Ok i think i’m gonna stay put for a bit…

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I’ve just got back from Rawa where a group of us spent 4 days.
48 hours before that i was in Bangkok for 5 days.
And before that i was in London for 3 weeks.

Had a great time and DID SO MANY THINGS but now i’m glad to be home and put my head down to A LOT OF WORK that i majestically lined up thinking i could do it all… sometimes i really wonder WHAT WAS I THINKING.

It’s okay. I tell myself that i push myself like this so i can have awesome holidays forever and ever.


3 Responses to Ok i think i’m gonna stay put for a bit…

  1. You are indeed living the life! Looking great!

  2. Sa says:

    that’s it???? That’s ALL ur gonna say about Rawa?? THANK GOD. Pls can we plan our next adventure x

  3. JoyceTheFairy says:

    P&P: trying my best!! thanks!

    Sa: ha watchu think…. just you wait, imma tell the whole world what an exercise freakzoid you are XD

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