Love Olay Regenerist or Your Money Back!

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In the middle of this year, i tried using the new Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Cream for the first time. I brought it with me for my travels – Tioman, Shanghai, France, and Italy. Initially, i did notice that my skin was smoother after 10 minutes of application; and wrote a diary/review of my first two weeks using it:

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First few days when i was in KL (Day 3):
– i didn’t like the slightly gloopy consistency/texture of the moisturizer when i first started using it. Maybe it’s because i’m just so used to my regular creamy ones that this was unusual for me. A girl friend said anti-ageing stuff has to be sticky to work (?) so i thought the texture may be a good thing after hearing that.
– i really like how the cream absorbs quickly and makes my skin slightly matte after that. It’s GREAT to apply make up on, as it helps my make up not slide off or streak easily.

After Tioman (Day 8):
– Was a bit worried whether this cream could take up ‘repairing’ my skin after a day of harsh sun and outdoors, but it felt smooth and fine after application.
– Also, still loving the matte feel cos my face didn’t feel sticky after taking my evening shower and going out for dinner on the beach.

After Shanghai (Day 14):
– I got really used to the cream in China, and actually looked forward to applying it regularly
– Also, i don’t know if it’s my imagination, but i do feel my face is less ‘tired’ looking. (The word that came to my mind was ‘chan’ but i don’t think everyone will get it).
– I can also clearly see how my skin has got smoother (incredibly)

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

After using it consistently for weeks on end, i got used to seeing how the cream works in the first ten minutes upon application in reducing lines and wrinkles.

In fact, Olay is SO CONFIDENT that women everywhere will benefit from this cream… that they’re having this crazy Money Back Offer if you’re not satisfied with it!


How Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Cream works so obviously in ONE application, is that it smoothens the skin’s surface by filling the tiny “valleys” between fine lines and wrinkles with a breakthrough proprietary blend. Besides its immediate benefits of being a quick-fix wrinkle minimizer, the cream also works continuously over time to reduce volume of deep eye lines by 20% after 14 days of twice-daily treatment.

The formula is packed with Regenerist’s signature Aminopeptide Complex, which renews the skin at the epidermis layer. In addition, a new biopeptide – Peptamide Y6 – is included in Olay Regenerist for the first time. The product’s high concentration of intense humectants enables skin to be more agile to expression lines, which slows down the progression of expression lines to permanent lines and wrinkles.

Additionally, a VISIA Complexion analysis system showed that just ten minutes after application, the average Wrinkle Severity Score on women decreased by 26%.

Some of my girl friends came over to mine to hang out, and I got them to be “10-Minute Witnesses” by trying out the Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Cream to see what they’d say about it…

They all pretty much had the exact feedback i did in writing my 2-week review – That it’s a bit gloopy, but also how the skin was very smooth and matte after waiting for a few minutes.

If you’d like to be a “10-Minute Witness” yourself, pick up an Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Cream next time you’re at a pharmacy, and try it for yourself! One of the best things about the product is that it’s got great value for money cos it’s not overtly-priced at RM99.90.

And if you think it didn’t work for you, you can get your money back! So it’s win-win. You’ll lose your wrinkles , but not your money! To see how easy it is to get your money back, visit

Other than that, i need to pick 3x winners to each take home Olay Regenerist products! (Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Cream and Olay Regenerist Night Firming Cream)

To enter, just:
– upload a photo of yourself on Facebook
– tell us why you want to WIN Olay Regenerist in the photo caption
– tag me in the picture so i can see it (my FB name is Joyce Kirsten Wong)

The best three captions win an Olay Regenerist hamper each!
Contest deadline: 16th December 2012

Check out Olay Roadshow locations in Guardian and Watsons when you’re out and about too :)

For more info on Olay, LIKE their Facebook page or visit the Olay Money Back Guaranteed Website at


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    Hi ,,, I am aryaan from Brussels .,, plz can you send the adress of any shop in brussels from where I can get this product plz,, I am waiting for reply ,,,, thanks

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