Day 4: in Bologna, Italy

Here are a plethora of pictures i took in Bologna on our first day there. I was super excited to go to the city described as the capital of food, and stuff myself silly. I stuffed myself so much i could barely keep awake after  my first day there!

I count myself really lucky cos it’s my fourth time in Italy! Every time i return i just fall in love with the country more and more :) This is gonna be a bit of a rushed post cos it’s already 2:15am in London and i need to wake up at 8:30 to visit my grannie in the hospital one more time before my flight back to Frankfurt!



bologna-italy-3 daisies

I can’t help ooh-ing at daisies every time i see them JUST because we don’t get as many in Malaysia.
My aunty always says i’m gazing after weeds.

bologna-italy-12 handmade pasta

Oh my lord… there’s nothing like pasta in Italy. Nothing.


The fruits and vegetables are so bright, they look fake!


It’s spring time which also means lots of flowers!!!

Prepare to view like 50 pictures after the jump. :p



Ben’s Christmas Set Lunch!

Ok i’ve been so busy (er what else is new) that i’m blogging this IN A HURRY as guests are in my house for a tiny Christmas dinner so i actually need to stop writing this and be a proper host -_-

Below are pix of a Christmas set lunch Chelsia and i went for @ Ben’s BSC! Will write more later :p TA!




Sauteed Brussels Sprouts on a Bed of Baby Spinach with dried cranberry & croutons tossed in ranch dressing, topped with parmigiano reggiano shavings


Rolled Turkey stuffed with Herbed Mascarpone Cheese served with roasted pumpkin, chestnut stuffing, cranberry sauce & gravy


Brownie Bread & Butter Pudding with vanilla ice cream


New Elegantology Collection Launch: fashion show & dinner @ Publika

Elegantology Gallery & Restaurant is a creative space that houses a couture gallery featuring exclusive men’s fashion and lifestyle collections created by reputable local designers, alongside a gastronomic haven helmed by celebrity chefs.

This provides a platform for up-and-coming as well as established designers to create a series of limited edition fashion and lifestyle collections; while aspiring chefs get to work with the resident chefs to create unique and innovative gastronomy experiences.


blogged about the huge fashion show and launch party Elegantology threw when they launched last June!

Even though it was just a few months ago, Elegantology Gallery & Restaurant just held yet another exclusive event last Thursday where there were aperitifs,
a fashion show featuring new collections from 8 designers,
an elegant 5-course dinner,
and lots of socialising with Martell VSOP from beginning till the end!


I helped myself to aperitifs and canapes whilst waiting for the show to start

elegantology-2013-3 elegantology-2013-4 elegantology-2013-5

The place filled up quickly with guests despite it being an early event at 6pm


Fashion designer Beatrice Looi, stylist Jose Kouassi, and i.

Beatrice Looi owns and manages Elegantology, while Martell (as a patron of Elegantology) provides funds to aspiring fashion talents to launch their own fashion line, and consequently nurturing the local creative arts industry.

Martell has always supported the arts - film, music, painting, photography, sculpture, architecture and fashion – ever since it was founded; and continues to collaborate with artists and exhibitions around the world. If you can recall, Martell recognised and promoted young talent in various industries in Malaysia through its Rising Personality Awards a few years ago.


Up close of Jose’s jacket, he directed its tailoring :)


Resident Elegantology Chefs Sherson Lian and Johnny Fua


With bloggers Nana, me, Hui Wen, Bobo and Jane 

Click to see all the pix from the fashion show, what we had for dinner and other event+people pix!


You are what you eat!

I’ve recently been wondering whether i should be eating less meat or SOMETHING (i don’t know!?) so that my allergies will clear up. They’re still running angry red and rampant on my limbs and body :(

Overall, i DO think i eat quite healthy and well… i have a balanced diet of everything, i don’t deny myself cravings, yet i usually opt for fish and veggies and carbs. ANYHOO, i thought i’d better put up a food blogpost before Ramadhan hits and i’d feel kinda guilty if i posted it up during!


I went for lunch with Aishah and she was so sweet to give me a belated birthday present of a toy cheetah, and a s’mores cake that she baked herself! She said she didn’t know what to give someone who already gets so many beauty products and clothes and i told her that what she gave me was just PERFECT! It’s made with love! :D


Clem was very happy that night i can tell you that!
Aishah is the baker behind That Last Slice. 


We had lunch at House + Co. in BSC, which serves my favourite curry laksa (in the category of restaurant environment!) It’s a massive portion of thick flavourful spicy soup.

+ + + + +


An awesome place for baba nyonya food is Lima Blas in Changkat. That day i had ayam ponteh cos the laksa sold out -_- Ayam ponteh was still so good tho!

+ + + + +


Cammy & Kenny finally took us to this Japanese BBQ place in Taman Desa which they’ve been calling their Japanese mamak, cos it’s just chairs and tables in the middle of an alley with personal BBQ fires for you to cook your meats on. It’s quite cheap too, with most of the dishes costing RM5-RM10. Their Japanese risotto LOOKS like vomit BUT TASTED GREAT. (< Clem is the one who said it looked like vomit). You can read more about it on KY’s blog *HERE*. 


Troika Sky Dining @ The Troika

*written by SweetEe*

If you’re looking for a bar to chill with piano playing in the background, jazz singers, French fine dining, and authentic Italian dishes; then Troika Sky Dining may be of great interest to you.

With a great environment and jaw-dropping city view, Troika Sky Dining is on the 24th floor of The Troika (at Persiaran KLCC, beside Nikko Hotel). Despite its busy surroundings, the restaurant and bar is rather quiet and peaceful, allowing one to enjoy food and drinks without the city’s bustle and only its amazing view.

It comes in three concepts: Claret, Cantaloupe & Strato.

claret troika

Once you step out of the elevator, Claret Bar is in front of you. The seating arrangement in the bar is great — as none of the seats are too close to each other, assuring privacy.

claret troika

The bartenders are really cheerful and attentive. I love how concise they are when asked about the drinks, taking their time to explain about each one.


Unlike many other bars that usually play music that’s sometimes a bit too loud for my liking, The Claret has a baby grand piano in the corner, where a pianist and singer entertain with smooth calm jazz or blues.


A lottttttt of pictures of my weekend!!

Just gonna THROW all the pictures into one post so it’s better flow methinks! Woke up on Saturday rather hungover (cos i met up with Jason the afternoon before -_-) and rushed to go out cos Aunt G said we’d go walking around some shops before having lunch, and then go for our first Vogue Festival talk that day.

We went into a design shop which sold furniture and knick knacks for the house. I bought a funny book with a hole, and an olde comic book with cartoons i’m not familiar with but Uncle Mark said he used to read when he was a child. So i thought it’d be nice to educate myself on this cult comic i have no idea about. It’s quite funny so far and i only read ONE PAGE. There were some cool mobiles (stuff that hangs in the air) too, but i reckoned it’d just be more rubbish in my house that i buy and plan to put up somewhere and never do.

Pottered about Smallbone and Devizes cos aunt G loves redecorating apartments, it’s her expensive hobby.

Tried to see if the queue at the V&A for the David Bowie exhibition was long, which it was. Anyway there was definitely no time to enjoy it and do everything else we had planned that day.




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