Loving The Lunch Club Asia!

I’ve had my fair share of The Lunch Club Asia meals in the office and at events, and wanted to share this bit of news with you all cos it’s founded by Rengee and i love her so, teehee, favouritism la. (I think the woman is insane and i have no idea how she runs so many business projects simultaneously…)

In conjunction with Valentine’s Day and the Lunar New Year, desktop gourmet crafters The Lunch Club Asia are gifting busy urbanites with refreshing candle-lit lunches. All subscription sign ups to The Lunch Club Asia in the month of February will receive a complimentary scented candle by Tish worth RM29.90 each.



“With a special focus on serving time-constrained city dwellers, The Lunch Club Asia is a refreshing alternative to traditionally fat- and preservative-laden fast food meals. Driven by the belief that “good food is only good for you if it tastes amazing and leaves you energized long after your last bite”, each weekly recipe from The Lunch Club Asia is carefully crafted in-house, with attention not only on balanced proportions, but also on delivering exciting medleys of colour, taste and texture.

Serving ONE fresh weekly recipe, subscribers to The Lunch Club Asia are alleviated of the question of “what shall I have for lunch today?” and avoid having to resort to fast food. All meals are conveniently packed for busy people on-the-go and designed to be consumed chilled or at ambient temperature.” – Rengee



Christmas 2015

Leading up to Christmas, the KBF team were just drowning in all sorts of work (which i was expecting cos December is always like that!).


We’ve put up more things on our store www.kinkybluefairy.com
It’s basically a selfish business cos i’m just buying all the things i want for myself :p

One random weekday before Xmas, i took a Singaporean friend Edward to Awanmulan so he could get a taste of Malaysian nature!


I stayed in Durian Runtuh, the newest addition to Awanmulan. Separate post coming later!

The Sunday right before Christmas, i had lunch with Tai Yong at Ippudo. We had a total pig out sesh. Tai Yong la… order so much. We had a big bowl of ramen each, meat buns, gyoza lasagna, and nutella gyoza.


On the left is the bouncy castle at Lust i really wanted to jump on but was wearing a dress.
Right: Tai Yong and i looking like happy kids after a 4-course meal.

After lunch we walked around Pavilion getting this and that. Super last minute Christmas shopping. I ended up buying stuff for myself at Henckels -_-

Tai Yong gave me a Henckels knife years ago, and this Christmas he gave me a Henckels knife sharpener! <3

Rahul came to join me when TY had to go to work, and it was really scary when we went into Parkson.
In the span of 20 minutes; i wanted new towels and bedsheets, a cool fuchsia floor lamp, a water pitcher, a porcelain deer head, a fancy pen, a mirrored vintage jewellery case, and all the lime green and pink Christmas decorations.

That place is evil.
I practically ran to find Rahul in the store,
and said, “Ok i’m done looking. I’m ready when you are. I can’t take it anymore!!”


On Tuesday i set about brining the turkey for Christmas Day.
I LOVE brining turkey.
It’s so much fun to chuck in dozens of herbs, spices, root and fruit into a gigantic pot.
The smell of orange and cloves and cinnamon and everything just smells so CHRISTMASY.
I couldn’t help ducking my entire head into it just to sniff it all in.

If someone bottled that scent i would wear it.
Christmas Brine.

So i left the turkey in the fridge for 2 days.
Also made the all spice sauce on Tues by simmering the turkey innards for 2 hours and whatnot.

Wed i prepped the chestnut stuffing and marinated the lamb legs.
Also went to the supermarket a few times, and ordered heavier stuff like potatoes and olive oil from Tesco cos they deliver right to my door.

On Christmas Day i woke up at 8am to groggily dry the turkey so it could go into the oven at 9am; after which were the chestnut stuffing, lamb, potatoes, etc. I even made out a timetable on what went in and out on dual levels. Okkk i didn’t plan to go so crazy and cook such a big meal… i didn’t even plan to cook till about a week before Christmas! My family and some friends didn’t seem to be doing ANYTHING, so i figured i might as well cook lunch for the family, then have friends (mostly single / no place to go on Christmas) over. As is typical of me, the invite list got a bit larger than planned then i went all out lest people didn’t have enough to eat!

