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Ahhh i’ve been pretty busy since i really SETTLED back into KL the past week. Trying to find a balance between work, seeing my parents, catching up with friends, spending lots of time with Clem, and well, trying not to rush all the time and stop to smell the roses.

Here are more random pix i took when i was in London!


Laych and i had lunch together at Leicester Square. We spent much shorter time together than the last time we met up, which was when she took me to Greenwich (which i never posted pix of -_-) and we mooched around for a whole day.


We had boiled fish slices in spicy chilli oil. I love Sichuan food!


I was wondering whether i had enough time to pop into an exhibition after lunch, but decided against it. My schedule in London was such that i’d visit my grandmother in the hospital most mornings and afternoons in between hanging out.

My poor grannie had a fall and hit her head which caused bleeding in the brain, and she had to return to the hospital a second time for the doctors to remove more blood. I think it was the perfect time for me to be in London… cos she’d have one extra family member visiting her so she wouldn’t be so sad and bored!


My Mama! She’s 85 this year.

I’m so impressed by the hospitals and staff there… incredibly efficient, professional, and it’s all free!


I love this picture of my mama, aunt Gerry and i! It was taken outside the hospital.
We’d bribe her to exercise by saying we can only make calls to family members outside (which is kinda true) so she’d go.


Amazing places to eat in London: Pere Michel, Caraffini, Roka, Fortnum & Masons, Maximini

I LOVE eating in London! There are SO many amazing diverse restaurants peppered throughout the city. Despite kickstarting my “trying to eat healthy” phase in life, it’s hard to stick to it when i’m on holiday there…


I used to waitress at Pere Michel when i was 18 years old, and i think it’s a great experience for any teenager (to wait on people that is). To throw your ego aside and put others before you is a humbling experience, and makes me appreciate great service all the more. Pere Michel is an authentic French restaurant near Sussex Gardens and Hyde Park, and it’s been around since 1983, proving that amazing food stands the test of time. Just read their rave reviews on TripAdvisor *here*.


This is my Aunt Gerry. She’s enjoying her soup de poisson.
It’s one of my favourite French dishes and one of the loveliest i’ve tasted!


I had the escargots.


I don’t how something that looks so unattractive can taste so scrumptious in my mouth!


My mains were the rack of lamb, perfect at medium rare.
(Writing a food blogpost while waiting for Clem to return home with dinner is a mistake.)


I caught sight of Uncle Mark’s organiser and was mesmerized by how TINY and NEAT his handwriting is!



A day out with Yishyene!

I spent two nights sleeping over at Yishyene‘s place when i was in London and we had a great time catching up, deciding what to eat and walking around. On our first night together, we went to a bar around 6pm and i think we got too excited, cos we were drunk and tired by midnight. Ended up eating cake on a train platform before running home to pass out rather unflatteringly on the bed. No pictures.


The next day, she asked, “What do you feel like eating?” And i said, “… DUCK RICE!!!”


Everyone swears by different duck rice restaurants in London. I’ve had debates with people who insist Four Seasons is better, but i just say “to each his own”. And my own is Gold Mine!!


We ordered half a duck, fried rice, and bamboo shoots with mushrooms. Polished everything off.


I’m suffering just looking at that. I don’t understand why KL can’t have duck like this!!!


We went for dessert and wine after lunch… (looking back i don’t know how we managed that… oh yeah, i didn’t have much dessert). Also, i think i’m gonna be trying to decrease my sugar intake from henceforth for health reasons!


In the afternoon we went thru Hyde Park cos Y wanted to show me her favourite tree.


All the flowers were in bloom!



French lunch & Friday drunking /// Burn The Floor

This happened two Fridays ago…

My knit dress is from Gallo by Thian, and can’t remember where my funny socks are from >.<

Went for lunch at a French restaurant recommended by Neena, Jason’s fiancee. I was really happy to finally meet her, since i haven’t seen Jason himself for a couple of years??

Our matching tattoos got reunited! We got them yearssss ago… Crazy times.



Internet World /// Selfridges /// 64th & Social steak

Before i left for London, i saw online that Internet World (UK’s biggest convention for digital and online businesses) was taking place while i was going to be here. Trying to fit in some educational activities into my schedule, i signed myself up for it and went for Thursday’s talks.

I listened to Tim Woollias who’s the Retail Industry Head at Google,
Mark Nicholson from Sky on end-to-end online customer sales experience,
Tom Valentine who’s the MD of Secret Escapes on how they started up (very inspiring!),
and the charismatic Warren Knight who’s the Founder and CEO of Gloople.

In between talks, Beatrice and i had a quick lunch at Pizza@Home that’s just outside the Brompton Road tube station. According to Bea, it’s the most authentic Italian pizza she’s had in London for such a cheap price (bout 6 euros/pizza). Coming from an Italian, you gotta take her word for it! Extra points that the staff there are so friendly too!

I had parma ham, artichokes (goddamn i love me some artichokes!), olives, etc

After leaving Internet World at 3+, i headed home then out again to Selfridges by myself.
Wanted to check out some shoes and things.



A happy spring walk to Camden market /// Uncle Mark’s birthday dinner at Pearl Liang

When you’re in London, you end up checking the weather forecast on a regular basis to see what you should wear and do. Days out are planned on supposedly-sunny days, and working in for rainy ones! It was forecasted to be sunny one Wednesday, so Yishyene and i planned to walk along the canal (aka little venice) to Camden market for brunch.

Rows of daffodils are such a pleasure to admire!

Tulips and retardation face.

I’m wearing a top from Zara,
gold foil jeans from Levi’s,
and shoes from NakedKimchi 




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