Selamat Hari Raya!!!!!

Selamat Hari Raya to everyone!!! I’ve spent the last two Rayas taking long holidays in Sri Lanka and Myanmar, so it’s the first in awhile i’m around (ok besides taking a road trip to Clearwater last weekend, but it was only for 2 nights). I think cos i haven’t been around during Raya for a few years, i only got invited to two open houses! It’s probably better cos i eat way too much stuff i’m not supposed to (nor should but my willpower is at is weakest right now).


One batch of friends tucking in at the Sufians


Ryan, Mo, Fook and Tianna had a little jamming session.

I came out of Rudy’s room to see them gathered together and was like, “Yay! Free music!”
Rudy joined them but after watching him talk and play and go all over the place, Ion was like, “He’s on his own planet.”
Me: *burst out laughing* “You’re the second person to say that to me in the past hour!”
The first was Rahul teehee.


Claudia and i totally vibin on some contemporary yellow patterns that day!

Past Life Regression Therapy

I have been led to believe that i needed to get this done in order to find dots to the whole answer i am looking for. One month ago i wouldn’t even have known what past life regression therapy was if you’d asked me. But for some peculiar reason, it has been coming into my space, the most obvious being an occasion when the words were being said aloud to my face. Even then, i still ignored it. When the desire in me to know became so strong, i went online to find out if there was one in KL.

I easily found a blogpost review of someone’s experience doing it, ironically, at a centre shy of 10 mins drive from where i live. I booked myself the next available appointment (a week from then), and started a detox 3 days prior, feeling i could be a bit ‘cleaner’ when i went for it.

A friend said that it was of utmost importance that i feel comfortable with the place and the therapist before moving forward, and i put it into memory. When i reached the centre, it looked and felt legit. There were books on spiritual awakening, and pamphlets on curing all sorts of conditions via hypnosis in stands.

I filled out a simple form, and entered the Dr’s office to find a tanned, smiley Chinese man of over 50. He reminded me of Uncle Laitong and the realisation that i liked him immediately put my heart at ease.

I was eager to start. And daftly assumed it could be started on the get go.
“No!” said the Dr, “Your past memories are like millions of files. Going into them to search blindly, is like going onto Google and not typing in search words.”
“I love the way you described it. OK, i totally get it now.”

A drawn out conversation was had before we began.

I was asked to sit in a relaxed position with my eyes closed on a comfortable chair, yet with my back straight so my chakras are aligned. The Dr. got me into a state of calm, to get me into that state between consciousness and subconsciousness. The whole time i could think. And i must have conveniently forgot that he *did* mention my being conscious, cos i started thinking that it wasn’t working, as he brought my visualisation through tunnels and space.

Man i don’t think this is working… what a waste of money!
*small tinier voice* Can’t believe i thought this could work
*louder voice* Oh just try. Just TRY. You’re already here …

So i tried harder. I called upon my angels to assist me.

Kwan Yin, Abundathia, Tara, Isis and… dammit. I forgot your name again. The fifth one. Sorry! I’ll go back and check later… (See my memory is bad even with my angels! I found out later it’s Artemis.)

When the Dr figured i had gone through enough tunnels and whatnot, i was asked to look down.
So i did.

Dr: What do you see?

I was thinking, “What do i see? I see nothing cos my eyes are closed -_- Things are blurry.” But instead of being openly negative, i replied, “Nothing… Urm…”

Dr: Take your time… What do you see?

From the beginning of the session, i was told to say whatever appears in my mind first.
Go with my instinct.
At the time, i replied joyfully, “Oh i love that game!”
But as everything was going on, i FORGOT that i was supposed to do that cos it was a bit surreal and i was trying not to panic or have disbelief in me. Which when i write down now, sounds ironically silly that the FACT i had to cast off my fears it would not work, i was in turn sabotaging my own hypnosis. (But i’m okay with that, i’m only human and tried the best i could then.)

I tried to be calm, and looked down as he requested. I saw some blobs take shape, it was like a distorted cylinder with two bumps at the end. I realised that i was looking down at my legs and feet. Or what was supposed to be my legs and feet except they didn’t look like my usual ones.

Me: Slippers. I’m wearing slippers. And a sarong.
Dr: Is your hair long or short?

Before i could conjure up putting my hands up to my head, i KNEW that i was wearing a turban.
I KNEW what my physical appearance was but had no idea my name nor location.
I was an old Indian man. It felt SO weird but NOT.
I’m in the room, yet i’m elsewhere. I’m in two places at once.
It was like a dream but different.


