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Urbanscapes House

Comments (0) Art, Art, Architecture & Culture

Instead of having it at one location for a day or two, the 14-year-old Urbanscapes festival has become a city-wide creative arts celebration happening in various venues throughout KL for 2 weeks till 8th May. Tonight (1st May) will see Rudimental performing at KL Journal, and M83 on May 7th at KL Live. I watched M83 live in Belgium, and they were astounding.

Expect pop-up playgrounds with music, theatre, design, art installations, markets and experiential events headlined by international and homegrown talents. Last week Jun and i went to check out Urbanscapes House, the heritage “OCBC Bank” art deco building (2 Jalan Hang Kasturi). It serves as the festival hub by occupying five floors and will host three weekends of art festivities. When you enter, there will be an Urbanscapes Café that will feature a signature menu created by their food partners. Next weekend (May 7th and 8th) KinkyBlueFairy will be at Urbanscapes House with a fun photowall. The team will be there, and so will i so come take some fun pix and say hi!

Urbanscapes House-19a

Urbanscapes House-15a


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Aldo @ KLCC Fashion Week

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Last Saturday afternoon, Jun and i headed to KLCC for an Aldo event

Taking vain pix in the car. My eyeshadows are from Urban Decay Vice4 palette, earrings & infinity necklace from Thomas Sabo, top from Love, Bonito.

Megan,  LexieKim, moi.

We’re all wearing shoes from Aldo. Of course. 👠 

Love Megan‘s sandals!


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Mother’s Day Ideas

Comments (0) Fashion, Style & Beauty, Featured Post, Shopping

Mother’s Day is next weekend on May 8th! Don’t forget people!

Some would say every day should be Mother’s Day, and i do agree that we should treat our parents great on any given day, butttt after seeing my friends become moms and hearing how challenging it can be, i think one day out of the year to specially commemorate all mothers and their unflagging efforts to raise us the best they can, shouldn’t go unnoticed.

My mum is the type who doesn’t want a fuss on her birthday or Mother’s Day. She says this but… we don’t care and just try to plan things / buy something / send something anyway. It’s not about how much something costs (i THINK) but the effort and thought one puts into it.

1. Flowers!

I first heard of BloomThis when Veena sent me a box as a housewarming gift when i moved in last year. They put together the most beautiful selection of flowers and provide a subscription service (so you can order flowers for your own home once a week/month, etc).  For Mother’s Day, they’ve got flowers ranging from RM 69 – RM 189. Check it out *here*




2. Balloons!

We do custom-order balloons at KinkyBlueFairy! All you have to do is tell us your budget, colour preference / which balloons you want in the bunch, and we’ll put it together and deliver it. I do this for friends’ birthdays all the time… (which is probably the main reason why i set this hobby business up. I wanted to use it for myself haha). For orders, email [email protected] and [email protected]

customize balloon banner-mothers day-exactsizeCustomize balloon bouquet example-1


3.  RM 1,000 shopping spree!

I subscribe to Nelissa Hilman and saw in my inbox that the shoe brand has teamed up with other gorgeous Malaysian designer brands Dipped Row, Mimpikita and Frankitas to offer a lucky mum a RM 1,000 shopping spree! Such a good idea. Read more details on the contest *here*. It runs May 1st-7th!

a nellisa-hilman-claim-to-fame-contest-malaysia


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There’s a new grinch in town

Comments (2) Beauty, Fashion, Style & Beauty

And that grinch is me.

Definition of grinch according to thesaurus: complainer, dampener, grouch, moaner, pessimist, whiner, doomsdayer, partypooper, prophet of doom (haha), wet blanket, and (oh i love this one) stick in the mud.

I admit i can be all of that. Despite my desire and best intentions to be 100% happy, it’s just not possible (nor normal, methinks). Polarity exists in all forms, and is reflected in our moods. The knowledge that i can be exceedingly sickeningly shout-at-the-top-of-the-mountain kinda happy, also means i can be contrastingly moody and angry at times. It’s not a part of me i like, but come to accept as a PASSING of emotions. I’ve learnt that if one feels negative, it’s best to just sit with the emotion, feel it, wonder where it’s coming from and whether one can fix it, but also embrace it’s just how i feel at the moment, and like all moments, it shall pass. Sometimes i can feel angry or sad for no apparent reason, which really boggles my mind and tires me trying to figure it out. I felt this need to be so perfect all the time. To always be in a perfect mood for every task i have to do. And… i don’t have to. The only person putting all that on me, is me. The only person making me feel bad, is me. And you too. The only person you’re allowing to make you feel a certain way, is yourself.

