Recharge Revelation Groundwater Gathering

Woke up in a mad rush last Saturday because we already hosted a party on Friday night (equals: got very mabuk and crashed late)

Girls being girls, it took us some time to get together and head off to Malacca in one car.

Fran drove.
I… sat in the passenger seat and was pretty much useless since i have no sense of direction to navigate.

In the end i got demoted to backseat with DatinTini, and Fran’s friend (yes i know it sounds like a tongue twister) sat in front.

Tini + My Little Pony

I brought a Little Pony to lend, i repeat, LEND, to DatinTini.
She gave me big puppy eyes and asked me to give it her.
A 28-year-old. Wanting a Little Pony.

I couldn’t say no to her so i donated one of my Ponies.
Spread the Pony love yo.

Our new team leader was very pandai.
He thought the rave was somewhere else and got the company to book us rooms in Equatorial.
Padahal, Equatorial is a 45-minute drive away from A Famosa, where the rave was held.


Fail wei.
I brought devil horns i got in Bangkok for RM5 for DatinTini to wear so it’ll be easy to find her lest we got separated.
I wouldn’t need them due to my red hair.
And the devil horns… look like, why, they BELONG there. On her head. Perfectly.


Tini + Joyce

Shamin from Juice mag
Shamin from Juice mag

Global Gathering - outside

Outside the main entrance, people were just waiting around for friends to show up with tickets, etc.

Mud mud mud ugh

Inside the rave area, it was mainly… MUDDY.
It was mostly really slippery and super smelly.
I think the reason i didn’t bump into alot of people at the rave (as did many others, i heard) is because we were way too busy looking down at the ground to ensure we didn’t ter-slip and terbabas.
At points, i even had to lift my feet firmly so my Superstar wouldn’t get sucked and stuck along with the mud.

Rave tent

But oh! Besides mud, there were also big pools of mud and water.
Sweet. -_-

Shoes shoes shoes

Oh, this was just the beginning of the night.
Where we had yet to venture into Mud Supreme whereupon our entire foot was covered in mud.

Shiny Happy Shoes

Took a picture of some random dude and white-winged stilt walkers.
I think the dude’s super shiny shoes totally stole their thunder in the photo though!

Recharge Spa

Recharge Spa where people get to turn on some cooling mist to refresh themselves.

Global Gathering Stage

I swear i have a similar picture like the one above from previous Recharge raves…

Global Gathering

The picture above quite semangat.
I took photos over and over again with slow shutter while the fireworks went on till i got one kinda right (i was using an Ixus btw).

I walked all over the Godskitchen area with DatinTini to look for POB and gang… to no avail.

So i stood in the middle for a bit, trying to enjoy myself till i felt mud splashing all over my red stockings cos some idiot started shuffling in front of me in wellies.
Who the fuck can shuffle with wellies?!
Use your head wei!!!

DatinTini gave a yelp and scooted to the side while i went, “What the fu…” and looked up to glare at the culprit.
Culprit was still too busy shuffling -_- till his companion saw me giving evil eyes and gestured an apology while asking him to stop.
Culprit turned around and i see… someone i met before at a birthday party.
GarfieldChak’s birthday party to be exact.


Culprit = William


William, Jean Goon, Papa Seong

AmateurShufflerWilliam, JeanGoon, PapaSeong



Joyce, Allen, Tini

Bumped into Allen who removed his sandals altogether to dance.

I wanted to go on the rides first but DatinTini scolded me like the older sister she is and said to finish work first.
Fairy obeyed.

See the cranes that you swing from!!!
So high!
So exciting!!!

AJ Hackett cranes


We were freaking hungry as we didn’t have time to grab some grub before the rave, so we looked for the food area to appease ourselves before we pengsan-ed.

Global Gathering

Kev goes local!

See puggy, i thought of you while i was there.



The most popular stall by far was Burger King’s, read: super long queue.


DatinTini and me couldn’t tahan so we went for local fried rice + chicken going for RM10 each.

