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Joyce Wong

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Joyce Wong started this blog in Feb 2004 because she had too many things to say, pictures to share and experiences that, if she didn’t write down, she would forget. She blames her atrocious memory on copious amounts of alcohol intake in her early years. She has since, toned down tremendously, with testimony from friends available if needed.

(This is weird, writing as a third person. Let’s drop that shall we.)

It’s kinda funny where this blog has brought me. Because of it (as an outlet for me to express myself), i have been fortunate to experience so much!

- Featured by The News Straits Times, The Star, The Malay Mail, Juice, New Man, Torque, Surf!, Men’s Health, KLue, Health & Living, FACES, Cleo, Marie Claire, Emmagem, Hanger, etc.
- Blogged about by Kenny Sia, and Karen Cheng.
- Named by Channel [V] as Malaysia’s Top Female Lifestyle Blogger (’07)
- Appeared in a Levi’s campaign (08)
- Shot by director Peter Bannan for an Intel ad for MTV ft. creative individuals from Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia (08)
- Okay list was getting long, so you can view the others *HERE*

- Western Digital
- Power Over Cervical Cancer campaign (’10) Article on The Star here.
- Singapore Tourism Board (’11)
- Dove chocolates (’11)
- Bodytone Powerplate (’12)
- Shu Uemura (’13)
- Celebrity Fitness (’14)
- Airbnb (’15)

Campaign model
La Senza Cervical Cancer Awareness campaign (’11)
- Estee Lauder Beautiful Earth Campaign (’11)
- Watson’s (’13)
- Mitsubishi (’13)
- L’Oreal (’14)

- The Styliste launch
- Official launch of Blackberry Bold 9700 + Storm2 9520 Malaysia (’10)
- Che Che New York x Hello Kitty launch (’10)
- Hanger SS10 launch
- Pole Stars Malaysia 2010 Competition
- Gallo AW 2011 fashion show
- Shiseido Ibuki launch (’13)
- eBay Trunk Show (’13)
- Vidal Sassoon #GetSassooned launch (’14)
- Rent A Dress launch (’14)
- Love Bonito launch (’14)

- Animax Fashion Design competition (’07)
- Cleo Beauty Awards (’09)
- Gallo Styling Contest (’11)
- Glam Asia’s Top Glam Bloggers (’12)
- Harper’s Bazaar Beauty Awards (’13) 

Creative/Art projects
- Heineken Green Room State Of Mind project (’08)
- Fred Perry Mod Meets Bold (’10)
- Live in Levi’s (’14)

- Cebu for Malaysia Airlines
- Singapore Audi Fashion Week for Singapore Tourism Board
- New York for SATC 2 premiere for HP (’10)
- Hong Kong for Disneyland HK (’10)
- Brisbane for Future Music Festival (’12)
- Shanghai for Benefit Cosmetics’ Glamouriety Premier (’12)
- Phuket for Sri Panwa resort (’12)
- Bali for One Eleven resort (’13)
- London for Qatar Airways (’13)
- Hong Kong for Cathay Pacific, Accor Hotels + HK Tourism Board (’13)
- Germany for Lufthansa Airlines (’14)
- Korea (Seoul and Jeju) for Airbnb (’14)
- Phuket for Awesomeness Fest (’14)
- Seoul for OMEGA launch of De Ville Butterfly (’14)
- Sydney for NBC Universal/launch of Fashion Bloggers (’14)
- Paris for Uniqlo (’14)
- Japan for Glico / Pocky (’14)

Public Speaking
- on New Media at Sedaya and Taylor’s colleges (’08)
- on Marketing and New Media at YouthSays Convention PWTC (’09)
- on Social Media platforms at the Asian Bloggers & Social Media Convention (’10)
- on Social Media platforms at advertising agencies Naga DDBO (’09) and Dentsu (’11)

In the past, I threw indie rock party nights called Cat Got Your Tongue with radio announcer Rudy. Previous parties took place in Heritage Mansion, Palate Palette, and Barsonic, Zouk. You can join our Facebook group here.

Once in a while, i spin (or rather, select songs) with Sarah Chan under the pseudo DJ name SalahWrong. The name is a merge of ours Sarah Chan + Joyce Wong = Salah Chan + Joyce Wrong = SalahWrong. Our past gigs have included Cloth & Clef, Palate Palette, Barsonic, Lava Lava (Johor), MNEP for a Heineken event, and the Hanger SS11 party. We’ve also been named Song Selektors 2009 by Juice Magazine. I’m pretty sure they made the award up cos they love us so much :D


- Appeared on the runway at Malaysian Fashion Week as Justin Yap’s muse
- Inspired a piece in Jimmy Lim’s 2009 collection
- Was one of the personalities chosen by Sonny Son / Eclipse for Illuminare
- Named one of Topshop’s Favourite Bloggers

In February 2010; Chelle Pong, Jacinta Cheng and i formed Leftblock - a company aimed at alternative fashion projects. Our first event was organising a fashion show for Nike Sportswear SS10. We’ve also played music at fashion parties, organized two annual fashion flea markets, and design clothes that we (really hope) can revolutionize style in KL.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + +


I was in media for five years with the exception of spending a year in between working in Brand Development. During my earlier years in media, i wrote primarily on lifestyle issues (food, party, travel, fashion) for publications like The Star, Malay Mail, New Man, Faces, KLue, Junk, Tattle, Vida!, Expatriate Lifestyle,The Expat, etc

In February 2008, i joined Freeform Sdn. Bhd. to founded a regional fashion blog called Tongue In Chic. Throughout my role as Managing Editor, it was fantastic to see the fashion community grow closer with contributions from fashion bloggers in KL, Singapore, Philippines, HK and Indonesia. Am also appreciative of being interviewed by BFM 89.9 and Unseen.TV (watch vidoe here). In October 2009, i decided to leave my full-time position.

In August 2011, i joined Universal McCann with the designation Lead Storyteller. My father asked what sort of job i was doing when he heard that one. I was a Social Media Strategist and work on Digital Advertising. My contract for UM just ended in August 2013!

In October 2013, i moved into my own office with a small team. We work on content for the KinkyBlueFairy blog, an e-commerce store selling fun and colourful lifestyle products, dabble in some PR and event services, supply party accessories and deco to events and festivals, and basically anything that tickles our creative fancy.


I strive for travel, food and love. I think i’ve spent a huge chunk of whatever i’ve earned on traveling alone, and i hope my thirst for seeing the world never stops! I took a year off working in 2010, and used that year just to travel (okay admittedly i freelanced too). Never regretted it, and just makes me crave for more.

In the soon-to-be future, i WILL own a beautiful guesthouse by the beach or in the forest. Can you imagine?! I’ll decorate the rooms in crazy ways, entertain guests with my stories and dancing, cook, contribute to the education of little and big ones around me, and breathe fresh air every day.

I would also like a horse, two giraffes, two dolphins (but they should run free…), a cruise ship that can sleep lots of friends and a team to run it, and my own theme park.



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