Is Everyone Recovering Too?

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My lips have been drying like crazy the past week and i know i’m not the only one.
“It’s the damn weather…” i whined to AshleyTheMonkey
“Global warming i’m tellin’ ya.”

Hennessy Artistry last night was a blast.
My guess that they spent 1 mil on it was wrong. A little bird told me they spent 1.5 mil. I don’t know how much that’s true.

I started off slow cos knowing how yummy the cocktails are and the long night it was going to be chatting and partying away, i didn’t want to kaput faster than i should!

Three pictures from the night first  :xlaughing:

Hennessy Artistry
MaryBerry, QueenKanch, AshleyTheMonkey, PhuiKhei, fairy

Hennessy Artistry
Leon, me, MilcahG

Leon first caught my eye at the Moet party a month back. I walked into the event and immediately spotted someone wearing a House of Holland shirt.
Whoa. Someone here has a House of Holland shirt? I’ve never seen anyone wear one in Malaysia before!

I couldn’t stop staring and we somehow veered towards each other before introducing ourselves.
I’m his fan.
I kept on following him around last night, he must’ve got annoyed.


And of course, have to show off the pic with the man.

Flo Rida woohoo
tiny me, Flo Rida, MilcahG

I left the Hennessy party with MilcahG, Adam and Stefan; and we went back to her apartment to after-party.

Today at noon as we walked down her apartment corridor:
“I’m doing the Walk of Shame.”
“What’s that?” asked Milcah
“The Walk of Shame is when you party so hard and end up going home in the same clothes you were in the night before!”

8 Responses to Is Everyone Recovering Too?

  1. Rachy says:

    i danced and screamed so much, i was having loads of fun at hennessey artistry last night. too bad i didnt manage to say hi to you.

    Oh yea btw rem flo rida gave his bling to two of the dancers on stage? One of them is my friend and she said pukimak flo rida took back his bling bling back stage! haha. 😉

  2. IZ says:

    Hey faboo gal!
    IZ here. I like to invite you to be part of my team (As I am short of one more and are looking for kewl kiddos!) to be part of Malaysia’s Book of Records this Sunday @ 3PM. I really hope you’ll be available. I will reveal to you the exact location but it’ll be in Bukit Bintang with lots of media coverage. At the moment it’s still hush-hush.

    Will you be interested? Please email me at [email protected]

    Renee Tay

    Ciao! and look forward to your speedy reply mate!

  3. Anna says:

    Hi.. where did you get your dress from? It’s gorgeous!

  4. mello says:

    are you not dying your hair red anymore??.

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  7. JoyceTheFairy says:

    anna: it’s from BCBG max azria
    mello: erm… no, maybe again soon :)

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