Christmas 2015

Leading up to Christmas, the KBF team were just drowning in all sorts of work (which i was expecting cos December is always like that!).


We’ve put up more things on our store
It’s basically a selfish business cos i’m just buying all the things i want for myself :p

One random weekday before Xmas, i took a Singaporean friend Edward to Awanmulan so he could get a taste of Malaysian nature!


I stayed in Durian Runtuh, the newest addition to Awanmulan. Separate post coming later!

The Sunday right before Christmas, i had lunch with Tai Yong at Ippudo. We had a total pig out sesh. Tai Yong la… order so much. We had a big bowl of ramen each, meat buns, gyoza lasagna, and nutella gyoza.


On the left is the bouncy castle at Lust i really wanted to jump on but was wearing a dress.
Right: Tai Yong and i looking like happy kids after a 4-course meal.

After lunch we walked around Pavilion getting this and that. Super last minute Christmas shopping. I ended up buying stuff for myself at Henckels -_-

Tai Yong gave me a Henckels knife years ago, and this Christmas he gave me a Henckels knife sharpener! <3

Rahul came to join me when TY had to go to work, and it was really scary when we went into Parkson.
In the span of 20 minutes; i wanted new towels and bedsheets, a cool fuchsia floor lamp, a water pitcher, a porcelain deer head, a fancy pen, a mirrored vintage jewellery case, and all the lime green and pink Christmas decorations.

That place is evil.
I practically ran to find Rahul in the store,
and said, “Ok i’m done looking. I’m ready when you are. I can’t take it anymore!!”


On Tuesday i set about brining the turkey for Christmas Day.
I LOVE brining turkey.
It’s so much fun to chuck in dozens of herbs, spices, root and fruit into a gigantic pot.
The smell of orange and cloves and cinnamon and everything just smells so CHRISTMASY.
I couldn’t help ducking my entire head into it just to sniff it all in.

If someone bottled that scent i would wear it.
Christmas Brine.

So i left the turkey in the fridge for 2 days.
Also made the all spice sauce on Tues by simmering the turkey innards for 2 hours and whatnot.

Wed i prepped the chestnut stuffing and marinated the lamb legs.
Also went to the supermarket a few times, and ordered heavier stuff like potatoes and olive oil from Tesco cos they deliver right to my door.

On Christmas Day i woke up at 8am to groggily dry the turkey so it could go into the oven at 9am; after which were the chestnut stuffing, lamb, potatoes, etc. I even made out a timetable on what went in and out on dual levels. Okkk i didn’t plan to go so crazy and cook such a big meal… i didn’t even plan to cook till about a week before Christmas! My family and some friends didn’t seem to be doing ANYTHING, so i figured i might as well cook lunch for the family, then have friends (mostly single / no place to go on Christmas) over. As is typical of me, the invite list got a bit larger than planned then i went all out lest people didn’t have enough to eat!

Family came over at 1pm, and we started with organic hibiscus in champagne (thanks Shaun for the hibiscus!). It was so pretty cos the hibiscus opens slightly when you pour the bubbly in, it flavours the champagne, then you can eat the flower after! (i spotted it selling in Opika if you’re interested)


We forgot to take a picture of the turkey till Nick had cut both drumsticks off.
Mummy said to put it back and take a pic but i wasn’t bothered!
It came out nice and moist on the breast, but i think i didn’t dry the turkey properly so it didn’t roast a golden brown like before. Now i know…


Nick, Sonia, Daddy and Mummy

We had a really nice lunch, and friends started arriving at 3+


To the races, to the races, to the races we’ll go!

On the 2nd day of Chinese New Year,
a group of us planned to spend the day at Selangor Turf Club
thanks to an invitation from Kenny and his family.
I was quite excited cos it sounded like a fun day of
eating, drinking and betting on horses!

I wore my new backless white dress from Singaporean designer label Stolen.
The material is thick and smooth but not in the least bit hot!
It clung really nicely to my body and even hid my CNY tummy.
Necklace from Echo & Keera, bag from thirtyfour. 

Lots of Chinese New Year characters pretty much POUNCED on us at the entrance
The God of Prosperity, lions and others i don’t know what they’re called :p

Group pic! Kenny, Cammy, me, Clem, Kenny’s mummy, Matt, Serena, Helo, Lucas.
Kenny’s dad is missing here oops…



1st day of CNY

I think i ate the MOST this Chinese New Year.
OK that got me thinking about that year i threw up in my own mouth while driving
after overeating at reunion dinner…
but this year i’ve been eating CONSTANTLY.
A good meal every two hours…
Looking down at my tummy when i sit down in bed makes me go UGH AWFUL!
so i’m mentally prepping myself to go for powerplate tomorrow…
and perhaps running too!

The day before Chinese New Year – Nick and Caeser.

Some drama happened with the dog this week.
Mummy was walking him when he managed to mysteriously escape from his harness.
Terrified he’d get knocked down by a car or run away,
my mother THREW HERSELF on the tar road to catch him.
Which she did… and subsequently cutting and bruising herself badly on her knees, ankles and elbows as well!

Luckily she didn’t break a bone.
I’m just wondering if i would have thrown myself on the road to catch that cheeky bugger.
So amat tersayang by my mom until she’ll hurt herself for him and not scold him after!
“He doesn’t realise he was wrong, it wasn’t his fault,” she says.


