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I took so many pictures that i just had to share the ones i took on my phone too!

#1 The first taxi that we took in Acheh from the airport

#2 Joe’s Bungalows, where we first stayed




Iboih area in Pulau Weh:





#10 The ONLY and BEST way to eat Indonesian food – with your hand, and legs up!

#11 Toy conference








#19 No harm came to this hermit crab in the taking of this photo


#21 Spiders are lucky

#22 Steph and Nick


#24 Breakfast with the perfect oozy eggs



Pantai Sumur Tiga @ Pulau Weh:




#30 Food Coma

#31 Consider The End

#32 Clem like a happy dog in the waves


#34 We usually get Jose Cuervo but the airport didn’t have it. This is usually our 2nd choice. Any other suggestions for great tequila? We love our tequila!

#35 Clem

#36 Steph

#37 Nick




#41 <3


Thought i’d share some of the facial products i took with me to Pulau Weh! (Disclaimer: these were all sponsored). Brought some Swiss Line mist which activates cell regeneration. And a couple of products from Kiehl’s new Clearly Corrective line, which eliminates dark spots. The key ingredient, Activated C, is the latest generation of Vitamin C.

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Pulau Weh: Pantai Sumur Tiga: Freddie’s / Casa Nemo

After spending 2 nights in Iboih, we called for a taxi and traveled roughly 45 minutes to another area in Pulau Weh. Pantai Sumur Tiga is supposedly the longest beach in Pulau Weh and got its name from three wells that lay along its stretch (sources say there are actually five wells). It’s also reputedly the best beach in Pulau Weh, with guesthouses and hotels that range from affordable to high end.

We stayed at Casa Nemo – a pretty nice guesthouse with 8 bungalows/rooms perched on the hill overlooking the beach and ocean. The beach was practically a 4-minute walk from our doorstep. A slow walk. I’m not one of those cheaters who tell you it takes 5 minutes when it actually takes 15 cos they’re running a marathon or something.

Our spacious room had no air con (but we didn’t need it cos it’s cold at night) just fan, but had hot water shower, fridge, nice porch with hammock, taps to wash the sand off our legs before we got in the main door (so important for crazy OCD people like me who love the beach but HATE sand in the room!). The bed was okay, think they need new pillows and beds and there’s no mosquito net; but i love the ambiance of the place and the BEACH just made up for everything. Room cost 250,000 rupiah/RM87 per night.

In fact, reason i’m writing a fair bit about Casa Nemo is cos i would totally recommend you to stay there (Disclaimer: if you’re half the backpacker type) but i forgot to take pictures of the place. I don’t even have a SINGLE picture of Casa Nemo cos i was too enraptured with the beach that was just outside our doorstep.



Incredible! And to think it only cost us RM87 a night to stay there… SO WORTH IT OKAY. To see pictures of Casa Nemo’s bungalows *click here*

We spent the late morning hanging out on the beach (OF COURSE). Clem immediately jumped into the ocean to play with the waves. I thought i’d try it later on. Big waves scare me. Tell you why later.

I was so intent on getting as MUCH SUNSHINE as possible that i lay on the beach reading Norwegian Wood while we waited for the food to come. Casa Nemo only served breakfast and beer when we were there so we walked next door to Freddie’s, another guesthouse + restaurant:

Like i mentioned in a previous post, we went to Pulau Weh just as the rainy season was over, so there weren’t many tourists then. Fab, really.

You can’t ask for a better lunch view.

Steph & Nick

Thanks to Steph for taking pix with my camera that holiday, i always whine that there are never any natural shots of me but this time there are!

Here’s a very natural shot of us. One moment we’re all lovey.

Next moment we’re fighting, pushing each other, wrestling, etc.

It usually ends with Clem saying, “STOP before someone (you) cries.” Or him handling me too roughly and i start screaming like he just did a Tyson on me.

Clem thought i was so disheveled to eat with sand all over me but i love it. It’s the big grainy kinda sand that dusts off easily, not the fine one that sticks with your sweat and makes you blah.

After lunch we went straight back to the beach!

The waves are so forceful that it can easily wipe the pants off Nick. Or me off my feet. I almost got a picture of his bum but wasn’t quick enough. Steph thought i was being a pussy for being scared of the waves but when they knocked her over too… I SAY HA! I tried going in earlier and a huge wave knocked me a-tumbling, big stones and coral the seasonal tide hadn’t brought out to sea yet crashing on my feet and legs, and sand getting into my swimsuit… which was just magically trying to come off. And all while i was trying to pee. Dammit.

You can see Nick underwater! It’s that clear! And Clem fighting a wave! In the end i HAD to go in the sea (with Clem making sure i didn’t get knocked over too much) cos i really had to pee again. This time Clem held me while i peed. Haha. This is why you need a big strong man – to help you pee in the sea.

I managed to get over my wave phobia the next day and was a big girl and went all by myself! Or maybe at that time the waves were a bit tamer…


OK my chest just looks like that because of this great bikini Serena gave me for Christmas. It miraculously LIFTS in all the right places. LOVE IT.

There are heaps of other pictures we took with my phone (which i’ll post separately just cos the look and feel is so different! OCD…) We drank tequila, played on the beach, bla bla bla then fast forward to dinnertime!

We went back to Freddie’s for dinner

I just HAD to post this picture to show Clem that SEE? I’m not always hitting you! Sometimes i place my hand lovingly on you too!!!

Do you like my dress?! I saw the fabric in Kamdar, loved the ‘melting’ print, and made myself a long beach dress :D

This is me too tired to hold Clem’s hand but i still want to touch him so i was touching his knee  -_- Hahaaa thanks Steph for taking these pictures!!!

