Christmas dinner @ Mattrena’s

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One of the first Xmas dinners we attended this year was at Mattrena’s place!

Serena’s decorating job. She upped the standard so i expect the LohLohs have to decorate next year… hee


Sous Chef Serena & Chef Maidon


Cammy was extremely proud of these gingerbread cookies and decorations she brought for us to play with… which i admittedly wasn’t into at first cos i was so TIRED from work so just wanted a glass of red before anything!

Everyone succumbed to decorating cookies while waiting for dinner to be ready

This is Cammy’s

This is mine. Haha. Cammy was like, “JOYCE WONG!” Why is everyone starting to call me like how my mother used to when she was annoyed at me as a kid…

This is Kenny’s bank robber.

Serena’s glam tree

Clem’s has got… foie gras on it -_-


There was so much sabo going on for the group pic… toasted bread and chips ended up on Clem’s and Cammy’s cookies. It’s always those two going at it. She cries that he’s bullying her, i scold him cos she’s pregnant and he should be nice, then i see her hitting him when i turn around. This must be what it feels like to have two children.

Matthieu took a break from the kitchen. Since we had 6 cookies and 7 people, he got cut bread.

Back in the kitchen!

Wonderful starters of fresh prawns, apple, salad and grapefruit

Cammy having a half-smile cos she can’t drink (wellll she can drink ONE glass of wine so she was saving it for much later)

Kenny: “I want to know, HOW did you make this? Was it your own recipe?”

In between courses, Olivier is alone.

Preggers sat on a pair of party glasses and BROKE BOTH arms off simultaneously. Ho ho ho

Chef Maidon carving the roast chicken with pumpkin and tomatoes!

Thanks for the wonderful food Matt!!

CC: “But i want….”

Cammy still not happy she can’t drink

Eyeing Matt’s wine

Preggers pouting cos… you know why.

Dance time! Tho… i’m not keen about how Cammy does her ‘pregnant dance’. It doesn’t look very pregnant-safe to me…

Present taim!!! Kenny and Matt got cigars from Clem

I wrapped up a fake gift for Kenny as a joke but he actually liked it. Then i felt bad -.-

I got Alessi bottle stoppers from Mattrena! The Italian monkeys can be friends with my pink Swedish owl stopper!

Cammy got some sunnies from us

I thought this was such a great present! Mattrena got Cammy a Ferrari onesie for her baby cos she’s an Alonso fan!

Clem got a tiara. He looks like he might cry.

Mattrena and their ponsietta

Clem gave me Rainbow Dash! Which i already have on my ankle! He hates me having so many toys so… if buys me one i guess it’s his way of loving me :p




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