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Browserie: eyebrow tattoo embroidery

Comments (0) Beauty, Fashion, Style & Beauty

There are pros and cons with being predisposed to having less hair as a woman. My ‘hairier’ girlfriends claim we don’t have to commit to as many waxing or IPL sessions, whereas women like me (less hairy, to the point i have nil on my arms) feel the need to get eyelash extensions or eyebrow embroidery to accentuate those almost-nonexistent features.

Once you try eyebrow embroidery, it’s hard not to return. I like keeping my time – to look presentable – to a minimum, and if it means saving one minute drawing my eyebrows (or more like, being able to roll out of bed for breakfast on a weekend without making an effort); then it’s a total WIN for me.

It has been just over two years since i had my first eyebrow embroidery session, and was absolutely due for a redo.

Brow Stylist Andrea Ong emailed me to offer her signature feathered microblading 6D service; and it was an opportune collaboration. My brows were starting to look sparse (again, hello Chinese brows) and i thanked the Universe for perfect timing.

She runs Browserie, a tattoo embroidery company based in Petaling Jaya that uses a technique that features soft, natural hair strokes that mimic real hair. This treatment offers long-term solutions for over-plucked eyebrows, thin / uneven eyebrows 🙋‍, old embroidery tattoo work that has grown a weird reddish tinge 🙋, or anyone who wants to add more volume and precision to their eyebrows. Besides eyebrows, Browserie also has tattoo embroidery for eyeliner and lips (all which last 1-2 years).


Her salon was a pleasant pink surprise filled with plants and crystals, which proved a soothing space!



My eyebrow shape and style was customized with Andrea’s expertise, based on the angles and shapes of my eyes. Every eyebrow shape is uniquely created to frame the windows to your soul and fit your face and bone structure the best.




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