TL, Mary Teoh, Jessica Boorman, Joyce

TL, MaryBerry, Jessie (Halloween came early!) and moi

Siew Wai + Joyce

SiewWai + me

While DatinTini and i were eating, we bumped into NikThePimp and Caspar who were looking for someone to go on the Swing ride with (shite, i don’t even know the proper name for it -_-) and i jumped at the chance.
They’d already bought a ticket, see, and it costs RM150 for 3 people for one ride.

I couldn’t believe that noone else wanted to go on it with them!!!

And as Fate would have had it, Azuan from AJ Hackett found me at the same time.
I was looking for him all night cos he Facebook messaged me saying he’d hook me up for the rides.


AJ Hackett sponsors Kinkybluefairy

Azuan + Joyce

This is Azuan. I have no clue why he’s not looking at the camera.


Sandra + Joyce

This is LittleSandra.
She was working for AJ Hackett that day.
I call her LittleSandra cos i’ve known her from church days (erh yeah) since she was a teeny 8-year-old.
She’s 18 already.

I took Caspar on the reverse bungy ride with me cos DatinTini didn’t wanna go (the woman has asthma and i really don’t want to be responsible for giving her an attack!) and NikThePimp had gone before.

Truth be told, i’d gone twice before in Singapore and KL Tower.

Silly Greedy. Hee hee!

Aj Hackett

It’s seriously fucking awesome.
They strap you into this globe thing and releases you high into the air (like a catapult) as the globe spins you around.

You lose all sense of gravity as your butt lifts off the seat and you see sky, ground and the adrenaline just sucks the breath out of you!
It’s insanely scary but bloody glorious at the same time!!!

Caspar and i got off the ride, legs-a-shaky, but whooping from it all!

The line for the swing one was kinda long, so we waited it out a bit.

Nik, Tini, Sandra

NikThePimp: What’re you looking at. Small punk.
LittleSandra: You suck!
DatinTini: Oh! My hair must be arranged properly… there!

Tini + Caspar

DatinTini + Caspar

Aj Hackett

These are the cranes that they swing you from.
Three people are strapped together from one, and lifted to one side by another crane.
Then the person on the left has to pull a release that swings you ALLLLL the way down and swooping up the other side!

Aj Hackett

Being strapped in…

Aj Hackett

“Are you going to kill me? Are you sure?”

Aj Hackett

Coincidentally, the vest they put on me was red.
So it matched my hair and stockings!
How fucking awesome is that!

Aj Hackett

JoyceTheFairy + LittleSandra

Aj Hackett

NikThePimp is ghetto. For real.

Aj Hackett

Aj Hackett

Aj Hackett

Getting ready to go on the platform behind us…

Aj Hackett

The AJ Hackett dudes make us kneel on the platform as they buckle the cords to our vests… or something.
Yeah. *cough*

Aj Hackett

Aj Hackett

Waiting as they do their thing.
Aj Hackett

Then they push the platform away and we’re lying horizontally already.

Aj Hackett

We’re made to hook arms as we’re lifted up to be swung off.

Aj Hackett

It’s such a rush. The swing isn’t as scary as the reverse bungy, it’s more relaxing actually, despite still being pretty high up. Or maybe cos we were high as well.
I don’t know, ha ha!

We were all shouting and screaming from the top even before we pulled the cord to release ourselves to swing.
So it was basically us three going, “WOOOOO!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!


Azuan said we were mad.

Just remembering it is making me all happy now Heart

The cool thing was because we swung from such a height, we heard music from one end of the rave to the other as we swung back and forth.

As we stop swinging, the guys below throw us a rope to catch a hold of to stop our momentum and lower us back down on the platform.

Aj Hackett

I didn’t get unstrapped cos i went on it thrice.
Thrice okay!

Just check out my gleeful grin!

Aj Hackett

Partying on the platform.

Aj Hackett

NikThePimp went twice, as did Caspar and DatinTini.

AJ Hackett

Aj Hackett

Me, NikThePimp + DatinTini

Aj Hackett

Eh, DatinTini looks a bit worried here ha ha.

We were being a tad naughty at the end, not wanting to grab at the rope to be let down and shouting, “No! We don’t want to go! We want to hang here forever!”

