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Please point me to the best curry laksa

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Figured now is a good time to blog about food since Ramadan is starting this weekend and it’d be a lil rude to post bout it then!
Not that the first pic is even halal… WELL I TRIED


Tai Yong took me to Ru Di Fook Noodle Bar @ Kota Damansara one Sunday evening after MONTHS of us not hanging out. He was getting mad at me. When the siew yoke came, it was beautiful but TY peered at it going, “So small!” Well, it IS a slightly more atas wan tan mee place, i was expecting it to come as so. Greedy TY la.
“Next time order big okay.”

While waiting for the food, the hip hop playing caught our attention and we slowly started bopping our heads along to it, while staring at it each other like we couldn’t believe the music there.
“The music is so on point.”


Right: I’ll definitely return to it, take my parents too. Check out my mocktail – it was delish btw!
So glad there’s a nice noodle place in KD!

Left: After Ru Di Fook, he took me to Foo Foo Fine Desserts in TTDI.
We were a wee bit over ourselves and ordered a dessert each and could barely finish…
TY had a green tea creme brulee, and i a salted caramel profiteroles. Two of my fave dessert factors, together! I had to try it.

+ + + + +

One weekend, Jun & i went to the Food For Good market at The Row.
Me mainly to support Idan, but also had a good laugh with Tony who introduced us to Rosana.


Rosana sells dry sambal under her brand Rosana’s Homemade Food. It is the bomb, i bought 5 jars.
The one i’m dipping into now to sprinkle on my salads and rice for an extra kick is her Kaffir Lime & Lemongrass dry sambal, made with shrimp paste + kaffir lime leaves + lemongrass + fragrant Sarawak black pepper + bird’s eye chilli + anchovies + shallots (no added salt, sugar or preservatives).

Idan was selling ox tongue rice and spicy green sambal under The Aiden Picnic.
I already have a full jar of green chilli from another local seller at a market i recently bought (called @RealSambal) so i got one for Baby called Sambal Queen cos she LOVES adding chilli to everything. It’s super pedas.

food-malaysia-3-dope-dough-kl food for good market the row

And then, i succumbed to buying 3 cookies for RM 15 from Dope Dough. I never heard of the brand, just stood there staring at the jars and was asked to try a little. I was sold -_-
I don’t even like cookies that much. I never buy cookies! (except for CNY). But these had generous soft chocolate bits in them, and had variations of flavours and nuts you could choose from.

After that we ran off before i spent any more on food and snacks.
Not bad for a 45-minute pit stop.


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Last light

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Sometimes you don’t want that day to end
cos when the darkness falls, there’s no going back
No going back to the same day
where just hours earlier many things, a million things, were different


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Photo Diary: Melbourne, Australia

Comments (0) Australia, Explore, Travel & Stay, Melbourne, Travel

When Jun and i landed in Melbourne, Uncle & Aunty Wong came to pick us up from the airport and immediately brought us home to stuff us with dim sum made in their own factory. One couldn’t ask for a more comforting breakfast after a red-eye flight!


They heated up so many dim sum like drunken prawns, and a petai variation (which was really good!) that i veered to overeating as opposed to being impolite. #chineselikethat

That afternoon Kanch came to grab Jun and i to spend the weekend at hers.


Those two got to polishing off half a bottle of Jinzu while i napped cos i couldn’t take it anymore.

We went to Movida for tapas dinner of lamb cutlets, air dried wagyu with poached egg and truffle foam, beetroot with buratta, duck liver pate, and zucchini flower. Then Garden State Hotel for coffee martinis, followed by The Collins Quarter for white wine.

On Sat morn, us three optimistically planned to get some exercise (a jog or run) and brunch, so we all wore our gym clothes out. We headed for a very delicious brunch of avocado smash, and beetroot waffle with hot smoked salmon, creme fraiche and poached egg at Fourth Chapter. That beetroot waffle still sits lovingly in my mind’s mouth! After brunch we walked down the street and Kanch decided to show off her favourite bottle store to Jun. So much for taking a jog. End up window shopping alcohol.

30 minutes later, the sun was out and it was turning out to be such a beautiful Saturday! Kanch and i looked down at ourselves and just weren’t feeling this workout attire, so we headed home to change into our pretty weekend outfits. Jun was a little exasperated but he knew better than so stand in the way of two women with their minds made up. It was too hot to run! I told him to please go ahead, but Kanch and i were gonna take a stroll and catch up instead.

And stroll we did, in Queen Victoria Park for almost an hour! We found a lost phone, called the person back, a guy answered, Kanch fantasized it was a cute man, but when he came to claim it he turned out the opposite and not very polite at all cos he didn’t even thank us for returning his phone. Ah well.



My fave pointer finger ring from Thomas Sabo.



I’m reallyyyy loving this top from Aria The Label, i even wore it on my birthday in blogpost before this :p


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My 34th Birthday

Comments (0) Birthdays, Musings & Personal

I wasn’t really sure what i wanted to do for my birthday, because i was gonna be in Australia for so many weeks beforehand, and felt i might want to just decompress after the trip.

Also, 34 isn’t a particularly spectacular figure. 33 is kinda cool cos it’s a double digit, 35 is the half mark into the 3rd decade, but 34 is neither here nor there. I was open to the idea of just going with the flow and having a really quiet one. 3-4 days before my bday, which fell on a Friday, i decided to text a bunch of people to have dinner at Ad Hog cos i thought i’d really like to get lots of hugs from friends that day 😀

Jun insisted on making dinner for my birthday eve, and i opted for Chinese food where we also had Mama, Uncle Mark and Aunt G over.


He cooked spicy assam fish (his mum’s recipe, sowh damn good), veggies, braised mushrooms, soup, and his grannie’s recipe of fatty pork + egg.


Mama taking a break after eating.
I kept catching 11:11 and 1:11 when checking the time only every few hours. I took it as a good sign the angels are with me.

On my actual birthday, it auspiciously fell on the same day as Malayalee New Year / Vishu, Baisakhi, Tamil New Year, AND Good Friday. Dhanya invited me to her family home to sample her mum’s annual vegetarian feast. I couldn’t think of a better meal i’d have loved to have for lunch and immediately said YES. The memory of her mum’s mango chutney rings in my mind months after it’s passed through my mouth, and she only cooks it once a year! And that is, if i’m lucky enough to be invited cos each of her 3 daughters only invites a few friends.


My banana leaf on the right. I continuously topped up on various dishes and rice as i went along… and slowly ate what must have been two helpings of everything and was SO satisfied and stuffed after.


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