YENN B&B @ Leuven

The B&B we stayed at for three nights in Leuven was so quirky and homey i just had to post some pictures of it. YENN is named after the couple’s names who own and run it – Yoris and Nadine = Y en N (en = and). They’ve got two sons (who’ve grown up and live elsewhere) and the B&B is basically their home, where they also play host to travelers.

Their kitchen cupboards remind me of my own home. Which is what i’d call an organized colourful clutter.

We could choose what type of food we wanted for breakfast and it was a generous spread of hams, cheese, breads, nuts, yoghurts, fruits, juice, and even milk pudding when Nadine decided to make some.




Day 23: Rock Werchter Festival // Part 3 (Sun)

On the last day of the festival, we woke up in the similar situation that we’d been in for the past two days – not knowing whether we’d get passes for that day. It seemed like our only hope was Steve Aoki, but his set was one of the last ones that night, meaning he’d be arriving later in the day and hope to god he’d check his emails. While waiting, Rahul said he was eager to drink (when is he not) and explore the town of Leuven a bit. Seeing we had nothing else to do but hang out and be together while waiting for any word, Y and i dressed up and went out to join the boys who had already started researching on drinking holes that boasted their own breweries.

After the drunken death of Yishyene’s short-lived pet lemon, she attempted to make up for its absence by bringing to life the Angry (Rotten) Pear.

Warning: This is a super drunk teenage post. If you don’t like being either, don’t read any more. 



Day 22: Rock Werchter Festival // Part 2 (Sat)

SATURDAY MORNING. The day i wanted to attend the festival MOST cos it had the most acts i wanted to see. Our passes to the festival for Friday didn’t mean we had more for the following days… which was quite stressful (for poor Rahul mostly).

We woke up just to eat breakfast that was included with our stay, before tumbling back into bed. Nadine, the Yenn B&B owner, saw how sleepy i looked and cheekily asked, “You look sleepy! Want me to turn the music on?” I barely had the energy to talk so i just shook my head. She continued asking, “Sure? No music? How about a BEER?!” I almost threw up thinking about a beer and found my voice, “No, Nadine. NO!” She was so sweet asking me those questions that i took some time to realize she was jesting!

After munching on a few mouthfuls of food, Yishyene and i went back to sleep while waiting for messages from Rahul again, on whether we managed to get passes for that day. I was getting jittery around 1pm cos i really wanted to catch Noah & The Whale who was on at 3:30pm. And wonder of wonders… Rahul messaged us saying the Wolfmother guys sorted us out. Thanks Wolfmother… i’ve never heard your songs but now i’ll remember you for LIFE.

Was a bit chilly that day so sweaters were in order. Smart me didn’t bring a SINGLE sweater to Europe (just a jacket) so Y lent me one of hers.

As the day wore on, the sun came out and everyone started discarding their clothes.



Day 20 & 21: Rock Werchter Festival ///// Part 1

Rock Werchter was one of the highlights of my summer trip (actually, every country was a different highlight for me so i take it back) but definitely something i’d been looking forward to longer than all the other places i anticipated… and TRAGEDY occurred. Yishyene and i bought our tickets online MONTHS before the festival, and ended up selling them away online when Rahul said he got some band guys to get us passes for it. I should have known… i had this tiny voice nagging in the back of my head that i should hold on to my bought tickets, but i was so busy with work at the time, i didn’t have a proper chat with Y, and confirmed with her to SELL off our tix after i checked with Rahul THREE times about our festival passes.

As you can guess… we didn’t get our passes. I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN! NEVER TRUST EVENTS/MUSIC PPL for this kind of thing, cos they have so much on their plate that things just SCREW UP. Rahul was supposed to get 4 passes, but they only got us 2. Not only that, but the passes were for Thursday only, and not all four days.

Oh my god.
You really cannot fathom how Y and i felt.
I felt this deep disappointment, fear and horror in my stomach.

It wasn’t even possible to BUY tickets cos all 85,000 tickets had SOLD OUT a month before the fest! The only thing we could do was hope Rahul was able to get in touch with the right people to get us in… It was quite stressful, Y and i were trying our best to be SUPER positive and ENVISION our PRESENCE IN the festival, while poor Rahul ran around/made phone calls/texted/emailed anyone he could think of.

Anyway, here’s an account of our Rock Werchter weekend…

We arrived on Thursday afternoon from Brussels, and chilled out at our hotel while waiting for Rahul and Iqbal to arrive from… (i forgot where they were flying in from). Y and i wanted to get in as soon as possible into the fest, so we waited outside their hotel for them to arrive. I was ecstatic to see Rahul cos having him anywhere will be a real party… although sometimes a bit TOO dangerous. Anyway. They took quick showers and we headed to the festival area by taking a taxi (Rahul had to hail a Merc -_-) so we’d be faster. (Faster for nothing in the end >.<)

Vehicles can only go up to a certain point approaching the festival, so we had to get out and walk about a km or two. Walking a km or two is considered nothing now after hiking so much here!

We didn’t camp like we did at the Isle of Wight fest cos Rock Werchter doesn’t have prepared tents for people to rent (aka Tangerine Fields). It’s not like Y and i are going to lug a freaking tent all around Italy… hence we went with a hotel room. Which is definitely a lot more hygienic.



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