Awesomeness Fest

Man. I don’t even know where to start with Awesomeness Fest.
It was like, the BEST thing i ever went to in 2013… and there is SO much to tell about it, not to mention the HUNDREDS of pictures i took over the four days it happened.

I made so many amazing new friends-for-life from all over the world, stretching from Africa to New Zealand.
I learnt, partied, laughed, cried, and EVOLVED.
I learnt SO MUCH STUFF, things which i’ve been sharing with lots of people since i got home, but i think it’s about time i start sharing it here with you all too, cos Awesomeness Fest 2014 is happening soon this June 12-15 in Phuket.

I FIRST heard about Awesomeness Fest when i went to Mindvalley for an event in January last year. Loved it so much i blogged about it *HERE*

Then i watched some videos on the Awesomeness Fest Youtube channel like the one below >

After watching it i was like, “What the hell is this… i have NO IDEA but i WANNA GO.”

What IS Awesomeness Fest?

In a nutshell, it’s a festival held annually in a paradise location, for anyone who is interested in:
- connecting with people from all over the world
- starting their own business/being an entrepreneur
- personal development and growth

In their words:

what-is-awesomeness-fest 1

Some of the best speakers in the world are flown in to the resort to talk to everyone about entrepreneurship, leadership, meditation, managing people, new scientific discoveries, everything! If you asked me… I’d say it’s a festival to teach you how best to live your life the way you want.

Just one example of a brilliant speaker is Lisa Nichols of Motivating the Masses. She is probably THE most powerful speaker i’ve personally experienced. She’s been interviewed by Oprah and Larry King, and has even spoken to up to 10,000 people in a stadium! (Afest includes an intimate complimentary workshop with Lisa which is amazing!)

But all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Besides all the talks in the daytime, a big party is thrown every night at different venues where Afest organises drinks, entertainment, dances, everyone socialises and parties till late… and every morning, there are different yoga, workout and meditiation groups for one to join. There’s a LOT going on!

Some pix of my experience in Afest Bali last year >


It was held in Melia Bali



Speakers i had the opportunity to listen to were Vishen Lakhiani, Lisa Nichols, Roger Hamilton, Khailee Ng, Clarance Tan, and more.

It’s not just the talks that make Afest so awesome… it’s the PEOPLE i met, who all contributed to the richness of my experience there.


My roommate Wendy from Singapore used to be a trapeze artist before becoming a pastry restauranteur!


With Vishen, the founder of Mindvalley and Awesomeness Fest!

awesomeness-fest-bali-2013-4  awesomeness-fest-bali-2013-6 awesomeness-fest-bali-2013-7 awesomeness-fest-bali-2013-8



With Steph, founder of The Luxe Nomad 


We impulsively taught everyone at dinner how to YAAAAM SENG (i still think it’s the best cheers in the world!)

Awesomeness Fest organizes all these Magical Moments for us to experience…

awesomeness-fest-bali-2013-11 awesomeness-fest-bali-2013-12

… like an excursion to Uluwatu Temple to watch the traditional Kecak dance.

awesomeness-fest-bali-2013-13 awesomeness-fest-bali-2013-14

There was also a “Gods & Demons” Theme Party where everyone dressed up!


With Khailee, the founder of SAYS


On our last night, we were taken to a location that wasn’t revealed to us till we arrived… GWK



Tom kickstarted The Stillness Project; with Ashraf


Beautiful Aishah; and Paul of All is Amazing


I guess we’re the naughty table


Some of the speakers from Afest Bali!



There is no age limit for Awesomeness Fest. I met people aged from 18 to 60. I saw children (whose parents attended the fest) sitting in on the talks and listening intently. Supre cute! As long as you understand English, anyone can reap inspiration and education from Afest.

The first step one has to do is send in an application. Yup. You can’t just pay and go for it, you have to fill in this form on what you do and what you think and why you want to go.

The reason Afest does this is so that they can filter it down to the right kinda people to attend the event – people who are driven, want to or are running their own business/es, want to better themselves, and want to contribute to the community/world. Every year, thousands of applicants vie for only 250-350 spots in Awesomeness Fest.

Awesomeness Fest is a 100% non-profit event. So all additional money it generates is donated to different global charities.

For more info, check out the link *HERE*


Luxe Nomad // POP @ Jaya One // Huggaz // Neubodi // The Music Run

The Luxe Nomad

One of my favourite travel sites,, has relaunched its website with fresh content and service features and a live chat system.

Get the best available rates for luxury hotels, resorts and villas, while visiting their new online mag filled with city guides, travel + fashion + style, industry news and reviews from their team of curators and celebrity nomads. I just saw the pix on *this article* and my heart was aching to go on a holiday already!


