Dr Martens Launch @ Gardens Mid Valley KL

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Attended the Dr Martens launch because… well it’s Dr Martens. I would be a lamer if i didn’t cover it and post even a few pictures on my blog!

These silver ones are suh-weet

Oh how i was in despair on whether to get a pair (plus media got 30% discount at the launch -.-) I really liked the bottom pairs that reminded me of my shoes when i was a kid… but i didn’t get them. Just had to think about this big new toy i bought myself this week and decided its best i don’t spend any more money for like, a year.


Before the store was officially launched, there were performances by Blister


Airwalks man… i can’t believe they’re still around and cool!

Joe Flizzowwww. Visit his kartellohello.com!

Sun of Lah’Lah’Land – always bursting with colour



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  1. Kasturi S says:

    Hi!!!! Great photos – just wondering how much the Docs retail for? Thinking if I should get them instore or online? I’m looking at getting the original 8 eye boots.


  2. nyna says:

    HELLO 😀 i’m looking for Dr.maten but unfortunately my sizes out of stock. i want the pink colour from the 3rd picture. is there still available in midd valley store of size 4?

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