Ushering in Chinese New Year with the new Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Calendar

* Written by Adrian.C *

Jaeger-LeCoultre hosted a press preview for their latest addition to the brand, the Master Calendar. As Joyce was busy attending a handful of events, Baby and I were the representatives for the #KinkyBlueFairyTeam to attend the posh affair. When we arrived at the Jaeger-LeCoultre boutique, we were greeted by three lovely ladies at the reception desk. As we entered the premise, we were enthralled with the setting and mood, everything looked so classy and exclusive! We were being very mindful with our manners and Baby wished she wore a cocktail dress instead  :lol:


Baby and I representing the KinkyBlueFairy team!


An array of hors-d’oeuvre, wine, champagne and fruit juices catered by Shook! were proffered when we entered. So yummy!


This is the halal Char Siew Sou made from chicken marinated in sweet sauce. How could we resist?!


The Rendez-Vous Moon

While following the aesthetic that is so characteristic of the Rendez-Vous line, the Rendez-Vous Moon watch opens up a new chapter in the catalogue of watch complications for ladies. Equipped with a wide moon phase indication, its great legibility and femininity is expressed by a mother-of-pearl moon display. A mysterious hand in the form of a star subtly indicates the chosen time for your next rendez-vous, perhaps? ;)


These two timepieces were the stars of the night – the all new Master Calendar.
On the left is from the Pink Gold collection, and the right from the Steel collection.

The new Master Calendar of Jaeger-LeCoultre is distinguished by the virtues and indeed the very face of astronomy. Endowed with all the attributes that have forged the success of this line, it is also imbued with a seductive appeal exercising its own laws of gravity, thanks to the choice of meteorite stone to compose its dial (taken from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter)!

The characteristics of the Master Calendar will blow each and everyone one of you off your seats.

Mechanical automatic winding movement, 43 hours power-reserve, 305 parts, and 32 jewels are encapsulated in a timepiece measuring 26mm in diameter.

The Master Calendar functions by the hour, minute, second, day, date, month and even moon phase. The case of this impressive watch is made of steel or 18-carat pink gold with a diameter of 39mm and 10.6mm thick; with polished finish, cambered with sapphire crystals, and water-resistant at 5 bar making it suitable for everyday use and even swimming. Straps are made out of alligator leather with either steel folding clasp or 18-carat pink gold pin buckle.


Hello February!

January just FLEW BY. I honestly thought Jan would be a slow month for me, but work and proposals to prepare have been overwhelming. I seem to have returned to working every day, keeping up social activities in between, and barely getting enough sleep.

If only i didn’t have to sleep… then i could do MORE things.
Or if only i could stretch time then i’d have more hours in a day.

Some random pictures from stuff i was doing in Jan:

Went to Hajar & Aishah’s Coachella-themed birthday party. It was totally my kinda theme!


Channeling my inner little poniness and piling on the sparkle! Tried new waterproof pink and purple metallic eyeliners from Shu Uemura, and eyeshadows from MAC and Stila.

When i was dressing up for the party, i had the ingenious idea to DIY metallic fringe to hang from a pom pom headband i have from the KinkyBlueFairy store. (We’re gonna be selling the metallic fringe very soon!) I was so proud of myself, i felt like they were super long sparkly pony hairs fluttering in the breeze.

kinkybluefairy-coachella-party-3 kinkybluefairy-coachella-party

I managed to play with my hoop for ages and ages at their party… at times i’d just run off and be by myself and play till i got thirsty or wanted to talk to someone. Made lots of new friends that day!

+ + + + + + + + +


Since my hair is so striking these days, i wear black once a week (just cos i feel like it).
Here’s i’m wearing a silk black dress from Gallo by Thian, and a thin jacket from FV Basics / Fashion Valet.