Freddie’s Santai Sumur Tiga
Address: Pantai Sumur Tiga, Iemeulee.
Ph: 0813 602 55001,

Casa Nemo
Address: Pantai Sumur Tiga, Iemeulee.
Ph: 0813 6299 9942.

Pulau Weh: Iboih area

After spending our first night in Acheh, us four got a morning speed boat which we rode for 45 minutes to get to Pulau Weh. Cost about RM20 per person.

When Clem and i made our decision to go to Acheh, we had no idea about Pulau Weh. Or we just didn’t remember Steph and Nick mentioning we were going there. It’s only after i told some people i was heading to Sumatra, that they asked whether i was going to Pulau Weh. And i was thinking, what’s this deal about Pulau Weh? Now i HOPE we’re going to Pulau Weh… and searched our history emails to check. Turns out we WERE going there so i google imaged it and got mighty excited then!

There are different class tickets you can buy for the boats from Acheh to Pulau Weh, and the difference between executive class and the normal one is USD1. It may seem little but that’s significant for an Achehnese. The exec class had sofas, tvs and air con compared to the non-air con one!

Once we docked at Sabang (as the island is referred to by locals) we took an hour-long car ride (RM17 per person) to Iboih – Nick’s favourite area on the island. It’s got a more backpacker and local family feel to it.

Steph got burnt by a motorcycle and Nick was applying medicine on it. I just HAD to post this picture. It was part of my whole trip experience, y’ know. Keepin it real.

The stark irony of beautiful mosques being built amidst poverty all over Acheh.

There’s no vehicle road going into where all the backpacker inns are, just walkways through the forest. Clem had to carry his and my bag (mine was too full of toys for  me to manage :p) and wondered aloud why there weren’t any boats that would go straight to the guesthouse doorsteps. I think door-to-door shuttle service in 5-star resorts has spoilt him. Steph and Nick must have thought we were such divas.

We stayed in a wooden chalet with fan for RM50 a night. Or RM53? Something like that. It was really cheap!

Steph and Nick in the chalet next to ours.

Practising my paparazzo shots


Cassi & Henry

I used a Colgate box to transport the black charcoals i needed for that holiday’s drawings, so i wouldn’t risk breaking the whole set. Most of them broke in the process anyway.

Between our chalets were natural stone steps leading down to the sea. If you think the picture looks cold, that’s cos it WAS. It turned out a tad rainy that day.

Steph, Nick’s feet, Clem. After i took this picture, i joined them. For 15 minutes. Then i got out of the cold water to look forward to DRINKING. And eating. I’d already had breakfast and lunch, around then was 4pm and tea time! I had spicy noodle soup while playing Monopoly Deal and drinking Bintang.

Golly gee i’m so attractive

We graduated to local whiskey (RM35!) when it started raining an hour later.

Lots of animals around Iboih, cats…

Giant monkeys


Because the locals are very conservative Muslim, dogs are frowned upon and mostly kept only because the tourists like them. They’re not usually fed as much as the cats. This old Muslim masseuse lady fed a bunch of dogs like her own before the locals poisoned them just because they’re dogs.

When Nick asked her about her dogs, she confirmed they had died, and said she didn’t want to talk about it anymore, and that it made her too sad. (((SAD!!!)))

Later that night Clem pointed at something flying and said, “Look! Eagle!” (He gets really excited about eagles.) I watched this huge thing with swooping wings and said, “It’s not an eagle… it’s a bat holy shit.”

A huge mothertrucking fruit bat, the biggest i’ve ever seen in my life. The span of one wing was the measure of my fingertips to my elbow, or more. It crawled up and down the branches of the tree right in front of us. Quite fascinating. It’s like Nat Geo. But in real life. (Listen to me, sound so city girl can die.)

At night we just hung out and played this question game which was quite interesting, till Nick tried to get us to guess the word ‘microbe’.   -_-

Convinced Clem to let me draw on the part of his leg that got shaved at Matt & Serena’s tea ceremony torture event. I used 5 out of the 8 comic boxes then got tired. He insisted i not waste the space so i wrote ‘OK. THE. END.’

Next morning was bright and shiny yay! It’s best to go to Acheh any time of the year except Nov-Jan when it’s rainy season. We were there early Feb so we were pushing it.

Despite this restaurant’s humble appearance, it has food the standard of a 5-star resort! I kid you not.

The fries and cheese with this was an amazing composition i couldn’t stop eating.

This is the best picture i have of myself with no make up. #win

Steph was semangat enough to set the timer on my camera…

She called us posers. I said what did you expect.

After lunch, we took a boat to the island next door, which is owned by a local family.

Clem is like a little kid. Ask him to smile and this is what he gives me.


Nick and Clem making a moat for my pony

OK yes that’s me. You might think it’s silly but i swear once you try it, an umbrella is a GREAT IDEA to bring into the sunny sea with you, next to a beer.

I don’t feel as stressed out sitting in harsh sunlight. I don’t mind getting darker (i’m not one of those pro-whitening girls) but i just get so HOT. So being able to chill in the warm water without sun burning me is all good.

The mosquito bite on Steph’s forehead fascinates me

Hermit crab we made friends with, but didn’t hurt in the slightest bit, i swear

That night the electricity went out, along with the water that came out of the shower head. I pacified Clem that it was like camping.

Thank goodness for the mushroom light Yishyene gave to me!

Since we couldn’t depend on the electricity and water there, we shifted to another part of the island the day after!


All pictures taken with the Olympus PEN Lite E-PL3.


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