Because, sunset

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Photo diary of the sunsets from my balcony across the past few months


I’m very lucky to have such killer sunsets in my face on most evenings.
It’s kinda a gamble, you don’t know what you’re gonna get till it’s happening.
There have been a number of occurrences friends come over in anticipation of catching a good one, and then – no sunset.
“It’s the haze,” i’d blame.

Sometimes a friend is nearby about to arrive for evening drinks while some marvelous light show is going on and i’d text, “HURRY up you’re missing a GREAT SUNSET!!” And then by the time they come up it’s gone.

The most unlucky must be Baby, she’s been here more times than most people but still hasn’t managed to catch a single good one…

Other times, i’d be going about my evening getting ready to go out or doing my stuff, when some amazing one would be happening and i’d freeze in my steps with eyes locked onto the outside. “Wow.”