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Bali: Uluwatu Surf Villas

Comments (0) Bali, Explore, Travel & Stay, Indonesia, Travel

This is gonna be a picture travel log bout my trip to Bali two weeks ago. Am writing this in Tainan with only 20-30 minutes to spare so here’s a quick one!

Bali Uluwatu Surf Villas 1

Bali Uluwatu Surf Villas 2

Before moving to Uluwatu for 4 nights, we picked Neo Hotel in Petitenget to stay in for a night so we could settle into island mode before making our way to Uluwatu the next day instead of rushing straight from the airport.

Bali Uluwatu Surf Villas 3 - Hotel Neo Petitenget

We arrived in the evening and it was storming like cray. Iman said it had been raining for a full day, and it didn’t stop then. It pretty much rained for two whole days which is unheard of cos even during monsoon season the most i’d experienced in Bali would be random showers throughout the day. Not a constant storm! We observed the weather forecast which said it’d be storming the whole week and were like ‘damn’ but me being ever optimistic about holiday weather said “i’m sure it’ll change and we’ll have sunny days halfway through!!!”

Grabbed an uber (it’s a big hoo ha in Bali as it is in KL) to Merah Putih which Rahul suggested for dinner. Dhanya didn’t feel like going out so it was just me and the 3 boys – Danny, Rahul and Murat.

Bali Uluwatu Surf Villas 9 - merah putih restaurant bali


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KinkyBlueFairy @ Hippie Hub

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KinkyBlueFairy’s products and accessories are now physically available at Hippie Hub in Damansara Perdana, also known as YogaOneThatIWant Studios.

The Pink Donut Float first caught my eye at a house party organized by a friend, of a friend, of a friend. You would expect a teenage boy at a pool party to have his eyes focused exclusively on the flood of  hot bods parading around the compound, and yet, the only thing that could retain my attention was a pink donut float in the pool filled with people I didn’t know.

Long story short, by the end of the night, fueled by my youthful stupidity and energized by all the ‘non-alcoholic’ beverages, I was in the middle of the pool, holding on to the pink donut float, refusing to let go until my ride told me that we had to go home. Needless to say, that led me on a journey to find out the origin of this magical donut float. After a few failures at procuring this piece of information caused by the hangovers of my fellow party guests, a consultation with Dr. G a.k.a. Google, brought me to discover KinkyBlueFairy. [Joyce: Who would have thought it would have brought you to us! *hearts in eyes*]

Products on the KinkyBlueFairy online store (once the home of the pink donut float) like sunglasses, bags, vintage accessories, festival toys and casual attire, are now available at Hippie Hub, Damansara Perdana. (Sorry, no more donut floats, but trust me, all the other KinkyBlueFairy products are equally as pretty. For enquiries on float purchases, please email


Hippie Hub, the home of YogaOneThatIWant, is a yoga studio cum lifestyle store founded by Malaysian singer-songwriter and actress, Atilia Haron. Aside from a variety of unique and specialized yoga classes, Hippie Hub also occasionally offers classes for Pilates, Zumba, and Box Fit as well as a host of other fitness programs.


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Tattoo #12 by Pis Sarro at Artful Ink Bali

Comments (2) Art, Art, Architecture & Culture

When i was in Bali last week, we stayed on Petitenget for a night before moving to Uluwatu the next day.
The boys and i were standing outside our hotel waiting for our uber to take us for dinner, when i spotted a tattoo studio directly across us.
“Hey Rahul, let’s get a tattoo!”

It was half a joke, but the next day i strode into the studio after we checked out, just to get a gauge of what their artists’ work looked like. The owner Kiara happened to be at the counter, and she told me they have nine resident artists and recommended a guest artist who was in town. I thanked her, said i’ll think about it and try to have one scheduled on the day of my flight home.


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A poem for Baby

Comments (2) Nature, People & Beings, People & Beings

This song has to be played while you read the poem cos we would play it on repeat in the office last year  :roll:

There once was a baby who got named Faridah
Little did she know, she’d be awesome foreva
She grew up but didn’t grow too much taller
Her heart made up for it by being so much bigger!
As she grew older, everyone called her Baby
Despite being tiny, she was quite loud and crazy.

When she ventured out partying at TAG in Sonic
She met a little fairy holding a gin & tonic
(Baby was obviously an adult by then, or else this poem, wouldn’t make sense!)
They hugged and became party friends because both were excited
And only years later did get properly connected
They spoke over coffee, cocktails and food
About dreams and experiences,
The funny, sad and good.

A work trip to Penang for Levi’s took place
And ever since then are in each others’ face.
Cos not too long after, they couldn’t help it
When Baby wanted a new job, and Fairy said “That’s settled!”
She started on 5th January in 2015
Handling operations and managing a team,
Baby learnt more things than Fairy would realize
like her schedule for eating, and underwear size.


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Through The Eyes Of An Uber Driver

Comments (0) Business, Tech & Gadgets, Work


Uber has been the topic of many a conversation. People talk about their funny Uber drivers, some talk about their hot Uber drivers, and some share stories about their weird Uber drivers. But seemingly forgotten, are the stories from the drivers themselves.

Last November, I decided to take a plunge. I signed up to be an Uber driver and before long, I embarked on a journey riddled with twists, turns and quite a few u-turns. I’ve seen the good, I’ve seen the bad and I’ve seen the nasty. Today, I will talk about the 5 most memorable moments I’ve had during my stint as an Uber driver, as well as some DOs and DON’Ts for prospective drivers.

Public Display of Affection


On my very first day as an Uber driver, I was driving about at 11pm when I got my first call. I accepted it gleefully and made my way to Sunway Mentari to pick up my first passengers. As soon as I arrived, my passengers, with much difficulty, climbed into the backseat of my car. At first glance, I could tell they were a couple, and that they were heavily intoxicated. Steering wheel in one hand, and plastic bag ready in the other, I started my journey to Damansara Kim.

Shortly after, I decided to sneak a peek at the back seat to make sure my passengers were still conscious, instead, I was greeted with a very passionate make-out scenerio just a few levels short of being a scene straight out of 50 Shades of Grey.

Realizing that I should focus on getting to my destination as quickly as possible, lest this ‘PG13’ love scene ends up with an ‘18SX’ rating; I set my eyes on the road, my mind on the destination, and put my foot on the gas. After the longest 15-minute drive of my life, I arrived at their destination, and turned back to inform my passengers (who were still going at it), that we’d arrived.

I heard my passengers speak for the first time, “5 minutes”. Taking a hint, I turned back, and focused my eyes on Instagram on my phone instead. When they were finally done, I told them how much their fare was (about RM11). The guy handed me a RM20 note, and told me to keep the change.

I thanked him as he left the car and thought to myself about how my first trip as an Uber driver was both excessively weird, and profitable.

+ + + + +

Suspicious Cargo


On another one of my trips, I picked up an elderly gentleman from the industrial area in USJ 1, Subang Jaya, who was carrying a big black plastic bag. I made my way out of USJ 1, and found myself at a police road block.

“Aiya, hopefully they don’t stop us,” the elderly man said.

They did.

Explaining to them that I was an Uber driver, they explained to me politely that they just wanted to do a few random checks. The elderly man was later pulled aside for questioning, as the big black plastic bag he was carrying was filled with condoms.

After about 15 minutes and a lot of phone calls, the elderly man returned to the car, and we continued our journey. As soon as we arrived, he passed me a RM10 note, told me to keep the change and stepped out of the vehicle. Till this day, I still wonder what he told the police so that they would let him go, and also why he had what looked like a lifetime supply of condoms with him.


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