After the rides, i ran around hugging LittleSandra and Azuan for the amazing rides and making my rave just so DAMN ENJOYABLE.

Us four left after that, all giggling and screeching from the adrenaline high.

Bumped into Emmeline, who looked so fresh for a rave.

Emmeline Ng + Joyce

Below is the foam area, which was dis.gus.ting.

I didn’t even step into it cos i already heard from Nur, Mira and FlirtyFi that they all got molested in there.
Apparently the foam went as high as your neck, and they got hands down their pants and tops, pinching at their nipples.


Global Mudbath

Mud and foam.
What a combination, eh.

Caspar didn’t bring his camera so i obliged his camwhoring with random strangers.

Caspar + Foamy people

Caspar + some Foamboys

He got gatal so he disappeared into the foam area himself and came out…

Caspar Rohleder

Caspar Rohleder

He’s already put the pictures on his FB proudly.

Joyce, Fiona Mae, Miranda Yeoh

Me, FlirtyFi, Mira




ClubbersGuideToShah (i know la a bit panjang, i gotta think up of one for you and Mira soon okay!)

Miranda Yeoh + Fiona Mae

Mmm nice view while they wait for the (icky) mobile toilets.

Nik and Caspar were persuading me to after-party with them at their bungalow.
I was a bit reluctant cos i had to get back to the hotel before checkout time to head back to KL with my colleagues.
Nik: I’ll fetch you back to the hotel. I promise.
Caspar: Yeah, see! Nik can fetch you back!
Me: Are you SURE you won’t pass out and i’ll be stuck here!? I MUST get back to the hotel by noon okay!

They swore and la di da, so i said my byes to the girls and pranced along with them.

Caspar started his photo-taking rampage again, he saw this guy wearing huge Spiderman glasses and borrowed them to camwhore.

Caspar + Joyce

Then he spotted some Nu Ravers and got all excited.

Caspar: Take pictures of them! Individual ones!
Me: Okay okay

Nu Rave 2

Nu Rave 1

Nu Rave 3

I took pictures of them cos he asked me to, then one of them came up to me and said, “Eh! You go to Lap Sap right?! I’ve seen you there!”
And i was like, “YEAH! We’re Lap Sap!”
Caspar: 0_o

Caspar, Joyce + the Nu Ravers

Lap Sap bonds yo. Pleased

Then they found some guy with a mannequin.
Damn weird wei, bring mannequin to a rave.
Maybe he didn’t have anyone to dance withClueless… but it was still cool Laughing

Nik + Caspar

Caspar was mad.
He was running around looking for things and people to take pictures with.
We saw a bunch of people sitting outside the rave and he said they looked like a refugee camp.
So he happily plopped himself in the middle to look like he belonged.


Rave Refugees 2

As i snapped the picture, i heard my name being called and hey… not surprising to find Deep and Co. among the Raver Refugees.

Rave Refugees

Got a ride from a Malay dude who was waiting for his friends to meet up with him.
NikThePimp gave him ten bucks for giving us a lift back to the bungalow.

There, the girls were super semangat with some animal theme going on.
They even hung cloths from lines in the garden for ‘added atmosphere.’

Roz + Joyce


Reuben x 2, Joyce, Ovidia

ReubenSamuel, moi, OvidiaPumpkin, ReubenThom



Nikola + Ovidia

NikThePimp + OviPumpkin

Reubens, Raj + Ovi

ReubenSamuel looks like Mickey Mouse here :D
Raj is looking at birds.

Reuben Thom, Caspar, Joyce

Reuben Thom + Joyce

ReubenThom lent me sunglasses.

Joyce Mouse

Camwhoring with Joycie Mouse

Joycie Mouse + Caspar Ghost

Victoria, John, Joyce

Vic, John and me.
Vic has a fairy tattoo *and* she brought a fairy t-shirt as pajamas too!
I left my fairy shirt in the hotel room cos i tak sangka i would be spending the night at the bungalow.

