Baci Boutique

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I feel so productive this Saturday!

Woke up at 11am, went to Baci to pick out some things *hugs shopping*
Went to the bank
Then to tapau lunch to eat at home
So i can do my laundry (have done two loads!)

Blogging now

Then will go to Megamall to pick up some more things from Art Friend in Gardens
Buy a present
Visit MaintainMing working there
And CherubicCho’s birthday dinner at 7pm

Yes yes *nods*
Not a bad Saturday at all!

Okay, so maybe new shoes and clothes put me into a terrific mood as well
And doing laundry
(i don’t know why, doing laundry makes me happy)

I haven’t been into Baci for quite some time cos i’m avoiding ALL shops to refrain from shopping
And they’ve got lots of new shoes in store!
(Samantha said i’m a bit late cos there were more earlier -_-)


Here are some pics

Baci Boutique
Oversized studded bag, RM139
Lace-up shoes, RM139

Baci Boutique

Studded gladiators, RM89
Baci Boutique

Caged heels, RM139
Baci Boutique

Lace-up gladiators, RM89

Baci Boutique


Baci Boutique
Baci Boutique

Their accessories are placed in wee boxes in the wall now.

Baci Boutique

Baci Boutique

And this is what i got   :xlaughing:

Baci Boutique

Caged heels, RM139; grey suede shoes, RM59; brown lace-up glads, RM89

I got some clothes too, but you’ll prollie see them on my Daily Dress posts in time

And i saw a brooch i just couldn’t resist getting…

Baci Boutique

Mushroom brooch, RM19

Because you KNOW what it reminds me off!   :xwinky:

Daddy saw me unpacking my new shoes and putting the boxes aside to recycle
“What?! More SHOES?!” he exclaimed (in faux shock, cos i don’t think he’s shocked anymore at my shoe collection…)
He picked up the caged heels.
“What are these? 5 inches? You’re going to kill yourself on these one day.”

I sniffed and retorted they’re merely 4 inches so it’s not so bad.


Baci Boutique Sdn Bhd

12-A First Floor
Jalan Telawi 3
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2283 4263
Email: [email protected]