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Ahhh i’ve been pretty busy since i really SETTLED back into KL the past week. Trying to find a balance between work, seeing my parents, catching up with friends, spending lots of time with Clem, and well, trying not to rush all the time and stop to smell the roses.

Here are more random pix i took when i was in London!


Laych and i had lunch together at Leicester Square. We spent much shorter time together than the last time we met up, which was when she took me to Greenwich (which i never posted pix of -_-) and we mooched around for a whole day.


We had boiled fish slices in spicy chilli oil. I love Sichuan food!


I was wondering whether i had enough time to pop into an exhibition after lunch, but decided against it. My schedule in London was such that i’d visit my grandmother in the hospital most mornings and afternoons in between hanging out.

My poor grannie had a fall and hit her head which caused bleeding in the brain, and she had to return to the hospital a second time for the doctors to remove more blood. I think it was the perfect time for me to be in London… cos she’d have one extra family member visiting her so she wouldn’t be so sad and bored!


My Mama! She’s 85 this year.

I’m so impressed by the hospitals and staff there… incredibly efficient, professional, and it’s all free!


I love this picture of my mama, aunt Gerry and i! It was taken outside the hospital.
We’d bribe her to exercise by saying we can only make calls to family members outside (which is kinda true) so she’d go.


Amazing places to eat in London: Pere Michel, Caraffini, Roka, Fortnum & Masons, Maximini

I LOVE eating in London! There are SO many amazing diverse restaurants peppered throughout the city. Despite kickstarting my “trying to eat healthy” phase in life, it’s hard to stick to it when i’m on holiday there…


I used to waitress at Pere Michel when i was 18 years old, and i think it’s a great experience for any teenager (to wait on people that is). To throw your ego aside and put others before you is a humbling experience, and makes me appreciate great service all the more. Pere Michel is an authentic French restaurant near Sussex Gardens and Hyde Park, and it’s been around since 1983, proving that amazing food stands the test of time. Just read their rave reviews on TripAdvisor *here*.


This is my Aunt Gerry. She’s enjoying her soup de poisson.
It’s one of my favourite French dishes and one of the loveliest i’ve tasted!


I had the escargots.


I don’t how something that looks so unattractive can taste so scrumptious in my mouth!


My mains were the rack of lamb, perfect at medium rare.
(Writing a food blogpost while waiting for Clem to return home with dinner is a mistake.)


I caught sight of Uncle Mark’s organiser and was mesmerized by how TINY and NEAT his handwriting is!



A day out with Yishyene!

I spent two nights sleeping over at Yishyene‘s place when i was in London and we had a great time catching up, deciding what to eat and walking around. On our first night together, we went to a bar around 6pm and i think we got too excited, cos we were drunk and tired by midnight. Ended up eating cake on a train platform before running home to pass out rather unflatteringly on the bed. No pictures.


The next day, she asked, “What do you feel like eating?” And i said, “… DUCK RICE!!!”


Everyone swears by different duck rice restaurants in London. I’ve had debates with people who insist Four Seasons is better, but i just say “to each his own”. And my own is Gold Mine!!


We ordered half a duck, fried rice, and bamboo shoots with mushrooms. Polished everything off.


I’m suffering just looking at that. I don’t understand why KL can’t have duck like this!!!


We went for dessert and wine after lunch… (looking back i don’t know how we managed that… oh yeah, i didn’t have much dessert). Also, i think i’m gonna be trying to decrease my sugar intake from henceforth for health reasons!


In the afternoon we went thru Hyde Park cos Y wanted to show me her favourite tree.


All the flowers were in bloom!



I turned 31 yesterday!

Thank you to both my parents who made me, and molded me into the person i am today :)
They were supposed to be celebrating in Bali with me but my dad’s accident with his back prevented him from flying so… next time. :(

I decided to spend my birthday in one of my favourite places in the world and it’s been great so far!
Friday night we partied at Danny’s villa, called Asa Bali Luxury Villas, ’twas a really nice place!
Whole day Saturday and Sunday was a party at our villa at One Eleven Resorts.
I purposely chose One Eleven cos i had such a great time playing in the beautiful villa grounds last year that i really wanted to get some friends together to play with me too!

Just some quick pix before i have to head out for lunch with Rahul and Clouds.

There are thousands of pictures we snapped so i need a LOT of time to edit them… Below are just a few pix from Sunday (my birthday eve).


We met up for lunch at Biku. Everyone is looking slightly shattered cos we’d already been partying for 2 days…


Road to paradise! Rahul fell off the buggy. He was standing on the back and was holding on with one hand, with the other hand carrying a plastic bag of drinks. He said it was so beautiful going down the lane, that he wanted to take a picture and decided to let go with the hand that holding on, to reach for his phone… -_-


Danny chilling in the kitchen





Since Clem named the evil koala Joyce, i figured it was only right she had a birthday party too


One of the most beautiful breakfast buffets @ Kempinski Hotel, Frankfurt

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in Frankfurt, thanks to being put up at luxury 5-star hotel Kempinski. To see more pictures of my room there, click *here*.


For a second i was staring at the picture thinking, “What’s wrong with my ear??”
Forgot i was wearing headphones then!


I love this willow tree. I would pick up a long fallen branch from the ground below it, and rattle all the hanging ones with it to make a swishing sound and watch them all sway. Swish! Swish!


Every morning i would have breakfast in a beautiful dining room that overlooked the lush hotel grounds via floor-to-ceiling glass windows. (There’s an even better pic i posted on Instagram *here*.)

Everything in that room would be perfect and serene.

The brilliant white tablecloths and napkins.
The smiling waitresses.
The polite murmur of other guests’ voices (no one was too loud).
The cute clink of teacups on saucers.
The gentle waft of steam from hot tea and coffee.
The shining silver laid on the tables in such a way that even someone as OCD as me couldn’t spot a tad out of place.
The lounge music playing… some of the songs were exactly the same that play in Sri Panwa and X2 Samui. I know cos i copied their playlists from their ipods into my mac ;)

It was just so perfect and calm and i think, in all seriousness, possibly my favourite breakfast room in the world. (Not counting dining with a beach side view, close runner ups would be Westin Langkawi and Emporium Suites Bangkok.)


Oh don’t worry… i didn’t eat just that for breakfast,
i had a go at everything in the buffet across my entire stay there ;)



Day 4: in Bologna, Italy

Here are a plethora of pictures i took in Bologna on our first day there. I was super excited to go to the city described as the capital of food, and stuff myself silly. I stuffed myself so much i could barely keep awake after  my first day there!

I count myself really lucky cos it’s my fourth time in Italy! Every time i return i just fall in love with the country more and more :) This is gonna be a bit of a rushed post cos it’s already 2:15am in London and i need to wake up at 8:30 to visit my grannie in the hospital one more time before my flight back to Frankfurt!



bologna-italy-3 daisies

I can’t help ooh-ing at daisies every time i see them JUST because we don’t get as many in Malaysia.
My aunty always says i’m gazing after weeds.

bologna-italy-12 handmade pasta

Oh my lord… there’s nothing like pasta in Italy. Nothing.


The fruits and vegetables are so bright, they look fake!


It’s spring time which also means lots of flowers!!!

Prepare to view like 50 pictures after the jump. :p




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