Esquire’s Best Dressed Real Man 2014 @ Capricorn KL

* text by Joe Kwan, pix by SweetEe *

Having freshly descended upon dry land, SweetEe and myself were faced with a conundrum in the form of invites for Esquire’s Best Dressed Real Man 2014, held at Capricorn KL. Joyce, as usual, was unavailable to attend so it was up to us. [Joyce: Oi... i had a pre-wedding dinner la ok]

The conundrum being, everyone in the office was BADLY hit with SWS (:read) and the last thing we wanted was to attend another party, having gone ALL OUT for 5 days straight. But consider this: in life, when offered the chance to openly ogle at sharply dressed men in a swanky environment amongst other sharply dressed people… RUN WITH IT.

So we tucked whatever form of SWS we had away into a deep corner and schlepped ourselves to Capricorn. Before I proceed, I’m going to need ya’ll to strap on your safety belts because this is going to be one SWOON-WORTHY post.


Swanky it was indeed. Complete with a long runway snaking down the middle.


Ridduan a.k.a. TTFGA is responsible for all the cool cover shots of the finalists. Majorly geeked out as I’ve been a fan of his work for quite some time!


Couldn’t miss a photo-op with the adorable Ai Chiin, who just started, check it out!


Host and actress Sazzy, check out her online store Street Fashion KL


The ladies did not disappoint either. The glam factor was definitely present and very much on point.

The vibe was entirely different from the sort of “partying” we were accustomed to on the high seas. The crowd was highly sophisticated and uber cool, mingling amongst each other in the dim setting of the venue, music thumping in a steady but relaxed beat. SweetEe and I tried our best to assimilate. Fake it til’ you make it!

And then the music stopped. And the ogling commenced!

Before we proceed, let me introduce the 5 finalists of Esquire’s Best Dressed Real Man 2014 (pictures courtesy of Esquire Malaysia):


Shahzeeq Shahren, 25, account manager. (also ex-blog manager for KinkyBlueFairy a few years back!)


A Curious Twist in Christmas Tradition @ YTL’s Cameron Highlands Resort

* Written by Weng Yee *

I am a big fan of crime shows, from Criminals Minds and Bones to Castle. So of course I jumped at the chance of attending a Murder Mystery Dinner! The invitation included a plus 1 so when I asked one of my friends, she was just as excited as I was at the chance of a weekend away in Cameron Highlands.

YTL Hotels had invited us to their 3D2N weekend getaway entitled “A Curious Twist in Christmas Tradition” at Cameron Highlands Resort where I would not only get to partake in a murder mystery dinner, but also witness the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony and sample a preview of their Christmas Dinner.

YTL kindly arranged transport for us from The Majestic Hotel up to Cameron Highlands and one piece of advice I have for anyone making the trip there is – if you are prone to motion sickness, use the new road! It may take an hour longer but the old Tapah road is not for the faint hearted, it is one curvy road!

Cameron 1

The atmosphere is so different that it’s exactly what you need for a weekend away. The air is crisp and cool, the Christmas decorations are up, and they serve proper afternoon tea! It made me reminisce about my Christmas times in the UK. While KL does put in the effort of having decorations in the mall and Christmas songs on the radio, it just isn’t quite the same. Afternoon tea in the Jim Thompson Tea Room was scrumptious and will easily fill two up. Their home baked scones with freshly made strawberry jam is definitely one of the best I’ve had in Malaysia.

Cameron 2

Our room for two nights. Nice touch of providing a fruit bowl whereby the fruits are already cut for leisurely consumption. I once stayed in a hotel where they provided a whole pineapple in the fruit bowl and no proper knife for it -.-

Cameron 3

Holiday cheer all around! Their fireplace is lit every night which is perfect for chilly nights in Cameron Highlands. Over the weekend, I observed how people would naturally gravitate towards the fireplace while hanging out.

First item on the agenda for the Murder Mystery Evening was cocktails. It was a great way to loosen everyone up so that we could all get into character and talk to our ‘targets’ (everyone had been given a card beforehand with a list of tasks to complete such as who to talk to, blackmail or bribe).

Cameron 4

After that it was down to the Dining Room for dinner.

Cameron 5

The setup was gorgeous. The roses on the table were so perfect that I assumed that they were fake until someone mentioned they were real. I even reached out to touch them to make sure. Dinner was a preview of their New Year’s Eve Gala Dinner Menu.

