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Bowery Kitchen & Bar @ Publika

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For some reason, i took notice of The Bowery Group despite never visiting their first outlet before (Bowery Petit in TTDI), thanks to their vibrant subscription emails showing off the various services they provide- catering for events, off-site catering for weddings/parties, gourmet takeaway, and food delivery (they send pizza slices and craft beer to your doorstep!!)

Founded in 2015, The Bowery Group opened its first flagship restaurant just last October at The Square in Publika Solaris Dutamas (on the same row as Social). Called BOWERY, the American gourmet Kitchen & Bar is heavily influenced by founders Aneesha and Fariz’s time in the Big Apple.


Helmed by Operations Manager Shane Sta Maria, he’s also responsible for concocting the bar’s handcrafted cocktails that boast to be on par with NYC’s trendiest watering holes.


Baby/Faridah and i sat outside, where the custom-design floor is recognisably tiled by Nala Designs.

Under the culinary direction of group Executive Chef Ahmad Farhan Noorzali, the vast menu at BOWERY which is divided into AM and PM versions serve many dishes under the categories of breakfast & brunch, soups, salad bowls, burgers & sandwiches, pizzas, pastas, and night nibbles- all set ‘to break the dogma that American food is greasy’. But you know how there might be that one person in the group who changes where everyone eats cos they insist on Asian? That problem will be no more cos BOWERY also has Asian plates (like Bonito Somen Noodles, Mantau Chinois, Kimchi fried rice).

As Kyian (PR for Bowery) supervised the dishes for us to try that day being brought out, I stared at everything between the thoughts of, “We’ll NEVER be able to finish everything,” and “We should have called someone to come help us.”


Lobster Mac & Cheese – Lobster Tail, Baby Peas, 4-Cheese Sauce, RM59

You can order artisan pizzas for RM33 by choosing the
– base (tomato or white garlic sauce)
– 4x greens (aubergine, bell peppers, jalapeños, mushrooms, olives, pineapples, roma tomatoes, zucchini)
– 1x meat (bbq beef brisket, beef meatballs, chicken bacon, mussels, pepperoni, prawns, roasted chicken, smoked salmon, spicy lamb sausage, veal sausage, turkey ham – wasn’t that a lot!! my stomach is rumbling typing all that. Blogging about food late at night is a terrible idea.)
– 2x dressings (aged balsamic drizzle, arugula, capers, gherkins, lemon, lime, mesclun, olive tapenade, pesto, sour cream, spinach, sundried tomatoes, 2 eggs)


I chose a tomato sauce for the base and jalapeños (cos i like that zing), zucchinis, aubergine, mushrooms and spicy lamb sausages, topped with sundried tomatoes and arugula. I seriously think it’s pretty awesome for RM33.


Eggs & Avocado Tartine – Poached Eggs, Avocado, Smoked Salmon, Sourdough Toast, RM25
Not my favourite cos i’m a gravy kinda girl


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EOS Wellness @ St Mary Residences

Comments (0) Featured Post, Spa + Wellness, Spiritual, Health & Develop

I have fond memories of E&O Residences cos Jun and i had a staycation there in our first months of dating. Ah honeymoon period…  😆 Under the same group of brands by lifestyle property developer Eastern & Oriental- is EOS Wellness, a component to embed wellness philosophies and technologies into its key property development projects.

Located smack in the middle of KL’s busiest neighbourhoods lies an unassuming oasis of serenity, greenery and space. I felt a little less high-strung upon parking my car and walking up with my dad (we were having a daddy-daughter massage date! But not in the same room. That would be a little weird.)



The spa partners with three product brands that are holistic and non-invasive.

Spanish brand Mesoestetic is one of the most techologically-advanced medical skincare companies in the world, and EOS is the first in Malaysia to offer treatments using their products. Also for purchase are Italian brand Comfort Zone (recipient of several international awards including Marie Claire, France in 2013 and Asia Spa Awards 2015) and Ayurvedic-based skincare brand Sundari.


The lounge / relaxation room with outdoor patio access just beyond it.
Being in the room gave me such pleasure, i’m a fan of thoughtful furnishings and interior.

