Day 13: Stromboli-Rome… not.

We stupidly missed the ferry this morning cos I thought it would leave at 9:30am and Y said yeah so I thought she was sure too. I can’t believe NEITHER of us physically checked our tickets. We discovered at 8:23am that the ferry was at 9:05am and I thought we should rush… but Y casually said we had time and that we can just take a taxi at 8:45 (which is true, cos the port is very near by motor) but… we just couldn’t get a taxi! We saw so many during our entire stay here, and when we really wanted one, none would come to us despite calling so many numbers that are hanging in the guesthouse kitchen. So we missed the ferry. Bye bye 60 euros.

I felt so depressed for missing the ferry and wasting money that I had a 2 euro croissant and 3 euro beer for lunch. Y had a gelato. I accidentally bit off part of my napkin while eating my croissant and thought, “Why not, I’ll probably be more full with this napkin anyway,” and continued chewing it before laughing at myself. We got some fruits and yoghurt from a supermarket, and lazed around the guesthouse all day before catching another ferry tonight. Had to buy new tickets for 43 euros each.

You should have heard us convincing ourselves it was a good thing we missed the morning ferry.

Y: I bet we were just not supposed to be Rome today, like, something really bad could have happened if we’re in Rome.
Me: Something worst could have happened instead of us missing the ferry. Like you could have fallen off the volcano (cos she was precariously close to the edge so many times to the point the guide and i told her off)
Y: It’s a bad day to be in Rome anyway, it’s the hottest day this week today – 33 degrees!
Me: Jeez that’s like KL. We’d DIE walking around.
Y: Yeah, and it’s not like we PLANNED anything big in Rome, so it’s okay!
Me: It could have cost more if we missed a flight instead. So this is okay.
Y: Yeah. Things like this happen to people all the time… They happen to the BEST of people.

Anyway we’ve both agreed that we’re going to be at the train station or airport or port or whatever important mode of transport we’re taking, AMPLE time before the journey AND we’ll BOTH CHECK the times we leave instead of ASSUMING the other is so sure.

We had dinner just across the dock so we can WATCH the ferry arrive and get on it.

Hundreds of people stopped by Stromboli that afternoon cos a cruise ship was nearby

Our ferry docking



Wilson’s Adventures in Stromboli, Italy

Do you remember Wilson’s adventures in Amsterdam? I thought i’ll continue letting him as much fun as he can all over the world. Lucky Wilson, i think he’s traveled more than most people!

In front of the volcano

With Maurice on the beach

View of Stromboli town



Day 12: Stromboli, Italy – Beach & Boat Ride

After our crazy volcono-climbing, we woke up late (10am) and hobbled to the shop to return all the stuff we’d rented. We swore that today would be a relaxing day seeing we climbed the volcano the day before.




Day 11: Stromboli, Italy – Climbing the Active Volcano

I dreamt about Claudia last night! And Cynthia Nixon… weirdly enough. I think it’s all the prawns I must have eaten for dinner. I had a shrimp linguine for 13 euros which had DOZENS of tiny shrimp that are to be eaten with their shells on. Yishyene had a calamari pasta. Both dishes were huge, which I adore cos that means we eat to our heart’s content till we’re full and takeaway the rest for a snack.

Oh… I just remembered another part of my dream: So Claudia was working in a shop like Marc Jacobs and looked super cute all dressed up MJ-style, and I was picking out things to try in the shop when I thought of measuring my waist and hips to see how FAT I’ve got since I came to Europe… and… the measuring tape didn’t even reach around my midsection! Bawl! So I thought, oh well, at least I know roughly how many inches I measure, sort of. And like I would do in real life – I left it at that and prepared myself to eat more.

Casa Del Sole – the guesthouse we stayed in




Day 10: Rome-Naples-Stromboli – Shooting Stars

Stromboli, Italy

Sunset at Stromboli, Italy 

Ahmygad I had such a stressful time this morning! Okay fine it’s my fault – for some reason I couldn’t find my confirmation email for my train ticket from Rome to Naples, or I didn’t save the booking number. Whichever. I’ve bought so many train and plane tickets I must have lost info for one… Anyway I went to the Customer Service counter for Italia Rail last night to find out what my booking number and ticket is. They said I had to call a phone number 30 minutes before the train itself (are you kidding? I’m not going to risk trying to solve this 30 minutes before the train leaves! If I miss it, I’d also miss my hydrofoil ride that costs 80 euros!)

So I went back to the Customer Service counter this morning at 8:45am, and had to take a number to queue. When I finally got some assistance 15 minutes later, I explained my problem and the guy said he can’t find out from the system, and that I’d have to ask his colleague at the train itself who would have the info on him. He told me the train is already waiting at platform 10. My train was at 9:39am and it was already 9:17am. Fuck man.

Looked up and down the platform with my huge bag in tow for this station master, and could find NO ONE. Found a young Italian lad who was helping another tourist at the ticket machine, and he tried to help me out too. I said thanks, you’re so nice to help everyone! He said it’s Italy, it’s the worst to try to travel now. He couldn’t find the train dude either, and suggested I just jump on the train, You’re a pretty girl, you don’t look like a criminal, just tell him your problem. As he was saying this, another Italian girl appeared next to us. She was very pretty, young, with long hair, and actually came to see whether I was getting help I needed from the Italian boy. He on the other hand, thought it was another tourist trying to get help from him and said no, I will help you after this one. I almost laughed.

Anyway they both agreed in the end I should just GET on the train, which I was planning to do anyway! I just HAD to BE on the train else I’d miss meeting Yishyene at the Napoli station! We all parted ways quickly and I clambered on, praying I’d sit somewhere which was taken. I had to get up twice but so far I’m safely on a seat with noone checking my ticket… yet.




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