+ + + + + + + + +

POP by Jaya One

I was interviewed by the vid team from POP @ Jaya One for opening a pop up store for KinkyBlueFairy!

+ + + + + + + + +


Deep aka The Thirsty Blogger recently launched Huggaz, a brand that provides neoprene insulators to keep your beers and wines cold in our tropical weather!


They’re great for outdoor parties, picnics, festivals, etc; and you can order personalized ones for your company parties!

I just ordered a batch of Huggaz especially for KinkyBlueFairy and i can’t wait for you all to see them!

+ + + + + + + + +

Neubodi Active

I’ve recently been sponsored lots of new workout wear by Neubodi Active, who tied up with Bodytone (where i do my Powerplate classes). Thanks for having me!


With April, Pam, Sarah, and Deb



Semangat, did all these exercises in front of the media.
I get to stand in the front cos i’m so much shorter than all these models!!
What i like about my Neubodi Active sports bra is that it clasps at the back so i don’t have to squeeze myself into it, plus it’s got amazing support. Let’s just say there’s no jiggling during jumping jacks.


There’s a Neubodi boutique in Bangsar Village 2

+ + + + + + + + +

The Music Run

Probably the funnest run yet, the Music Run covers 5km across 5 different music zones come end of this month!


Date:                    23rd March 2014 (Sunday)
Time:                   0730 – 1300 hours
Venue:                 Selangor Turf Club – Sungai Besi, Balakong, Selangor, Malaysia
Entry:                   MYR 70



Emceeing for #GetSassooned

I emceed for Vidal Sassoon‘s #GetSassooned launch early this year, which was held to celebrate the iconic genius that is Vidal Sassoon. Sassoon revolutionized hair in the 60s by cementing modern angular cuts and glamourous bobs that were easy to care for.

To save women time away from the salon, he formed the Vidal Sassoon hair care line, which has gone through a revamp with new products and science for beautiful hair.


Wow my legs so long on stage! Layan la.


The event’s highlight was supermodel Amber Chia going thru her #GetSassooned step. She was having her long hair cut for the first time in her life to a short bob by owner of A Cut Above salons, Datin Winnie Loo. FYI, Winnie was trained in the Vidal Sassoon Academy and also met Vidal himself!


I remember staring at Amber’s long locks lying on the ground and saying to the audience, “I’m pretty sure it’d be a great idea if we kept Amber’s hair and sold it on eBay!”



ELLE magazine launch @ Zebra Square KL

Oh my WORD there are SO many pictures that Jane took for KBF at the ELLE launch!!!
Click on the post title to view them all!!!

The dress code was “fabulous” and i honestly didn’t know what to wear.
At 7:30pm i was rolling around on my sofa naked lamenting to Clem, “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!”
Clem: You cannot say that.

I decided that i’d just wear what i felt comfortable and FABULOUS in, which ended up being what Yishyene describes as my ‘crazy woman dress’, and a matching headband from Sereni & Shentel.

It was a LOT of colour on me, and i asked Clem: “Is it too much?”
Clem: Baby, you are too much. You have a tattoo of a My Little Pony on you.
Me: -_- Bye.




With Andrea, the editor of ELLE


Getting a hug from one of my favourite people, Sa. She sings. Check out  :)


This is a drog

You know what’s s a drog?
A drunk blog!

I meant to stay home on Friday night and be good and blog about my week before, which in 2 days’ time will be two weeks prior. I don’t even know why i’m trying so hard.  I just want to be out having fun and drinking with Clem, but no, i had to say that i wanted to come home after our date (first one in WEEKS/MONTHS) so i could… BLOG.

How loser-ish does that sound!?

So… i’m just throwing a bunch of pictures up here right now (while’s taking a crap and then going out again, but i’m gonna go too instead of staying in and being boring) SO THIS WILL BE QUICK

+ + +

On Tuesday the 3rd:

I went to have lunch with Neeraj, my ex-boss. Was supposed to be a real kinda lunch where i didn’t wanna talk about work but somehow that leaked in. It’s cool, it was nice to see him again after so long. I missed that mole on his forehead haha.

After lunch, i went to Jaya One to check on the KBF pop up store @ Jaya One. Was a bit concerned about the cement dust in there cos everything is so new but Lorraine and Fahmid (who work for Jaya One) and so freaking nice i can’t get mad at them.



Went back to office. Worked. Checked my make up and headed to Jalan Yap Kwan Seng for Vince & Marina’s wedding.


Already told V i wouldn’t really be there cos it’s the same night as Metric and i LOVE Metric, and he loves music and understands (i think) so he said it was okay. Well it must have been okay cos i didn’t have a seat or table haha so i felt no guilt as i left to go to KL Live for Metric…


I took an InstaVid *here*


Claudia took a pic while i was embracing the moment!




