Doing the Karen Cheng Pose

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I’ve been reading Karen Cheng‘s blog for… years.
Can’t even remember how long now but i stumbled upon it through random clicking and found myself returning to it every other day.
Which is really strange cos despite me being a blogger, i’m not a blog-stalker.

Admittedly, i stalk hers.
Hi, my name is Joyce and i stalk Karen Cheng.


I love her optimism and reading about a life so different from mine, which i think is the whole purpose of reading a blog – peeking into someone else’s life and cultivating joy from it.

I love that she appreciates random leaves like me.

Karen Cheng

I coo at pictures of her healthy food (prollie cos i cannot cook to save my life).

Karen Cheng

I’ve been following her sons Sean and Callum growing up, as she writes on their holidays, adorable things they say, frustration in parenthood, fun activities they do together and ‘Firsts’ in a lot of everything – first day of kindergarten, first time this, first time that.

Perhaps her writing on her children are my favourite part of all.

Karen Cheng

I marvel at the drawings they conjure and the toys they make.

Karen Cheng

When i first noticed Karen linked me on her blog a couple of years ago, i excitedly told AshleyTheMonkey about it.
“Hey, do you read Karen Cheng?”
“Oh. Well she’s this blogger right, *blablabla rambles on about Karen Cheng*… and she linked me *beams*  :xpleased:
“… oohkay you psycho.”

Ash couldn’t fathom why i was so excited over an Australian blogger i’ve never in my life linking me.

Then one day, Karen emailed me about her Karen Cheng pose.
The first line in my reply email back was that her blog made me want to have kids -_-
She said it’s my hormones talking  0_o

Anyway, back to the Karen Cheng pose (read the link then you’d understand better!), she started up a Facebook Group for fun – to let other people post up pictures of themselves taken in the reflection of a mirror to show what they’re wearing/looking for the day.

If you think that this is merely a narcissistic act, stop right there.

Karen took it much further. With the help of supportive bloggers and friends, she held a charity event for the Singapore Red Cross when she flew there last month.
They raised app. SGD2,000 in 2 hours for the fund, all derived from the fun of taking pictures of yourself in the mirror.

Who would’ve thought ey?   :xwinky:

Karen Cheng

She’s got Dottie and Stephie of Fashionation to do it, and now she’s got me too  :xsilly:

Fairy Attempting Karen Cheng Pose

It’s a bit blur cos i took a quick shot right before SarChan knocked on my room door to walk downstairs together for the MTV Asia Awards.
You can see the heap of scarves piled on the bed cos i packed stuffed them into my bag in a hurry!

You know what’s pretty coincidental?
I was surfing fashion blogs and Diana of Hot Mint & Chocolate in Jakarta has the same skirt too!

You can join in the fashion fun by uploading your pics on the Doing the Karen Cheng Facebook group. Check out the other pictures there!

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  1. abby says:

    i can imagine someone saying, “WOW U know joyce the kinky fairy? I met her!!!” cos that was exactly what i did =)

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