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Across the past week, i’ve had the honour of experiencing some major love vibes

I feel things differently at the moment… i don’t know when it started, it just did

Last Saturday, i could feel my energy booming out like a massive ball from the centre of my body
in large soft waves
it kept cascading out, over and over
till i felt like i could see it
i could definitely feel it
it was so intense
this deep profound love
that i had to stop and take deep slow breaths
my eyes wide from disbelief and awe

+ + +

Yesterday i met T’s fiancee for the first time
I begged him to tell me the story of how they fell in love in India
and he obliged with simple words that struck the core of my heart
I could feel this deep intense love enveloping our table
I was a little taken aback cos rarely do i experience these sorta emotions in public in KL
It happens in Bali yeah, but here..?
I felt my eyes well up from the sheer love i felt emanating from him
Again, it was so tangible i felt like i could see it softly falling from above, blanketing us as a group
His love for her, our love for them, just pure love…
It was so touching.
I looked over and saw her eyes shining with tears too
His words trailed off as his story slowly ended…
and i said, “Oh my god stop i’m gonna start crying!” and quickly wiped the undersides of my eyes before my make up ran.

+ + +

Today i was on Facetime with B, who received a beautiful bunch of gifts from her partner
They weren’t expensive but they took a lot of effort
One was a collage of all the skype pix he took of her, from their conversations across a year
“That’s really so sweet!” i complimented
“I know right? I was crying in the shower!”
“Hahaha cry cry cry!”
“… I’m really happy for you,” i quietly said to her.
And then she started crying and wiping the tears from her eyes.
Even from across the screen, i could feel this thick love.
And bloody hell i started tearing too and quickly said, “Oh for God’s sake now i’m gonna cry, BYE!” and promptly ended the call before we all lost the plot in the middle of a work day.

+ + +

Our hearts must be so open to feel love to the extent it brings us to tears…
I feel so fortunate to feel this, and share this love from their* experiences as well.

And to feel like this, isn’t it the reason we’re all alive?


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