I’ve received a barrage of interview questions over the past few years so i’m pasting a bunch of them here so i won’t have to rewrite them again!

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You are quite the household name when it comes to Malaysian fashion blogs. How did KinkyBlueFairy come about and what was your first step?

I started blogging in Feb 2004. Blogging was a very new thing then, with all these then-new blog-friendly programs like Xanga and Livejournal appearing online. I’ve kept a diary since i was 10… and i guess blogging was just a new platform for me to evolve keeping that diary of things i’ve been up to!

What does the name KinkyBlueFairy come from?

When i first signed up for Xanga back in ’04, i had to pick a username. I chose ‘Fairy’ at first, because i’m obsessed with fairies and completely believe they exist; but the name was taken. Then i wrote ‘BlueFairy’ and that was taken too. Out of desperation and impulsiveness i threw in the work ‘Kinky’ in front of the two words… and of course it was available.

What do you enjoy most about blogging?

The thing is, i enjoy the actual act of blogging..! I love editing pictures and writing in my free time. Besides the actual blogging part, i’d say i’m proud of how i’ve documented my activities for my own reference. I have terrible memory! Hence the start of my blog in the first place!

Also, i must add that i am very touched when youth send me messages saying i’m inspirational… i don’t think i’m any different from everyone else. But to think that a little thing i do could inspire someone even in the slightest bit is very very flattering.

What do you see happening to the country’s blog scene in the next 2-3 years? (e.g shifting trends/change in content/style of writing etc.)

Already the number of bloggers boomed in the past few years, i reckon there will be more bloggers popping up in the blogosphere in the years to come. I think there will be more blogging about very niche subjects, whether to do with a type of food, exercise, travel, fashion, etc. I find that a majority of the blogs i bump into which happen to be Malaysian tend to have a very straightforward journalistic style about them. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, just that i wish to see more new and different ways of expressing themselves online.

You also write about travel, music and life in general. What have been some of the perks of having such a popular and well read blog?

I must admit the perks are a great addition to my being a blogger! 😉 I receive a lot of free products so i’ve got really spoilt! It’s great, cos i get to play around with all these things i like without having to spend as much money.

I’ve got some trips sponsored as well. So far, I’ve got sponsored to travel to Hong Kong, Cebu, New York and Singapore. New York was fantastic, i got to stay in the middle of Times Square and rode in a limo! As for my trip to Singapore, Marina Bay Sands put me up in a gigantic suite with three butlers. Enough said!

What advice would you offer to aspiring bloggers, freelancers and wordsmiths who want to follow a similar career path?

Do it because you love it, and not for anything else. If you’re doing it for the money (which is not a lot and only comes much later) then you’re probably not going to make it. Write about things you love, things that inspire you, and try to keep it positive.

What inspires you the most?

Travelling for sure! Travelling allows me to see how others live, their surroundings, nature, exotic foods, different styles of dressing… appreciating life. Museums inspire me a lot too…. i always feel like getting down with something creative every time i return from a museum!

Who is one person you are dying to interview dead or alive? Why?

Salvador Dali. I feel he’s an artist i already learn so much and am inspired by. He’s not just a fine artist, but he did fashion, jewelry, glass, interior design, advertising. He’s truly an artist of life.

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In your opinion, how’s the fashion scene in Malaysia?

I think it’s changed drastically since 4 years ago – when girls started discovering shopping in Bangkok (which is thankfully so near us), when more boutiques opened all over the place making good style easily available, when girls started surfing more online (mags, lookbook, chictopia, blogs) for inspiration.

We still have a long way to go. We’re nowhere near Bangkok, Jakarta or Singapore in terms of the percentage of people who dress well. But we’re getting there. We just need to take more pride in our appearance and bravery in creativity when dressing up!

Do you think bloggers influence Malaysian fashion?

Not just bloggers, but all the other platforms that spread word so quickly on the Internet. Bloggers have an influence for sure, readers see them as personalities that are intimate, rather than an impersonal publication that speaks to the masses.

What do you think about AW and SS  trends in Malaysia?

It would be silly for us to adopt AW trends when our weather here is so ridiculously hot! Unless you’re popping into an air con room every day, then it’s acceptable. But generally i feel the heat is getting to me and i’m just trying to keep my dressing as cool and comfortable as possible!

