Movies i loved watching in the past year

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I’ve been meaning to blog about this for awhile but never got to it
till now when i think it’s the perfect time to!
Chinese New Year is always the time when we eat and watch TV.

Well, when we were young we’d do both along with:
playing with fireworks
pretending to get drunk on shandy
being forced to visit relatives far away

Now when i’m older it’s still eating and watching TV, along with:
gambling (but i don’t really gamble… only small $)
more eating (and feeling guilty about it)

Since it’s the time to rest more (after all that eating), i wanna share some movies that you should download watch!!

The Intouchables – Oh man i love this movie.
Must be my favourite movie of 2012.
I even saw Swedish ppl watching it in Falun (countryside in Sweden) with Swedish subtitles.
A movie that i’d watch again…
Most friends have watched this, but IF you haven’t, GO!

Another really beautifully-shot and sweet movie i love is Moonrise Kingdom. 
I waited and waited till a good copy came out online and went for it.

It’s by Wes Anderson, so if you liked his past shows like Fantastic Mr Fox, then you’d love this! It’s got a great soundtrack, amusing script and altogether so whimsical! Clem didn’t really like it tho… and i told him we shouldn’t be together if he didn’t love it too! :p

Besides happy clappy movies, i do enjoy the occasional ‘hard’ movie (as Clem calls it).
Hard because it’s a bit tough to swallow sometimes and makes your spirit go “OOF”
but still very good ones.

One is this French movie called De Rouille et d’os with Marion Cotillard. It’s a great movie, but a bit dark… but still worth watching.


Another is an older (also French) movie called Un Prophète (A Prophet)

Another hard/dark movie (last one here i promise) is Hard Candy with Ellen Page who’s one of the best actresses i’ve ever seen. She’s so good it’s scary! If you haven’t seen her in Juno, then watch that too.

OKAY hard movies aside, yet another French movie that we found pretty good is Le Boulet. Can’t find a trailer with English subtitles but you can dl the movie with it.

Another one we love is Kikujiro. The Japanese are such great filmmakers too… and this is such a beautiful film! I would watch this again! I can’t even find a proper trailer with english subtitles tho you CAN dl a good copy with subtitles okay! Sorry for the crap trailer.

We’ve also been watching some really good documentaries, besides Jiro Dreams of Sushi. There’s First Position. When we started it, Clem was quite disappointed to discover i was making him watch a doc about BALLET. But ten minutes later he apologized saying it looked really promising, which it WAS!

I love the ballet, and books like Mao’s Last Dancer gets me infatuated with the idea of devoting your whole life to an art form. Maybe cos it’s something i’m not able to do!

Another doc recommended by Kevin and Clouds, is Exit Thru the Gift Shop. A film with great footage of street artists leading up to Banksy… and a surprise ending that we figured got a lot of Americans upset.

Another nice one we saw (thanks to Paul for telling me about this) is Art & Copy

OK and lastly, a random film that not all girls may like but I FREAKING LOVE – Death Proof. One of my favourite Tarantino movies! It’s kinda (okay, quite) gory… but the ending just made me pump my fist in the air and go YEAH!!!!!!! with Clem staring at me.


Yay! I had so much sharing that!
Been meaning to for awhile…


p/s i don’t watch horror or super kao thrillers – i can’t take it and get nightmares :p



9 Responses to Movies i loved watching in the past year

  1. ipohgal says:

    i love how i get to see different parts of the world thru ur eyes, thank u for sharing!!!

    happy chinese new year!!!

    i love this movie, it’s old but still good. maybe u’ll be able to find the movie!

  2. irene says:

    check out my name is khan. probably not the most original plot, but pretty good acting from shah rukh khan… so heart-warming it made the boys cry the last time we did a movie night and watched that.

  3. mustardqueen says:

    i really like Sunshine Cleaning and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. A friend once recommended me to watch Before Sunrise, 2 Days in Paris and Before Sunset (in this sequence) just cause Julie Delpy is in them and I loved them all hehe.

  4. Sunita says:

    I love Moonrise Kingdom! such a cute movie!

  5. Eve says:

    Before sunrise/sunset is great film! Can’t wait for before midnight this year. Thanks for sharing the above

  6. JoyceTheFairy says:

    ipohgal: cool! i dl-ed it :)

    irene: thanks! but think i’ll skip the hindi films for a while. We tried watching Lagaan a few months ago (4 hours long!) and almost died

    mustardqueen: dl sunshine cleaning! thanks!!

    eve: you’re welcome! i had those movies but don’t think i watched them… -_- will revisit them!

  7. irene says:

    my name is khan is set in america and predominantly in english i think! i was really sceptical too when my friend insisted on watching it because i’m not too much a fan of soppy hindi movies myself haha.

  8. Rachy says:

    Seeing that you watch movies with your French man all the time, i thought you might appreciate watching Perfume: The Story of a Murderer – since it is set in Paris. It is much more than a thriller, i really liked the concept of the plot!

  9. JoyceTheFairy says:

    irene: actually i loVE hindi movies! ESPECIALLY soppy ones like Devdas. Also watched Agneepath last year! Ok since you insist, i’ll go dl it 😉

    rachy: thanks! i watched Perfume in the cinema! heard the book is great but haven’t tried it

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