Cameron 6

From L-R: Semi-dried Momotaro tomatoes with blue cheese, Provence black olives, Aglandau extra virgin olive oil, aged balsamic and fresh basil; Angus beef and ale stew with Yorkshire pudding, green peas and vegetables (the beef was so tender that it melted in my mouth); Chocolate mousse mille-feuille with caramelised banana, pistachio soil and toffee anglaise.

Just as the first course was cleared, a scream was heard from the drawing room “A MURDER HAS HAPPENED!!” And of course like the kepoh busybodies we were, the entire Dining Room cleared out to take a look at the poor unfortunate soul.

Cameron 7

Who was it but ‘Jim Thompson’ himself. After everyone got a good look, we were told to make our way to dinner but before anyone could sit down, a second scream was heard and off we rushed to the billiards room where we found the second victim…


Launch of Vara & Varina MTO by Ferragamo

* Photographs by Jane Lee *

Went to the Ferragamo event at KLCC last night. You can now customize your own Vara or Varina shoes by choosing the material and hardware, personalizing your initials on it, and selecting colours for the main body, bow and heel individually. Have fun playing with it *here*! You can only make the purchase at the physical store tho!

After that i dropped by the Halston Heritage event at Pavilioin, had Korean dinner with a bunch (as if i didn’t have enough Korean food in Seoul right), laughed a lot, had some red wine at La Bodega, then came home to do emails till 3am. So i should sleep NOW.

Would like to expand more on the post but i gotta put myself first… before Ferragamo. That’s right, it’s always you first.  Never forget that! You gotta service yourself before you can service others. Okay i should really go. BYE.









Launch of the OMEGA De Ville Butterfly in Seoul with Nicole Kidman

I have spent the past week in Seoul and it’s been one of the best weeks of my life! Well… i have had lots of “best days” and “best weeks” of my life, but it seems like the MORE i acknowledge what an amazing time i’m having, the BETTER it gets. Appreciation never gets old.

OMEGA invited me to Seoul along with various other guests from all over the globe to celebrate the OMEGA De Ville Butterfly, an enchanting new addition to OMEGA’s Prestige collection.

The De Ville Prestige “Butterfly” stands out in 18K white, red or yellow gold and comes in two sizes: 36.8 mm and 32.7 mm. The timepieces are presented on a white satin-brushed leather strap with a mother-of-pearl effect; with the smaller sizes also available with a matching metallic bracelet. See more pix *here*


I will never say no to diamonds and gold. I couldn’t take my eyes off the exquisite detailing from the first day i started wearing it.

The event for the timepiece was just as breathtaking.

It took place at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), which was designed by world-renowned architect Zaha Hadid; and was graced by Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman along with some high-profile Korean personalities like actress Yun-jim Kim, actor Kwon Sang-woo, and TOP from Big Bang.

Sleek black cars meticulously chauffeured us from The Shilla (where we were staying) to the entrance of the event.


I’ve been to the Dongdaemun Design Plaza before but wasn’t expecting a make-shift entrance just for that night… oh little did i know the extent to which OMEGA designs their events…


Mei Sze, Catherine from OMEGA Malaysia, and i.
Couldn’t help taking a picture in the twisting pristine white tunnel.

When we exited the tunnel, the most spectacular sight greeted us… a seemingly never-ending field of lit up roses.


Everyone was ooh-ing and aah-ing at how gorgeous it all looked, like a scene from a fairytale!

There were 21,000 white flowers, each individually mounted and illuminated from within by a tiny light; creating what might possibly be the most MAGICAL SIGHT i had ever seen! I just wanted to run into the field and crawl into the entire thing but i held myself back.


Mei Sze and i. I thought we looked rather fantabulous if i do say so myself.
My couture dress is made by my friend and award-winning Malaysian fashion designer Justin Yap, from Rent A Dress (whom i emceed the launch for).


Pic with Matteo from OMEGA Italy, he helped Mei Sze and i take our pic.


So much beauty, i just cannot…


Almost about to crawl in. I didn’t, alright.

As we made our way down a long pathway (it was seriously a field of those lit flowers), we heard music coming from…


… white grand pianos on white platforms set amongst more lit white flowers.
I was practically in disbelief.


With the Italians – Matteo, Massimo, Marco and Sylvia.


With Japanese blogger Crazy Miki!



Nicole Kidman


With Brazilian blogger Camila


44,000 gold and white paper butterflies adorned the walls from outside the event till across the ceilings above us in patterns of graceful swirls.


omega-butterfly-event-seoul-19 omega-butterfly-event-seoul-20

omega-butterfly-event-seoul-6 omega-butterfly-event-seoul-7

The evening’s master of ceremonies Mark Juh, Nicole Kidman, and OMEGA president Stephen Urquhart.

