I love my piercings, i really do.

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I’ve gone thru my fair share of piercing phases.
First was in school when it was like, so cool, and shit *flips hair*
Wah, feel like slapping myself writing that.

Anyway in school i had 6 or 7 per ear,
and 2 navel piercings (probably because i was a maximalist from young and one just wasn’t enough)
Took them all out during college years.

Then i had got my industrial done 3 years ago
(can’t believe i found the post, i love my blog! haha)
and a simple one on top of my other ear which i consider my only souvenir from Madrid.

And today i was actually considering taking them both off!

Only because Clem keeps on bumping into it,
and it really hurts/bothers me,
tho he prollie thinks i’m just being drama when i yelp
(but i know you’re reading this so i’m TELLING you it actually hurts okay!  :xcensored:  :xbummed: )

At the point of considering taking them off while staring into the back garden,
i found myself thinking –
have i become one of those older friends i talk to,
who tell me they take off their piercings when they got older,
because they just got in the way,
and there wasn’t a point in keeping them anymore?

One part of me is aghast that i *understand* their former predicament.

The other (childish) part of me is screaming NO,
and WANTING to hold on to the piercings because i still very much like how they look on me and go with my clothes.

Goddamn this growing up thing.
I don’t wanna grow up! Can’t you tell?!

However, it really is a battle of Piercings vs Uninterrupted Cuddling.

We’ll see.

+ + +

Random Snappies
because i’m like that.

Went to the Zee Avi showcase presented by AirAsia @ KL Live 2 weekends ago.
Thanks to the people at Universal for helping me buy tix!

adlin rosli + kevin yeoh

Adlin Rosli + Kevin Yeoh

zee avi @ kl live

QueenKanch, AshleyTheMonkey, BrianMak

Ok la, i admit i had to act like i didn’t care (kononnya almost died)
when Ash smsed me there was no alco at the showcase.


She knows me so well.

‘Twas good to hear Zee sing again,
tho it was nothing like the first time i heard her on the beach in Kuching.


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+ + +

Went to Amanda’s birthday after that.
She turned 21 on the 21st at 21

Amanda Choe *is* that young.   :xwhatevah:

amanda's 21st

My grey slash top from Baci

amanda's 21st

amanda's 21st
Ah Xu, me, AlvinGoldfish

amanda's 21st

I’m quite useless and only took 4 pix :p
You can see more pix on Amanda’s post *here*

+ + +
Was invited for dinner at SmallSerena’s.
Mathieu cooked again.
His father is a chef so the boy got some skillz.
(i swear the ‘skillz’ thing is influenced by DidiBuli -_-)

I guess it was a kinda double date thing (in a hopefully non-cheesy way)
cos both Serena and i are dating French guys who both work in the same company 0_-

dinner @ serena + mathieu

See the city skylights in the background!

We had fish (Mathieu’s dad caught) in some awesome sauce + potatoes + salad + bubbly + wine   :xlaughing:
I tried polishing off as much as i could,
but admittedly had to leave a few pieces of potato (or subtly drop them onto Clem’s plate  :xshy: )

dinner @ serena + mathieu

This be the chef

dinner @ serena + mathieu

Dessert was flambé bananas + rum n raisin ice cream.
We played chor tai ti after dinner,
and ’twas quite funny seeing French men get emo over winning a Chinese card game   :xsilly:


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4 Responses to I love my piercings, i really do.

  1. ShaolinTiger says:

    Yah just found out me and Amanda have the same birthday..sadly I wasn’t turning 21 tho haha.

  2. maintainMing says:

    i love my piercings,then..
    and now i’d say-
    i loved my piercings..

    keep it if u want to,
    but u’d know when u wanna remove them..


  3. lynn.wabbit says:

    how about swapping the bar (industrial) to 2 separate studs? ever since i swapped my to puny studs, i never get any problems :) haven’t taken those studs out in … um … 5 years? hahahahha :S

  4. Vivien says:

    how can you have 2 navel piercings? u mean navel industrial?

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