Bangkok with Yishyene

I went to Bangkok last week for a 3-night stay with Yishyene. Here’s a quick list of where we went and what we ate, in case dire memory loss in, oh, i don’t know, in 30 years’ time takes place. (I’m being optimistic with that one)

We stayed at TENFACE by booking it on Agoda. It’s got a big living room, balcony, dining area (where we threw all our shopping), large bedroom and bathroom… all for RM200/night for 2 ppl.

This is just the dining area downstairs by the pool.


We went to Platinum Mall to shop and hit the food court there as many times as our tummies let us…


Oh god Thai food is just the best. I would never tire of Thai food!!!
Top left is kueh chap Thai style, next to it is my fave mince pork + basil + chilli,
bottom left is massive bowl of tom yum, and a simple dish of veggies and fried fish when i was feeling guilty.

We walked by the market next to Siam Square one night and spotted lots of peaceful protesters, as well as loud flamboyant ones.


Yishyene and i both got a snack…


Which turned out to be an incredibly spicy (but delicious) raw salad!



We dropped by Sneaka Villa, a street store selling its own merchandise, to see Patch.


This is Patch. He be a party animal. He’s coming to KL for FMFA wahey!




Bangkok Girlies Trip 2013

I went to Bangkok to source for things for my upcoming online store… and i daresay i have found my superpower!
I really think SHOPPING is my superpower!

I went alone for the first few days cos i needed to get things done before my girls arrived on Friday, and i’d take a long time buying stock cos i have to check each piece individually for defects and i don’t want to make them wait (not like i would make them anyway!). So i flew in on Tuesday and stayed in a hotel with big floorspace so i could sort my stuff out.

It was quite hectic. I would wake up at 9am, make my way to Platinum Mall, buy till 4pm, have my first meal then (i just didn’t feel the desire to eat when i had to shop!), then continue buying till 7 or 8pm when i was getting tired. Lug everything home, start my stock count, break for dinner around 9pm, continue stock count and blog till 2am.

Then i’d do it all over again the next day.

The most power night was Thursday… cos i REALLY WANTED to finish all my work before the girls arrived, and ended up working till 5am. Felt a bit dead the next day but it was worth it cos we had a great weekend of bonding, childish bickering, shopping, massages, and partying!

FIRST, i really need to thank Tai Yong and the WONDERFUL Thais he introduced me to, who took really good care of everything we girls needed to make our trip so much better than we expected!


With Patch and Ball aka DJ Monster P and DJ Ballistic of CMYK Party!
Kop khun ka!!!

Ball has a shop in Siam Square called Sneaka Villa so pay it a visit when you’re in Bangkok! I saw some really cool shit on his online store at You can stalk them on Instagram :p Patch @heartbreakkidz and Ball @ballisticone.


Thanks to Patch, i was introduced to Oak who got us all invites to the 2ColourCrazy party at Sonic @ Ekamai. He played that night and the girls told me they were all cheering on the dancefloor. I… don’t remember where i was at that time!? Prollie throwing holi powder at randoms.


Bangkok with the Lows <3

I went to Bangkok last week with Sarah and we took up Clouds’ and Jan’s mum’s offer to stay with them. Thanks Aunty! I’ve met Cecilia and James before as they’ve taken me out for dinners during my previous trips in Bangkok, lucky me. I’ve eaten some memorable meals with them, and last weekend’s dinners added more to the list :D

It was Nat’s 16th Birthday last Saturday, and his mum made the happy choc cake above. I asked him what he got for his birthday and he gleefully said, “Money!”

Jan on Facetime so everyone in the family is involved for Nat’s birthday, super cute.

Nat and James.

I’m still at a tug of war within myself whether to call Claudia’s dad ‘uncle’ or not. He’s told me before not to, so… i’m trying not to! But it feels weird, not to mention Sarah calls him uncle anyway. Hmmm i think if my friends’ children grow old enough to talk, i *don’t* want them to call me aunty (i’m trying to put myself in James’ shoes here).



Maduzi Hotel @ Bangkok

I never did blog where Cammy and i stayed in Bangkok when we went there for a girlie trip last April. I just reread the posts i wrote and miss Bangkok now!

Miss the anticipation of eating Thai food and the smell of chili.
Miss my heart thumping excitedly at the sight of new Thai trends in Chatuchak market.
I miss Bangkok!

Back in April, we stayed at the luxurious Maduzi Hotel, situated right in the heart of Bangkok. Our stay was made possible because of The Luxe Nomad – my friend Steph Chai‘s new travel start-up. It’s because of The Luxe Nomad that i’ve been staying in some 5-star hotels like Maduzi, and Sri Panwa in Phuket!

The Luxe Nomad is Asia’s first luxury hotel bookings portal, and they have tempting flash sales on luxury hotels every week – at up to 70% off (and cheaper than anywhere else because it’s a members-only site). Currently Maduzi is on sale but you have to be quick as sales only last about 7-10 days. Oh, and membership is free, so you can just sign up and check out the prices!

Anyways – back to my stay at Maduzi!

This is Cammy and i in their mirrored elevator on the way up to our room. Maduzi Hotel has 40 rooms across seven floors.

Described as a private oasis in the heart of the city, Maduzi Hotel is a conceptual hotel that promises complete privacy by only accepting guests with reservations and prohibiting walk-ins. They emphasize greatly on privacy so that guests can feel as comfortable as in their own homes.

They never give out names of their guests and instead, have a ‘Guest Code’. If i wanted friends to be able to visit me in our room, i’d have to come up with a code like ‘Fairy’, which friends would state to the concierge downstairs to be allowed up. Cool ey!

