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Taiwanderland: Bloggers’ trip in Taipei for Ever Rich Duty Free

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Oh boy, get ready for a barrage of pictures of my highlights in Taipei!

Thank you to Claire from Ever Rich who reached out to me via email to engage me for this trip. I returned to KL feeling grateful for all the good vibes i felt throughout my 5-night stay. In the beginning i was a little apprehensive cos it’s been a long time since i’ve scheduled myself to go on a bloggers’ trip by sending my team instead, so i didn’t know what to expect from a social landscape that is suddenly and seemingly unfamiliar to me.

Turns out, i felt very liberated to be myself. Maybe cos i was in the company of new people who carry no attachments to who i’m supposed to be, and everyone in the group very apparently accepted and embraced each other for their individual quirks and personalities. Once everyone got over being tired from traveling on the first day, it was very comfortable and so much fun to just be on this trip and enjoy every aspect of it. Also, everyone was very NICE! Every person in the group was very gracious and generous with the knowledge they had on blogging + photo-editing and exchanging tips amongst each other. Really sweet to watch!

Many thanks also to Jim from Lion Travel who very patiently and constantly spurted historical and informative facts of Taiwan to us, regardless of who was listening. It’s hard to keep bloggers enthralled when OOTDs command higher priority at times 😂

Here we go!

The morning after we arrived, we were all to meet in the hotel lobby at 8am to set off for Ever Rich’s press conference held in their flagship building. My judgement for time was: meet at 8am, wake up at 7am to get ready..? I heard the others woke up at 6am to curl their hair and apply make up. I was like ‘whattttt dedicationnnnn’

a-taiwan-ever-rich-duty free downtown-taipei-1

The lobby of Ever Rich Taipei downtown duty-free shop is ever so grand


L: Me with  Daphne Charice, and Olivia Lazuardy from Jakarta
R: with influencer Peggy Lu from Taiwan


Vice Chairman of Ever Rich Samuel Wu giving a speech on stage. Actually, it was the first time i experienced a dozen people taking to the stage to give a few words! It must be polite Taiwanese culture to do so!


I went on stage with blogger Laureen Muy of Break My Style from Bangkok, to casually chat about our experiences (or lack of, in my case) in Taiwan. The country has been noted down on my bucket list in my phone for 5 years..! I’ve been recommended by like-minded travel friends to go there due to its culture, scenery, food and shopping. It seems to be a unique place that has a balance of many things that i would enjoy so i was stoked to be there for the blog and have everything planned out for me 😀



Mamo and Tuniez from Bangkok, Vice Chairman Samuel Wu, Daphne from KL, Peggy Lu from Taiwan, and moi.


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Sasa Store Opening @ MyTown, Cheras

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Cheras is definitely becoming the place to be. Whether you’re heading towards the new Ikea store for meatballs and furniture; checking out Sunway Group‘s newest offering, Sunway Velocity Mall; or getting happily lost in the abundance of shops and restaurants at MyTown, the newest (and pretty huge by the way) mall in Cheras.

MyTown Shopping Centre

MyTown, which is physically connected to Ikea Cheras (shopping is hungry work, you can walk over for hot dogs and curry puffs ;D), opened its doors to public on 16th March. With stores catering to everyone from tech junkies to the fashionistas and everyone in between, MyTown is already becoming one of the more popular malls to visit in KL. And what mall is complete without a Sasa outlet.

Sasa MyTown Store Entrances

Located at Level 1 (lot 23) of MyTown, the corner lot has entrances facing two different directions, so finding Sasa isn’t really an issue. The Sasa store at MyTown has shelves filled with a huge variety of products, testers at the ready, helpful and polite staff, as well as special deals every now and again.

For the opening of Sasa’s new store, we brought along a few of the influencers that we work with to revel in the festivities along with us.

Amanda Imani Luna Tasha Sasa MyTown Store Opening

Amanda Imani and Luna Tasha all smiles at the Sasa store opening at MyTown :)

Liza Lim Cherrie Liong Sasa Mytown Store Opening

Cherrie Liong and Liza Lim having fun taking their picks from Sasa’s wide range of products.


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Giving Back To Mother Nature: Environmental NGOs & Organizations in Malaysia

Comments (0) Featured Post, Nature, Nature, People & Beings

Joyce: The world is undoubtedly overpopulated, and climate change is a magnanimous issue many political bodies tiptoe gingerly around. As it is, the most we should do is ensure we reduce our personal carbon foot prints as best we can. Take responsibility for our taking up space on this earth! I’ve been recycling everything in my home for 7 years now. It doesn’t take much effort to divide trash (paper, tin, plastic, glass, batteries) to drop off at the recycling centre, and it still blows me away how much recyclables I can amass for a 1-2 person home. Sustainable everything is gonna be a way for the future.. or else there will be none #truth

+ + + + +


We are killing Mother Earth with our bad habits and lazy decisions. How many of us have actually done our part in helping preserve the very thing we so valiantly talk about protecting? There will no doubt be excuses: “Even if I devote my life to recycling, I’m still just one person, how much change can I affect?”, or “I wouldn’t know where to start”.

