Tanning my tits in Krabi. Yay me!

“I must have seen 8 pairs of tits on the way here,” i told SarChan when i found her on Raleigh beach in Krabi

Just the night before, we were both talking about our separate skinny-dipping experiences
and not like i really wanna skinny-dip here,
but i do wanna even out my tan on areas i can’t do by the pool in KL.

After one big bottle of Chang,
i mustered up enough courage (comes free with beer)
to simply remove my bikini top.

I felt so free after that!
Simply blahing around the sand and sea
drinking beer
only putting it back on when running to buy more beer!

I think we were the only Asian couple basking in the sun
save for another Jap couple.

Drank heaps of beer today
(yesterday was spent having vodka + pineapple and talking rubbish outside our rooms)

Went for a 1-hour coconut oil massage + 1-hour foot massage + pedicure
for 800 baht yesterday
Wasn’t too chuffed when lady broke my blister on my foot (thanks to pole-dancing class day before)

Today we tried a much nicer-looking place
Classy and urban design
But still ridiculously cheap…
2-hour aromatherapy massage + 0.5-hour foot & back massage
for 1000 baht

Costs only slightly more,
but SO much better.
To the point i passed out
and tipped the massage lady extra after.

SO going back there tomorrow after island-hopping!

* Reggae bars here are like… not authentic reggae bars la. If you know what i mean.

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