KinkyBlueFairy operates independently and is open to working with different parties/agencies/clients.
For enquiries on rates and readership demographics, do email my manager Faridah Zulkiflie at  [email protected] and cc me at [email protected]

To date (Jan 2014), KinkyBlueFairy.Net has published over 200 commissioned advertorials,
including some for the following clients:

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Past advertorial blogposts for clients can be viewed *here*

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I’m also grateful to have been able to work with the following sponsors/collaborators:

kbf sponsors feb 14

3 Responses to Advertising

  1. Jazz says:

    Hi dear,

    We would like to enquire about your price/fee for advertising purposes, we are selling ladies clothings.

    Do you accept the goods / items to review?


  2. carlos says:

    To whom it may concern,

    My name is Carlos from Pyro Nightlife App. We developed an application that make nightlife live streaming app— it’s some pretty cool application. you (and your readers might be interested in. We’re at , and I have a press kit I’d like to send your way to check out if you’d be interested. Let me know!



  3. idosclinic says:

    Love your site so much! Very informative

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