My KinkyBlueFairy Family

Ever since Baby joined as manager early this month, we’ve joked that we’re the parents (cos we’re around the same age) and the rest (at ages 20-25) are our ‘kids’.

It started when i asked her to join me alone for lunch one day, and just before she whatsapped, “The kids want to join.”
I said okay la, come.

The reason i hired her is cos i can’t always be in the office to supervise their process and performance, and i needed some extra help. She tells me daily how it’s going in the office, who’s been bad, who’s been good, who’s been great, and who’s been silly. And then we talk about their current states and how we can help them become better.

Some people have said that i shouldn’t get so emotionally involved with the people i hire and work with. I tried it for one week and it didn’t work out for me. I just CAN’T. I have to be financially AND emotionally invested in them. I think i’m adult enough to know when the line has been crossed.

We’re all very close and i feel we share a lot with each other. I know a lot about their personal lives. And they mine. I think it’s important to understand each other better… cos when we know what’s going on; there is less miscommunication about why someone is acting a certain way a particular day, or how to evolve a problem into a solution.

I like how because we’re so open with each other, we can say the stupidest things.

Example: Sweet Ee’s sticker obsession.

Sweet Ee has been obsessed with stickers for weeks. A month ago or something, she announced how she’d spent RM250 on stickers and stationary, and i was like, “Are you serious?” And then today at a lunch meeting, she slides out a small stack of stickers to proudly show me her recent purchases – MORE stickers, amounting up to RM80.

I tell you, her spending habits send me on a reel. I don’t feel like i need to have a child now cos Sweet Ee is my teenage daughter. I even told my own parents all the stories and declared, “Wow. Now i know how it feels like to be you.” Stress okay.

But anyway, embrace everyone as they are right, so i layaned her stickers and slowly sifted through the stack studying every design. There were some really nice ones! Like illustrated animals, French cartoons, and alcohol bottles.

Me: Oh! These are so cute! *holds up one tiny sheet*
Sweet: Yeahhhh
Me: How much were they?
Sweet: I think RM20…
Me: What! (*thinking: I’m not gonna pay RM20 for that…*) Oh Sweet Ee… i don’t know what to do with you… *hands her stickers back*

I put another bite of sashimi and rice into my mouth, my thoughts drowning in all the things i wanted to nag her about.

Me: I’m just gonna… stop.
Baby: Yeah, just stop. *gives me a forget it look*
Sweet: Awww…. *puts her head down and stickers back into her journal*

I run through my head on any positive things about her spending so much money on stickers. A few hundred RM is a bit much on stickers, but you could buy worse things than that, like, like… drugs!

Me: … better than drugs! Oh my god Sweet Ee! BUY ALL THE STICKERS YOU WANT!!!
Baby: *through her laughter* Buy all the stickers you want!!!

Just don’t tell us how much it cost ok.

Yeah so that’s today sticker drama… what else. Oh i was a bit naughty, and hid a rubber lizard in her closed organiser when she went to get coffee, and when she came back and opened it, she screamed SO LOUDLY she gave US a shock.

I still couldn’t help laughing into her shoulder tho, and said, “Sorry!!!”

Manatau she’s so scared of lizards…

Hours later, Baby and i were talking -
Me: Man, i can’t believe we didn’t record her.
Baby: Yeah… so stupid.
Me: We have to have a proper strategy next time… *plots*

Okay besides the stupid things we do, i learn a lot from them by being so close to them. I see them more than my family and friends combined! Last year, i must have seen Sweet Ee’s face more than ANY one else all year.

They’ve taught me how to be patient, and less stressed. They’ve had a lot to do with the less stress part by helping me a lot with all the things going on. The blog, PR, events, online store, photoshoots, orders from suppliers, operations, everything. They’ve even been very nice to sometimes run my errands when my schedule is packed ever so tightly.

Ohai #kinkybluefairyteam

1 january

Jane (freelances for us), Sweet Ee (our prodigal daughter), Weng Yee (our little star), Adrian (our new star), and Baby (little dragon). This was taken at a lunch meeting with Jane last week to discuss a photoshoot.

Below was taken on another night, when they all went out for dinner (without me boohoo! cos i had an event to attend).

1 january 1

Don’t i have the cutest team?! Don’t i don’t?!

When i saw it on Instagram tho, i was like, “Baby, where are your clothes??”
Baby: That’s how i dress when i go out la.
Me: Oh… *thinking it is officially after working hours… and she looks hot!* Well, if i had abs like that i would too.