EOS Wellness is a space of contemporary design that spans 7,400 sq. ft. dedicated to its pillars of wellness: “We believe in Prolonging Quality Active Years by living well, simplyand honestly. Our wellness philosophy rests on four pillars – keeping our bodies vital, minds alert, diets healthy and homes ideal for wellbeing.”

Bodies vital.
Minds alert.
Diets healthy.
Homes ideal.

That resonates with me and my desire to achieve those things fully.
(Harder than it reads!)

Besides 6 spa treatment suites that each comes with a fully-equipped private changing room and shower; EOS Wellness also has a full-spectrum infrared sauna and two studios designed at an elevated space overlooking a saltwater pool.

“The ‘Flow’ studio is used by guests to relax, unwind and improve psychological wellbeing, and can be used for personal training and meditation, as well as bespoke wellness sessions.

The ‘Fit’ studio can accommodate group exercise classes such as yoga and Zumba, and showcases the highly-configurable Queenax workout system to allow for versatile strength and cardio training, as well as freestyle and suspension training. The Fit studio also includes the latest in fitness offerings, such as Anti-Gravity Yoga and UFO Training.”

But we weren’t there to exercise that day. We were there to be pampered!


Roz, my therapist for the afternoon

The holistic spa features 4x single ‘Curo’ treatment rooms, and 2x couples ‘Duo’ rooms with the latest in wellness equipment, including a Gharieni 360-degree floating bed that replicates a Watsu experience on water, as the tabletop glides back and forth during the treatment.


I got the signature suite featuring the Jason MicroSilk Hydrotherapy bathtub and steam shower.


After a foot ritual, I was left alone to soak for 20 minutes in a de-stressing floral tea bath and was pre-empted to “bring a book or simply use this time to reflect and unwind before your massage.” I opted for the latter and found myself awfully fidgety for someone who’s supposed to ‘de-stress’. It’s like my body forgot how to just sit still cos i’m always moving about / doing something!


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Are we turning into zombies?

Comments (1) La la la, Musings & Personal

I had this grand plan to blog a few posts today but a sudden viral flu/fever kicked me out of commission.

After working late on a deadline till past midnight on Tuesday, i headed to take a shower and was trying to switch on my bedroom air con when… i felt… something… about… to come up… NO!!! Dashing to the bathroom, i just about made it to the toilet bowl to puke everything i’d eaten since 6pm.

Quinoa, chickpeas, char koay teow. Lots of orange and yellow. Gross.
I don’t have the stomach to eat chickpeas any time soon.

After i threw up a few times and then showered, i tumbled straight into bed cos i didn’t want to get sick!
Jun came to sleep too, and in the middle of the night i heard him packing his bags for a run and i scolded him, “Why are you so noisy!!”

He wasn’t packing his bags, but my delirious fever made me half-dream he was. In reality, he was mucking around cos he was throwing up and having a fever too. I don’t know what we caught! Funny thing is Baby/Faridah caught something similar last Saturday morning, and Clem told me he was sick too, and so is his gf. Rengee said her team was ill, and when i walked past the doctor’s, i saw 8 people waiting and gave up with the decision to self-medicate instead.

My muscles are aching like crazy, i get light-headed and don’t feel like eating anything.
Baby said she experienced some bleeding in sensitive areas and i retorted, “Are we turning into zombies!?”

Here’s a non-zombie pic and complete opposite of how my body feels right now


Last Friday at the Monki Sunway Pyramid launch


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Rockaway 19th November

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2016’s second Rockaway Festival show- “Rockaway The Saga Continues” – will be held at Extreme Park, Bukit Jalil from 12pm-12am this Saturday, November 19th with B U T T E R F I N G E R S (back together for their 20th Anniversary), Third Eye BlindTaking Back SundayThe Get Up Kids, Zainal Abidin, Hujan, OAG’s Radhi, ONE BUCK SHORT, etc.


Buy tickets here:


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Nothing amazing here.

Comments (0) La la la, Musings & Personal

Since i got back from Japan it’s just been non-stop
Today i wondered to myself, “What is ‘normal’ in terms of daily achievement these days?”
What do other people do on a daily basis? Am i doing more? Less?
Does social media make me perceive we are all doing way more hence my endless race to… a finish line that is created in my mind? That doesn’t exist?


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