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Cuba is calling

Comments (0) La la la, Musings & Personal

In November 2016, i had this urge to go to Cuba.


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The Japanese House

Comments (0) Art, Architecture & Culture, Music

Throughout getting the apartment back to normal post-Christmas Day, and prepping for NYE’s getaway menu; i kept bumping into an artist on Spotify, when i’d purposefully walk away from the task at hand, to check whose song it was. When i realized it was the third song from The Japanese House that’d got my attention, i googled him/her.

And discovered that he/she is a them.

How awesome! Gender neutrality is something that came into my space earlier this year, and i was especially pleased when Time mag featured gender neutrality on its cover (i think it was around March 2017).

I believe every human being exists on a spectrum that ranges thousands of gender variations. How can one cement so stoutly that one is either a male or female based on their physical attributes alone (mainly private bits)? Scientific research in recent years has already proven that anyway so you just need to pick up a book or google it.

IMHO, a person has both equal masculine and feminine qualities, and when one is born into earth on this lifetime, their soul makes a contract deciding which sex they’d physically be born with (some even get born with both, or neither!). The more new people i’ve met across different locations over the past 5 years, the more i’ve noticed and admired outstanding ones who embrace both their gender sides so equally that sometimes, you can’t tell if they’re traditionally male or female anymore. And i think – that is the way of the future. That we each have the complete freedom to be who we are without our outer shell dictating so.


“The Japanese House is an English indie pop act from Buckinghamshire[1] consisting of solo artist Amber Bain. They have released four EPsPools to Bathe InCleanSwim Against the Tide, and Saw You in a Dream, through Dirty Hit.[2] Bain contributes vocals and plays guitarsynthesizer and keyboard for their music. Many of their tracks are produced by Bain themself and George Daniel of The 1975.

The name The Japanese House was inspired by a property in Cornwall, England previously owned by Kate Winslet with furnishings reminiscent of traditional Japanese tea houses in which Bain and their family stayed in their childhood. During their week-long stay in the cottage, Bain posed as a boy, calling themself Danny. Their experiences there heavily influenced the use of an anonymous label for their music as opposed to the use of their own name.[3] Bain is in a relationship with fellow singer Marika Hackman.[4][5]

Amber Bain worked closely with the British band, The 1975. The band’s lead singer, Matt Healy and drummer, George Daniel helped them write several of their songs to date. [6] Bain went on their first tour as an opening act for The 1975 where they gained recognition.[7] Since then, they have been working on their debut album that is set to release at the end of 2017.[8] Bain is known for being gender neutral. When they debuted, many speculated if Bain was male or female. They explained that, “There was a big debate online as to my gender … it probably benefited me, because at the beginning I wasn’t labelled as ‘biddler X’ rather than ‘songwriter’.” [9]” [source]


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But a fleeting moment

Comments (1) Fairy Love, Musings & Personal

I am currently recovering from Wonderfruit and couldn’t stop thinking about this connection i made… i made so many amazing connections there, but this one has been stuck in my mind since i returned.

A tinge of regret. A melancholy feeling. Joy i managed to encounter it nonetheless.
A mix.

I’m just writing to get it down before i forget…


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Fugeelah, Frankitas, Jimmy Lim & more fashion tidbits

Comments (1) Fashion, Fashion, Style & Beauty, Shopping

Since 2009, The Fugee School has been providing a safe place for refugee children in Malaysia to receive academic, creative and lifeskills in a safe environment. Today, Fugee School works very closely with the refugee community in providing 160 students from Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan and Palestine with an education.

Championed by Deborah Henry, The Fugee School’s newest brand to launch is Fugeelah– their own lifestyle accessories line designed and handmade by the children (with Malaysian artisans) to teach them craftsmanship, quality measures, conceptualisation, design, production and business planning. It runs as a sustainable business model that ensures fair distribution of work and wealth.

I went to the launch of Fugeelah at Bowery in Publika recently, and bought a few earrings as Christmas presents!


Check out their range of jewellery *here*

Funded by UNHCR, independent volunteers and private entities, Fugeelah is a sustainable homegrown entity with deep global roots. All profits from Fugeelah is distributed to Fugee School, the children and the artisans. Click on


The Skittle Clutch, RM 145; Rose Petal Earrings, RM 79

The signature Skittle print was inspired and created using the original painting by Shanzay, a 9-year-old refugee girl from Pakistan.


