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Sometimes i try to make an effort to travel more in my own country, which is something i’ve been doing since college days anyway (cos we had minimal money to travel any further :p). I’ve climbed Mt. Kinabalu; taken numerous road trips to Kuantan, Johor, Penang, Malacca and Seremban; visited random orang asli villages in the peninsular; frolicked on as many islands as i could; explored Kuching; and more i probably forget… but STILL.

There are so many things i haven’t done in Malaysia yet!!!

Clem is always the one who reminds me that i haven’t explored as much as i think i have. As a local, i take it for granted that there’s always time to research and go to places in my own country because… it’s MY country? And i’m HERE. So… why the rush?

Nevertheless, i’m proud i’ve taken the effort to journey to certain places in Malaysia. I think it’s vital experience especially when i speak about where i come from to others when i travel. I love Malaysia and i WANT people to visit it… i think it’s beautiful in so many ways, every time i go somewhere new in Malaysia i still marvel at how gorgeous and somewhat deprived i was not to have gone before, and consequentially glad i ended up there.

I was surfing this app on Facebook and found two new places i NEVER EVEN KNEW about before… i may be a bit embarrassed to admit it but whatevs. Maybe you don’t know about it too so i’m just gonna share it!

[pic source]

“The Rajang Adventure. Poling a makeshift bamboo raft on the Rajang river, starting from Sarikei and ending in Sibu on a 9-day adventurous journey. Making stops at indigenous villages along the way to hand out stationery to the poor kids and to overnight.”

What…. i never even heard about this… it sounds so cool and something i KNOW Clem and i would love to do! Feel lame now. (DO click on the pic source links cos they lead to more info about the Rajang Adventure!)

[pic source]

The Star even wrote an article about it two years back. *Click Here For Article* 
This is what i get for not reading the newspapers… :p

The second one that really intrigued me is because Clem LOVES waterfalls. So we’ve made it one of our ‘missions’ to visit waterfalls wherever we visit – be it Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Bali, etc. We’ve hiked to so many waterfalls… we even hiked to the SAME one twice before -_- In fact, I hope to have us in Zimbabwe one day to visit the spectacular Victoria Falls. But that will be for that day when we have a LOT more money. For now, i just discovered one closer to home, the Lata Tembakah Waterfall:

“Located in the Forest Reserve of Simpan Pelagat in Besut, Hutan Lipur Lata Tembakah is the home of famous Lata Tembakah Waterfall. This 50m high waterfall formed seven beautiful cascading level of waterfall. Be adventurous to duck inside the cool water pool on each of the seven-tiered waterfall.”

[pic source]

I know where our future road trips are going to head to. Terrible how i didn’t even know this waterfall existed here!

I found out about these locations by surfing Nestle’s Home of Adventure app on Facebook. They’re encouraging people to reveal their favourite attractions and features of Malaysia because… we all know different things! What makes it MORE encouraging is their giving away a total of RM35,000 😀 😀 😀

As long as you contribute to the listings, you’re in the running to be one of the 10 winners selected every week to win RM500 each (till 23rd Dec). There are 7 weeks in total, hence RM35,000 is being given away. So basically, the best 70 submissions get prize money! Pretty fair if you ask me.

To surf some travel ideas OR submit YOUR entries, you first select which area of Malaysia you’re focusing on…

Then click on the existing ice cream cones on the map to see what others have submitted.

To submit my own, i first thought of what i wanted to share… tried to think of somewhere i LOVE, so i wrote about Awanmulan heh.

Navigated myself on the map for Kampung Pantai Baharu in Negeri Sembilan.

I selected nature.

This was easy. Since there’s hiking to waterfalls, visiting orang asli villages nearby, and the unbeatable view of virgin forest when you wake up.

Had so many pictures so this was easy too, even tho it’s optional.

I just had to key in my IC number and phone number into the form. And that was it.

RM500 if i win? Why not. Even if i don’t win, at least SOMEONE else will read my thoughts on Awanmulan… and visit it too! Spread the love.

You can submit as many recommendations as you want! And the contest runs till 23rd December so we’ve all got lots of time for initial ideas, and then some more.

VISIT apps.facebook.com/home-of-adventure!


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