The Hunt

Growing up, I’m sure everyone had that one dream job that they hoped to be in the future. For some it would be something quite noble like a doctor, or it would be an everyday job like being a postman.

As for me?
I grew up hoping to be a spy.

Of course looking back now it sounds silly (or does it?) but it was inspired by my favourite TV series and computer game: “Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?” Carmen Sandiego was the villain who always managed to outsmart the agents by stealing the wonders of the world such as the Egyptian Pyramids or the Taj Mahal. I dreamed of being the one spy who would be able to outsmart the greatest villain and give the world back its treasures. Who wouldn’t love jet-setting around and playing with all the latest cool gadgets?

Here’s the intro vid for a little throwback.

Now that I’m slightly more grown up, I realise that while the wonders of the world are important, there are more essential things to worry about for the average woman. Like not waking up to stains on your 500 thread count bedsheets cos your monthly visitor decided to come in the night.

Hands up if you’ve woken up with unwanted colour on your sheets and had to rush everything to the wash before someone thought you’d killed a small animal on the bed. One in five women experience leakage so you can imagine how many people will benefit from a product that provides better security for those ‘heavy’ nights.

That’s where the New Libresse®  comes in, with two special agents.

Meet Agents Adibah Noor and Fahrin Ahmad.


But alas! Agent Adibah Noor who was tasked with the safekeeping of a top secret briefcase that was crucial to the New Libresse® Launch, had lost it! To find it, Agent Adibah was assisted by Agent Fahrin Ahmad, and members of the public who could sign up to be agents through

Beginning on 7th October 2014, a series of teasers and clues were released to guide consumers and curious participants to find a missing briefcase. The activity ran for three consecutive weeks where each week provided different clues to unlocking different answers that would eventually lead to finding the content of the briefcase. The participants who exercised their sleuth skills successfully were invited to an afternoon of fun and games with Libresse®.



Hosts of the day were Agents Fahrin Ahmad and Adibah Noor.


A look into the Libresse® agents’ headquarters that was bustling with activity.


Activities for the day included tallying the amount of Libresse® words found. Major props to those who tried because it just looks so confusing!

There was also a Mystery Box corner where individuals had to stick their hand into the box to guess what was inside.



And every secret agent needs to have a good aim. So Libresse® provided an area for Target Practice. Shooting a mini Nerf gun requires great concentration and practice!



Mission accomplished! Pictured in centre is Debby Ho, Consumer Marketing Manager of SCA Hygiene Marketing Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Bet she was relieved that the briefcase was recovered.


It was all thanks to these these top 8 agents!


Now women all around the world can breathe a sigh of relief and go out and buy the new Libresse® Maxi Night Secure that provides ultimate comfort with a new wider back for additional security, all night long!


As well as the Libresse® Longer and Wider CurveFit Liner with a soft and pliable middle, wider front as well as a longer 17.5cm length which helps keep you comfortable all day with the right fit that stays in place every time.


All Libresse® products are now equipped with the newly improved Deep Flow Channels (DFC)™, which incorporates a more compressed area at the back to keep fluid away from the skin for better dryness and new wider core for greater absorption.

For more details check out:


*Written by Weng Yee*

48-hour Flash Sale on Agoda!!

There’s nothing i love more than holiday deals! Because i love holidays so much. They are my life.
I mean, holidays ARE the reason why i work so hard!

Agoda is having a 48-hour flash sale till end of tomorrow with discounts up to 60% off!

The Malaysian Mobile Mania sale is running for the first time from 19-20 November. customers who book accommodation through the app or mobile website can save up to 60% in 16 of Malaysia’s hottest tourist destinations, including Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu, Ipoh, Penang, Cameron Highlands, and many more. Guests must stay between 19-26 November, 2014.




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Sleep & Hugs

Oh god i just want sleep.
The idea of sleep never felt so good.
I just want to bury myself in the soft covers,
slip the duvet over the tip of my head,
peek out and know… that i can duck back in.

Things have been insane… with prep for The Ship, and allll the other work that’s happening after. I don’t know why i do this to myself. WHY. Is it the Asian genes in me? Why can’t i just fucking relax and just… BE.

I think my Instagram is very misleading. I post only cool pictures of me doing stuff like getting hand massages and lying around. It’s not true! Those were taken during the FEW minutes i had in the entire DAY i could pretend that is my life.

Everyday i think about:
what i have to do today, and tomorrow, the week and month after,
the jobs, and timing, and who i can delegate what out to,
upcoming projects all the way up till June,
my LIFE plan – where i see the company, where i see MYSELF,
invoices, emails, advertorials, editing, product lists, people management…

God just writing that makes me wanna… SLEEP.