I see myself adopting summer styles to wear all year round here. Things like patterned shorts/bicycle tights, lacey or holey tops for lots of air to go through!, cooling flats. To be honest i don’t really follow trends much… i just go with what i feel like wearing for the day! And for now, that’s not a lot. Less is more in hot weather!

Where is your favourite place to shopping around KL?

Boutiques in Bangsar like Never Follow Suit are great for options that you won’t spot on other people around. They usually stock 2-3 pieces per design. Flea markets are a favourite – great bargains and finds as long as you have the determination to hunt! Other than that i go weak in the knees for Topshop, and some things from Zara.

How would you define your personal style?

My personal style is schizophrenic. Some months in the year i go all rock and punk. Other months i go dressy and girlie. I think i’m mostly colourful and slightly funky. I love colour and patterns, never get bored of them, and even better so when they’re fused with assymetrical cuts. My accessory collection is from all my travels, so i own lots of unique pieces i keep carefully in ziplock bags!

What is one must-have item that you think everyone should have in their closet?

If i could choose one item that EVERYONE has to own in their closet, i’d pick a loose colourful patterend top. Because i think most people wear too much black/white/grey. Some colour on everyone would be great.

What are your favour designers or labels?

If i had all the money in the world, i’d go for Proenza Schouler, Rodarte, Vivienne Westwood, Alexander Wang and Haider Ackermann.

What’s your favourite fashion moment?

I think it has to be when i was flown to NYC with a bunch of fashion media and bloggers from all over the world to cover the movie launch of Sex and The City 2. We all dressed up and were fetched in a stretch limo to the screening, and drank and mingled at the after-party at Bergdorf Goodman later that night. I met some of the cast and Nigel Barker!

What do you think is the best and worst thing about the fashion industry?

The worst thing is probably the consumerism it promotes – wastage, overexpenditure, causing people to buy things they cannot afford. The best thing is the creativity and its presence as an art form. The fashion industry is a wonderful outlet for people who are artists in love with fashion (make up, styling, designers).

You were the Managing Director for Tongue In Chic, whats the biggest challenge you face back then?

Juggling my duties as MD for TIC, and my personal blog KinkyBlueFairy.net at the same time. I basically didn’t have time for a life.

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What made you decide to quit the position and have your own line?

I quit my position cos i wanted to concentrate more on KinkyBlueFairy.Net. It was doing well and i felt i had to dedicate all my time to it, instead of just a few hours nightly. As for founding Leftblock.com, it’s a platform where we are able to carry out creative fashion projects in whatever way we feel. Our first project was to edit Nike’s SS collection, and have a fashion show.

After that was when we decided to start our own label under the same name. launched our new collection, where pieces are custom-made-to-order. Reason we’ve veered towards that is because so many girls in KL have different body types and sizes. And we didn’t want to be a label that just provided for ‘skinny girls’. Who knows, we might have an art exhibition next time!

Whats your line all about and the core style of the brand?

It’s rather selfish, but the core style is what we WANT to wear, and find it difficult to buy or nonexistant. It’s basically designs we’d like to own ourselves! Pieces that are funky, one of a kind, easy to wear, etc. It’s all a mix up of various style choices.

What is Leftblock’s philosophy?
We make clothes that we want to wear ourselves. We don’t have one exact style we keep to, but most of our pieces are casual and keep up to streetstyle that we adore. Leftblock produces pieces that can be worn for a casual afternoon shopping out, to an event or party. We love our colours and crazy patterns, but don’t forget about some basics that every girl should have as well.
How does Leftblock stand out from the crowd in the world of online boutiques? What is the feedback like?
For one thing, we don’t source any of our items from Bangkok or a wholesaler. All items’ fabric is sourced by us, and all designed by us. It’s completely unique and you will NOT find our items on any other website. When we released our first collection online, we received great feedback from lots of people – shopaholics, bloggers, journalists. As for business, we got more orders from Brunei, Singapore and Australia. Some Malaysians said our things were too expensive for them, and we’ve tried to bring our prices down cos if anything, we really want to provide alternative and affordable dressing for the girls in Malaysia.

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