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Love Bonito Mid Valley Launch & Fashion Show

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Just before i left for my #KBFsummer15 trip, KinkyBlueFairy and MadHat did the fashion show and launch for Love Bonito‘s first flagship store in Asia, at Mid Valley Megamall! It was a mad scramble coordinating the F&B, models, sponsors, venue set up… and it was a new level of stress altogether. I did think about Rahul and Livescape and how they organise events for tens of thousands of people… i don’t know how they do it. Mad respect. I think i’d pass out and die from the pressure!

Gift bags in the ready filled with with laser treatments from Glo Laser Centres, facial treatments and masks from Bluunis, and vouchers from Triumph International Malaysia and Love Bonito; all collectively worth over RM1200.

I shot this pic some time in the afternoon during the dry run and in between the make up and hair sessions for the models and celebs who were walking the runway for that evening. We got Siew Wai to do the models, and she popped by for a bit as she had another major show to do at Starhill or something, so i sorta became the mother hen who had to herd everyone back and forth the venue and hair salon on the other side of the mall. I was trying not to stress about the time as everyone had a set block of time for hair and make up… and i knew the schedule by heart cos i was the one who created it!

Everyone had their hair and make up done at Centro Hair Salon in Gardens.

Make up was done by Urban Decay Cosmetics.
I am currently using their ‘Crush’ blusher you see in pic as my every day blush.
It looks like a daring pink but comes out lovely on the cheeks!

Miss Universe Malaysia 2013 Carey Ng aka care bear (cos she has big care bear eyezzz)

Miss World Malaysia 2010 Thanuja Ananthan.
I call her my giraffe. Because i love giraffes and i love her and they are both lanky and tall and oh you know what i mean.

I got my hair and make up done too, and Centro Hair Salon were so diligent as to ensure i had a hair look despite my not being on the runway that evening! Power la.


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Festive Raya Banquet Dinner @ The Majestic Hotel

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Just before leaving KL, i was invited to The Majestic Hotel for a preview of their Festive Variety Dinner (buka puasa buffet). I love The Majestic, it’s one of my favourite hotels in the city. I recently had a brilliant Sunday there with Rahul spending hours in the bar, chilling by the pool and going for a session at the Majestic Spa.

The initial plan for the raya buffet was to dress up and go there with Baby for a Fridate night out, but she fell sick so i invited Calvin to join me instead. It’s been close to a year since we’ve met up as he’s been away in LA doing some styling, and was the perfect person to join me cos he’s been missing Malay food too!

Before having dinner, we had a cocktail at the bar at The Smoke House and were pleasantly surprised at the 1-for-1 price (that happens every evening till 8!)

And then it was time to dig in.

The festive banquet dinner is held on Level 3 of the hotel. It serves up an array of local and international cuisine, with a focus on classic Malay dishes due to the month of Ramadan. I was so excited to try dishes that even i’d never experienced before, as the spread is a culmination of generations’ old recipes and traditional culinary knowledge pooled together by Chef Zaidi and his team, coming up to more than a hundred classic Malay dishes!

Kerabu Kerang bersama Taugeh – cockels with bean sprouts

Ikan Bilis bersama Kacang Sambal -fried anchovies with chilli paste and nuts

Popiah Basah

Rempeyek ikan bilis, keropok ikan, malinjau, and keropok udang – fish crackers of diff flavours

Masak lemak siput sedut

I did my best trying a little of every dish (well, as many as i could, there were SO many!) but some were too delicious to have just a little, so i ended up taking more of it to eat…


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Longchamp FW15 Collection Preview @ Pavilion KL

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I don’t always have the time to attend events these days like i used to… but when an invite comes from a brand whose bags i lovingly and constantly carry around the world with me, i try my best to make an appearance and am always glad i did cos of all the new pieces i get to croon over and touch. Damn i sound like a pervert. But a bag pervert alright!?

Derek, Mei Sze, May Sze and i

Didn’t expect it to be so crowded!

I’m not supposed to look at the SS15 pieces but i couldn’t help this one… :p
Amber and i on the right. When will i ever learn to wear heels to all events in case i bump into tallies like her…

This colour combo is love

This whole everything is love. Shape, colour, size. Refrain, Joyce, refrain.

Properly met Emma who told me she used to intern at Tongue in Chic (after i’d left), and runs her own blog now!

Monica of NUYOU, me, Sunshine Kelly, Phin


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What to eat in Macau! Tromba Rija | Canton Restaurant | MGM Pastry Bar

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This is a continuation of my trip in Macau which is just going to be filled with FOOD pictures of where we ate during our trip there (with the exception of our dinner at Robuchon cos THAT deserves a post by itself!).

When we landed, the first place we headed to have dinner was Tromba Rija at Macau Tower.

Tromba Rija was initially founded as a local butcher and wine tavern shop in Leiria, Portugal in 1966. It grew to become a famous formal restaurant, before being brought to Asia and is currently operated by the descendants of its founders, Elisabête and Fernando Real.

The restaurant stays true to its Portuguese roots by serving fine traditional dishes, in a warm and rustic setting that includes private dining rooms and an indoor and outdoor dining area with a view of the water and bridge.


Aps, me and Dhanya.


Over 60 signature dishes are served buffet-style that made us salivate the moment we caught sight of the spread. There were so many colours and ingredients making up the array of dishes including cold cuts, cheese, sausage platters… i took it upon myself to try a little bit of each! There were some exotic foods like pigs’ ears with sweet peppers, and the softest quail in olive oil and vinegar sauce.


Fig salad with Portuguese air dried ham and arugula, chickpeas with sundried tomatoes and basil pesto, and baked sardines.


Camarao cozido com sal e piri piri – Stewed prawns with salt and chilli sauce.


Octopus salad with onion + garlic + coriander + vinegar + olive oil. I love octopus! One of my favourite foods when done well.
There were a lot of nuts and dried condiments, along with sheep and goats cheese that tasted beautiful in my mouth.
I tried breaking open a walnut myself for the first time, just cos i’ve never, ended up getting emotionally attached to another by drawing a face on it and forbade the others from eating my walnut friend.


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Glenfiddich Valley of the Deer @ Carcosa Seri Negara

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Went for a really fancy event at the end of May, called Valley of the Deer. I felt it was going to be, when they sent over a bottle of Glenfiddich, two glasses and a long handwritten note with the invite. Then a week before the event, they sent over ANOTHER invite. I didn’t know about it till Baby said i got a package and that “it looks fancy”.


Who sends two invites for an event? Such a buildup, how not to go.

The evening of, i headed to Extreme Cars at Plaza Damas cos Jessie of Boozeat invited me to ride with them in a stretch limo to the event.


The last and only time i sat in a stretch limo was in New York 5 years ago!
Maybe it’s in my fairy stars to start riding them more regularly again *emoticon with hearts in eyes* (Why can’t i have emoticons in my blog… Phillipppppp)


OHAI can i ride like this to work and around town for my meetings every day? Then i can bring my whole team with me and work while in transit as to save time! XD


John, me, Dennis, Melvin, and Michelle


I always have a good laugh with Dennis!
At the far end is Jessie and Kelvin


You can actually rent this limousine (or other luxury automobiles) under the Extreme Limousines brand for rides!


When we entered the entrance to Carcosa, we were given a gold-embossed Glenfiddich wallet with some cards and Valley of the Deer tokens inside the coin compartment which were proper heavy and to be used for drinks.


I pounced on the canapés once i managed to get a few seconds from talking to people, i was starving!


Apparently so was Jeremy



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