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VPVY “WYSIWYG” x LapSap Private Party featuring Pearly Wong at APW Bangsar

Comments (0) Art, Art, Architecture & Culture, Featured Post, Music

I need to go to bed RIGHT NOW so i’ll do a quick one on this first
because this photography exhibition by Vincent Paul Yong is only showing till 31st August
so get your ass to APW Bangsar on Jalan Riong before it’s over!

Took this picture after i got my make up done and dressed in Pearly Wong by her team.
Don’t know why i suddenly semangat to get a pic, my hair wasn’t done yet and i’m still clutching on to my work bag!

Sandra Wooooo

With my Arien sista Deeeeee


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Page, Arizona: Antelope Canyon

Comments (1) Explore, Travel & Stay, Featured Post, Page, Arizona, Travel, USA

Am i the only one who wants a break from the fashion posts?
Figured i should try to catch up on some travel posts what with the insane barrage of KLFW blogposts!
Thank god for creating new categories on this year’s blog layout (LOLZ @ self. As if i’m going to make a new one next year… so much work!)
I don’t even edit my own blog pictures anymore yet don’t have the time to just sit down and WRITE them.

Well here’s the next one that comes after my last post- on making our way from Bryce Canyon to Page, Arizona.

The first thing we had planned for Page, was to visit Antelope Canyon.
When you see pix of it, you’ll recognise it from the cover of Nat Geo or some travel mags before.

Me with Yishyene.

I’m wearing:
flower headbands from Lovisa (got them on sale for RM8!),
pink dress i’ve worn hundreds of times from Topshop,
necklaces from SSEK Jewelry and Incandescent Coils,
boots from Palladium

We went to the lower antelope canyon which is smaller, but Y read reviews that it was more pleasant to visit as it’s less crowded (especially during peak season which we were bam right in the middle of).

Isn’t it so surreal? I felt like i was going googly-eyed from trying to look in all directions at the various angles of stone and their beautiful shapes.

How could i go to Antelope Canyon and NOT BRING AN ANTELOPE MASK!?
(You can buy the animal masks under the Fun Headgear section on


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Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week KLFW RTW 2015: Adila Long

Comments (0) Fashion, Fashion, Style & Beauty

I’m not really happy about how these pictures don’t express how i feel about Adila Long’s collection as i saw them exhibited on the runway. There is nothing like admiring things with your own eyes. Your REAL eyes. (Not through a camera lens, or through instagram filters even). All i could think about was how majestic some of the outfits looked and which ones i could wear to a majlis should the occasion arise.

For now i guess you just have to be content with these pictures.





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Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week KLFW RTW 2015: FIZIWOO Cruise 2015/16 | Femme Secrète

Comments (0) Fashion, Fashion, Style & Beauty, Featured Post

FEMME SECRÈTE, a direct translation from French would be Female Secret, defines FIZIWOO’s interpretation of femininity with its Cruise 2015/16 collection.

Fiziwoo is somewhat a new brand to me. I don’t know it very well, yet with the little i’ve seen so far, what i’ve garnered is its strong sense of identity that sets it apart from the rest of the designers in the local scene. I mean, you just have to look at the runway photos yourself and you can see what i mean. The style that is interpreted has certain quirks that push the edge, so close that at some points i’m not even sure i like it. I personally think that’s quite challenging in fashion- when you design something that makes people uncomfortable, and then question, “Can i wear that? Would i wear that? Can i pull it off? Do i want to pull it off?!”

Out of this whole collection, there are maybe two or three outfits that i don’t want to pull off,
but for the rest of it- whatever fantasy world Fiziwoo has created in his head, i want in.





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Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week KLFW RTW 2015: Eclipse SPRING SUMMER 2016 | Joie de Vivre

Comments (0) Fashion, Fashion, Style & Beauty, Featured Post

When i was in high school, Eclipse was most of the girls’ first choice to go to for a prom dress. It’s nothing short of respectful that almost two decades on, the label is still standing strong and upbeat in designs that are still on our current wish lists. I just walked into Eclipse a couple of months back with just the intention to ‘look’ and came out with a pair of shoes -_-

Okay fine. I came out with two pairs of shoes.

“This is an exuberant collection, heavy on prints; infused with colour and texture. I call it real fashion, because it’s going to give people something to ‘want’ and something to ‘wear’. Suffice to say, interest in owning pieces from this collection is going to go far beyond the loyal customers. This collection has feel-good, look-good clothes, loaded with an appealing sense of optimistic joie de vivre.”
– Sonny San



You really should click to view the whole post, cos the last few dresses on the runway are practically collectibles for life. Not to mention they appeal to the different type of princesses every girl has inside of them (even the dark broody ones).


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