I promised Vince i’d return to the wedding, and around 11pm i snuck out of KL Live (while Metric was still on) and went back to the wedding where the party people were still drinking and drunking XD

After the wedding venue had to shut cos the staff wanted to go home, i went to Marini’s on 57 to join Clouds, Didi and some other peeps for a nightcap.

When we were in the bathroom (somewhere), i asked Clouds to pose…


I was like “what kinda pose is that!? Let me show you how it’s done!”


After all that, we went to Ampang with Rudy to grab supper and it was THE BEST ROTI PLANTA of my LIFE. Probably because i’d been craving it all week and haven’t had one for a year?!


+ + + + + +

On Wed the 4th:

Chelsia passed me her new album when i met up with her for lunch at Ben’s! I’m so happy and proud of her! I love Chels cos she loves to eat and she’s such a HAPPY person i’d be stupid not to be friends with her. Go buy her album on itunes!


+ + + +

In the afternoon, I shot as a co-host with Courtney for Fashion Asia TV. From what i understand (or remember wrongly), it’s a travel fashion documentary for an Australian TV channel and KL is their last stop. I took them to Thisappear (Joe Chia‘s new boutique in Telawi Bangsar) and Ril’s. Reason being is they asked me to take them to the coolest boutique and bar in town and… i figured that was IT.



///// continued //////


The Fashion Asia TV team had great energy and despite my feeling prettyyy hungover from the night before, i had a LOT of fun! Check out the preview to their first episode *here*. The first episode airs on Wednesday the 18th on the Australia Network -

+ + + + + +

On Thurs the 5th:


I went for TOD’s SS14 preview at Gardens. Full post with pix up soon.


+ + + + + +

After rushing through office and blog stuff, i went to Wei Ling Contemporary in Gardens that evening for the “18@8 Mirror mirror on the wall” – an exhibition by 12 of the country’s leading contemporary artists. Each artist collaborated with Furla to create 12 exceptional bags which were all auctioned off for charity that night.


Wei Ling and i.
I’m wearing a dress from the Dude & the Duchess x Jonathan Liang collection.


Bag above by Wong Chee Meng


By Zulkifli Yusoff

+ + + + + +

After Wei Ling gallery, i went to the NAKED Restaurant & Bar launch @ Plaza Damas.



With Lexie and Josh


With Dawn!




+ + + + + +

On Friday the 6th:

I had a shoot to do for Nine West, and went through a few locations in Bangsar like SEETHROUGH Concept Store, Bait restaurant & bar, and Thisappear again.




Thanks to Steve for being a big help that day!!


Cool shoes at SEETHROUGH that didn’t fit me *sob*! RM99.

In the evening, i headed to Zouk for the annual Pioneer Digital DJ Battle.


I was pretty fricking tired by then… the whole week was starting to take its toll on me and i just wanted my bed! I blame the music for getting my vibes back up, cos despite my telling myself that i would leave at 11pm after the event, i ended up having drinks outside in Terrace Bar (i guess this was my annual appearance at Zouk haha) and went to TAG till Clem reminded me TWICE that i had a shoot the next morning so i slipped out and home at 2am.


+ + + + + +

On Saturday the 7th:

I had a photoshoot for NUYOU mag with Claudia, Sueann, and Didi! It’s the first time (i think!?) doing a shoot with girlfriends and there was so much LOVE <3


After the shoot and interview, i went home in the afternoon and WAS SO HAPPY TO NAP AND SLEEP AND OH MY BED HOW I’VE MISSED YOU!!!

That was a pretty intense week! But i’m so proud i did so much haha!
*pats self on back and buys self lots of presents*


Hamleys 1U /// Treetophouse /// Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren /// Melissa Indot @ Alexis

The post before this must be one of my shortest most pathetic blogposts ever… long (or short) enough to be a Tweet, someone said. It’s been a marathon month… i’ve been sprinting from place to place till i sometimes have to REMIND myself that making my heart beat faster is not gonna make ME go any faster, and to stop and take a few deep breaths at times.

Below is stuff i did last Fri + Sat.
I obviously need much catching up on blogging cos it’s already Thursday.

+  +  +  +  +  +

Hamleys opens in 1 Utama!

Hamleys, the oldest toy shop in the world, just opened in One Utama last week! I remember going to it when i was in London as a kid and thinking how MASSIVE it was. The toy shop was first founded in 1760 by William Hamley under the initial name of “Noah’s Ark”. Hamleys sounds much better – your legacy gets to live on!