On right are lights at Hyde at 53M. Been so busy that i barely go there anymore…

+ + + + + + + + +


Hannah and i on the left. One weekday night, Digi got me to attend their launch at KL Tower and i went not knowing what to expect…

I ended up instagramming:

“Oh WOW that was the BEST TEN MINUTES of my day! First some dude BASE-jumped off the top of KL tower and landed right in front of me with lights strapped all over him, the side of KL Tower lit up with the words Lets Inspire, and then and then FIREWORKS went off (and I didn’t take too many pix cos I just wanted to ENJOY it with my eyes) and was sooo happy just gazing up at it and absorbing it for ages… And then when I thought it was over, confetti RAINED DOWN ON me for AGES. Ages and ages till I took so many photos just laughing in it. Oh god can’t take it.”

There were MOUNDS of confetti lying everywhere on the ground. So much so that i almost threw myself in it to play some more and stared wistfully at it saying aloud, “I wish i could take it all home!” And you know what Mark did? He got someone to get me a massive plastic bag (so massive i could crawl into it) and they stuffed it with confetti for me to take home. I was so happy i hugged it all the way out with the registration girls commenting, “Wow, I’ve never seen anyone tapau confetti before.”


The whole event was to launch Digi’s new branding with their tagline – Let’s Inspire. Well. I felt damn inspired that night… while making my way to the carpark in the shuttle van, i happened to meet a reader called Zahira, who introduced me to her friend Haziq, who happened to be the BASE jumper that night! I was so excited i took his number cos i used to be obsessed with BASE jumping when i was a teenager when it was a new thing that started then… and am thinking MAYBE THIS IS A SIGN i should finally try it cos WHY ELSE would the Universe align for us to meet!?

Excitement inspires me… people inspire me; and people who do exciting things – double whammy!

If you want to be inspired by others, check out
Right after the Digi event, i headed to Play @ The Roof for Moet & Chandon‘s Moët Rosé Unfurl the Tie party.


Chelsia & i on the left. On right are two pink things i heart – strawberry Pocky and pink Moet!


On left: Baby, Shannon and i.
On right: Alexia and Lais, new model friends based in Bangkok! Forgot the guys’ names oops.

+ + + + + + + + +

Since my hair has been purple/pink, i can’t stop being attracted to all these pink/purple things around me…

I took a pic with the Me Clinic logo cos we’re the same colour! I’ve been going to ME Clinic for laser treatments for my pigmentation caused by hormonal imbalance and overexposure to the sun. They’re having a Buy-1-get-1-free Promo for laser treatment (RM800 per session) till 16th Feb, just mention JOYCE.


On right is me with Anu at the ChuLip launch – a Japanese lip balm that looks like a cute lil egg. I carry a purple one around wiht me now… in my purple bag, that also happens to hold a purple external charger, with a purple keychain, all to match… my purple hair  :roll:


The Merchant Live Launch @ Armada Hotel

* Photos by Jeremy Choy aka rice | photo *

Just before Christmas, i made my way to Armada Hotel for the launch of The Merchant Live – a new fancy club and lounge that boasts over 1000 LED lights with inter-changing backlit colours, acoustic panelled walls and a state-of-the-art TW Audio sound system.

The Merchant Live shouldn’t be confused with Merchant Pub, which some of us might be more familiar with seeing the latter has been one of PJ’s longest-standing neighbourhood drinking spots for 17 years. Merchant Pub closes its doors for a refurbishment this month and will reopen with the promise of sultry jazz twice weekly. Meanwhile, The Merchant Live will prove itself worthy of a drinking playground for those in the area…

The entrance to the club had me at hello.

Consisting of a striking tunnel with neon rings that constantly changed colour, the whole vibe while walking in was reminiscent of Studio 54. Don’t worry. There are lots of pictures of me in the tunnel after, we couldn’t help going back to camwhore.


Once i walked in through the tunnel; to the right is the club, bar, lounge and stage…


And to the left is a long corridor flanked by various karaoke rooms.


Went to have a tour of the rooms before anyone else thanks to Sharon :D


Can you believe this is the smallest of the three private suites available for karaoke??

Each room fits up to at least 30 pax, has a darts machine,
comes equipped with touch screen karaoke entertainment system,
and are themed red, gold and silver respectively.

Obviously i’m in the red one.


I popped my head into one of the other rooms to spot a pool table in it.
Couldn’t help grilling Sharon about how one goes about booking the rooms after that, you just have to choose from the various packages available.

Next karaoke session is here guys. No contest.


