Sotongs Raya trip @ Clearwater, Ipoh

The six of us haven’t had a holiday together since January for Cammy’s birthday at Dusun. Now that Serena has popped and we can all travel (via land) together again, we headed to Clearwater in Batu Gajah for 2 nights. Matt and Serena gave the rest of us a free night’s stay there for our Christmas present last year :D :D :D


My attempt to snack healthy on the way there. Wrapping tomatoes and cucumber in basil leaves wasn’t a bad idea! Of course this whole ‘eating healthy’ plan got shot to hell once the holiday started :p

My denim shorts are from Levi’s latest collection, I keep on wearing them cos they’re so soft and comfy!


Our room was really nice for RM200/night! (with air con and hot water)

Clearwater is a golf resort that celebrated its heyday back in the day… and it’s got beautiful surroundings by a lake so you can fish and play golf. You just can’t expect much from the service there cos it’s extremely basic.

clearwater-ipoh-3 clearwater-ipoh-4

You can see what i mean by beautiful surroundings, but furniture in the restaurant is kinda old.


Ipoh: Sekeping Kong Heng, Beer Frosties and Nasi Ganja

I had a weekend getaway to Ipoh with the Formerfree girls and their respective boyfriends/husband. Clem didn’t want to go cos he wanted ‘Clem Time’, meaning:
1) PS3 time without me taking over the TV
2) drinking with the boys
3) sleeping in without me jumping on the bed exclaiming i’m hungry
4) reading his book without me reading his pages aloud in various accents

Who went: me + Sarch + Fufu + Meesh + Clouds + Kevin + Myra + Fahmi + Jiawers (our local tour guide). Fahmi came later. Oh and Wallis. This be Wallis:

Everyone else was taking the train but Fuad and Sarah were gonna drive so i hopped into their car, along with Kevin and Wallis in the backseat. She was supposed to be sent to a pet home for the night, but… that didn’t happen. She’s a very good dog tho! Didn’t bark at all nor run around like crazy puppy. She’s like a cat dog to me.

After a two-hour drive with a bit of traffic on the highway, we went straight to Sekeping Kong Heng where we were staying the night. It’s designed by Seksan and related to other retreat guesthouses we know of like Sekeping Serendah and Sekeping Tenggiri.

The Kong Heng building is famous for its coffee shop downstairs, with many claiming it to serve some of the best hawker food in Ipoh in one place. Behind the coffee shop, the former theatre hostel has been rebuilt to be the charming guesthouse it is today.

I was so excited as i walked on the path into the guesthouse.
Peeling paint! I LOVE PEELING PAINT.
Exposed brick walls, raw wooden floorboards, steel staircases.
It’s the sort of architecture that appeals to many of us cos it combines clean lines with different surface textures.
(Tho i just had a thought that my grandma might say how come they don’t paint the walls and that they don’t have money issit.)

Six of us took up the family room on the 1st floor for RM800. Fufu and Sarch got the air con room for a couple, whilst the rest of us had the four beds outside.

The mattress was springy and comfortable tho the pillow was kinda hard (i like mine big and soft. Ok fine i like goose down pillows.) Luckily, i brought my own pillow from home for the car ride… XD

We went downstairs to have lunch at the coffee shop crowded with locals, and i had a marvelous chee cheong fun, and beef noodles with all the spare parts. The next day i had laksa.




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