Day 8: Leaving Cap Ferret

I think I’m not going to drink for at least a week. Well, definitely five days at LEAST. I even had a dream last night where people were offering me red wine and I refused. If I were to put in a pile all the food and drink I’ve consumed in the past week, it would form a shockingly large and extravagant heap.

After spending more time with Clem’s parents and their friend, I realise how completely insane they are. So much more than me… I think.
They throw bread at each other.
They draw on each other when they’ve passed out from drinking too much.
There’s a joke that Didier and Nico are gay and to entertain everyone they started kissing each other and took pictures of their shirtless bodies pressed against each other. In my camera, no less.

My camera is full of random people’s body parts, some which I have no idea belongs to whom. Too many pictures from dinner and walking along a street to a club in Cap Ferret. Will add these at a later date for my own ref!

Day 6: Cap Ferret

Clem and I took an hour’s drive from Bordeaux to Cap Ferret yesterday, to stay in his family’s beach house for three nights.

We got to be alone for the first night, his parents and Nico joined us today, and Clem’s friends will join us tomorrow. It’s a lot bigger than I imagined – with seven bedrooms and bathrooms, including one big bedroom with five beds for children. There’s a French pool table downstairs, inflatable boats hanging from a wall to take to the beach, and lots of games to play. Such a cool family house! Clem said he used to come here when he was a kid, where all his cousins and their parents would stay to go to the beach, cook dinners and the kids would give performances on the wide lawn (which he said the adults didn’t watch cos they were too busy drinking).

The interior is contemporary yet typical of a French beach house you’d see in pictures. White wood, cream sofas, large lounge pillows, cute painted wooden seagulls, and other sea-themed deco. The kitchen is the MOST well-equipped kitchen I’ve seen in my life! Pots and pans of EVERY size (I think there are seven different sized pots alone), countless dishes and utensils, some of which I don’t even know the use of.




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