Went back to the club area after that as there were cocktails and canapes floating around



Yes, my eating face. Thanks for that Jeremy.


Clem carpooled with me


Live band Applebees took to the stage for a few sets



armada-hotel-merchant-live-launch-21   armada-hotel-merchant-live-launch-24

Me, Kanch and Mary

It was such a rare night for us to hang out together cos Kanch is based in Melbourne now and was back for hols. I used to hang out with Kanch almost every day… temaning her to Kenanga to buy stock back when nobody was selling clothes, and me buying myself clothes till her mum wondered if i was opening a shop too! And Mary and i used to party together every other day, literally, for years. All my earliest blogposts was about drinking here or there with Mary and what we wore and pictures of us making out dancing.


I met Angeline and Frankie for the first time.
Frankie has her own line of handmade ethnic chic clutches, check them out *here*




Mary, Kanch and i wandered outside to get pix taken at the pop up photobooth The Merchant Live placed outside for the event so we could get our pix printed.

Then we couldn’t help taking LOTS of pictures in the tunnel.




In case you’re wondering, my backless jumpsuit is from Love Bonito ;)



Behold the bathroom sign.

Ok no more pix after this cos we all went into the red karaoke room and met lots of Mary and Chek’s friends, drank whiskey, sang and took pictures that aren’t appropriate to be posted up here  :roll:


Daily live performances at The Merchant Live start from 9.30pm onwards and there is no cover charge.
Closed on Sundays.

To find out more about the packages on offer -

Tel: 603-7954 6888


Esquire’s Best Dressed Real Man 2014 @ Capricorn KL

* text by Joe Kwan, pix by SweetEe *

Having freshly descended upon dry land, SweetEe and myself were faced with a conundrum in the form of invites for Esquire’s Best Dressed Real Man 2014, held at Capricorn KL. Joyce, as usual, was unavailable to attend so it was up to us. [Joyce: Oi... i had a pre-wedding dinner la ok]

The conundrum being, everyone in the office was BADLY hit with SWS (:read) and the last thing we wanted was to attend another party, having gone ALL OUT for 5 days straight. But consider this: in life, when offered the chance to openly ogle at sharply dressed men in a swanky environment amongst other sharply dressed people… RUN WITH IT.

So we tucked whatever form of SWS we had away into a deep corner and schlepped ourselves to Capricorn. Before I proceed, I’m going to need ya’ll to strap on your safety belts because this is going to be one SWOON-WORTHY post.


Swanky it was indeed. Complete with a long runway snaking down the middle.


Ridduan a.k.a. TTFGA is responsible for all the cool cover shots of the finalists. Majorly geeked out as I’ve been a fan of his work for quite some time!


Couldn’t miss a photo-op with the adorable Ai Chiin, who just started, check it out!


Host and actress Sazzy, check out her online store Street Fashion KL


The ladies did not disappoint either. The glam factor was definitely present and very much on point.

The vibe was entirely different from the sort of “partying” we were accustomed to on the high seas. The crowd was highly sophisticated and uber cool, mingling amongst each other in the dim setting of the venue, music thumping in a steady but relaxed beat. SweetEe and I tried our best to assimilate. Fake it til’ you make it!

And then the music stopped. And the ogling commenced!

Before we proceed, let me introduce the 5 finalists of Esquire’s Best Dressed Real Man 2014 (pictures courtesy of Esquire Malaysia):


Shahzeeq Shahren, 25, account manager. (also ex-blog manager for KinkyBlueFairy a few years back!)


A Curious Twist in Christmas Tradition @ YTL’s Cameron Highlands Resort

* Written by Weng Yee *

I am a big fan of crime shows, from Criminals Minds and Bones to Castle. So of course I jumped at the chance of attending a Murder Mystery Dinner! The invitation included a plus 1 so when I asked one of my friends, she was just as excited as I was at the chance of a weekend away in Cameron Highlands.

YTL Hotels had invited us to their 3D2N weekend getaway entitled “A Curious Twist in Christmas Tradition” at Cameron Highlands Resort where I would not only get to partake in a murder mystery dinner, but also witness the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony and sample a preview of their Christmas Dinner.

