Diamond Oil by Redken

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* Written by Jessie Lem *

Redken well-known as an established professional hair care brand which can be seen widely used in plenty of salons, along with its involvement in runway production. Recognized for hair care products that emphasize on protein reconditioning, Redken aims to provide high-performance results that doesn’t sacrifice the health of your hair & scalp.

This month Redken has introduced a new range of products – Diamond Oil, the first silicone-free hair oil treatment. The launch was held at The Stage, Avenue K with a bling-bling dress code in accordance to the Diamond Oil’s features of shatterproof & multi-faceted shine.


Redken artists exhibiting their skills.


A short fashion & hair show went on with models sporting futuristic designed outfits, and of course flaunting some really sleek hairstyles.

Gold glitter rained unto the audience at the end of the show, making it feel like a magical moment!


Before the hair show and exhibit, a violin performance accompanied by energetic dancers dressed in colourful outfits took to the stage and really livened the atmosphere.


Serena C hosted the launch in top-to-toe bling.


With Ms. Yim, the Marketing Manager of L’oreal Professional Products.


The complete Diamond Oil collection consists of shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, and 2 types of hair oil targeting different types of hair. The Shatterproof Shine is for normal to fine hair, whereas the Shatterproof Shine Intense is for coarse hair.

This range of Diamond Oil by Redken is a concentrated blend of coriander oil, camelina oil and apricot oil; which nourishes and strengthens hair from the inside out. It is safe to use on coloured hair as it will not lead to fading or discolouration, instead improving the radiance of haircolour.

There are a few ways to utilize Diamond Oil — you can apply it pre-shampoo, blend it with your conditioner & mask, as overnight treatment, pre-blowdry, or directly onto dry hair. To my amazement, it can even be applied onto skin for moisturising effects.

The design of the oil bottle is sophisticated, giving off the impression that its contents are as strong & shiny as diamonds.


I was worried if the oil would make my hair looked greasy, but the first trial was very impressive. After applying it to my dry and frizzy hair, i could see it was much smoother with a healthy shine.

Desirable healthy & lustrous locks are now achievable much thanks to Redken’s Diamond Oil! Find out more today at a Redken salon near you.

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