My Last Week as Managing Editor of TiC

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Urm, yeah if you didn’t already know about this then you can take a while for it to register.

I’m just going to answer all these FAQ right here so you can read it,
and everyone can stop asking me the same questions.

Why are you leaving?

Because i want to do other things now. I found starting TiC an immense challenge which i enjoyed thoroughly.
Funny thing is that when i was drowning in 12-hour days last year, i didn’t have time to think about disliking it, cos i didn’t.
I have to admit, that i prefer writing to editing.
I think it’s ironic how so many writers work their way up to editor,
and when i got there, i got really sick of editing other people’s writing after awhile.
Not that it was a terrible job, i just didn’t PREFER it.
I’m the type who’d very much rather research, experience and craft my own story, then than re-craft someone else’s.

I think i was feeling kinda down from being cooped up in the office all the time,
and in April earlier this year, i told Adrian that i’d like to leave (much to his distress, i’m sorry!)

I still remember him asking me: What are you long term plans?
And i replied: I have no long term plans :p

I told him the truth – that i wasn’t completely happy at the job,
that i wanted to travel more before i became more ‘settled’ in life of sorts.

What really scares me is my own fear at taking that step to change things.
I think i was already feeling that for some time, that i really wanted to move on and do something different,
but i didn’t know what yet, and was scared to take the next step.

And that IS the problem isn’t it?
Not knowing what exactly you want to do, and the fear of taking that step because it’s one into the unknown.

I admit i took some time before coming to a sudden conclusion that i had to quit cos i just FELT in my heart that that is something i wanted and needed to do for myself.

I want to travel more. Experience more places and all that is out there that the world has to offer.
I don’t want to get so comfortable in a day job that i forget how to experience life.
I don’t want to be 30-something and wish i traveled more in my 20s (which is what many of my friends in their 30s say to me!)

So you’re not going to be involved in TIC anymore?

I will still be working with Freeform on a freelance basis as Editor-at-Large for TiC.
TiC is like my baby, and i’d feel like a bad mother for abandoning it completely :p

Ok, seriously, what’s the REAL reason you quit?

Fine, there was one particular incident that was my tipping point.

I was watching this show on History Channel (Monday night, i love Michio Kaku!)
and it was a 2-hour long episode about the evolution of earth from billions of years ago,
till the possibility of how long humankind will stay on earth.

After watching that show, i was thinking to myself:
MY life on earth is so short!
What am i doing?!
All the time i tell people to do things as if it’s going to be their last year,
and i’m not doing it MYSELF.

And honestly, that, was the tipping point for me.
A show on History Channel made me quit my job :p
It was 2 days after that when i told Adrian that i wanted to leave.


Who’s going to replace you?

There was only one person in the entire city of KL that i could think of to replace me.
I needed someone who’s experienced in the media industry,
yet young at heart and has fun with fashion, cos that’s what TIC is all about.
And that person is Sueann Chong   :xlaughing:
I’m ecstatic that she felt equally ecstatic to take up the job,
else i really wouldn’t know what to do!

Is it the people in the office that made you quit?

No. I must stress how much i LOVE FREEFORM.
I think i’ve been very fortunate in the past jobs i’ve had, where the people i work with are some of the best in the industry.
This has been no different at Freeform, and dare i say it, a higher level altogether.
I’m constantly amazed at how Adrian manages to pull together such a diverse and brilliant team of creative, efficient and GENUINE individuals.
Oh, trust me, i could go on and on all day how amazing the Freeformers are.
*I* feel very lucky that i was a part of their full-time team   :xpleased:

Any regrets?

Abso-fucking-lutely not. Starting TIC was a dream.
To see a project you have in mind actually work out and receive such amazing response is mindblowing.
It really showed me that anything is possible when you put your mind and heart to it.
I learned so much from the team in the time i’ve been at Freeform.
Invaluable and great stuff i wouldn’t have known if i’d never joined them!

What are you going to do now?

I’m going to be traveling more, focusing on Kinkybluefairy, while still working on TiC from other angles.
I think what a lot of people don’t understand is how much time has to be dedicated to KBF, as well as TIC.
I would give my day time to TIC,
whereas late nights and weekends went to blogging on KBF.
So it was really tiring la after awhile…
To spend so much time in front of the computer can be very taxing when it goes beyond 14 hours a day.

I’m going to be spending more time with myself –
exercise more, i told ClaudiaOnCrack i’ll go running with her, and we’ll go picnic afterwards haha.
I want to get back into my painting, and start reading more.
Basically more time for ME.
So… there.

A new chapter in my life about to start   8-O  :xblush:  :xhappy: