Interview with Nicole Kidman in Seoul, Oct 2014

Early this month, OMEGA invited me to Seoul along with various other guests from all over the globe to celebrate the OMEGA De Ville Butterfly, an enchanting new addition to OMEGA’s Prestige collection.

Read about the spectacular launch of the OMEGA De Ville Butterfly i attended *here*

The day after the launch, we had a press conference to interview Nicole Kidman.


Yes yes i’ve received so many comments that she’s so tall and i should’ve worn my heels. The truth is that i was super hungover from the big party the night prior, and wanted to be comfortable wearing my flats that morning XD

Nicole is such a beautiful person… and true beauty radiates from within. Her true beauty is so quietly powerful that it can stun a whole room into awe, no joke. It was an immense pleasure to meet her, and discovering that she’s such a sweet LOVELY being.

All the media were divided into three groups for the interview sessions, and i personally feel that i was in the most interesting one… her answers at times were emotional, due to the recent passing of her father. For a brief moment her eyes went extra shiny and she almost cried, and the room froze cos nobody knew what to do. I was almost in tears watching her and felt like running up to give her a big hug! I probably should have now that i look back. Who cares what a freak people will think i am. When someone is sad you hug them!

Anyway, she regained her composure magnificently and continued the session. I couldn’t help nodding my head at some of her answers. She’s got it, you know? She gets life. Which is probably why she’s so successful.

Enjoy reading her answers, i definitely thoroughly enjoyed listening to them.


Asia’s the most important market for OMEGA and you have been their face for ten years. Why do you think you have so much appeal for the consumers of the brand and what do you think are nowadays the standards of beauty?

I don’t know why. I know that I believe in their products. I believe in their watches and I’ve had an incredible relationship for a decade now, which is amazing. And so I can speak very passionately about the watches and the authenticity of them as a company and the way in which they – I mean, the exquisite craftsmanship that goes into their watches so . . . I think the world is important to them, not just Asia. I think obviously they do very, very well. They’re sort of the supreme brand in terms of watches. I know all my girlfriends are always asking, “Can you get me a watch?” Which is a good sign, right? And the other question was . . . ?

What do you think nowadays is the standard of beauty?

I think it’s diverse. I think beauty now is so – the great thing is that because we have so much access to so much information and therefore, the world is so much smaller, what we consider to conform to “beautiful” has completely broadened. And that’s great and important because beauty is always, as they say, in the eyes of the beholder and ultimately, beauty is who you are. And I think everyone would say that – that you meet someone who looks fantastic, but then you get to know them and suddenly not so good. And the opposite. Somebody that you get to know, you see their inner light, the more and more appealing and the more and more beautiful they get and ultimately, that is the most important thing.

Speaking of beauty, can we ask about your secret of not aging at all?

I feel like I’m aging. I find the travel a lot harder now as I get older. I don’t sleep as well as I used to. It’s those sorts of things. I don’t if that’s just – I don’t know what that is but I attribute it to aging. The thing I love about being older and particularly about being an older mother is the patience that you get and the wisdom that comes with that and I love having mothered children in my early 20s and now mothering children in my mid-40s. What I’ve learned as a woman and as a human being is so beneficial to my ability now to raise my children. On the flip side of that, you don’t have the energy. The physical energy. You have the mental energy.

How do you see your life after so much success today?

I look around and I see that I have seen the industry and I have seen the world change over the last couple of decades. I mean when I became, I suppose, really well known internationally, was around Moulin Rouge. That would have been when I was probably at the height of my fame, so to speak. And that was a while ago now and I’ve seen the industry morph and change. There’s a huge benefit in that because I’m able to know why I do it which is because it’s in my blood. And it’s a passion and I love to act. Because I don’t have to act anymore. I could choose not to. But I love it. And how I judge success – Arianna Huffington wrote a fantastic book about this just recently – where success is not power and money and all of the things that you’re running yourself into the ground. But it is how you appreciate life and how you live your life and how you’re able to rest. And how you enjoy your time off, which not enough of us have any more. I so know even with my phone I’m like, “Oh, I’ll just do this one more text. Oh, I’ll quickly get this one more thing. Oh, I’ll just . . .” And before you know it, the two hours you would have spent with your children, you’re quickly finishing and now I don’t do that. I’ll go, “No. I’m not going to do that.” And we have – my husband and I –try to do weekends where we say there’s a tech-free weekend, which is an amazing thing to do. At first it’s really hard. With one of you sneaking it. But ultimately, what it does is it brings you closer together and it makes you all talk and spend more time, which we all need. It’s a great thing to always be discussing: what ultimately is success? As this whole world changes so rapidly, and we know it all is and we can basically work 24/7 if we want.

After such a long and prosperous show business career, what’s next?

I’m doing a film where I do – I tend to do films that are either a short period of time or smaller roles now in places that I’m interested in taking my children. So I’m doing a film called Genius, which is with Jude Law and Colin Firth, again. And I have a film coming out called Before I Go To Sleep, which came out in England but it’s coming out around the world over the next couple of months. It’s a thriller and I love thrillers. And then I have a kids’ film coming out called Paddington Bear, which is, I have to say, adorable. And I also do a lot of work for UN Women. So I have a field trip planned for the beginning of next year for them and they have a big day on the 25th of November, which is the day where they do functions in terms of cinema for peace and the thing that I’m involved in which is violence against women and eradicating that so . . . and that’s something that I really love to do and I also do a lot of raising money for children’s hospitals, particularly for oncology for children who have gone through cancer treatments and things like that, which is a big thing that I do in terms of fundraising. That’s my future.

What has been the most fulfilling aspect of your decade-long relationship with OMEGA?

Just that they are who they say they are. They have incredible quality as anyone who has bought one of their watches knows. It lasts. They have integrity, which is what you want, particularly when you’re purchasing something like a watch. So everything that they are personally, they are in terms of their product as well. And that’s the greatest endorsement you can give a company. And as you’ve seen, even just doing something like this, they do it perfectly and with such class and that’s how they make their watches and you can’t say anything more about them other than that they’re quality. They’re also very philanthropic. They’ve been involved in UN Women for me. They’ve done a number of events where they will also make sure that they’re giving back – particularly in terms of everybody’s different charities. They have another one now, Orbis, which is a plane that flies around the world delivering eye care to people with treatable and preventable blindness. I’m going to get involved with that a little bit more as well. I really believe in karma for a company, and I think their karma’s really good.

How do you feel when you put on an OMEGA watch?

There’s so many different types of watches – that’s what so beautiful. Say this, which is the De Ville Butterfly, it has the butterflies on it I feel is incredibly feminine and light and the Ladymatic just has – I think that is opulent. I mean you wear that and people stop me in the streets (because of it). They see that and they go . . . It’s an exquisite watch; whereas this is something you can where with a t-shirt but it’s chic. It’s very, very chic.

If there’s a piece of advice that you could give your twenty-something or thirty-something self, what would it be?

This is a think I always say and I so apply now because I’ve been reminded of it in the past few weeks. I’ve gone through a tragedy for our family, which has absolutely shattered our family. That is, live in the moment because you never know what’s going to happen. And having just lost my father, which is just devastating for me because I was so close to him, just live. And he lived like that. He was so joyful and I can sometimes worry and have more of that thing about worrying about the part, worrying about my children, he would always be, “Nicci, don’t worry.” And I so take that to heart now. He would just say, “Nicci, be happy.” And that is how I’ve pledged to live my life from this point on because of him and what he gave me. And he was also – and I speak about this because it’s important for me because I’m his legacy now – he was also about the underdog. He was about always taking care of people who didn’t have as much or who were less fortunate. He was a psychologist. He was a giver. And that is what I hope he’s given me and my sister and that’s what we always say we will continue to do. We will live the way he lived, which was just, I had an incredible father.

That beautiful lesson that your dad taught you to be happy, what do you do when you want to cheer yourself up?

Hug my children. Kiss my husband. Make love, not war. And really, the simplest things can give so much joy for me. That’s one of the great things getting older. I don’t need that much. I can look at a sunrise. I can go for a swim in the ocean, that makes my day. I can go and play in the park with my kids and when you’re 17, that’s like (groans). But at this age, that’s just joyful for me. And to see them I think also part of getting older is seeing the joy in others. And so much is being able to see them having fun and love life and love things. That’s why we always do big Christmases and I’m doing a big Hallowe’en party and I just love seeing their excitement. That would be – my husband always says that, he says, “You always love seeing other people have a great time” but that’s just me. I’m like that. That’s probably why I’m an actor too because I like to see other people laugh and enjoy themselves and that gives me joy. That’s enough for me.

What is the main thing you learned from your role in UNIFEM and UN Women?

The extraordinary strength of the human spirit. That even under enormous duress and even under enormous pain and the way in which women who I’ve interviewed and talked to have had things done to them that you feel you would never survive, and they do and those people are the true heroes. Those people get to somehow move from being a victim to a survivor and it’s an extraordinary feat. Something that I’m also really interested in in terms of filmmaking is the human spirit and the way in which we can survive because the strength of human beings is extraordinary. Even under enormous duress and what we can go through and still come out the other end and I’m fascinated by that, artistically, emotionally, psychologically and I’ve seen women in many – I’ve travelled the world and interviewed women who’ve been victims of war crimes, been abused, had domestic abuse and still managed to seize the day. Still managed to push forward and accept the gift of life.

It makes you stronger.

I don’t even know if it’s stronger. It some sort of way in which there’s an ability to grasp why we’re here and a purpose, I suppose is what really I hear. And a lot of that purpose is giving back and helping other people.

Is it easy to be part of a couple with two famous partners?

I think if there is an enormous amount of love. Yes, it’s not even is it easy or hard, it’s just meant to be. And I am fortunate that I have a partner who is just an extraordinary man and that makes it incredibly easy. It makes me very, very grateful too.


Ben & Elizabeth’s Carnival Wedding!

I went to what is possibly the wedding of the decade in KL last Saturday.
When i was having lunch with my parents earlier, i told them i was going for a wedding that night.
My dad asked, “Where is it?”
And i said, “Chin Woo stadium.”
Him: A stadium?? How many people are they inviting??

I didn’t know, but i was excited!
Knowing Ben, i was sure he’d have a massive party planned.
I should have guessed that Elizabeth would have played a big part in its overall creativity too…

When Sarah and i approached the foot of the hill on which the stadium was on, i spotted beams of light coming from the building. I was like, “Dude. They’ve got laser lights…”

There was a queue of cars crawling up the hill, and we were directed to park at the lot below instead, which was better than being stuck in traffic. I guess the stadium wasn’t nearly big enough… XD

When we approached the wedding, i realised what the theme was… a carnival!


The registration at the entrance were designed to look like carnival ticket booths, games flanked either sides of the entrance, and topless waiters pulled back apple red curtains to reveal a show of lights spinning around inside. There was a carousel! AT A WEDDING. HELLO BEST WEDDING EVER ALREADY?!



Sorry blur picture. Too excited and wanted to start running around to play.

Champagne swept past us on silver platters every ten minutes, there were SO many people to talk to, and a multitude of food stalls set up inside and outside. I didn’t even get to taste EVERYTHING cos there was so much to do!

Everyone’s attention was called to the carousel when the bride and groom were ready to make their entrance, and paving their way through the crowd was a ballerina in a zorb ball. Seriously… what a brilliant idea! I want to know who thought of that.


They gave a speech, and despite the colourful chaos going on around, there were emotional gulps in the crowd. I just stood there with my champagne in hand, listening and wishing them all the best from my heart.
You can be sibuk and watch their tasteful wedding video *here* 


The yam seng was so ons. Imagine a whole stadium of people yam seng-ing.

On right is Sarah and i.
I’m wearing a black dress from ABS by Allen Schwartz, provided by Rent A Dress.
Love love love their business concept of renting out designer gowns and dresses!
It’s true that now everyone has seen me wear this, i’m not gonna want to wear it again… it’s just more economical to rent than spend thousands on a dress you only wear once or twice. They’ve got some new designs i spotted from Monique Lhuillier, DVF, Justin Yap, and more. Check out

Sarah is wearing a yellow gown made by Syomir Izwa.