Joycie Mouse + Nikola Cicovic


NikThePimp sent me back to the hotel as promised Winky

Thanks guys for the great time Laughing Cool

As for the rave, i did blog about Recharge Revelation last time and it wasn’t a good review as well.
And i had to write a review for it for a magazine, with which i was very fair with – i wrote all the good and bad points about it.

What the editor failed to mention was that it was an advertorial write-up.
So the client wanted ONLY good things written about it.
I hate advertorial write-ups cos they’re fake and the publication is basically being paid 3k to write something good.
I wouldn’t mind so much if it’s stated there that it’s an advertorial… but anyway.
Changing the statements in the article like they wanted, i requested they remove my name from the article as well.

Malu okay if people read it and think i liked it when i didn’t.

Wah so bitchy. >_<

Anyway, i was asking around the whole week what people thought of the rave.
At first there were mixed reviews, i think all those that got high loved it, though there were those that *were* high hated it and said it was a waste of time.

Most people stayed an hour or so, got bored and went back to their bungalows/rooms to party sendiri instead.

NotYourAverageJo said that people in Malaysia are spoilt when it comes to raves here cos overseas it’d be muddy and shit.
But i was thinking that hey, it’s a dance event, not some rock concert or music festival like Glastonbury.
If it were the latter, then it’d be fine cos getting messy is bound to happen.
For a rave… people expect to dance and how the hell are people gonna plop around in mud…

I couldn’t help laughing when someone told me he saw shufflers walking out of the rave rather dejectedly cos their expensive shuffling pants would get ruined.

Oh well, thank the fairies for the rides, minnie mouse ears, colourful brollie and fabulous company.


Walk in Wonderland

Wednesday April 5, 2006

Happy Birthday Becky!

My brother’s girlfriend turns 21 today 

We went to layan at her party last Sunday night @ Duta Vista

Becky‘s in the blue flowery top
NickIsTaller is holding her
Matthew (see i remember your name!) is in blue
RainbowGayDave is grinning and grabbing my bum
I’m the tiniest one there and had no idea that the rainbow ho was molesting me (so hey, that’s my i’m-not-being-molested face) and
AdamPoserPan with his hair tied up, thank god now it’s no longer possible 

I really fancy the dress i’m wearing
Can just imagine AshleyTheMonkey going ‘euch!’ cos our tastes are so different
I got it for a startling RM25 in Bangkok
Bloody Adam says it looks like a curtain

So now everytime i see it i babble to myself in my head
“Curtain dress curtain dress curtain dress…”

There was a little girl there called Eunice
She was soooo cute and angelic-looking in a long white dress
Then the fairy devil popped into the picture
Looking down at her, i held out my cup of CranberryVodka
“Wanna drink?” while nodding and smiling like the old woman offering the apple to SnowWhite

Before she could answer, RainbowGayDave dragged me away with scoldings in tow

And because i’m sitting in front of the pc supposedly doing work
I shall upload pics at the same time

Taken ages ago in Malacca

Okay these few aren’t so great cos i didn’t think we were supposed to take pictures in there and i was hurrying

Sure enough the lady came up to me and said no pictures allowed after that

So creepy…

I took loads of pics in this artist’s place last time
In another post
You go find la :p

Ooh one of my favourites from the trip
I dunno, i just really fancy the angle

I fancy this one too

And of course, how can Malacca be complete without Chicken Ball Rice?!

Great. Just great.
Looking at it now is making me mighty hungry in the middle of the night.


Chop Chung Wah!

So happs man the name.

Like Yeoh Chin Kuan!

I love taking pics of strangers.

One day i might get whacked up but so far… the worst scenario i had was taking a fierce lady with a butcher knife in her hand in Kota Kinabalu, she glared at me, and SuYin pulled me away in a mighty hurry

Bla bla bla i don’t really like this picture above
So typical.

This room i’m sitting in leads into an artist’s space
I forgot his name
It was a gorgeous-can-die-dot-com place to take photos…
But he didn’t allow me to

Now, see.
If he *did* allow me to, i would’ve written his name down cos i would have remembered and he would have got *some* publicity at the very least

After plodding around in the heat
The best sight that greeted me was…. cold beer.

