Amazing places to eat in London: Pere Michel, Caraffini, Roka, Fortnum & Masons, Maximini

I LOVE eating in London! There are SO many amazing diverse restaurants peppered throughout the city. Despite kickstarting my “trying to eat healthy” phase in life, it’s hard to stick to it when i’m on holiday there…


I used to waitress at Pere Michel when i was 18 years old, and i think it’s a great experience for any teenager (to wait on people that is). To throw your ego aside and put others before you is a humbling experience, and makes me appreciate great service all the more. Pere Michel is an authentic French restaurant near Sussex Gardens and Hyde Park, and it’s been around since 1983, proving that amazing food stands the test of time. Just read their rave reviews on TripAdvisor *here*.


This is my Aunt Gerry. She’s enjoying her soup de poisson.
It’s one of my favourite French dishes and one of the loveliest i’ve tasted!


I had the escargots.


I don’t how something that looks so unattractive can taste so scrumptious in my mouth!


My mains were the rack of lamb, perfect at medium rare.
(Writing a food blogpost while waiting for Clem to return home with dinner is a mistake.)


I caught sight of Uncle Mark’s organiser and was mesmerized by how TINY and NEAT his handwriting is!



Awesomeness Fest

Man. I don’t even know where to start with Awesomeness Fest.
It was like, the BEST thing i ever went to in 2013… and there is SO much to tell about it, not to mention the HUNDREDS of pictures i took over the four days it happened.

I made so many amazing new friends-for-life from all over the world, stretching from Africa to New Zealand.
I learnt, partied, laughed, cried, and EVOLVED.
I learnt SO MUCH STUFF, things which i’ve been sharing with lots of people since i got home, but i think it’s about time i start sharing it here with you all too, cos Awesomeness Fest 2014 is happening soon this June 12-15 in Phuket.

I FIRST heard about Awesomeness Fest when i went to Mindvalley for an event in January last year. Loved it so much i blogged about it *HERE*

Then i watched some videos on the Awesomeness Fest Youtube channel like the one below >

After watching it i was like, “What the hell is this… i have NO IDEA but i WANNA GO.”

What IS Awesomeness Fest?

In a nutshell, it’s a festival held annually in a paradise location, for anyone who is interested in:
- connecting with people from all over the world
- starting their own business/being an entrepreneur
- personal development and growth

In their words:

what-is-awesomeness-fest 1

Some of the best speakers in the world are flown in to the resort to talk to everyone about entrepreneurship, leadership, meditation, managing people, new scientific discoveries, everything! If you asked me… I’d say it’s a festival to teach you how best to live your life the way you want.

Just one example of a brilliant speaker is Lisa Nichols of Motivating the Masses. She is probably THE most powerful speaker i’ve personally experienced. She’s been interviewed by Oprah and Larry King, and has even spoken to up to 10,000 people in a stadium! (Afest includes an intimate complimentary workshop with Lisa which is amazing!)

But all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Besides all the talks in the daytime, a big party is thrown every night at different venues where Afest organises drinks, entertainment, dances, everyone socialises and parties till late… and every morning, there are different yoga, workout and meditiation groups for one to join. There’s a LOT going on!

Some pix of my experience in Afest Bali last year >


It was held in Melia Bali



Speakers i had the opportunity to listen to were Vishen Lakhiani, Lisa Nichols, Roger Hamilton, Khailee Ng, Clarance Tan, and more.

It’s not just the talks that make Afest so awesome… it’s the PEOPLE i met, who all contributed to the richness of my experience there.


My roommate Wendy from Singapore used to be a trapeze artist before becoming a pastry restauranteur!


With Vishen, the founder of Mindvalley and Awesomeness Fest!

awesomeness-fest-bali-2013-4  awesomeness-fest-bali-2013-6 awesomeness-fest-bali-2013-7 awesomeness-fest-bali-2013-8



With Steph, founder of The Luxe Nomad 


We impulsively taught everyone at dinner how to YAAAAM SENG (i still think it’s the best cheers in the world!)

Awesomeness Fest organizes all these Magical Moments for us to experience…

awesomeness-fest-bali-2013-11 awesomeness-fest-bali-2013-12

… like an excursion to Uluwatu Temple to watch the traditional Kecak dance.

awesomeness-fest-bali-2013-13 awesomeness-fest-bali-2013-14

There was also a “Gods & Demons” Theme Party where everyone dressed up!