While sampling oysters, fresh tuna sashimi and foie gras cotton candy; we were invited to step outside for a special show…


Snag a much-needed vacation on Wednesdays!

It has to be a Wednesday.
It can’t be any other day cos… it’s for a promotion on Agoda called Visa Wednesdays ;)

Back by popular demand for the second time this year, Malaysia Visa cardholders will enjoy awesome deals every Wednesday on thousands of accommodation choices around the world,

As long as you’ve got a Malaysian-issued Visa card, you’ll enjoy additional 12% savings on bookings for Australia, New Zealand, North America, Europe and the Middle East, while bookings for all other destinations will get you 10% off. These savings go on top of the existing promotional rates you get on

Here are a few places i stayed via Agoda when i took my parents to Bali in August!


We stayed at the breathtakingly beautiful Kamandalu Resort & Spa in Ubud.


In Seminyak, we stayed in a sky pool villa in TS Suites!


And in North Bali, we stayed at the charming Aneka Lovina Villas & Spa.

Ah just looking at the pictures makes me miss Bali… Baliiiiii i miss you!!! I may go everywhere around the world but you’ll always have a special place in my fairy heart.


If you’re planning your year-end holiday or a weekend getaway, don’t forget to set a reminder on Wednesday mornings so you reap more discounts on Agoda! All you need is a Visa card and an internet connection ;)

I don’t think there’s any other deal like this going on right now so take full advantage of it!
It’s only going on till 26th November 2014!

Visa Wednesdays is made possible exclusively for Visa cardholders and customers, with more to come in the future.
Make your bookings via


New TV Show Fashion Bloggers Debuts!

I was flown to Sydney for a few days to attend the launch event of Fashion Bloggers, a new TV show by The Style Network in Australia. It debuted on October 15th and follows the lives of 5 of Australia’s top fashion bloggers!

In Malaysia, Fashion Bloggers airs at 10pm every Wednesday night on Channel E! (Ch712 on Astro).


We stayed at Fraser Suites on Kent Street. It was a very comfortable room in which i spent most of my hours in working! The only time i went out in Sydney was to see my cousin for dinner, interview the bloggers, and attend the launch event at night.

a-sydney-fashion-bloggers-tv-launch-4-fraser-suites a-sydney-fashion-bloggers-tv-launch-5-superadrianme-kinkybluefairy

It was my first time meeting Adrian of and he ended up being my partner in party time.
Read his post on Fashion Bloggers *here*


My lunch, it was a mere few hours after our breakfast and i was the only one who unabashedly finished the whole meal… i was literally starving by then and will admit not that i am one of those annoyingly skinny people who eat a lot.


My clutch is from KLUTCHED, it’s stocked in Shoes Shoes Shoes and M Store in KL, Galeries Lafayette in Paris, and Mandarin Gallery in Singapore.

a sydney-fashion-bloggers-tv-launch-1


With Melanie from Lipstiq, Karman from StyleXStyle, and me!


I’m wearing earrings and dress from Shoes Shoes Shoes.
The dress actually comes with separate zippered pieces for the top, and a flared bottom, but i decided against it for the look that night.


Laugh Malaysia!

Laugh Malaysia with Harith Iskander

Harith Iskander, the Godfather of Malaysian Stand-up Comedy, will be headlining Malaysia’s largest comedy gig happening Oct 29th, 2014 at Bukit Jalil Stadium. Called Laugh Malaysia, the show will also be featuring his fellow comedians Dr. Jason Leong and Papa CJ.

Get your tickets at *HERE*


On left is Harith and i.
Wow, i managed to find my old blogpost when we went to the Miss Malaysia/World contest in 2006 :p
How time flies… like i told him, i turned around and suddenly he’s got two daughters!