The bed was so big and comfortable, it was a godsend for us after walking around Bangkok every day. We’d snuggle up in bed and flip channels on the 42″ flat screen before falling asleep.

Personalized note and welcome plush ox

All rooms come with business facilities like work desk, complimentary WiFi, and fax/printer/copy machine. Not like we used them cos we were on HOLIDAY!

There’s even a sexy espresso machine and mini-bar.

This, was Cammy’s and my favourite room – the dressing room! We just ended up spending a lot of time there as we washed up in the mornings, chit chatted, or made up to go out at night. The lounge next to the window, huge dressing mirror and table, and walk-in closet allowed so much space for the both of us to get ready together. It was MADE FOR GIRLS! We even had Tina and Elicia over one night to get ready, so i know it can comfortably hold four of us.



Bangkok – Chatuchak & Partay

Erh this was a few weeks ago… i have so many things to blog about, and my blog can’t keep up with my life. Can’t complain there.

After THAT night we didn’t go out, Cammy and i woke up pretty early to tackle Chatuchak market. We took our time having breakfast in bed, then getting ready and before you knew it, it was noon. Was intensely hot in Bangkok. It’s like the haze and pollution TRAPS all the heat into the city’s bubble. I came prepared for the weekend market and brought my tiniest shorts and top to sweat in.

We split up with the other girls cos maneuvering 9 girls shopping would be impossible. As it is i’m usually a lone ranger when it comes to shopping. So ’twas just Cammy, Elicia, Tina and i meeting up to have lunch in one of those awesome tiny cafes in the middle of Section 4/5 (can’t remember, i usually eat there before i start my shopping). Cheap Thai food and the fact it’s filled with Thais only makes it a good sign for us to chow down there too. Had the best spicy pork soup which we slurped quickly, salads and fried chicken.

Comfy silk polka dot flats for 220 Baht / RM22!

A snack of strawberries + chili

Tina. We were at this store selling shirts for 100 Baht / RM10.

After shopping for 7 hours we went back to Tina’s bro’s place to chill and wait for the others to finish their massages.

I love the African masks Chris has!


Bangkok – Shop. Party. Massage. Eat.

I’ve gone to Bangkok many times, with either 1 girl friend, or a group of friends; but i never attempted it with a group of girls before and i don’t know why! Bangkok is the PERFECT place for girls to holiday at together… it’s all SHOP + PARTY + EAT.

We bumped into some acquaintances at the airport.
“Where you girls going?”
“Bangkok. Bachelorette party.”
“Girls… go to Bangkok for a hen’s night? I thought it was just guys…”

Wow so sexist! Why can GUYS go to Bangkok for a stag’s night (ala The Hangover) but girls can’t? Noone says we can’t. And we all definitely say WE CAN.

I was gonna be rooming with Cammy for the trip and we were kinda each other’s ‘buddy’ as well. Too many girls.

I was not looking nor feeling my best thanks to the Topshop event the night prior. Some of the other girls started early on the plane…

Practicing my paparazzo shot

Couldn’t help taking these pictures cos i was just APPALLED at how dirty the plane was. All i can say is we did NOT take Air Asia. Probably should have.

Cammy and i stayed at Maduzi (which i’ll blog bout later!), while the other girls stayed at Tenface, or with family in BKK.

We bought 4 bottles of bubbly between the 9 of us, and Jacie popped the first bottle with her famous words – “Why not now?! I thought the champagne is for moments. And THIS is a moment.”

It’s a HOLIDAY when you have bubbly and it’s light out!

How long does it take for 9 girls to constantly meet up and get their butts out to somewhere? A pretty long time. Tina’s bro cracked me up when on the last day he called and said, “Late again ar? Sure late la. So many girls.” He’s based in BKK and knew of all our going-ons most of the time.

Cammy tryna keep her locks under control in the tuk tuk

We went to Healthland Spa for massages, which is the biggest spa i’ve ever been to. Even the building looked surprisingly regal from the outside, that i didn’t guess it was the spa we were heading to at first! They’ve got a system where you choose your treatment, pay at cashier then wait for your number to be called. The massages were insanely cheap in such a nice place (300 baht for 1-hour Thai massage) and really good too. They’re quite popular so if you go, you should call and book beforehand. I wanted the Ayurvedic massage but it was fully-booked so went with the Thai one. Considering i’ve tried Thai massages a handful of times and still prefer other types, i have to add that the masseuse did her job very well!

After the massage we went to Ruen Mallika for dinner (which i’d totally recommend to anyone, especially if you’re in a group). Huge Thai restaurant that serves authentic Thai cuisine for a reasonable price (don’t think about street food price ok).

We ordered all sorts of dishes – lobster tom yam, catfish salad, steamed fish with lime, glass noodles, salads, roasted pork. In hindsight we ordered too much, cos one would expect the pictures in the menu to turn out 1) smaller or 2) the size you expect, in real life. But this was an exception. All the dishes came out a lot LARGER than i thought @_@

Picture of me since i took the group shot

Oh i’m so grown up.

After dinner we returned to our respective places we’re staying at to ‘see if we felt like going out’ and get ready. When we reached our hotel room, Cammy put on a bathrobe and snuggled in bed. I looked at her and said, “Oh no… this means we’re not going out.”
“I’m sooooo tireddddddd”
“Yeah i know… we’ll urm chill for half an hour and see how.”

After THREE HOURS of messaging the other girls, we obviously were not going out at 2am so we just stayed in, showered, and laughed till 4am. I even had to say to her: “Stop. Just stop talking. If you think something is REALLY funny, TELL ME TOMORROW. Else we’re gonna DIE shopping and partying all day tomorrow! We need to sleep NOW!”


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