Myanmar: Bagan – tiny villages amongst thousands of temples

In case you missed it, i already wrote a quick summary about Myanmar *HERE*. Now i’m going to attempt to blog all the pictures from my trip… hundreds and thousands of them -_- Gawd wish me luck.

Bagan is famous for its thousands of temples (4000 Buddhist temples were commissioned from 11th to 13th Century) and Marco Polo described it as “one of the finest looking sights in the world”. [source: Lonely Planet] We used the LP guide throughout our trip there. As did every other tourist we bumped into our entire stay in the country! Bagan is rated as one of the top places in Myanmar to visit, and i could see why… the panoramic view of hundreds of stupas, payas, and temples is astounding.

There’s also a village we visited, where we saw this old grannie rocking the biggest cigarette i’ve ever seen in my life.

This be the grannie. But there are too many pictures so you gotta click to read more for the rest!





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