Have a Kwerkee time buying presents! For anyone. Including yourself.

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I was asked to visit this website called Kwerkee cos it’s supposed to have lots of ‘quirky’ gifts one can buy anyone, be it boyfriend, girlfriend, mom, dad, sibling, friend, etc.

And… what happened was me buying a lot of presents for MYSELF.


I saw this beautiful Moon Clock for RM223 and thought how i needed a clock to furnish my new apartment… i haven’t started buying anything yet, till i saw this clock!

It’s gonna go in the bedroom, and match my galaxy lights Clem got me!

Since this new place i’m decorating is going to have Clem living in it too, i thought it’d be fair to have his input on some deco and design features. If it were up to me alone, the place might end up looking like a fantasy fairyland + carnival.

Surprisingly, he said he liked this Brandani Octopus-Shaped Clock >

So i bought it too. We think it’d go nicely in the kitchen.

Who knows, i might put it in my walk-in wardrobe instead cos i got these larger-than-life grinning rabbit and cat hangers. They’re made out of white wood and i thought it’d match quite nicely with the white wardrobes i’m planning for! They’re also from Kwerkee but i can’t find the pictures on the website anymore, sales move fast in there! Guess you can see what it looks like when they arrive ūüėÄ

I also got these¬†Dapper ‘Staches Drink Markers (6 for RM24) since we throw so many parties.

I thought about getting these Urban Trend Fun Straws

I asked Clem, “What do you think? They look so FUN!”
And he said, “Well, you’re an adult… you do what you want.”
But they’re RM40 so i figured i should STOP buying unnecessary things and get furniture first ¬†-_- *acting adult*

There are heaps of other interesting stuff on Kwerkee which i assure will get you spending a lot of time surfing the website! There are different stores within the website. Lots of stores. 0_o

Fun Times Novelty Shop 

The Accoutrements Toast Stamper would make a cute Valentine’s Day present!

The store also has lots of funky bicycle bells!! I have a bell collection that i’m very proud of, if you must know.

Born To Ride Dring Bell and Dog Dring Bell for RM103 each.


There are also really cute kitchen accessories like this Penguin Timer (instead of using my phone all the time!) and Robot Corkscrew.

The Flashback Frenzy Retro Shop is one of my favourite stores.

Yellow Atlantis Radio and Roccoco Kent Black Ross Radio 

Roccoco Kent Industrial Lamp and Roccoco Kent Bingo Machine with Wooden Balls

In the Time To Redecorate Homeware store, i saw this Spinning Record Wall Clock that would be awesome for music-loving friends! The record actually spins underneath the clock hands too!

In another store, i saw this Ring Holder Stand that i can say is VERY useful, cos i have a similar one myself! It be a great gift for the ladies. It’s something we’d ALWAYS use, and it looks so good on the dressing table.

Kwerkee¬†also has designer household items for sale, like Balvi. The brand has been around since 1965 and “provides useful products with a contemporary design.”

Oh, i was going to buy this Balvi Stainless Steel Metropolis bedside lamp but they only had one left and i wanted two! Balvi City Books Wooden Barstool is cool too.

There’s also a Brandani store, where i got one of my clocks from.

“The Italian company known for its great traditions and experience, mindfulness to new trends, good taste and market awareness have created a range of many articles both for gifts and for the home. The designs which incorporate novelty and sophistication seamlessly stem from a strong Tusan bond, forging “The Italian Style” evident throughout the collection and appreciated by √®lite customers the world over.”

Brandani Curves Clock and Brandani 3-Blade Grater.

Turn The Other Chic Kitchenware is another home store with lots of fancy kitchen accessories.

Wine Stopper Set and Salt and Pepper Set. 

OK enough of kitchen stuff, seriously there are loads on Kwerkee that you should just surf and stare at for yourself. Great gift ideas for friends with homes, or your mom even! Speaking of moms there also lots of sleek baby items there. I say sleek cos they’re pretty classy baby things i don’t suppose a mommy friend would buy for themselves, so we could!

Moving to more frivolous fashion things, i saw these phone covers –¬†Black Case Rose Gold Studs¬†and¬†Pink Case Gold Studs¬†>

MEN ARE NOT FORGOTTEN at Kwerkee! If you’re looking for a decent Valentine’s present and don’t have time to troll the malls in search for something for him, a quicker answer might be here.

Tom Dick & Harry – Men’s Ties and Wallets >

There are also Tevise Watches >


For more updates on cool things Kwerkee have just uploaded in store, you can LIKE their FB page –¬†facebook.com/KwerkeeMalaysia. They already have over 15,000 fans so you can imagine how quick their items fly…

Sign up today (especially since Valentine’s Day is coming up!!!)¬†and get free shipping promotion + 20 credits for Valentine’s at¬†www.kwerkee.com.¬†

Get ready to part with your money, people. I already said bye to mine.

Free shipping code: kkshipmy0102
Click on the invite code here : www.kwerkee.com/invite/KinkyBlueFairy_Valentine



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