YTL kindly arranged transport for us from The Majestic Hotel up to Cameron Highlands and one piece of advice I have for anyone making the trip there is – if you are prone to motion sickness, use the new road! It may take an hour longer but the old Tapah road is not for the faint hearted, it is one curvy road!

Cameron 1

The atmosphere is so different that it’s exactly what you need for a weekend away. The air is crisp and cool, the Christmas decorations are up, and they serve proper afternoon tea! It made me reminisce about my Christmas times in the UK. While KL does put in the effort of having decorations in the mall and Christmas songs on the radio, it just isn’t quite the same. Afternoon tea in the Jim Thompson Tea Room was scrumptious and will easily fill two up. Their home baked scones with freshly made strawberry jam is definitely one of the best I’ve had in Malaysia.

Cameron 2

Our room for two nights. Nice touch of providing a fruit bowl whereby the fruits are already cut for leisurely consumption. I once stayed in a hotel where they provided a whole pineapple in the fruit bowl and no proper knife for it -.-

Cameron 3

Holiday cheer all around! Their fireplace is lit every night which is perfect for chilly nights in Cameron Highlands. Over the weekend, I observed how people would naturally gravitate towards the fireplace while hanging out.

First item on the agenda for the Murder Mystery Evening was cocktails. It was a great way to loosen everyone up so that we could all get into character and talk to our ‘targets’ (everyone had been given a card beforehand with a list of tasks to complete such as who to talk to, blackmail or bribe).

Cameron 4

After that it was down to the Dining Room for dinner.

Cameron 5

The setup was gorgeous. The roses on the table were so perfect that I assumed that they were fake until someone mentioned they were real. I even reached out to touch them to make sure. Dinner was a preview of their New Year’s Eve Gala Dinner Menu.

Cameron 6

From L-R: Semi-dried Momotaro tomatoes with blue cheese, Provence black olives, Aglandau extra virgin olive oil, aged balsamic and fresh basil; Angus beef and ale stew with Yorkshire pudding, green peas and vegetables (the beef was so tender that it melted in my mouth); Chocolate mousse mille-feuille with caramelised banana, pistachio soil and toffee anglaise.

Just as the first course was cleared, a scream was heard from the drawing room “A MURDER HAS HAPPENED!!” And of course like the kepoh busybodies we were, the entire Dining Room cleared out to take a look at the poor unfortunate soul.

Cameron 7

Who was it but ‘Jim Thompson’ himself. After everyone got a good look, we were told to make our way to dinner but before anyone could sit down, a second scream was heard and off we rushed to the billiards room where we found the second victim…


Journey of Rimowa @ Pavilion

*Written by Weng Yee & Pics by SweetEe*

With human teleportation as yet unavailable, Joyce decided to send SweetEe and I to cover the Rimowa event as she was overseas. Traffic into the city was horrendous as usual but we made it just in time to catch the travel stories of Wei-Hsiang Chong, Managing Director of Milk PRElizabeth Lee, Founder of Bowerhaus JewelleryBenjamin Yong, Founder of THE BIG GroupCelest Thoi, Bridal Gown Designer and Owner at Celest Thoi; Yoong Yoon Li, Executive  Director of Royal Selangor; and Muhaini Mahmud, Director of Corporate Affairs, Weststar Group.


On display were also seven special cases customised with new and exciting artwork.


Really love the tiger one! Definitely wouldn’t miss that on the luggage carousel.

After helping ourselves to canapés and a drink, we settled into a corner to watch a short video that showcased the busy lifestyles of the aforementioned and how Rimowa has always been their choice of suitcase with it’s durability and style.

Following the short video, each of the personalities were invited up on stage for a short chat (save for Elizabeth Lee as she was unable to make it).


Benjamin Yong of BIG Group and Charles Yong, General Manager of Rimowa Far East Limited.

Did you know that Ben has been a fan of Rimowa for more than 10 years? He has 32 Rimowa suitcases and counting. Now that is probably one of the most impressive collections I have ever heard of!


On left Yoong Yoon Li, Executive  Director of Royal Selangor; and on right Wei-Hsiang Chong, Managing Director of Milk PR.



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