H&M Home @ Avenue K: Exclusive Shopping Preview

* By Joe Kwan *

Having attended the H&M Home Media Preview, I was excited to finally see the full range of products in store. However, I was running late and only got to the event at 9PM (it started at 7:30!) and to no surprise…


… there was hardly anyone left. Darn it.


Trust H&M to provide pretty centrepieces!

Alright, now on to the gifts that the H&M gods have bestowed upon us mere mortals!


Beautiful illustrations such as these were featured on a lot of products from textiles to crockery.


I’d get these wooden boxes in a heartbeat if I knew what to use them for.


100% pure linen robes and gorgeous bedding textiles.


A more muted colour palette for the sophisticated individual.


Stephy’s Birthday Dinner

Our baby is having a baby!
Today we celebrated her birthday a few days late by having dinner at Bait.
We must have been the loudest people laughing there.


Cammy, me, Dhanya, Aps, Steph

It’s been months since we’ve got together for a meal.

I feel so lucky to have SO many girlfriends in my life, but these girls were the first group i really got close to and we’ve seen each other through so many life celebrations and hurdles. My heart expands thinking of how much i love them!

Tomorrow, one of them and i will be going outstation for a holiday.
Me: I was thinking that i’ll just make the most of it and bring all my toys and decorations to arrange in some way, and place the babies in there to take a picture. Photoshoot! But hmm… *remembers one of them has started walking*… Cameron might run away.
Crazy Mother: We could tie him up!
Me: … But… he’s your child…
Crazy Mother: It’s ok, just TIE HIM UP.



I feel like i didn’t get enough time with them but we’ll getting our holiday soon enough…

After dinner, Aps and i went by Six for cocktails.
It’s super new so i think they haven’t finished doing up the interior yet.


I looked so indecisive while choosing a cocktail that the bartender nicely made me one that wasn’t in the menu. It had rum, bittersweet-flavoured liqueur, homemade rose syrup, sweet + menthol liqueur, and aromatic bitters in it. Was yummeh.

I just had one cos i didn’t wanna overdo it. And had to leave anyway cos i need to pack all my toys for a holiday!



I’m not crazy

What a journey it has been so far!
How life can change so drastically in 6 weeks!
I know it’s not just me going thru this… a LOT of people around me have been going thru major changes in their life since June. One can choose to reap lessons from the changes, or just waft through it.

I’ve gone through so many INTENSE moments in the past month, from elation to sadness to confusion to clarity. Then repeat. And repeat again. At times i’ve sat on my couch alone and wailed out, “What is happening to me?!?!?”

I’ve been getting these strong messages in my head.
And the more i follow them, the more amazing my life becomes.
It’s truly magical.

I’m learning how to feel the flow, get it in, and trust my intuition.
The more i do, the faster it goes.
Sometimes it’s a bit scary and i feel like i don’t know how to handle it.
But as Rudy told me, “Get ready for a roller coaster ride.”

He was so right.
Luckily i love roller coaster rides.
Speaking of which, i MISS this song!
I used to listen to it ALL the time back in high school!

It’s been in my head since that conversation with Rudy.
We were referring to chakras (i know right).

Anthony Kiedes is still so hot as a cartoon. Naturally.
I love Scar Tissue, he’s such a brill writer with the most amazing memory for detail.
Either that or he’s making it up but i don’t think so.

I’m just so HAPPY right now.

And this, all this here *waves arms around madly* is what happens when you do a detox and colon hydrotherapy for 3 days.
I swear it’s like all this negative energy comes out along with the shit in you, and suddenly you feel so much LIGHTER.

(I’m not crazy.)


Fairy out of order

Or rather, fairy being serviced.

I’m spending this whole week doing a detox at Pure Health (which i’ve done before, read about *WHY i do it here*).

I thought i could easily get work done but i forgot how TIRING it is to reset one’s body.
It takes a lot of discipline, time and effort to love your body, mind and soul.
After putting aside time to make my morning meals, and some hours at Pure Health doing my hydrotherapy and lying in the infrared bed, i come home having to feed myself again, then feel like napping cos it’s tiring, then by the time i am ready to do some work it’s 8pm!! (I wake up at 9am by the way)

At the same time, i’m giving myself a break and making use of the cleanse my body is going through to meditate and assess some changes i’m undergoing of late. People are worried about me but i’m not worried. I may be confused, and antsy, but deep inside, i know this is something i just have to GO THROUGH whatever the outcome may be.

I’m learning the depth of being true to myself.
To listen to the voices in me, and to differentiate the sensation of “knowing” from that of “feeling” and “thinking”.
It’s hard when there are so many opinions around you but i guess that’s part of the journey… discovering out HOW to be true to oneself.

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