Wednesday March 31, 2004

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Dear Ashley, this is for you

To my best friend.

I won’t know where you are all the time
I won’t always know when you aren’t fine
I won’t know at which second you would be crying.
I won’t know exactly what it is you’re thinking

Despite all that and probably more
I want to be there when you trip and fall
Cos you are there when I falter
Showing me what’s wrong
And what I should alter
So please realise this simple thing:
It’s 4 in the afternoon
Or 5 in the morning
Swotting away for an exam I’m having
Or immersed in my alcohol
Dancing and partying

You just have to ask.
And I’ll be there.

(((  I didn’t think my last two sentences required rhyming. :p  )))

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