OMEGA president Stephen Urquhart welcomed invited guests and introduced Nicole Kidman, who has been an OMEGA brand ambassador since 2005. The actress was warmly greeted by the audience when she took to the stage to chat about her relationship with OMEGA, her reaction to the De Ville Butterfly and her visit to Seoul.

After dinner had been served, Swiss singer/songwriter Bastian Baker performed about 5 songs for us. I’d met him the night before while having drinks at the hotel lounge so was already expecting to watch him perform. He dedicated the final song of the evening, “I’d Sing For You”, to Nicole. Nice try Bastian ;)


Bastian is one of OMEGA’s newest brand ambassadors. I went to discuss our after-party plans with him after he sang, and i met Nicole but i didn’t want to be inappropriate and take pictures with her. I heard some of the PR/security were nervously watching, and waiting to pounce if i so much as did something wrong and freaky haha.


Me with the media from Malaysia – Yen, Swan, and Yin Fong.


Bloggers! Mei Sze, me and Miki



I had no shame after a few drinks and easily ran into the field to play!


Again, i wish i could have just sat down in there and stayed there FOREVER.


Of course, Nicole kills it with her pictures. She’s so effortlessly beautiful!

Thank you OMEGA for such an amazing night… this was by far one of the most well thought out and set up events i’ve been to. It’s such an honour for me to have been there as well and i loved every second of it!


Love Bonito Soft Launch

* Photographs by Jane Lee *

Months ago, i got an email from April from Singaporean brand Love Bonito wondering if KinkyBlueFairy was up to pitch for a PR campaign, as they were expanding to Malaysia.

At first i wasn’t sure if i wanted to take on the job, cos i don’t even have enough manpower and i don’t even like writing press releases anymore (everything else i still like haha), and i told myself i’m not gonna do something i don’t enjoy when i have so many other things on my plate. After pondering on how to solve it, i decided that WHY NOT i outsource the work for what i don’t have time nor want to do – and that’s how i ended up working with Rengee :) I’ve known her since her PR days for Heineken, then she went to AirAsia, and just left to do her own thing, and i love her, so it was perfect.

Last week was our first little soft launch for Love Bonito, who just opened a pop up store on the Ground Floor of Publika, inside the middle of the mall (next to Shoes x3).

It was a small event for around 30 selected media, bloggers and personalities; so the Love Bonito team could meet some KL-ites, before the main launch party happening in mid-October!


Don’t be deceived by how small the store looks from the outside, walk further in to discover a cosy chic boutique!



Me flanked by Love Bonito founders Rachel and Viola.


With some of the girls who came early – Atilia, Elaine, Vanessa, and Rozie
(Forgive my shoes for not looking like they match… my heels broke in the car park JUST before the event! This was a spare pair in my car :p)

7-kinkybluefairy-love-bonito-malaysia 8-kinkybluefairy-love-bonito-malaysia


Bvlgari x Bazaar @ Pavilion

*Text by Joe Kwan & pics by SweetEe*

I hope you’ve noticed Bulgari’s latest ad campaigns, with Carla Bruni-Sarkozy’s face plastered on every medium imaginable, from magazine ads to multi-storey billboards. This iconic Italian brand has famously cinched screen legends such as Sofia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor, whom we all know as the pinnacle of classic glamour.


SweetEe and I were fortunate enough to experience the Bulgari Glamour Gallery event at Pavilion, in conjunction with Harper’s Bazaar Malaysia, to celebrate the new Lucea watch by Bulgari.


The Lucea watches were designed as a throwback to the Sun, man’s first time-telling tool. Presented with a rounded case, it is anchored by the iconic Serpentine bracelet in steel or pink gold, or a combination of both. The dials that complement this watch come in silver, guilloché black or mother-of-pearl.

For a full fairytale princess experience, there is a version of the 33mm Lucea in 18-karat pink gold adorned with a diamond bezel, diamond-set bracelet, and diamond hour markers. Oh my!


There are two floors in Bulgari Pavilion. The top floor offers various accessories such as sunglasses, scarves, bags, etc, whereas the bottom floor serves jewellery, the soul of Bulgari. Different ranges of jewelry in various colours, cuts, and sizes prove you’ll never fail to find one you love.


These were spotted in the private room of Bulgari, which I’m guessing is either for VIP, or is more refined and expensive than the other collection. I gotta admit, the ring looks fine, and captivating. I love the colour of the blue gemstone, it feels so pure.


Everyone dressed to the nines matching the dress code – Modern Italian.


Model Shir Chong with her manager. She’s wearing necklaces from the Diva collection.



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