With Khailee, the founder of SAYS


On our last night, we were taken to a location that wasn’t revealed to us till we arrived… GWK



Tom kickstarted The Stillness Project; with Ashraf


Beautiful Aishah; and Paul of All is Amazing


I guess we’re the naughty table


Some of the speakers from Afest Bali!



There is no age limit for Awesomeness Fest. I met people aged from 18 to 60. I saw children (whose parents attended the fest) sitting in on the talks and listening intently. Supre cute! As long as you understand English, anyone can reap inspiration and education from Afest.

The first step one has to do is send in an application. Yup. You can’t just pay and go for it, you have to fill in this form on what you do and what you think and why you want to go.

The reason Afest does this is so that they can filter it down to the right kinda people to attend the event – people who are driven, want to or are running their own business/es, want to better themselves, and want to contribute to the community/world. Every year, thousands of applicants vie for only 250-350 spots in Awesomeness Fest.

Awesomeness Fest is a 100% non-profit event. So all additional money it generates is donated to different global charities.

For more info, check out the link *HERE*


A day out with Yishyene!

I spent two nights sleeping over at Yishyene‘s place when i was in London and we had a great time catching up, deciding what to eat and walking around. On our first night together, we went to a bar around 6pm and i think we got too excited, cos we were drunk and tired by midnight. Ended up eating cake on a train platform before running home to pass out rather unflatteringly on the bed. No pictures.


The next day, she asked, “What do you feel like eating?” And i said, “… DUCK RICE!!!”


Everyone swears by different duck rice restaurants in London. I’ve had debates with people who insist Four Seasons is better, but i just say “to each his own”. And my own is Gold Mine!!


We ordered half a duck, fried rice, and bamboo shoots with mushrooms. Polished everything off.


I’m suffering just looking at that. I don’t understand why KL can’t have duck like this!!!


We went for dessert and wine after lunch… (looking back i don’t know how we managed that… oh yeah, i didn’t have much dessert). Also, i think i’m gonna be trying to decrease my sugar intake from henceforth for health reasons!


In the afternoon we went thru Hyde Park cos Y wanted to show me her favourite tree.


All the flowers were in bloom!



I turned 31 yesterday!

Thank you to both my parents who made me, and molded me into the person i am today :)
They were supposed to be celebrating in Bali with me but my dad’s accident with his back prevented him from flying so… next time. :(

I decided to spend my birthday in one of my favourite places in the world and it’s been great so far!
Friday night we partied at Danny’s villa, called Asa Bali Luxury Villas, ’twas a really nice place!
Whole day Saturday and Sunday was a party at our villa at One Eleven Resorts.
I purposely chose One Eleven cos i had such a great time playing in the beautiful villa grounds last year that i really wanted to get some friends together to play with me too!

Just some quick pix before i have to head out for lunch with Rahul and Clouds.

There are thousands of pictures we snapped so i need a LOT of time to edit them… Below are just a few pix from Sunday (my birthday eve).


We met up for lunch at Biku. Everyone is looking slightly shattered cos we’d already been partying for 2 days…


Road to paradise! Rahul fell off the buggy. He was standing on the back and was holding on with one hand, with the other hand carrying a plastic bag of drinks. He said it was so beautiful going down the lane, that he wanted to take a picture and decided to let go with the hand that holding on, to reach for his phone… -_-


Danny chilling in the kitchen





Since Clem named the evil koala Joyce, i figured it was only right she had a birthday party too


I underwent colon hydrotherapy @ Pure Health: part I

… and it was one of the BEST things i ever did in my life.

After i did it, i felt long-lost emotions that i used to have as a teenager or when i was 20… it’s so weird, i don’t know how to explain it any better. I felt like i was 10 years younger! I feel happier and more hyper, and i remember i used to be like this when i was in my early 20s but i don’t know how i managed to slip away from that without realising (… oh yeah, by screwing up my body with alcohol and partying and all sorts of food).

I’ve been telling SO MANY people about it that i figured i’d better write down as much as i can here so i’ll just lead friends to this blogpost instead of repeating the story over and over again!!!


I’ll explain it in greater detail further along in this post, but in summary:

I do a liquid detox for 5 days and have my colon flushed with water every day during those 5 days, for 30-45 minutes daily.