Just HALF of the dishes we had for reunion dinner.

Fooling around with my uncle’s magnifying glass hur hur



Happy Birthday Nick!

My brother turns 27 today, on the second last day of the year, so there’s almost a 3 year gap in between us. Almost.

A picture of us in our parents’ house. He looked really American-Japanese when he was young. Don’t know where he got that from! Clem thinks i look cheeky in this picture, like i have this IDEA in my head and am not saying it.

Mummy cooked a big family dinner for 7 of us last night.

Daddy and the king of the house.

This fellow gets more likes on my Instagram than anything else -_- But i have to say he’s getting cuter and cuter every time i see him! He’s like a BIG FLUFF BALL to HUG.

Me, Nick, Mummy, and Caeser not giving a crap.



Christmas Eve prep & dinner

I decided that the turkey i do this year should go to my family first, so the plan was to have them over on Christmas Eve, then have friends over on Christmas Day. What transpired was me cooking for 2 days straight. Thanks to that, I even DREAMT that i was running down a hill chasing a turkey, with potatoes rolling behind me which i had to catch too! Chef overdose.

My favourite part about roasting Christmas turkey is brining it! Throwing all the spices, herbs, honey and fruits into water to soak the turkey in for 2 days feels so FESTIVE. Thanks to Nigella for the recipe (same one i used last year).

I brined the turkey on Saturday seeing i’d be cooking it on Monday.

On Sunday i went to pick up my new Christmas present from… myself. HEEEEE!!

I was toying with the idea of getting a Z3 thanks to Kenny who also got one a few months ago. He totally hantu-ed me on this one. When i told my family that i was ‘just looking’ online for one, my dad and bro excitedly started surfing as well and even suggested i get an Audi. Erm, looks like i didn’t need to lose the plot for myself -_- My mom on the other hand started forwarding me emails of how people in beemers are getting jacked and how i should just stick to my Swift.

I wanted a Z3, but only if it was a hardtop (to put my mother’s and my own mind at ease)… it’s been my favourite car for years and every time one comes up behind me on the road, i’d let it take over and then follow it from behind while gazing wistfully at it thinking, “One day… maybe…”

AND THAT DAY HAS COME! To be honest, i never thought i’d buy one… like if i were to rate my own chances, i would have said the possibility of me getting one would have been 3/10. But now i have it! And when i look at it my heart swells up a little and i think, “Hells yeahhhhh”

So i’m gonna sell off my trusty little Swift soon (okay i’m quite sad about letting go off my first car…) and will blog about selling it when the Z3 is back from the mechanic (changing absorbers).

On Monday, i spent two hours in Maxis to get myself an iPhone5 and hurried home to start cooking Christmas Eve dinner!

Ingredients for the All Spice Gravy

Melted down butter, goose fat and honey to baste the turkey with as it roasts for 2 and a half hours.




Crazy parents.

So my parents have got this new chow chow, which is our family’s second dog ever since our cocker spaniel Steven passed away five years ago. It took awhile to get a new one, but i’ve never seen my parents so freaking DELIGHTED. When i go over to talk to my mum over lunch, i’m pretty sure her word count directed at the chow chow is more than what she says to me.

[Got pushed to take a picture with him. My mom never asks me to take a picture except with the dog now -_-]

Caeser is five months old and crazy spoilt! Months ago i followed my parents to IKEA cos they wanted to buy him a steel table to shower him on. A few days ago, i spotted a new wooden table sitting in the middle of the house.

“What’s that for?” *even tho i know it’s for the dog*
Mum: … Daddy bought it to groom Caesar on.
Me: Whatttt he already has a table to BATHE on.

The dog even has his own hairdryer. I couldn’t help asking my parents why they didn’t just take the hairdryer in my room (which i don’t stay in anymore) and they just shrugged -_- Can’t believe the dog has to have a brand new hairdryer!

That’s not the only thing, during my ENTIRE life, my family has only had a superold weighing scales in the house. Nobody really weighed themselves and it wasn’t a bother. So… GUESS WHO GOT BRAND NEW WEIGHING SCALES.

Caeser’s snacks are all organic imported stuff, more expensive than the pine nuts i buy for my salad -_-

Anddd the ultimate dog obsession? My mom rattled around some tiny objects in a container. I couldn’t even GUESS what it was. She had to tell me that… they’re keeping his BABY TEETH.

“Seriously! Do you even keep MY BABY TEETH?!” i demanded.
She asked my dad and they both had no idea = which means NO.
The dog’s baby teeth… i can’t believe it. My parents don’t even have my BIRTH CERTIFICATE! I discovered they LOST it when i wanted to know my exact birth time for some numerology reading.

BABY TEETH. -_- (i can’t stop i know)

Meanwhile on the other side of the world, Clem’s dad has rented a catamaran with his best bud and they’re sailing in the Caribbean’s for six months. To keep everyone in the family updated about what they’re up to (and that they’re alive), they started a blog.

They wrote about how they bought fishing rods to catch their own meals, and diligently recorded down all the fishes they caught. Fish #1 was really small, and they said they”ll just play with it. Fish #2 was a bit bigger, but a fisherman told them it might be toxic, so they said they’d play with it too.

And this is what they did.




You really can’t blame us for being the way we are. Just look at our parents.



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