Pictured right is me with Frankie of Frankitas, who taught the kids how to make the jewellery during her free time on weekends. I don’t know how she managed that cos she also has three children of her own. Respect!

Speaking of Frankitas, the design brand since 2015 now have 11 design items made from artisanal fabrics that have been weaved into stunning pieces.


Frankitas has been supporting skilled artisans from Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Africa and Central Asia and 70% of the items are made and tailored locally.

Visit to shop online!


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Comments (26) Beauty, Fashion, Style & Beauty

I’m giving away a Swiss line serum worth RM 538! [read end of blogpost on how to enter] They’re not paying me to give it away and i’m doing so cos i just love the brand so damn much… i admit that sometimes i apply the serum and run out without moisturizer or eye cream. #rushingfairy

Been blogging about how much i love Swiss line for yearssss and i always gave it top marks when judging the Bazaar Beauty Awards or recommending a list for the Women’s Weekly Beauty Favourites. I currently use the Force Vitale Aqua-Vitale Gel-Serum, and Swiss line sunblock; along with the rest of my other beauty products of various brands.

Here are some legit pix of my master bedroom bathroom where i get ready. I say legit cos i didn’t move things around and shot the pix below in a hurry!


Left pic:
– Notice the sparkly stuff on lower left corner? Yeah i showcase my swarovski and sparkly mont blanc items there, cos sparkly makes me happy and looking at them while i brush my teeth makes me happy!
– There are a whole bunch of tongue scrapers in the cup cos my normal white stick that lasted friggin YEARS broke, and i went on a rampage trying to find it again for months. In the process i accumulated other brands of tongue scrapers which are all useless #truestory and FINALLY found the white one sold in Health Lane. I was so delighted i signed up for a membership at that pharmacy immediately -_-
– Skinsaikel and  Swiss Line essentials on my sink. Most other items are kept in hidden storage so it doesn’t bother my line of sight #anal

Right pic:
– Left side of my bathroom where i display my Urban Decay palettes. Other palettes are stored in cupboard below the sink.


Left pic:
– I recently spent 3 HOURS going through my entire bathroom and removing all the products (you can imagine the plethora i’ve received from work…) that i don’t use. These drawers used to be chock full of pencils of all kinds till i couldn’t find what i needed when getting ready quickly!
– Feels so satisfying to look at them now… i divided them from bottom to top: liquid eyeliners, eyeliners, brow pencils, mascaras, then my precious  metallic shu uemura liquid eyeliners

Right pic:
– stacked my Dior eyeshadow palettes i use regularly. Was even thinking of labelling them out the outside so i don’t constantly open them to check if it’s the colour i want. But that may be taking organizing a little too far…


Left pic:
– this is the inside of my mirrored cupboard that’s to my right when i get ready. I love ID and when renovating this bathroom, insisted on lots of hidden storage space! (1) I don’t want clutter in my sight (2) I need to see my things to be able to use them
– stuff i keep in here are hair products, mosquito repellant, sunblocks, moisturizers for diff weather, exfoliate, creams, medicines i reach for more regularly, etc.

Right pic:
– My shower shelves hold mostly paraben-free shampoo and body wash. Hmm tho i’m still using non-paraben-free shampoo and conditioner cos i enjoy my hair being as soft as possible what with all the dyeing it goes through.

Spot any stuff that you use the same of too? 😉

And this, is what i’m gonna be giving away, thanks so Swiss line who reached out to me!  >


  • Swiss line Force Vitale Aqua-Vitale Gel-Serum worth RM538.00

An award-winning global skincare brand founded in 1989 in Switzerland by Prince Michael Massalsky, Swiss line comes from a laboratory background and traces its heritage to Dr. Alfred Pfister, the inventor of Cellular Therapy.

Swiss line formulated the Force Vitale Aqua-Vitale Gel-Serum to address the busy lifestyle of most of us these days where we’re always running around taking care of work, family and friends without sometimes putting time out for ourselves. By exhausting our skin as much as ourselves, it needs more attention than ever.

This hydration serum is designed to hydrate (aqua) and energize (vitale) the skin, combat free radical damage, and strengthen the regeneration of skin with a moisture surge from the high quota of hyaluronic acid. To accentuate this feeling of revitalization, red algae extracts are also included to create an aqua-porous protective film capable of delaying water loss while naturally trapping water molecules.


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