Baby is being my cheerleader getting me back into my regular workouts. I haven’t exercised for MONTHS. 3 months to be exact. I’m going for a hoop class tomorrow, and then getting back into Powerplate next week. I even got Sonia to email me that Kayla Itsines work out.

Since she’s joined, our little name card family is looking cuter!


Everyone gets to pick a wallpaper for their own name card that they really like cos i think it’d best depict their character. From top to bottom is mine, Sweet Ee’s, then Baby’s.

And thennnn as our job titles…


I know i know, some people are like, “What kind of designation is that?”

At the end of the day, these are all just LABELS. How can a person be defined by what they do in one or two words? Every one does all sorts of things according to their fortes… so we might as well just make them up… and… who’s gonna stop us? Hahahaha!!

Sweet Ee does the accounts, store orders, invoicing, organises the photoshoots, and general operations of the store.
If i need writing or editing done, i turn to Baby and Joe. Joe also does graphic design for us, but we recently added another freelancer to our list – Kuman! He’s working on a new big project that’s exciting…
Weng Yee and Adrian (our stars!) help out with everything – photo-editing, prepping excel and ppt docs, get the smaller projects going.
Baby mothers everyone and laughs at their jokes. She also prepares decks, manages all our communications in English and Malay (Sweet Ee handles the Chinese communications cos she’s so excellent at it), everyone’s timelines, and makes sure no one fucks up (or if they do, not to do it again). And if they do… the little dragon is released (and it’s damn scary).

Haha so that’s my little team. Okay i’m gonna stop now cos it’s late and i just got back from work, and then i BLOG about work? Like not enough issit Joyce…

By the way, we are looking for new interns to join us.
Our little star Weng Yee is leaving us soon for London, and every day Baby and i are like #boohoo #sad #idontwanthertogo #itsherlastdaysoon #ohno #gonnamissher #iwishshewasntgoing
See this is what happens when you get attached. When they leave the nest there’s so much drama.

So yes, we’re looking for new little stars.
We pay a token fee of RM400 a month and claims.
You will help out with… everything. Well, we’ll find out what you like to do, what you’re good at, and put you to work!

We are looking for people who are into any of the following:
social media, writing, photography, video, advertising, PR, marketing, operations, graphic design, events, e-commerce.

I would like beings who are responsible, creative, eager to learn, and NICE.

If you wanna sit with us, email me at


On a separate note, our store is having a CNY Sale!

(if i don’t post this Sweet Ee is gonna give me sad eyes tomorrow)
Look, i posted it, and even made the font bigger and bolded it in red okay? XD

To view items on sale, please visit


Cuevolution Official Launch Party

* Written by Weng Yee *

One Friday Joyce and I had the pleasure of attending Cuevolution‘s Official Launch Party at The Studio at KL in Publika. Cuevolution is a online boutique founded in July 2014 by former scientific researcher Lim Ai Chiin. The launch party was an opportunity for everyone to have a look at some of the pieces being brought in from around the globe; as well as meet the designers behind them speak about their collections.

Cuevolution brings in international designers Christina Sabaiduc and Rory Hutton from the UK, and Maricel Pamintuan from Brunei. The platform also teams up with local designers Shana Azooi of AZOOI bags, Cassey Gan, and Valerie Yap of Valkyerie Jewellery to produce pieces exclusive to


JoyceAi Chiin, and I. Ai Chiin is wearing one of the scarves as a top from Christine Sabaiduc’s collection.



Christina Sabaiduc (on right) caught our eye right away with her mesmerizing silk piece.

Christina shared with us about how she collaborated with photographer Jo Holland, who specialises in light based dark room photography, to create images which consisted of close up shots of seemingly average objects around.

The process involved using an enlarger in a dark room to expose the pattern straight onto photo film without the use of a camera.


The artwork on this dress was created from frozen contact lens solution. As they were ‘taking’ the photo, the solution was slowly melting thus creating movement – something that can’t be recreated thus giving more life to it.


Christina aims for versatility in her pieces, and exemplified various ways in which one could wear her silk robe. Cleverly-placed loops, and drapes in sheaths allows the piece to be worn long and short, tied to look casual or formal, and even into a pseudo playsuit with shorts!


Michael Jackson musical THRILLER LIVE @ Putra Indoor Stadium

I’ve previously blogged about loving MJ so much, that someone remembered and approached me about collaborating for the upcoming THRILLER LIVE musical that’s coming to KL from London’s West End! How fantastic! Thank you! I can’t wait to watch it myself!!!

