-20 November. customers who book accommodation through the app or mobile website can save up to 60% in 16 of Malaysia’s hottest tourist destinations, including Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu, Ipoh, Penang, Cameron Highlands, and many more. Guests must stay between 19-26 November, 2014.




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Snag a much-needed vacation on Wednesdays!

It has to be a Wednesday.
It can’t be any other day cos… it’s for a promotion on Agoda called Visa Wednesdays ;)

Back by popular demand for the second time this year, Malaysia Visa cardholders will enjoy awesome deals every Wednesday on thousands of accommodation choices around the world,

As long as you’ve got a Malaysian-issued Visa card, you’ll enjoy additional 12% savings on bookings for Australia, New Zealand, North America, Europe and the Middle East, while bookings for all other destinations will get you 10% off. These savings go on top of the existing promotional rates you get on

Here are a few places i stayed via Agoda when i took my parents to Bali in August!


We stayed at the breathtakingly beautiful Kamandalu Resort & Spa in Ubud.


In Seminyak, we stayed in a sky pool villa in TS Suites!


And in North Bali, we stayed at the charming Aneka Lovina Villas & Spa.

Ah just looking at the pictures makes me miss Bali… Baliiiiii i miss you!!! I may go everywhere around the world but you’ll always have a special place in my fairy heart.


If you’re planning your year-end holiday or a weekend getaway, don’t forget to set a reminder on Wednesday mornings so you reap more discounts on Agoda! All you need is a Visa card and an internet connection ;)

I don’t think there’s any other deal like this going on right now so take full advantage of it!
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Visa Wednesdays is made possible exclusively for Visa cardholders and customers, with more to come in the future.
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Triumph Forever Young Launch

* Photos by Jane Lee *

Having barely recovered from the madness of the previous weekend (re: Seek & Keep), i hauled my tired butt over to Black Box @ Publika on a wet Monday afternoon for the launch of Triumph‘s new Forever Young collection. Despite the miserable weather, the turnout was great.

I used to always buy all sorts of different lingerie brands depending on its style and design alone; but as i got older, i learnt that the quality of the underwear and the way it’s cut is imperative for some REAL support. There’s no point wearing a nice bra if it doesn’t achieve its main function!

Triumph has always been synonymous with quality, and is a brand we’ve all known about since we were kids at a time we didn’t even need to wear bras. I must admit that for a few years, the brand didn’t have much allure for me cos it seemed dated. However, i have returned to wearing Triumph a lot more in the past two years… they’ve turned a notch up in their designs, and the knowledge that so much research goes into the construction and design of their bras give me assurance that they are the best out there.

I’ve already been swearing on their Shape Sensation series to friends, and was looking forward to seeing what this new Forever Young collection had in store.


Oversized artificial roses decorated the entrance of the event. They looked so pretty AND real, i was tempted to run off with a few cos they made me feel even more like a fairy!


As a fun interactive activity, Triumph held a contest where guests could upload pix on Instagram with the hashtag #TriumphForeverYoungMY and stand a chance to win a prize at the end of the event. As part of my entry, my immediate instinct was to grab one of the roses and pose with it as it matches my tattoo! Okay fine… i just really wanted to hold the rose. -_-


Loved how they had healthy mocktails that were filled with antioxidants and Vitamin A all in accordance with the health of one’s boobies!


Daphne Iking looking as glamourous as ever effortlessly emceed the event.


There was a panel of discussion about breast health with Daphne, Carey, Maria Tunku Sabri, Dr Harjit Kaur, and Kate Ang, VP of brand from Triumph.

They discussed the facts on how breasts change with age, no thanks to decreased levels of collagen, tissue and fat. These cause it to lose its fullness, not to mention other external factors that surprised me!

There are 4 main factors that make boobs sag:
- hormonal changes
- UV rays (no more sunbathing, girls…)
- genome structure
- gravity

I thought this bit of the event was highly insightful and informative, to the point where there was even a bra demonstration!




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