So whenever i’m not feeling my best, i understand that it’s just my body and spirit’s way of wanting to get out of everyone’s way, so i can be by myself, and just recalibrate my energy. And it works. It always works.


joyce-wong-green-hair-centro-hair-salon-ikwan-hamid-8 joyce-wong-green-hair-centro-hair-salon-ikwan-hamid-9


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America’s Most Desperate Kitchens: HGTV Asia’s The Cousins in Malaysia!

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The highlight of my week was hanging out with The Cousins Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri – famed for their successful home makeover series like The Kitchen Cousins, Cousins Undercover, Cousins on Call, and their latest show debuting at 9pm tomorrow (Tuesday 26th April) on HGTV Asia – America’s Most Desperate Kitchens!

HGTV Asia (Astro TV Channel 731) got in touch with me to follow them around all day (like their local host if you will) on the Malaysian leg of their Asian tour to promote America’s Most Desperate Kitchens.

Man these guys have a gruelling schedule! I was up at 5:45am, and managed to fall thankfully into my bed 18 hours later past midnight. Their itinerary was jam-packed with radio interviews, media interviews, meet-and-greet sessions, visit to famous landmarks, discovering local food, promo event… everybody wanted a piece of these guys. Even the security guard outside Astro recognised them and said he watches their shows 😎

Having successful runs of season after season on HGTV for the past five years, The Cousins have made a name for themselves and worked with many others in the entertainment industry including Ellen DeGeneres and Khloe Kardashian (they designed her movie room).

HGTV Asia The Cousins in Malaysia John Colaneri Anthony Carrino-21

John Colaneri, me and Anthony Carrino

A bit of background on The Cousins, John graduated from Pennsylvania State University in 2003 with a Bachelor of Science in labor and industrial relations, while working as a laborer on summer breaks. He was involved in many aspects of the construction process before devoting his time fully to the family construction business, Brunelleschi Construction. Anthony co-founded Brunelleschi Construction with his father Alfonso in 2004. Prior to that he’d started his own web development company which catered to more than 30 clients by his senior year. He’s definitely got an artistic side in him!

Both The Cousins are self-taught designers whose “favourite part of the home is the kitchen ‘cos you can do so much,” said John.
“We’re big on functional design,” added Anthony.

Here are some Before and After pictures cos who doesn’t like looking at them!?
These are from their Kitchen Cousins show:

before-after-kitchen-makeover-the-kitchen-cousins-HGTV-1 before-after-kitchen-makeover-the-kitchen-cousins-HGTV-2 before-after-kitchen-makeover-the-kitchen-cousins-HGTV-3

I picked up lots of tips from them throughout the day from sitting in some of their interviews and just generally overhearing them answer a gazillion questions about redoing kitchens. Being a new homeowner myself who designed my own kitchen (and am still in the midst of further decoration in other parts of the apartment), i’m constantly looking out for new interior design tips and was greatly interested in learning whatever i could.

I was glad to know i was the same page with the basics of what i heard being repeated:
– Mix up textures used in a room (wood, metal, matte surfaces)
– Good to have a bright colour that pops, and not overpower/clash with everything else
– Lots of natural light

Being a duo that works on kitchens so much, it was inevitable that someone ask whether they cook.
And the answer is yes, they love cooking!
They even had a cooking show called Chill and Grill so they could share their recipes.

Looks like they’ve got all aspects covered when it comes to kitchens..!!!

Back to the beginning of our hectic day, it all started at Astro Broadcast Centre at Bukit Jalil where The Cousins had an interview with Lite FM hosts Anita and Steve.

HGTV Asia The Cousins in Malaysia John Colaneri Anthony Carrino-1 Lite FM interview Astro

Everyone had a grand old time jesting and laughing heaps, with a recorded challenge after the show.

HGTV Asia The Cousins in Malaysia John Colaneri Anthony Carrino-5 Lite FM interview Astro

Steve asked Anthony and John what they’d suggest for his upcoming kitchen.
I see what you’re doing here, Steve! Very clever 😏

The Cousins graciously and enthusiastically suggested white cabinets, glass tiles, matte black hood/appliances, and a wooden cabinet on one side for added texture.
A tip i thought very interesting was to bring the backsplash all the way up to the ceiling instead of just having a panel.


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