Okay, prepare to be mind blown. It’s easier than you think. Not every good deed you do for the environment requires you to spend endless hours running around and preaching the rights of Mother Earth. Most of the time volunteers are tasked with work not requiring more than a couple of hours, and these hours are usually during the weekend.

You can even contribute just by donating to help fund some of the organizations that work hard to save the environment. You don’t even need to leave the comfort of your desk (or in my case, sofa) to help make sure the next few generations still have flowers on the sidewalks to smell.

Environmental NGO Kinky Blue Fairy

I took some time out of my day to look for organizations that aid Mother Earth who are looking for volunteers and donations. There are organizations everywhere, and it is easier to help them than driving to 7-Eleven to buy a chocolate bar (if you donate, that is, volunteering takes a bit more energy and time, but it is oh so mentally and emotionally rewarding).

Below is a shortlist of organizations we personally find in having the most potential to help preserve the environment, along with a summary on what these organizations are about and how you can help them.

+ + + + +

The Malaysian Nature Society

The Malaysian Nature Society, which has its roots dating back to as far as 1940, has pioneered conservation and environmental education for over seven decades now. Driven by active and influential society members from all walks of life and professions, while being completely non-profit in nature; the organization is involved in everything from researching and identifying key points of environmental conservation, to managing parks and centers across Malaysia.

The Malaysian Nature Society has collaborated with the Ministry of Education, as well as a private organisation that provided seed funding, to establish the School Nature Club project- also known as KPA (Kelab Pencinta Alam), which is now available at over 318 government schools nationwide.

MNS makes it relatively easy for you to contribute to their cause. You can donate to their Nature Conservation and Education fund, or to a particular project they are currently running. Besides that, they are also open to corporate partnerships and support. As with most NGOs, they are also always looking for volunteers to help them out, or even interns who want to learn what it actually means to be part of an NGO. If you would like to be a member of the Malaysian Nature Society, you can sign up here.

The Malaysian Nature Society
JKR 641 Jalan Kelantan
Bukit Persekutuan
50480 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2287 9422
Email:[email protected]

+ + + + +

Ecocentric Transitions 

Ecocentric Transitions is all about teaching individuals and organisations to transition (pun intended) effectively to a more eco-friendly and sustainable way of living. Led by founders Nisha Firdaus and Ly Mun, who when combined, have over 10 years of experience designing, implementing, and coaching others about how to run sustainable-living based projects.

Among the things Ecocentric Transitions preaches is urban sustainability. They help communities, primarily in urban areas (where the use of natural resources is high, and waste is even higher) to implement systems and approaches that will help them become more self-sustaining. This includes being able to grow some of their own food, reduce energy usage as well as implement better waste management procedures.

Ecocentric Transitions encourages participation and collaborations with corporate bodies and organisations which have similar goals, as well as those who wish to do their part to create a more sustainable environment for the benefit of the community. They have a team of dedicated volunteers but are always looking for more to join the cause, who will be tasked depending on their personal qualifications, with facilitating workshops, photography, writing and garden work. They also welcome applications for internships.


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Great Ocean Road Photo Diary #1: Seaweed Rocks

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A few weeks ago, in between our trips to Melbourne and the Gold Coast, Jun planned a drive down the Great Ocean Road where i made friends with lots of seaweed and kelp and suddenly it’s my favourite thing in the world.


It was a chilly sunrise at Lorne, where i observed a surfer casually go about dipping into the icy ocean. I wasn’t even the least bit inclined to dip my toe in.




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Food Trucks in KL: A Meal At The Mothership

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Kuala Lumpur is in for a treat, because the Mothership has landed. Kuala Lumpur’s latest premium food truck has already begun making waves in the industry.


The Mothership is the brainchild of Malaysian party starters Alvin Teoh & Hoe Yin (more popularly known as DJs Goldfish+Blink) and their partners Simon Lam (Blink’s brother-in-law), who is the head of kitchen operations, along with VJ Anand (the executive creative director),  James Yam and Gerald Quek. The Mothership is the first offering by KAMI (the company started by the partners), and it definitely looks like they’re off to a brilliant start. Blink attributes part of the reason there were minimal hiccups in the planning and implementation stage was due to how these individuals aren’t just partners, but rather, family.

Blink and Simon who are from ‘foodie families’ came up with the idea one day when they were at home talking about the food they’d eaten throughout their travels. Fun fact: Blink’s grandmother is the Madam Kwan of the famed Malaysian Madam Kwan’s franchise, and Simon is a self-taught chef that used to run and manage Chinese restaurants in the UK.


Aside from being probably one of the coolest looking food trucks ever, The Mothership promises that at least 90% of the meals they have to offer are unique and completely new to the food truck industry in Malaysia. Check out the Mothership’s unique take on the hot dog >

Po Dawg The Mothership Kinkybluefairy KL Food Truck

The Po Dawg is a fried popiah shell, filled with pulled chicken as its main stuffing, alongside caramelized onions and The Mothership’s special blend BBQ sauce. It is their best-selling item, and definitely a must try.

Another fan favorite would be The Bolo >


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