Where do i even start about loving MJ…
He’s the only celeb i blogged about when he passed away in 2009.

My fave song is STILL Man In The Mirror and one of my best memories is playing it countless times by myself on the balcony in Bangkok with my arms flung to the sky as i sang along, when i stayed there with Kanch for weeks.

I’ve continued reading biographies on MJ, and am glad to report that everything i believed to be good about him is TRUE.
Sometimes when i’m out and about and he comes up in conversation, and someone mentions they don’t like any MJ songs, i must admit i stare at them and find our newfound friendship taking a rather reluctant turn downhill.

Ok so you get how much i love MJ.
Ahhh i feel my heart just plumping up with love just talking about him!
I am SUPER EXCITED about the musical coming to KL!

What makes THRILLER LIVE even more special is that Malaysia will be the first exclusive country in South East Asia to be staging the show for 2015.

Plus plus plus the choreography was executed by the award-winning MAN IN THE MIRROR director, Gary Lloyd (previously worked with Leona Lewis, Robbie Williams and other world class singers).

I’m so chuffed to announce that
KBF will be giving away 2 PAIRS of VIP tickets!

Each VIP ticket is worth RM471,
so if you win a pair, you substantially win tix worth RM942, almost a thousand ringgit!


To enter,
1. Repost the image above on your Instagram and/or FB
2. Caption anything you want – why you want to go, your fave MJ song, anything!
3. Hashtag #KBFgiveaway #ThrillerLiveMalaysia

The more you post, the higher your chances of being picked!

Contest deadline: 28th February 2015

+ + + + + + + + + + +  +



Direct from London’s West End, THRILLER LIVE is a spectacular musical created to celebrate the illustrious career of the world’s greatest entertainer, Michael Jackson. This sensational high octane production (named after the King of Pop’s biggest-selling album Thriller which sold more than 104 million copies) has played for 7 years in the Lyric Theatre in London after opening to sold-out audiences and standing ovations in 2009.

THRILLER LIVE is an amalgamation of eye-popping video footages, myriad of effects, dazzling costumes and high energy choreography; in order to bring to life on stage the sensational dancing and sound of Michael Jackson’s greatest hits. The two-hour powerful visual, audio and electrifying musical journey will also feature smash hits such as I Want You Back, I’ll Be There, Show You The Way To Go, Can You Feel It, Rock With You, She’s Out Of My Life, Beat It, Billie Jean, Earth Song, Thriller and many more! Oh my god… may be one of my best nights everrrr!

As well as becoming a mainstay in London’s West End, THRILLER LIVE has toured the world,
played over 3,000 shows globally to 3 million fans with rave reviews and standing ovations,
visited over 28 countries (incl. Germany, Italy, Poland, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Singapore, South Africa, China, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Japan, Brazil).

Brought to Malaysia by Milestone Production, the musical at Putra Indoor Stadium will be the full-scaled production with the entire original set being shipped in from London, along with the performance by 50 West End international performers, musicians and crew.

You might be interested to know, that Milestone Production will be working with several charities, organising dance workshops with the West end dancers, and running a Flashmob Dance Competition.

Find out more by checking out:

More pictures, and info on show times and ticket purchase after the jump!


The Merchant Live Launch @ Armada Hotel

* Photos by Jeremy Choy aka rice | photo *

Just before Christmas, i made my way to Armada Hotel for the launch of The Merchant Live – a new fancy club and lounge that boasts over 1000 LED lights with inter-changing backlit colours, acoustic panelled walls and a state-of-the-art TW Audio sound system.

The Merchant Live shouldn’t be confused with Merchant Pub, which some of us might be more familiar with seeing the latter has been one of PJ’s longest-standing neighbourhood drinking spots for 17 years. Merchant Pub closes its doors for a refurbishment this month and will reopen with the promise of sultry jazz twice weekly. Meanwhile, The Merchant Live will prove itself worthy of a drinking playground for those in the area…

The entrance to the club had me at hello.

Consisting of a striking tunnel with neon rings that constantly changed colour, the whole vibe while walking in was reminiscent of Studio 54. Don’t worry. There are lots of pictures of me in the tunnel after, we couldn’t help going back to camwhore.


Once i walked in through the tunnel; to the right is the club, bar, lounge and stage…


And to the left is a long corridor flanked by various karaoke rooms.


