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KBF is giving away 10x invites to Discover the New Amazin’ Graze

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I’ve already been buying Amazin’ Graze by the box load especially for Chinese New Year (as to have a healthy option for gambling snacks besides the traditional butter-heavy ones in red-lidded containers). When the brand sent me a whole bunch to take with me to the States, i was more than happy to receive them as i knew they’d be enthusiastically inhaled.



I didn’t take any pix of the products at Burning Man cos promoting brands just isn’t encouraged there (and also i can’t say i took that many pix cos handling a camera wasn’t feasible), but i can say that the nuts were much appreciated when we were sometimes wandering around the cold playa with no actual food in sight. Once i passed a packet around and it was gone in 15 minutes. So great to feed people something nutritious with Malaysian flavours intact!

This Saturday 22nd, i will be a panelist at the Discover the New Amazin’ Graze event. I’m not even sure what they want me to talk about regarding Freedom. Guess i’ll be winging it? Haha.

KinkyBlueFairy will be giving away 10x free passes!
If you’re interested, please email [email protected] and CC [email protected] your full name, mobile number, and if you’d like to come with a friend. Please entitle the email “I love KBF & Amazin Graze!”


Discover the New Amazin’ Graze at Dojo KL, and witness the brand new look and improved taste of your favourite granolas, nut snacks, and nut butters. Meet the co-founders and grazers, and discover a day of wellness, amazin’ bites, passion, and freedom.


10:00-11:00 – Discover Confidence: Tropical Yoga Session with co-founder Amy Zheng

11:30-12:30 – Discover Wellness: Make Your Own Locally-Inspired Breakfast Jar
(chia pudding and overnight oats topped with superfoods and granolas)

12:30-14:00 – Discover Bites: Granola Bar, Nut Snacks, Vegetarian Pizzas and More

14:00-15:00 – Discover Passion: Panel Discussion
(Edmund from Inside Scoop, RenYi from myBurgerLab, Claire from The Hive Bulk Foods)

15:00-16:00 – Discover Freedom: Panel Discussion
(Joyce from KinkyBlueFairy, Suzanne from The Picha Project and Claudia Low)


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Purple Hair by Han @ Centro Hair Salon

Comments (0) Beauty, Fashion, Fashion, Style & Beauty

When i suddenly confirmed my trip to the States for Burning Man, I was in Bali letting it all sink in… I didn’t feel the need to tell anyone else about it yet (also, i had to deal with Val who was in Ubud with me at the time, horrified i’d be away for 3 weeks).

One of the first people i excitedly messaged was my hairstylist Han, cos i started thinking what we could do for my hair!
[Beep beep, bimbotic post coming through. This is merely a blogpost all about my hair…]

I sent him some pix and we said we’ll get a sess in before i leave for San Francisco. When i got back to KL, the barrage of work i had to wrap up pushed the salon app way below on my priority list. I figured i’d just go with my current hair colour cos there was nothing wrong with it, it’d faded to a pastel rainbow of sorts. I didn’t bother setting an app with Han, and for the first time ever, he whatsapped me late one night and asked whether i was coming in or what. I ended up squeezing it in, working away on my laptop the whole time.

Then Jessica (owner of the salon) asked me to come in for a quick hair shoot a few days after.


Just like me to get myself into a hair shoot the day before i fly off…



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MAARIMAIA @ KL Fashion Week 2018

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I went for MAARIMAIA‘s show wearing one of their glitter dresses that also debuted on the runway that day.

klfw-2018 kl fashion week-maarimaia-1-joyce-wong-choo-mei-sze

My little darling Choo Mei Sze and i twinning together.
She’s a special person i bond with on food, crystals, essential oils, agency work, spirituality and… well LIFE!


Check out to see wayyyy better pictures of the current pieces available!


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Swan Lake @ Resorts World Genting

Comments (0) Art, Architecture & Culture, Musical

For the first time in Malaysia for their Asia Premiere; Ballet West presents a full cast from the United Kingdom starring Jonathan Barton, Natasha Watson, and Uyu Hiromoto. Tchaikovsky’s iconic piece, Swan Lake, goes to glorious life in a full-length performance at the Genting International Showroom at Resorts World Genting.

Ballet West UK has been responsible for building numerous success stories in the world of ballet for over 28 years with a track record of sold-out performances in more than 40 cities in UK, Europe, and China (including Swan Lake in Scotland, Romeo & Juliet in China and Nutcracker in China).


Swan Lake By Ballet West - Poster

Here’s a little history on Swan Lake-  it was composed by Tchaikovsky in 1875 after he received a commission from Vladimir Petrovich Begichev. Swan Lake was unsuccessful after its first year of performance. Conductors, dancers, and audiences thought Tchaikovsky’s music far too complicated and the ballet dancers, in particular, had difficulty dancing to the music. It was only after Tchaikovsky’s passing that Petipa along with Lev Ivanov revived and revised Swan Lake in 1895. Thanks to extensive research and reconstruction efforts, Swan Lake is alive and one of the best ballet recitals to watch to date.