Goddamn. Just looking at it… i can… taste it….

The kwailo wasn’t hot also la.
I took it cos of the hat the little girl wore.
But she wasn’t that little come to think of it, that’s the thing with little kwailo girls

They’re my size
And look like they could beat me to a pulp lest… i dunno! – They thought i was bitching about them or something -_-

Then i saw some school kids and pretended to be a lion and chased them while roaring

Then they ran away.

This is yet another dumbass picture
Just that it’s not so dumbass to me because we weren’t allowed to take pictures of poor Mr. Albino Snake

And yet again i got halau-ed

What’s up with Malacca and their no-picture policy man?
Luckily i look like a little kid and am forever snapping, running off
Or giving my apologetic wide-eyed ‘ohmigod i didn’t know!’ look

Chalk Another Druggie Up

“Why did you even start? You also knew right, that once you start, you won’t want to stop…”
“I know, i know.”
“Why do you think i don’t take it? Fuck man. Cos i’m damn scared i KNOW i’ll like it so much, i probably won’t stop.”
“I know… that was the last time okay? Promise, promise.”

I softened slightly

“Let’s make a deal. If you take fai chai again, i get to stick fairies ALL OVER YOUR CAR.”

My cackling contagiously cracked him up too.

“Yup. Fairies ALL OVER your car, man. Inside, outside, on the windows. Deal?”
“Okay okay, deal.”

Fine. I took drugs once before. In Europe.
And i *am* glad i didn’t stay in that particular city long enough with my wild friends to continue taking it cos… i probably would have.
It’s damn addictive.

So when i came back here, i didn’t touch the stuff.
Alcohol has always been my drug.
I’m not saying alcohol in bigger doses is any better.
But there’s a reason drugs are illegal ey?

Apparently even after the threatening with fairies, it didn’t work.

Word passes on to me even tho i never pry whether you took anymore.
I guess people like telling fairies things :p

In truth, i’m quite disappointed and worried.

I’m not even sure what to write here because all the thoughts are jumbling up in my head now
I know so many people around us take stuff…
But fuck, you did without it for so long and now suddenly you fell into it…
Abit wasted right.
Might as well you just take from young -_-

Btw, you’re still going to get fairies all over the car.

It’s 4:30 am

And i’m allowing myself to crap online abit before continuing my last bit ‘o work
Which shouldn’t take too long… i hope

So i went to check out BubblyBelindaC’s blog
Where she took some doggie test

What Breed of Dog Are You?
Brought to you by Tickle

I read it thinking, “Mmmf. Whatever breed also surely a bitch right.”
I meant me la, not her
She’s probably one of the non-bitchiest people i know in kl

So i took the doggie test

I’m a golden retriever 

No bones about it, you’re a popular, fun-loving Golden Retriever. Adored by all and too cool for school, you’re extroverted and enthusiastic. Your magnetic personality makes you the life of any bash. Since you’re a true people-dog, you genuinely love all kinds of social gatherings. Going to parties, dinners, and other shindigs is the best way to add faces to your constantly growing circle of friends. But besides being on the social A-list, you’re a confident, well-rounded pup who’s definitely something to bark about. Pretty accomplished at anything you set your mind to, your sunny nature and winning ways make you one of everyone’s favorite dogs. Woof!

Now how the heck did it go to the partying thing when i answered things like i don’t like karoake (which equals to unsporting) …
The only thing i answered that was remotely related to partying was something positive about wine


Because i don’t believe in this test shit
I took it AGAIN, you know how some questions hold two answers for you right?

Then i got a pug!



No bones about it, you’re an intelligent, playful Pug. Witty and charming, you’re a lot of dog wrapped in a small package. People just love you — a wonderful approachability and sense of humor put you at the top of everyone’s list. And because you’re smart and quick-witted, you attract a crowd wherever you go. (Have you ever considered running for office or starting a company? You’ve got the charisma for either.) But that doesn’t mean you can’t be a little naughty or mischievous when opportunity knocks — you’ve definitely got a nose for fun! A happy, optimistic breed, you’re admired and respected by all. Woof!


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