Today i thought about this blogpost i wrote recently about how i wake up feeling SO HAPPY that i had a song playing in my head and i felt like dancing upon rising. That was true.

What is also true, is that i feel the complete opposite on some days.
I didn’t think i was gonna admit it here. But i felt like a pretender if i didn’t say outright how SHITTY i feel on occasional days. Yesterday was an extremely shitty day. Today was kinda hard as well. I heard it was a full moon yest hence… if you were feeling crap too, you know you can blame it on the Universe and its energy. Well, not *blame*, but… you know what i mean.

So i woke up and i was feeling really sad.
Like, just REALLY SAD.
There was nothing for me to be SAD about. Nothing!
But i just… FELT it.
I messaged one of the spiritual friends turned gurus i fortunately have in my life.

Me: “I feel a little sad today”
S: “What’s going on girl?”
Me: “I don’t know… i’m still lying in bed despite supposed to have got up. I just want hugs and cuddles and love.”
S: “Allow yourself to feel. We can’t know how to truly be happy without knowing its polarity.”

I know that. There will always be balance in life. Yin and yang. Without darkness there cannot be light. I know you’re supposed to FEEL all you have in you. Don’t keep it in. Feel it, and let it go (omg Frozen was right). When you suppress your true emotions, you are hurting yourself by burying them in you. That energy is then stuck in you… it needs to be released so you can be free.

Look, i know all this. So i lay there, feeling the sadness and trying to let it all out.
It’s better than pretending you’re not feeling it, bottling it up, continuing with your day, and then possibly unknowingly aggressively bestowing it on unsuspecting victims around you.

S: “So what happened la”
Me: “Nothing happened! I shouldn’t be searching for the reason i’m sad right. Maybe it’s work stress.”
S: “Keep going”
Me: “Maybe i miss being at home. And just BEING. Maybe i’m overwhelmed?”
S: “Perhaps”
Me: “Feel like i’m not doing things right. Or enough.”
S: “Why do you feel you need to do right? Or enough.”
Me: “Maybe it’s my Chinese genes” (me trying to be funny)
S: “Know, that nothing you do will make you any less of a wonderful person. Thus, nothing you do can make you any better or greater. You already are Great. So just do. That thing you do.”

And that was my lesson for the day.
That no matter what i do… i am the person i am.
And you are the person you are.
We try our best, and some days we feel crap, some days we feel awesome.

Let’s just hug it out.


Bonding with my sofa

I’ve been in a daze since i got back. It’s not even jetlag cos there’s barely any time diff with Japan, i think it’s just all the constant running around, being up early and sleeping late, too little sleep, and a lot of press meetings and partying. I spent HOURS unpacking from all my trips, and haven’t been so happy to be AT HOME in so long.

The cleaner is over and i was just lying on my sofa staring out at the impending storm thinking, “Maybe i should just give myself this weekend to do NOTHING. When was the last time i just stared out the window…”

And at that very second,
a giant gust of wind blew so strongly,
my entire curtain billowed up above me like a waving sail,
and just extended over me beautifully for what seemed like a long while.
It was like a movie scene.

I’m taking it as a sign to just let myself not edit pictures or work until Monday morning.
And then… it’s choo choo cray train all the way till January.

Lessons i learnt this week:
1. Don’t participate in any activity that contributes to another’s darkness. It will still be a part of your path. Move only towards that is light.
2. Listen to that tiny voice in your head. Don’t push it away. Make it stronger.
3. Don’t trust people so easily. Be smart that not everyone out there is as nice and believable.

Something else i bumped into IG recently after having read the article on it some time back:


Here’s something else i’d like to share, an article on being busy that Yishyene shared with me: The Disease of Being Busy

Sekian. It’s fairy time.



I just got back home after a whirlwind trips x 5 countries. Was up till 4:30am in Osaka last night replying emails, then slept till 5:25am to get up for my flights from Osaka-Narita-KL. I figured my waking time was better spent when there is internet around me, so being awake at hotel > being awake on plane. I passed out the moment i buckled my seatbelt in Osaka. I don’t even remember the plane taking off. When i next woke, we’d landed in Narita. I was like, “Damn!” cos i had a whole row of three seats and intended to lie down after takeoff! -_-

Slept all the way home to KL. Things weren’t going so well in the airport. First i discovered that my phone line is barred (i don’t know if it’s my RM700 bill BUT i just checked that it’s paid for cos i auto debit) and i accidentally broke a bottle of duty free Chardonnay -_-’ I wasn’t too fazed tho… just shrugged it off and thought instead of how well all my trips went, and this was just a little bit of Life Tax.