Went to have a tour of the rooms before anyone else thanks to Sharon :D


Can you believe this is the smallest of the three private suites available for karaoke??

Each room fits up to at least 30 pax, has a darts machine,
comes equipped with touch screen karaoke entertainment system,
and are themed red, gold and silver respectively.

Obviously i’m in the red one.


I popped my head into one of the other rooms to spot a pool table in it.
Couldn’t help grilling Sharon about how one goes about booking the rooms after that, you just have to choose from the various packages available.

Next karaoke session is here guys. No contest.


Went back to the club area after that as there were cocktails and canapes floating around



Yes, my eating face. Thanks for that Jeremy.


Clem carpooled with me


Live band Applebees took to the stage for a few sets



armada-hotel-merchant-live-launch-21   armada-hotel-merchant-live-launch-24

Me, Kanch and Mary

It was such a rare night for us to hang out together cos Kanch is based in Melbourne now and was back for hols. I used to hang out with Kanch almost every day… temaning her to Kenanga to buy stock back when nobody was selling clothes, and me buying myself clothes till her mum wondered if i was opening a shop too! And Mary and i used to party together every other day, literally, for years. All my earliest blogposts was about drinking here or there with Mary and what we wore and pictures of us making out dancing.


I met Angeline and Frankie for the first time.
Frankie has her own line of handmade ethnic chic clutches, check them out *here*




Mary, Kanch and i wandered outside to get pix taken at the pop up photobooth The Merchant Live placed outside for the event so we could get our pix printed.

Then we couldn’t help taking LOTS of pictures in the tunnel.




In case you’re wondering, my backless jumpsuit is from Love Bonito ;)



Behold the bathroom sign.

Ok no more pix after this cos we all went into the red karaoke room and met lots of Mary and Chek’s friends, drank whiskey, sang and took pictures that aren’t appropriate to be posted up here  :roll:


Daily live performances at The Merchant Live start from 9.30pm onwards and there is no cover charge.
Closed on Sundays.

To find out more about the packages on offer -

Tel: 603-7954 6888


Durian Runtuh @ Awanmulan

Some time in December, my friend Edward from Singapore was visiting KL for the first time ever, and i told him that i’d try to take him to Awanmulan so he could get a taste of Malaysian nature. I’m adamant that if visitors come to KL, they can’t just explore the city… you gotta get out and see how beautiful it is a mere hour away too!

I was having a crazy busy time at work… and it wasn’t the best time to go away, but i felt like i needed to shut off for just a day. (The thing about running your own show is there IS no break. And as long as i’m within a whatsapp message or email away… i can’t seem to run away.) But hey, Edward around was a great reason to: 1) be a great host. 2) get away myself.


I’ve stayed in every single room in Awanmulan, save for Durian Runtuh and Rahsia – their latest addition to the nature retreat. It’s built on a slope facing West so you can watch the sun set over the distant hills.


There are two floors – on top is Durian Runtuh, and below is Rahsiah. If you book only Durian Runtuh (2 bedrooms that sleep 4 pax) it will be RM1330; Rahsiah below sleeps 5 for RM1140. If you take BOTH rooms, you sleep 9 pax for RM2100.


The words on their door sign are formed from nails being hammered into it!


Kitchen with full amenities and living area


Love the pink and mint wooden window panes that complement the colours of the sunset rays so the whole room will glow in those tones in the evening!

Awanmulan-Durian-Runtuh-47 Awanmulan-Durian-Runtuh-45

BECAUSE I HAVE NO SHAME that i love Frozen.


Guest stylist for NewTide magazine

Thanks to Voon Wei for sending over the feature from last month’s issue of NewTide where i played Guest Stylist for a day! I took the earliest slot on shoot day (cos i had something else later on and had to rush off) and it was a sunny fun vibe where everything was done pretty swiftly!

I’ll just pretend i know what the interview says…


The team got together racks and racks of AW14 pieces from various brands, including shoes, bags and accessories; and Voon Wei and myself were to separately style different looks based around a few key pieces. You can see which ones i did, my pic is placed below them.


Newtide12_Dec2014_StylingGame2 Newtide12_Dec2014_StylingGame3

Modeled by Ju Wei, whom i met for the first time that day and discovered is a professional instagrammer. She was so tall and skinny… everything looked good on her!

I recall going for all the sparkly, feathery, glittery, sequinned pieces and layering them atop each other.
Why NOT!?!?!

Ok gt run, crazy week, i wish there were 40 hours in a day!!



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