Despite what lots of people (including myself) initially think, NOBODY gets to look at your bumhole, let alone near it. I honestly thought i was gonna bare it to someone who was gonna help me flush everything out (thanks to TV shows and possibly Beavis and Butthead) but it’s all wrong.

I receive specific instructions on how to do it myself (will elaborate more later), water gets flushed in, and I see a whole lotta shit come outta me — starting from food that was ingested in the few days prior, before it goes deeper and cleans out intensely dark + hard fecal matter (which i took pictures of haha) that’s been stuck there for YEARS.

The reason i have to go on a liquid diet for the 5 days i’m cleansing my colon is so that my body is not spending its energy breaking down food, and can instead work on eliminating toxins that are in my body. The liquid diet consists of fruit juice and other nutrients (again, will explain more later) so i was NEVER HUNGRY during that period, and my body gets all it needs to run smoothly.

The astonishing thing about not eating solid food for 5 days, AND having your bum flushed out is = THE AMOUNT OF SHIT THAT COMES OUT. (Every person gets rid of 2-5 kg of fecal waste during this program.)

I really cannot stress enough how gross yet SATISFYING it is to see poo that’s been stuck in me for decades get out of me.
I’m glad it’s all out.
In fact, i was kinda sad on my 5th day and wished i could continue cleaning somemore!

WHY i decided to do this… 

As some of you may or may not know, i’ve been having terrible allergies since May 2013.
After weeks and months of research, i knew that my sudden sprouting of having allergies is NOT because i was getting older (i seriously thought most women who hit their 30s just suddenly got it) but it’s because of all the toxins in my body.

My body just couldn’t take all the toxins anymore and it was showing physically by pushing it out via my skin.

About toxins: We’re exposed to toxins from SO many things thanks to our modern lifestyle, especially in the city cos it comes from the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the things we allow near our skin!

- pesticides
- alcohol (damn)
- stress
- excess sugar
- caffeine – coffee, tea, chocolate, soft drinks
- air and water pollution
- food conditioners, MSG
- artificial flavouring and colouring
- building materials and furnishing (which explains why i’m allergic to rubber -_-)
- nicotine / cigarette and passive smoking
- radiation – microwave, computers, handphones

I didn’t even list them all down.

Now, our bodies deal with all these toxins by eliminating them through a few main channels, which are:
1) Skin (signs of toxicity include eczema, acne, rashes, body odour)
2) Lungs (signs of toxicity include bad breath, persistent coughing, congestion in nose/sinuses)
3) Bowels ( signs of toxicity = constipation, recurring diarrhea)
4) Urinary System (signs = strong smelling / highly coloured urine)

When these channels are overloaded, the toxins that remain in the body interfere with bodily functions and take on a form of poisoning called “autointoxication”.



One of the most beautiful breakfast buffets @ Kempinski Hotel, Frankfurt

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in Frankfurt, thanks to being put up at luxury 5-star hotel Kempinski. To see more pictures of my room there, click *here*.


For a second i was staring at the picture thinking, “What’s wrong with my ear??”
Forgot i was wearing headphones then!


I love this willow tree. I would pick up a long fallen branch from the ground below it, and rattle all the hanging ones with it to make a swishing sound and watch them all sway. Swish! Swish!


Every morning i would have breakfast in a beautiful dining room that overlooked the lush hotel grounds via floor-to-ceiling glass windows. (There’s an even better pic i posted on Instagram *here*.)

Everything in that room would be perfect and serene.

The brilliant white tablecloths and napkins.
The smiling waitresses.
The polite murmur of other guests’ voices (no one was too loud).
The cute clink of teacups on saucers.
The gentle waft of steam from hot tea and coffee.
The shining silver laid on the tables in such a way that even someone as OCD as me couldn’t spot a tad out of place.
The lounge music playing… some of the songs were exactly the same that play in Sri Panwa and X2 Samui. I know cos i copied their playlists from their ipods into my mac ;)

It was just so perfect and calm and i think, in all seriousness, possibly my favourite breakfast room in the world. (Not counting dining with a beach side view, close runner ups would be Westin Langkawi and Emporium Suites Bangkok.)


Oh don’t worry… i didn’t eat just that for breakfast,
i had a go at everything in the buffet across my entire stay there ;)




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