Falling In Love With an Italian (Espresso Machine)

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Oh, I do adore Italy. It’s a country I’ve visited a dozen times in my dreams. Rome, Naples, Palermo, Portofino, Cinque Terre, Sardinia and Sicily. Sometimes when I’m alone and think about my version of a perfect marriage proposal, it turns out to be on a terrace at one of the colourful houses overlooking the sea, probably over breakfast somewhere in Portofino (well, a girl can dream).

Ciao is one of my favourite words, Panna Cotta my favourite dessert, and I too often think about Risotto. I lost count how many times I’ve watched Cinema Paradiso and how Ennio Morriconne’s First Youth/Love Theme could make me feel all kinds of sentimental. Anything Italian is wonderful. But enough about food and film, I’m here to share about another kind of Italian love, coffee.

My love for coffee is not a secret. It’s an old ritual in my life. It’s the first thing I think about when I rise in the morning and I require HEAVY doses consistently to get through Mondays. I am rather clueless and useless without coffee. My daily disposition relies on at least one everyday. The friendly barista at the cafe below my apartment knows my name and exactly how I like my morning coffee, I frequent the cafe so much that when I came back from my 1-month sojourn in Eastern Europe, he gave me free pastries as a homecoming gift.

Two weeks ago, I fell in love with an Italian (calm down, Michael). An Italian in form of an espresso machine brought in by Mokitalia all the way from Como.

You see, this espresso machine is love at first sight and it is exactly how I like my men; easy. The machine is designed to simplify how coffee is made and one can be their own barista by simply pressing a few buttons. I’m rather smitten with the whole concept of high quality espresso capsules and machines.

These capsules are from Covim, a historical Genoan coffee roaster with 40 years experience. I’ve hopped around trying different coffees at various cafes, and more often than not, I would faithfully roll my eyes when it didn’t give me the necessary caffeine kick that I need. After having tried and tested the coffee capsules from Covim, I am convinced that this machine is more than just sophisticated design like some out there. Each coffee capsule contains seven grams of ground coffee beans that are protected from effects of the weather, and its consistency made me fall in love with it more. Yup, down my throat and straight to my heart!



For the past two weeks, my morning coffee ritual has been easy. I wake up, stumble to the kitchen in the same old way for a coffee kick, except this time, all I have to do is pop a capsule into the machine, close it and press a button. I’ve basically done an entire job of a barista. The rest is done by the machine.

The aroma of fresh Covim coffee has made me smile every single morning for 2 weeks now. It lifts my mood up indefinitely, and I have been sending out extra smileys/emoticons to everyone and especially to the KinkyBlueFairy groupchat these past weeks. I am rather selective (stingy) with my emoticons because I feel like some people don’t deserve it. [Fun fact: Joyce once told me off for being too serious talking to a KOL. She private texted me “Why are you so serious with xxxx? Give her some emoticons, please”]. But not for these past 2 weeks. Emoticons for everyone!


Jokes aside, as an avid coffee drinker who loves her cafe latte with a passion – I love the smell, I love how it tastes at the very first sip, I love how the warmth spreads through my entire body and most of all, I love how it makes me feel –  I personally think this is the only capsule system machine out there that is worth investing in be it for home or office. At only RM1.90 per capsule, imagine the amount of money you save a month or a year. Covim also produces coffee capsules for the Nespresso capsule machine which can be bought from Mokitalia.

The machine from Mokitalia comes in 4 different ranges, and the price starts from RM1,099 to RM2,600.

Mokitalia, il mio amore, I am keeping this machine.


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Website: www.mokitalia.com.my
Mobile: 018 284 9330 (Ettore Altamura)
Email: [email protected]

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