Came home, dropped my bags, fed myself, got on to the laptop and BAM, 3 hours later i think it’s time to unpack. A little bit at least. I’m so tired! (But yet here i am blogging.) As i was taking a shower, i was thinking about how i have the best team ever!

They’re a small team… but hell did they take on a whole lot the past two weeks.
Because i was away, i wasn’t able to keep track on everything that was going on in KL anymore. I had to learn how to cut the apron strings and just TRUST that they would do okay. Ahhh it was so scary for me at first but i had to just STOP being a mother hen and leave them to their devices.

They were awesome… they ran Seek & Keep in BSC without me, set up the shop and handled the social media. After Seek & Keep they organised a photoshoot for the new products for the KBF online store. Then they handled the coming in of the stock for The Ship, coordinated, labeled and packed everything to send to the Livescape office TODAY, so that everything can reach Singapore in time.

They even worked overtime and at odd hours to accommodate when i’d be online overseas.


They even make me laugh.

You guys are the best, i love you!!!!

From left to right: Jane, Weng Yee, SweetEe, and Joe.

Jane was our first intern last year, and is now our freelance photographer. She’s recognisable from her sleeve tattoo, a fierce stark contrast to her ethereal tender images. You can view her work at, she does great wedding shoots!

Weng Yee is our new Fairy Intern, she’s helped heaps in her short tenure here. People ask me how and where i find these amazing interns, and i tell them that not everyone that comes through is amazing! There are some that are different and don’t work out, and others i’m lucky to have. Weng Yee is going to Cameron Highlands Resort tomorrow to cover a 3D/2N-stay for KBF. She deserves it, i’ve been working the poor girl to the ground.

SweetEe… oh SweetEe :D Her designation on her name card is Senior Pegasus Officer. I don’t really care what people put on their name cards cos they’re all labels anyway, we all do so many different things, so i let her choose what she wanted to call herself. She’s basically my right hand woman. She is her namesake and is as sweet as they come. Also a bit blur (sorry you know it’s true!) but as someone mentioned, “Blur in an endearing way.” Sweet handles the operations, accounts and general every day stuff at KBF. She even helps me drop off superimportant cheques to my lawyer (THANK YOU!!). She’s currently attending a Kiehl’s event in Seoul in my place, but has been getting what needs to be done while she’s away. (Please don’t slack after reading this :p)

And then there’s Joe, our Junior Wizard Diva. He came in as our freelance graphic designer but we love him so much that we keep bringing him in to do other random things too. Like working with Weng Yee the past few days to pack and deliver the stock while Sweet and i were away.

+ + + + + +

We are still looking for sales people to join us on our sales team on board The Ship!
Each person has to work 2x 4-hour shifts per day in exchange for full boarding and meals on board The Ship, Asia’s biggest festival at sea! More details *here*

Journey of Rimowa @ Pavilion

*Written by Weng Yee & Pics by SweetEe*

With human teleportation as yet unavailable, Joyce decided to send SweetEe and I to cover the Rimowa event as she was overseas. Traffic into the city was horrendous as usual but we made it just in time to catch the travel stories of Wei-Hsiang Chong, Managing Director of Milk PRElizabeth Lee, Founder of Bowerhaus JewelleryBenjamin Yong, Founder of THE BIG GroupCelest Thoi, Bridal Gown Designer and Owner at Celest Thoi; Yoong Yoon Li, Executive  Director of Royal Selangor; and Muhaini Mahmud, Director of Corporate Affairs, Weststar Group.


On display were also seven special cases customised with new and exciting artwork.


Really love the tiger one! Definitely wouldn’t miss that on the luggage carousel.

After helping ourselves to canapés and a drink, we settled into a corner to watch a short video that showcased the busy lifestyles of the aforementioned and how Rimowa has always been their choice of suitcase with it’s durability and style.

Following the short video, each of the personalities were invited up on stage for a short chat (save for Elizabeth Lee as she was unable to make it).


Benjamin Yong of BIG Group and Charles Yong, General Manager of Rimowa Far East Limited.

Did you know that Ben has been a fan of Rimowa for more than 10 years? He has 32 Rimowa suitcases and counting. Now that is probably one of the most impressive collections I have ever heard of!


On left Yoong Yoon Li, Executive  Director of Royal Selangor; and on right Wei-Hsiang Chong, Managing Director of Milk PR.



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