On right is pic shot at my tailor’s, cos i’m getting her to make fashion bibs for me to wear when i eat curry and soupy food. I’m sick of meticulously arranging paper napkins on my chest! I wonder why i didn’t just do this before! Making some extra ones so i can sell them on KinkyBlueFairy :)


Above was taken when i went for Yiu Lin’s private launch of her new Shoes Shoes Shoes boutique in Telawi.
The space is GORGEOUS and women in there were going crazy… i saw so many pieces that caught my eye but they sold out in my size in mere minutes -_-


I returned the next day (i had to rush off to work) and bought new sparkly shoes that make my heart sing!

On right is Sweet Ee looking incredibly sweet, on a rare night we worked till 11pm. We decided to work off-site and it’s kinda dangerous cos with food and drink at hand, one need not stop… until the restaurant kicked us out cos they were closing.


I crashed the Halston Heritage launch to see Patty and Lexie after the Ferragamo one.
My favourite pair of black heels tragically broke so Patty and i went to Topshop to get a new pair.
We both came out with new clothes and… i didn’t even get a new pair of shoes -_- 

We had Korean for dinner, wine at La Bodega, and i met one of their friends who has “I love Thailand” tattooed on his arm. Hilarious.


Sarah and i caught up at the Marie Claire event.
Check out Deb and her on the cover on the right! Purdy purdy!


One weekend night i went to see Cameron (oh yeah, and his parents too) cos he’s growing up soooo fast!

I swore i just saw him a month ago, and suddenly he’s RUNNING and CLIMBING and not giving a shit that Aunty Fairy is actually really fun and wants to run away from me all the time. He’s still small enough for me to pin down and smother with kisses, but he’s so ROUGH that i’m afraid one of his flinging arms would smack me in the face! Boys! I thought i could continue force-hugging and kissing him till he’s about 4 but now i’m not so sure.


We had steamed egg yolk crab and snails at Luck Kee Seafood Restaurant!


Givin’ some love to Sephora

Beauty department store giant Sephora have been spoiling the KinkyBlueFairy team aplenty by sending us a mystery box every month filled with all sorts of make up; from glittery Stila eyeshadows, to Marc Jacobs’ palettes, Algenist moisturizers, Peter Thomas Roth face masks, and more recently… a whole plethora of the latest EYELINERS.

You should have seen our faces when we opened the box that month.
Screams were muffled and all work halted.

I got Sweet Ee and Jane to take pix of the eyeliners on Jane’s arm,
so from left to right are gel liners, liquid eyeliners, and pencil liners.



I’ve tried most of them and i will give you my own account of which ones are my favourite to use right now. I’m loving:
- #5 (Stila liquid liner in black) because it can draw really thin and really black if you go over twice.
- #9: an automatic pencil liner from Stila that comes in a subtle glittery plum. I use it to on my lower eye line when i’ve applied heavy eyeshadow for a night event. It balances out the heavy top eyeshadow wonderfully. After applying #9, i’d draw a thin line with #5 to pull the whole eye’s look together (i guess a picture would be a better description but i haven’t had time for that!)
- #3: Oh my god this glittery gel liner from Urban Decay is so sick. I loved it so much that i just kept it at home for myself and gave Sweet Ee a separate one for her birthday -_-
- #8: Sweet Ee loves thick black liner and said the Eyeko one is great, i didn’t try that one yet

Sephora had an event for which i wasn’t around for, but knowing them, it would be a ton of fun so i sent Sweet Ee and Joe to go cover it. The below is written by SweetEe:

+ + + + + +

A couple of weeks ago, Joe and I attended an event by Sephora for us to preview the Holiday 2014 from brands like Stila, Too Faced, Make Up Forever, Marc Jacobs, Bliss, etc.


We were stoked to meet many makeup artists and chosen representatives from the brands that flew here from their homeland to speak to us about their collections. It also felt kinda awesome to to try all the latest products that aren’t available on shelves yet.


Joe was instantly drawn to Marc Jacobs’ booth.


I love Marc Jacobs’ packaging – strong, edgy, and cosmopolitan!


Click to view pictures of all the pretty collections that will be released for sale for Christmas holidays!



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