Family came over at 1pm, and we started with organic hibiscus in champagne (thanks Shaun for the hibiscus!). It was so pretty cos the hibiscus opens slightly when you pour the bubbly in, it flavours the champagne, then you can eat the flower after! (i spotted it selling in Opika if you’re interested)


We forgot to take a picture of the turkey till Nick had cut both drumsticks off.
Mummy said to put it back and take a pic but i wasn’t bothered!
It came out nice and moist on the breast, but i think i didn’t dry the turkey properly so it didn’t roast a golden brown like before. Now i know…


Nick, Sonia, Daddy and Mummy

We had a really nice lunch, and friends started arriving at 3+


Fisherman’s Cove Night Market @ Starhill Gallery

*Written by Joe Kwan*

It finally happened. It only made sense. First it was homeware, then fashion, and now… FOOD!

YAAASSS! Thank you Joyce! T_T <3

Joyce had asked me to cover the media preview for Fisherman’s Cove Night Market at Starhill Gallery last Thursday, due to her being completely occupied with preparations for her impending (now ongoing) Europe trip + preparations for Seek & Keep. I was reticent about attending (despite the fact that I excel at eating) because I have never been overly enthused about seafood. Still, i didn’t want to pass up what might be an experience i’d wish i’d gone for!



It had been a little over 4 years since my last visit to Fisherman’s Cove, but nothing has changed. The familiar dim setting of a rustic boathouse remains the same, with large fishtanks greeting guests at the entrance.


Two long tables were set out in the corner of the restaurant for the event, very cosy and intimate but much smaller than I had expected. No complaints there.


Bread was served as the other guests started streaming in slowly. This has got to be the best bread bowl I’ve had in a very long time! Fluffy, warm, and herb-speckled to perfection. I noticed that the lighting was pretty good so I whipped out my iPhone to practice taking food pics, feeling rather smug at the thought of being a proper “foodie”, when I looked to my left and noticed…


Gulp! Food bloggers really don’t mess around. Everyone had their equipment set up, each sporting individual lighting gear and cameras in various sizes! With that, my short-lived foodie pride ended abruptly.

We were informed that the main point of the event was to introduce the Fisherman’s Cove Night Market, a new seafood dining experience held at Fisherman’s Cove every Friday night from 6pm onwards, starting in November. Dubbed as the “talking menu”, patrons of the Night Market will have the liberty to choose the amount of seafood they wish to consume, from the wide range of fresh seafood laid out beautifully on ice at the glass display.

If thats not fresh enough for you, there are also live varieties in the large fish tanks to choose from, ensuring the best in quality and freshness. Pricing of each dish will be based on the quantity selected, with assistance readily available to weigh everything immediately. Since it is a “talking menu”, there will be staff at hand to make recommendations on the best cooking methods that complement your selection to ensure the best dining experience. Standard cooking methods such as grill, steamed, oven baked and pan fried are available; as well as Japanese-style hot pot syabu-syabu, featuring three different choices of soup: spicy tom yum, herbal and Japanese miso.

When everyone finally arrived, we were invited to view the spread and select whatever we wanted to eat, and all I can say is… wowza. Marine-life enthusiasts, avert your eyes!


Selamat Hari Raya!!!!!

Selamat Hari Raya to everyone!!! I’ve spent the last two Rayas taking long holidays in Sri Lanka and Myanmar, so it’s the first in awhile i’m around (ok besides taking a road trip to Clearwater last weekend, but it was only for 2 nights). I think cos i haven’t been around during Raya for a few years, i only got invited to two open houses! It’s probably better cos i eat way too much stuff i’m not supposed to (nor should but my willpower is at is weakest right now).


One batch of friends tucking in at the Sufians


Ryan, Mo, Fook and Tianna had a little jamming session.

I came out of Rudy’s room to see them gathered together and was like, “Yay! Free music!”
Rudy joined them but after watching him talk and play and go all over the place, Ion was like, “He’s on his own planet.”
Me: *burst out laughing* “You’re the second person to say that to me in the past hour!”
The first was Rahul teehee.


Claudia and i totally vibin on some contemporary yellow patterns that day!

The Fat Spoon Cookbook

* Text by SweetEe & Pics by Evan Lau *

“Food is love” is the first sentence of the foreword written by Joyce in the newly launched Fat Spoon Cookbook, which features the recipes of none other than Michelle and Melissa Pong, the duo behind Fat Spoon Cafe

It’s no secret that Joyce and I are one of the biggest fans of Fat Spoon Cafe. We have our lunch there at least once a week, and is also our meeting spot whenever she comes back from travelling. Aside from all that, it’s also where I did my first interview with her and got my job confirmed!