The launch was last Friday and i managed to arrive just after the ribbon was cut. While walking to the store, Claudia texted me the location and then didn’t answer anymore when i asked where exactly in the store she was… i guessed as much she was being distracted and decided to explore it myself!


I didn’t take that many pictures cos i was too busy checking out every aisle and trying not to lose control like all the children around me. OK well if you follow me on instagram i prollie didn’t SOUND in control cos everything was written in CAPS!

God there were so many things i wanted… SO MANY!!! Now that i have an office space, i tell myself that i can keep some of my toys there so Clem doesn’t have to freak out at my ever-growing collection of toys at home… but STILL. I can’t let myself buy so many at the same time, just like how you won’t buy a child a whole bunch of toys at the same time… you gotta give bit by bit!


I really like this mushroom house, and i had a Hello Kitty toy that looked a lot like this in the same size when i was a kid. It was the only Hello Kitty toy i had, mind you. I’m not a big Hello Kitty fan :p


There were so many things to play with around Hamleys… but all these darn kids kept hogging it. I’d stand next to them for awhile (pretending to watch them play in interest, like the adult i am) but really, i was waiting for their parents to call them away so *i* could have my turn. WHERE ARE THE PARENTS?!

I didn’t get to play with the one above… but i did get to test out these cool hard sponge-ball guns. (i had to return to the area a second time to try my luck, just sayin’.) I wondered whether i could get it to shoot at Clem so i jokingly asked Claudia to stand at the aiming area so i could try it on her. To my surprise, she meekly walked over with her head down and protected herself with a Gruffalo luggage bag. It did sound a bit hard when it went THWACK against the bag… so decided i’d get it another time.


New My Little Ponies with sparkly RAINBOW POWER hair! I bought the white one but the sparkle comes out easily…


Ok i don’t know what is happening. How can a My Little PONY toy suddenly turn into avatars? Weirdddd. Not touching that.

After awhile i realised i was bumping shoulders for shelf-staring space with girls aged 5-8 years old. Considering i fit into 10-12 year old clothes sizes at H&M, i guess i’m not too far off.


So many bubble guns! I got a new one :D


An octopus waterproof bag that Claudia found! We both got one each. My bill ended up being almost RM400… Urm. Okay not gonna think what my CC bill is gonna look like this month what with so much shopping and Christmas and all.

+  +  +  +  +  +

Happy Saturday at Treetophouse!

I picked Steph up at noon last Saturday and we went to Treetophouse kindergarten for a family & friends bazaar. There was a lot of stuff for sale – food, drinks, jewelry, home stuff, books, pets, etc. I got some children’s storybooks for myself to read. Aps came up and told her colleagues to egg me on cos i’m a shopaholic. Thanks Aps. I need no egging on.

aa-treetop-2 aa-treetop-3

Principal Aps! Teehee


Aps took us on a lil tour around the kindie. It’s a really nice place! I approve of the height their pictures are hung on the wall, especially for little people! I’d do the same when i have kids :D


AHHH I love kindergartens!
Such happy places!
Full of colour and art and hope!


The cock-eyed santa on the right made me laugh ho ho ho.
Kids’ things are so cute to look at!


Kid-sized loos!


I bought two terrapins at the bazaar cos i remembered that Rudy and i are celebrating our 6th Friend-niversary this week. (I found the blogpost on our 1st Friend-niversary *here*! :D :D :D )

Clem was like, “Who gives pets to people… they’re so hard to keep!”
Well, that’s why i bought TERRAPINS duh…

+  +  +  +  +  +

Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren

After the bazaar, i had to go Ralph Lauren’s Denim & Supply store for the Avicci pre-party and was also dressed up in a D&S outfit. I brought the terrapins with me cos i didn’t want to leave them in the car alone, poor things!



Rubin, Reezal, Claudia and i in Denim & Supply.

We had a little photo shoot session outside the store and it was kinda weird cos we had to pretend people weren’t staring… :p



With SweetEe, who works with me in KinkyBlueFairy




The two terrapins! Rudy christened them Rock and Roll.
He also said, “Next time i’m gonna get you a fucking monkey.”

After having a glass of rose at Chinoz, i met up with Clem at Energy Spa in GE Mall where we’d booked ourselves for a MUCH-NEEDED & deserved massage, before heading downstairs to Alexis for dinner.


Rudy & Clouds
The first picture is the moment when Rudy discovers there is someone crazier than him.


I went for the oysters and a carbonara


Clouds, me, Ara, Didi


A whole bunch of people i knew where there that night and the place was packed cos Melissa was performing. Read more about her new album MDot and her latest single You And Me *here*!

After that Clem and i went to El Cuarto (i think) before calling it a night.



And that. Was my pretty eventful past weekend.



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