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Malaysian History is made

Comments (2) Musings & Personal

What a jubilant week it has been for many Malaysians!

I never thought change of this extent would come now… really not.
To have previously cringed every time we made world news in the past 10 years; to revelling in the fact we’re now described as the beacon of Asian democracy, having the world’s oldest prime minister, and appointing our first female deputy prime minister… it felt like a dream.


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Whitstable Oyster Festival

Comments (0) Food, Food, Drinks & Desserts

I went to Fort gyms earlier today, and was telling Brian about the oyster affair i had at Southern Rock Seafood last Sunday.
B: I never liked oysters
Me: Well, i guess you either love them or hate them… *tries to be diplomatic*
B: I had my first oyster and was like yuck
Me: Ok stop. I think we can’t be friends anymore

I love oysters…!!! It’s one of my favourite foods.
When i was under Aunt G and Uncle M’s care in London at 17, i devoured all the oysters they’d proffer me till Aunt G told my dad, “Your daughter loves oysters and foie gras, and she’s becoming very expensive to feed!”

Thinking about oysters got me reminiscing about the day i ate so many oysters, i didn’t touch them for a whole year after.
Imagine that.
I out-oystered myself (which i never thought possible). And then i realised – i have all the pix from this particular day edited and in my blog’s backend for years *cough* and never posted them.

So in memory of my most marvelous oyster-binging day… a whole bunch of pix.




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Bali: Uluwatu Surf Villas

Comments (0) Bali, Explore, Travel & Stay, Indonesia, Stay, Travel

After staying at Karang SaujanaRahul, Murat & i headed to Uluwatu Surf Villas, where it’s my third time staying and 4th time visiting. It’s got one of the best peaceful vibes in Bali cos it’s so secluded on the cliffside with the beach just below, nature all around and the endless breeze blowing in from the ocean.


Veron joined us from SG, and Mario from JK. So there were 5 of us in the 3-bedroom villa. I roomed with Rahul! And Dino.



Seafood dinner in Jimbaran courtesy of Mario, thank you!



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Chinese metaphysics: my BaZi reading at Joey Yap consulting group

Comments (0) Spiritual, Health & Develop

I was adamant that the next post i publish was to be on this topic, and it took me ages getting it together cos i wanted to transcribe the 1.5hr-long audio note of our session myself (in between bouts of work & errands), and any writer who’s had to transcribe before will know how long that takes!

The last time i had a Chinese reading was with my dad’s feng shui master when i was 29 (what he foretold was scarily on point). Then i had a human design chart reading as a Christmas present in my early 30s from DB (which was so in-depth that we didn’t finish it after a 2hr sess), and a Hindu astrology one introduced to me by Jun’s mum when i was 33 (probably to find out whether we were compatible, which we now know the answer to).

All these readings are based on exactly the same requirements (birth date, time, place), and regardless of which belief system they come from – i discovered that the main messages of all the readings i received kept pointing me to the same direction.

It’s been a couple of years since my last reading, with the only ones i’ve had are the occasional tarot card readings i do for myself.

Kristy from the Joey Yap Consulting Group reached out to me, and it felt like opportune timing. After my last break up, i’ve felt this urge to do so many different things, which also result in me being a little confused and wary of what to do next as not to waste my time and energy.

A little divine direction never hurt!

I had my session at their office in Mid Valley on a Thursday at 3pm. The time was important, cos whatever time the BaZi reading is given, has a specific chart to be referred to for time of reading, as our charts are continuously changing with time.

My consultation was by Jasper Lam, with Kristy sitting in lest he couldn’t find the right word in English to explain something to me (tho he fared pretty well and Kristy only had to step in twice).

This is Jasper & i, so you can envision him. Good-natured guy with a jovial demeanour.

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Happy 35th Birthday to me!

Comments (10) Birthdays, Musings & Personal

Wow what a week. Getting older makes one more pensive.
Every time my birthday rolls round since i’m 30, i started getting the birthday blues but the moment it’s my birthday eve i’m all happy and good again.

Random thoughts / realisations / happenings for birthday week:
– i’d like to learn how to earn even more money, cos recently i’ve been struggling with my property bills (ugh) and it makes me feel like a terrible adult. so i need to learn how to adult better.
– who i was in the past isn’t who i am anymore. i realised that i enjoy my company a lot more, the music i prefer listening to has changed (by my measuring on how it makes me react and feel and do and think), i value and appreciate factors like time + love in its many various forms
– my friends are awesome… i will always the remember the love i especially got from my closest friends who reached out in their ways to let me know how much they love me. it touches me very much (oh man super emo)
– i preferred to see my parents (cos they did* make me…) over flying to Jakarta to watch Katy Perry (Rahul already put me on the guestlist, and my accommodation was sorted) on my birthday.
– i want to have children soon. unfortunately, don’t have suitable candidate in sight yet. I just realised i’m so picky. I not only want my partner to resonate with me on a soul level, but also on a bodily, mental, and spiritual frequency. Good luck to me. Maybe i’m asking for too much. Maybe i *am* too much.
– the thing i want to continue striving for, is more love. Love for myself, the people around and whom i love, my work, my art, my writing, my life, everything surrounding me, nature, the stones, the sand, the air. Life.


Thank you to Centro Hair Salon (colourist Han) for my birthday locks 🌈


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