After I started working for Joyce and visiting Fat Spoon more regularly, I recall many a-time when Michelle would come to our table all bubbly and happy with a new dish for us to try. I was lucky enough to be a small part of the experimental group thanks to my boss. :) When they announced that they’d be publishing a new cookbook with MPH Group Publishing, I was truly excited and had never wanted to get a peek into a cookbook this much in my life!


Last week, in the midst of KLFW when things were so hectic, we were invited to their media launch – The Fat Spoon’s Private Kitchen – a live taste review of recipes from their new cookbook. It was great timing to attend the event cos I really missed their food as I didn’t have any for more than a week. #fatspoonwithdrawal

The Fat Spoon Cookbook offers recipes that combine traditional Northern Nyonya food with modern Western flavours. The sisters curated all of their successful food experiments with their cooking skills inherited from their grandma, along with their appreciation for Western and Japanese cuisine. It’s like a crazy fun party in your mouth when familiar flavours such as lemongrass, shallots and kaffir lime are combined with modern textures and tastes.

It’s where old meets new.


When I was walking towards the cafe, I overheard a couple of working ladies talking on the phone saying, “They’re closed for a private event, what are we gonna have for lunch now!?” :lol:



Click to see the pix of their dishes i had that day!



This week’s lesson: Never cook when tired!

I’ve been pushing myself to get back into cooking and working out regularly since i broke my pattern after coming back from Europe. I keep cooking the SAME dishes out of convenience, and i figure poor Clem must be freaking bored of it.

I think it’s good enough if i cook twice on weekdays, cos other nights i’m sure to be out at events or meeting friends for dinner+drinkies. So when i go to the super, i plan out what i want to cook for the week and buy just enough groceries and a bit of extra vegetables and fruits for my snacks.

I finished work late on Monday and rushed home to make pastry for a vegetable quiche.

Poor Clem saw the page opened to a French quiche and excitedly asked, “Are we having bacon in the quiche?”
My answer: “No. It’s a vegetable quiche.”
Bacon is bad! And i think he eats enough bacon in his weekly English breakfasts so i’m not gonna support further intake of a processed food chocked with sodium.

The inside turned out great but the pastry was a disaster cos i didn’t put aside enough time to let it set in the fridge nor oven.

Then yesterday i turned to cooking a bolognese (i just wanted to finish a jar of sauce in my cupboard and not plan to buy anymore, trying to divert to as freshly-prepared foods as possible, but the kiasu-ness in me wanted to finish something i bought. -_-)
At the same time, i wanted to finish all the vegetables in the fridge cos we’re flying to Kuching for Sa’s birthday this weekend, so i decided to make… a vegetable bolognese :p

Clem: “Is there mince meat in the bolognese?”
Me: “No… i want to finish all the vegetables before we leave…”
Clem: “… Urm, are you only gonna be cooking with vegetables from now on?”

He sounded so pitiful haha but NO, i’m not so extreme. I DO plan to cook fish and free-range chicken, and a good steak every few weeks; but i just FELT like having more vegetables this week! Poor guy.

Anyway, it was already 8pm and i was tired but i finished chopping and prepping herbs, celery, tomatoes, broccoli, portobello mushrooms, garlic and onions. I checked the bolognese jar for the expiration date but couldn’t find it. Then i poured the sauce in and let it simmer. After 15 minutes, i thought it smelt weird.

Me: “It smells weird.”
Clem: *leans into pot and sniff* “No… it smells okay to me. Like tomato sauce.”
Me: “… i don’t know. Something is not right.. it smells a bit sour.”
Clem: “Did you check the date?”
Me: “I couldn’t find it!”

I fished the washed jar and cap out of our recycling bins and pushed them to Clem to inspect.
He found the expiration date on the side of the thin wide metal cap.
And it was… expired middle of last year.

Clem: “What a stupid place to put the date…”
Me: “AGHHHHH all the veggie… now we have to throw everything away!”

Damn heartache man.
Thanks to my kiasuness of wanting to finish a jar of sauce, i end up wasting fresh food.
I can’t stand wasting food!!!
The portobello mushrooms! The tomatoes and broccoli…
I’m still feeling sore about it today.

In the end Clem had toast with mortadella and cheese,
while waiting for an ordered sandwich from La Bodega.
I had two bites of his toast, and a bunch of cut up vegetables in yoghurt, and half a fried rice.


Oh well. Lesson learnt.

(Still sad. I’ll get over it after having vented it out here.)



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