I jumped at the opportunity to volunteer to go when Joyce sent me the invitation a few days back. I have always wanted to attend a ballet recital, what more Swan Lake!  Its riveting tale of love, magic, and tragedy all in one will definitely be a magical experience for me.

Obviously, I was super stoked. The ballet recital was in Resorts World Genting which meant I had to take a short road trip that only took me an hour and 20 minutes. The drive up was so relaxing as there wasn’t much traffic even though it was the school holidays.

By the time my cousin Natasha and I got there, we were just in time for the pre-show cocktail reception. There was also an array of canapés and juice being served.

As it was the Golden Gala Premiere of Swan Lake by Ballet West, DYMM Sultanah Pahang Sultanah Hajjah Kalsom was the Guest of Honour for the evening. While we waited patiently for the ballerinas to appear onstage, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake score helped build up the excitement. Finally, the lights dimmed and the curtains skimmed up. I was in awe from the very beginning of the show.

Choreographed by top ballet master Daniel Job,  the ballet is divided into four acts:-

Act 1: The Birthday Celebration

The costumes were magnificent, never have I witnessed such spectacular showmanship.

Swan Lake Ballet_Resorts World Genting _02


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Fairy-Rémy Party

Comments (0) Events, Party & Festivals, Featured Post, Party

A year ago i felt like i desperately needed to clear out my material possessions, and constantly parroted that desire to Faridah (which was probably more of an out-loud reminder to myself).

Half a year later, I spoke to May from Rémy Cointreau, who suggested we throw a party in my apartment (cos it IS a beautiful and safe space!)

A month ago, Paperless approached me to collaborate for e-invites and i thought, “How perfect… all these elements aligned for me to release this energy for new things to enter!” I have people like Val stating that the world doesn’t work this way, but i disagree… It’s obviously existing for me!

Behold my card design made using Paperless! I simply had to choose one out of hundreds of template designs, adjust font colours + sizes, personalize my message, choose designs for the background + envelope, and manage RSVPs with tracking intact. I wish i’d known about this platform much sooner!




For some reason, a number of people were confused, especially with a ‘no boys allowed’ disclaimer.

“My husband asked why he can’t come…” shared a gf.
I, in turn, was a little indignant that i wanted a space that allowed my closest gfs to be who they are with no subconscious expectations or inclinations. I didn’t know what the big deal was. I freaking LOVE my male friends, but once in a while – girl time is SO important to us, and i didn’t want to deny myself and my girls this occasion! We need spaces where we can function or just BE and simply share our stories with each other.

I’d invited my closest girlfriends, people i trust, people i feel are authentic, have no second agendas, and are just there to have a good time and connect with other beings.

I felt like people forgot why they throw a party in the first place.

Sure, i made a reason to build towards – cleansing my material space. But i wanted gfs who loved a good cocktail to come together to chit chat and HAVE FUN.

In my head, i felt this the opportune occasion (and major deadline) to finally clear out the horror that is my store room (actually a 3rd bedroom but rendered useless as that).

“Without a deadline, i’d never do it!” I lamented earnestly to Val.
He knew i meant it, and gave me my space to deal with this… black hole.

I spent hours sorting it out. Days, actually.

WHO KNEW! A single female in her mid-30s could accumulate SO MANY THINGS. I was abhorred. Horrified. Embarrassed. More shocked, than anything else, at myself. This is where my money went! All these THINGS and ITEMS that i impulsively purchased on a whim. Plus all these free clothes and gifts from brands and events! #TheJoyceStruggle

The evening after Friday’s KL Fashion Week and late into the night, i spent 8 hours tiding non-stop. I was on a roll. I even missed Rahul’s birthday dinner at Fuego cos i knew there was no way i could leave that mess behind and expect it to solve itself by noon the next day when set up was to start.

All the amazing photos below by Jane Lee @janethecrazy.


Friend: “Oh, i see now why you need to purge! Where did you get the Beatle’s art piece? Wanna sell it?”
Me: “This is not the purge corner, i still want to keep these. Nice try, but NO!”

Pictured above: paraphernalia from JLC event/KL, Paris, Bali, Amsterdam, Tokyo, London and Tanzania.


Carved animal pencils from Tanzania magnified by glass from India Jane in London, with Thomas Ruff poster from Tokyo pictured in bg.




Award-winning mixologist Angel Ng, who was champion of La Maison Cointreau 2014, took over the bar that day. I first met her when she was bartending in Hit & Mrs, before she left and started her own bar PS150. Never would i have thought i’d have her happily mixing drinks in my home….  You are welcome to come back anytime!


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